The Rev. Alfred and Abigail Spracklin’s Children: Mary Pamela Spracklin and family…

It can be very frustrating to research children born in the early years of the 1800’s especially in Ohio. Females are the hardest to locate. Fortunately, Mary Pamela Spracklin was a doer and survivor.

Please be advised that what I present below is very confusing with dates and other facts and a lot more work needs to be done to fully understand the life of Mary.  A visit to the courthouse and genealogical society in Kenton are in order.

–Mary Pamela Spracklin was born about 1833 in Ohio to Alfred and Abigail Spracklin. Mary Pamela appears in the 1850 census with her family and parents living in Richland Co., Ohio. She is listed as Permelia M., age 17, born in Ohio.

Court documents state that she married Thomas Dildine on 31 November, 1853 in Hardin Co., Ohio.  The month of November only has 30 days so this court record is incorrect by a day?  It is a clerk’s copy and the original would need to be sought out to verify the dates.

The other interesting point is that Nelson W. Cook is involved. He is a son of Silvanus and Ann Cook and he married a Suzanne Dildine whose parents I don’t know at this time but maybe she is the Susannah listed in the census below for an Allen Dildine and might be Thomas’ sister?

Mary P and Thomas Dildine Marriage

Mary P and Thomas Dildine Marriage

I, N. W. Cook do make solemn oath that Thomas Dildine twenty one years of age and has no wife living; that Mary P. Spracklin is eighteen years of age and has no husband living. That he is a resident of said County and that so far as I am informed or believe there is no legal objection existing to [their] marriage. Nelson W. Cook.

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 22nd day of November, 1853. James Bain, P.J.

The State of Ohio, Hardin County SS)) So any person Legally authorized to Solemnize marriages in said County I James Bain Judge of the Probate Court with and for the County and State aforesaid have Licensed and do hereby License and authorize Thomas Dildine and Mary P. Spracklin to be joined in marriage. In witness whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed the seal of said court at Kenton the 22nd day of November. 1853. James Bain P.J.

The State of Ohio, Hardin County ss))) I do hereby certify that Thomas Dildine and Mary P. Spracklin were joined in marriage by me on the 31st day of November 1853. Elisha C. Wright, M.G.

Source: page 253, Marriages Ohio County Marriages, 1789-2013 FHL#914,842.

There are several Dildines buried and listed in the Lee Cemetery Book from the Hardin Co. Genealogical Society.  When I was at the Lee Cemetery I spotted the name Dildine so I took a photo of their tombstone.  I did not get the one for Thomas so I cannot review it. However, there is a Find A Grave Memorial for Thomas Dildine and it has a photo of his tombstone which reads 1851.

Mary & Allen Dildine's tombstone in Lee Cemetery

Mary & Allen Dildine’s tombstone in Lee Cemetery

  1. Dildine, Allen 6/23/1898 age age 92y1d
  2. Dildine, Mary 6/20/1877 age 72y2d w/o A.D.
  3. Dildine, Thomas 12/24/1851 age 22y10m9d 

Source: Lee Cemetery Book, Hardin Co., Genealogical Society. 

We therefore have a puzzle and a question as to whether the above burial information for a Thomas Dildine who died at age 22 is Mary P.’s husband and whether the date of his death is incorrect on the tombstone.  Was there another Thomas Dildine or do we just have badly recorded information for this couple.

There is an Allen and Mary Dildine living in Thomason Twp., Delaware Co., Ohio in the 1850 U.S. Census.  They have the following children with them: Rebecca 1822, William 1831, Thomas 1833, Ralph 1834, Sarah S. 1836, Susannah 1838, John 1842, and Nancy J. 1844.  If the Thomas listed here was born in 1833 he would be 17 years old in 1850.  So add 5 more years and you get 22?  Very interesting!

There is a probate/estate file for Thomas Dildine in the Hardin Co. Probate Records and a Pamelia Dildine is the administrator.

Hardin Co Probate Index

Hardin Co Probate Index

Thomas Dildine #1453, Vol. A, pg. 144 Bond. I did not look for this document in the online sources. Instead I went for the following document because I was trying to tie this Thomas Dildine to Allen Dildine of Delaware County, Ohio.

Vol. A, page 263-264 Inventory Record a summary of the pages:

Thomas Dildine’s Estate. Be it remembered that heretofore to wit: on the twenty third day of January A.D. [1855] Pamela Dildine Administratrix of the Estate of the late Thomas Dildine deceased filed in the Probate court of Hardin County, Ohio an Inventory of said Estate to wit: 

State of Ohio, Hardin Co.,  ))) We the undersigned do make solemn oath that, we will truly, honestly and impartially appraise the Estate and property that may be exhibited to us belonging to this estate of Thomas Dildine deceased, and perform the other duties required by law of us on the premises as appraised according to the best of our knowledge and ability.  Signed George Spracklin, Elijah Davis and George Barnard. 

Sworn to and subscribed before me this 9th day of January A.D. 1853. 

What follows is a table of the items they identified like a rocking chair  and more. with the amount of money appraised.  Total about $50.00?

page 264 – The following is a schedule of property & belonging of the estate of Thomas Dildine dec.d set off by the undersigned for the support of Pamelia Dildine his widow and _______Dildine his minor child for one year. Total $135.00. Pamela Dildine make oath that the above is true and correct and signs 23rd day of January 1855.

Vol. A, pg. 186 to 195 Sale of Real Estate a summary of the pages:  This selling of the real estate for Thomas Dildine goes on for many pages.  Starting with a Petition to Sell the Real Estate made by Pamela Dildine the Administrator of the Estate by attorneys for the petitioner.  That the selling of the chattles and personal possessions would not be enough for the support of the widow and her minor child.  A description of the land is made referring to an Allen Dildine who has a mortgage on the land in terms of four notes of $20.00.  

As a result the Judge orders the Sheriff to serve Allen Dildine and Sarah Lucretia Dildine to come to court by the 25th day of March 1855 at the court in Kenton at 9 o’clock. The Sheriff writes his return and that he served the two above. 

Allen Dildine files his answer in the court the 8th day of March 1855 and he explains the mortgage on the land with a description of the land. Deed of 1833 in Book B. page 305 and 305. Signed by Allen Dildine. The deed of 1833 and signed 1854 by Thomas and Mary Pamelia Dildine is rewritten into the Mortgage record book.  Along with the notes indicated. 

Order of Appraisers is given March 20, 1855 – Elizabeth Davis, George Spracklin and Joshua Cope are appointed appraisers of the real estate. They followed with their oath of appraising the land April 27, 1855. Again they petition to sell the real estate  and order the sale of the land June 20, 1855 and Mary P. Dildine according to law sells the real estate and give her report July 13, 1855 and it was published in the newspaper and the publisher states he did this truly.

The land was sold on the 7th day of July 1855 at Public Venue and the person who bought the land and bid the highest was Alfred Spracklin.  

This was followed by a confirmation of the sale and distribution of the funds and payment to Allen Dildine etc. 

I think I understand now a Deed of Allen Dildine to Alfred Spracklin in 1856, which I have information in summary but not a copy. This is probably the completion of the sale of the above real estate regarding Thomas’ estate.  It would be interesting to see if this is correct by obtaining a copy of the deed but that means a visit to the courthouse or the Family History Library to find it.

Vol. A, pg. 396 Final Account which I cannot find online.

So it looks like Thomas Dildine died some time in 1854, which is not the date on the tombstone so there is a question of whether this is him or not. Of course more digging into the court records and probate of this case might help to clarify what happened.  Mary P. Dildine did not give up her administrative duties which is rather unusual.

The George Spracklin that was an appraiser is probably Alfred’s brother. Mary’s brother George Peter was too young to be involved at this time.

Mary P. Dildine remarried on 3 July, 1856 in Hardin Co., Ohio to a James Mara who was born in Ireland 15 August, 1832 per an online Ohio Marriage index.

They appear in the 1860 U.S. Federal Census living in Goshen Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio.

Line 22, 724, 710 J. Mara, 28, M, Farmer $1500, $150 born Ireland
Mary Mara, 27, F, born Ohio
Sarah age 6, F. born Ohio – born in 1854
M.A. age 1 F. born Ohio

Source: J. Mara Family, 1860 U.S. Federal Census, Goshen, Hardin Co., Ohio page 97, 10 day of August, 1860, George R. Smith

James took his family to Illinois and in 1870 we find them living there.  Sarah is listed with the last name of Dildine.

Line 10, 133, 133, Mara James, 38 M, W, Farming $2200, $600, born Ireland
Mara, Mary P., 37, F, W, keeping house, born Ohio
Dildine, Sarah L., 16, F, F, W, at home, born Ohio
Mara, Mary A, 11, F, W, at home, born Ohio

Source: James Mara Family, 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Bowling Green Twp., Fayette Co., Illinois, page. 213, 18 day of August 1870, PO Cold Springs Shelby Co., Illinois

James Mara died 29 March 1901 and is buried in the Center Cemetery in Cowden, Shelby Co., Illinois.  He has a memorial at Find A Grave with a link to a Susan as his wife. Mary P. died 11 August, 1874 and is also buried in the Center Cemetery and has a memorial at Find A Grave.

The Illinois Marriage Index at Ancestry has a James Mara in Shelby Co., marrying a Susan C. Cowden on 18 November, 1874.

Line 46, 396, 405, Mara, James, W, M, 45, married, farmer, born Ireland, parents born Ireland
Mara, Susan, W, F, 39, wife, married, keeping house, born Ohio, father born VA, mother Ohio
Mara, James T, W, M, 3 son, S, born Illinois, father born Ireland, mother Ohio
Cowden, Jacob E., W, M, 13, step son, S, works on farm, born Illinois, parents born Ohio
Cowden, Charles A, W, M, 8, step son, S, at School, born Illinois, parents born Ohio
Winchell, Agnes, W, F, 21, servant, domestic servant, born Ohio, father born England, mother Canada

Source:  James Mara Family, 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Village of Cowden, Dry Point Twp., Shelby Co., Illinois, Page 42, SD#5, ED#186, enumerated 24 June, 1880 by E.A. McCracken.

Several years later a James Mara marries on 9 May, 1886 to an Elizabeth Lucas per the Illinois Marriage index. Here is James with Elizabeth in 1900.  Looking for his immigration and naturalization papers might help in identifying this man and finding his home of origin in Ireland.

Line 325, 29, 29, Mara, James, head, W, M, Aug 1832, 67 M, 14, born Ireland, parents born Ireland, naturalized 1844, 56, NA, farmer, 0, yes yes yes O F F 7
Mara, Elizabeth, wife, W, F, Nov. 1837 age 62, M, 14, 0 children born 0 living, born Illinois, father born North Carolina, mother born Illinois, yes yes yes
Mara, James T, son, W, M, Aug 1877, age 22, S, born Illinois, farm laborer, 6, yes yes yes
Mara, McDonald, son W, M, July 1884, 19, S, born Illinois, farm laborer, 0, yes yes yes
Mara, William T, son W, M, 1885, 15, S, born Illinois, at school, 5, yes yes yes

Source: James Mara Family, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Village of Cowden, Dry Point Twp., Shelby Co., Illinois, SD#12, ED110, Sht#2, enumerated 2 June, 1900 by Braz D. Tull Jr.

Sarah Lucretia Dildine the only heir of Thomas Dildine, Mary P. Spracklin’s first husband was married to a Samuel Austin on 2 September, 1871 in Shelby Co. per an Illinois Marriages index. I have not been able to determine what happened to Samuel Austin for there are too many Austin’s in the area mentioned in the 1880 and 1900 census.

Sarah died 10 June, 1879 and is buried in the Center Cemetery in Shelby Co., Illinois and has a Find A Grave Memorial. Sarah is mentioned in the Distributive Account of her grandfather Alfred Spracklin.

Much to my delight I found a deed dated September of 1878 in which a Sarah L. Austin, Samuel Austin, Mary Buttery and Charles Buttery are selling their share of the estate of Alfred Spracklin. These two women were the daughters of Mary Pamelia.

Sara L. Austin, Mary Buttery Deed to
George P. Spracklin and Lucius A. Spracklin

Know all men by these presents, that we Sarah L. Austin and Samuel Austin her husband and Mary Buttery and Charles Buttery her husband in consideration of Twenty five hundred dollars to us paid by George P. Spracklin and Lucius A. Spracklin the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged do hereby revise, release and forever quite claim to the said George P. Spracklin and Lucius A. Spracklin their heirs and assigns forever the following describe Real Estate situate in Hardin County and State of Ohio to-wit:  The one undivided Sixth part of the North East quarter of the North East quarter of Section thirteen in Township five South Range (12) twelve containing thirty nine acres more or less. Also, our undivided one Sixth part of the following described premises to-wit: The West half of the South East quarter of Section twelve in fractional Township No. five South of Range No. Twelve containing eighty acres more or less. Also, our undivided one Sixth part of the following described premises to wit: Apart of Virginia Military Survey No. 9951 on the waters of the Scioto River. Beginning at a Lyme and Sugar Tree, South West corner to the part of said Survey heretofore owned by Robt George Dun: Thence with the west line of said lot at 9 ¾ degrees W 56.6 poles to a stake; thence parallel to the South line of  said lot at 81 ½ degrees E 158.8 poles to a stake in the center of the Banning Road, thence with said Road S 23 degrees W 66.6 poles to a stake in the South line of the said Dun Tract, thence with said line S 81 degrees W 124 poles to the beginning containing Fifty acres. Also our undivided one Sixth part of the following described premises to-wit: A part of East half of the SE quarter of Section Thirteen (13) Township five (5) Range twelve (12) beginning at the North East corner of a lot of 30 15/100 acres conveyed by Joseph Edgar & wife to said Alfred Spracklin; thence S 2 ½ degrees E 100 poles to the Scioto River; thence down the River and [heading] thereon to the South west corner of Emily Wood’s lot; thence with her west line, W 2 ½ degrees N 168 ½ poles to her North West corner; thence N 87 ½ degrees E. 29.16 poles to the beginning, containing 28.40 acres more or less, being the same premises set off to said Amos Anderson by Josiah Potter, Henry Thew & Jesse Stauton Commissioners appointed by the Court of Common Pleas of Hardin County Ohio to make partition of the Real Estate of Joseph Anderson dec’d to the said Harriet A. Edgar as her part of said Estate containing Twenty eight (28) acres more or less, a plat of which is recorded on page 326, Book F of the Records of said Court to which reference is hereby made. Also our undivided one Sixth interest in the following described premises to wit: the west half of the North East quarter of Section 13, Township 5, Range Twelve (12) containing Eighty (80) acres more or less. Also, our undivided East quarter of Section No. twelve in fractional Township No. five in Range No. twelve containing Eighty acres more or less.  Also our undivided one Sixth interest in the following described premises to-wit: A part of Survey No. 12345 in Hardin County Ohio on the waters of the Wild Cat Creek bounded as follows: Beginning at a Beech and Ash Southwest corner to a lot sold to C.A. Rea; thence N 10 ½ degrees W 147 poles to a Sugar Tree, Beech and Ironwood Northwest corner to said lot; Thence S79 ½ degrees W 74 poles to a stake corner to a lot sold to Ira Williams; thence S. 10 ½ degrees E 153 poles to a stake South East corner to said lot; thence N 79 ½ degrees E 74 poles to the beginning containing 70 acres more or less. It being hereby intended to convey all our interest (as undivided one Sixth) in the lands of which Alfred Spracklin dec’d seized. The said Sarah L. Austin and Mary Buttery being children of Mary Permelia one of the children of said Alfred Spracklin deceased and all the Estate, Title and Interest of the said Sarah L. Austin and Samuel Austin her husband, Mary Buttery and Charles Buttery her husband either in Law or in the Equity of in and to the said premises; Together with all the privileges and appurtenances to the same belonging and all the rents, issues and profits thereof. To have and to hold the same to the only proper use of the said George P. Spracklin and Lucius A. Spracklin their heirs and assigns forever.

In witness whereof, the said Sara S. Austin and Samuel Austin her husband, Mary Buttery and Charles Buttery her husband and the said Sarah L. Austin and Mary Buttery hereby release their right and expectancy of dower (and all other right title and interest therein) in the said premises, have hereunto set their hands and seals this nineteenth day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand seventy eight.

Sealed and Acknowledged in the presence of B.F. Kelley and James Mara

Signed by Sarah S. Austin (SEAL)

Samuel Austin (SEAL)

Mary A. Buttery (SEAL)

Charles Buttery (SEAL)

The State of Illinois, County of Shelby, SS – Be in Remember that on the 19 day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and seventy eight before me, the subscriber [Schzenau Severus] a Police Magistrate, personally came Sarah S Austin and Samuel Austin her husband, Mary Buttery and Charles Buttery her husband the grantors in the foregoing deed and acknowledge the signing and sealing thereof to be their voluntary act and deed, for the uses and purposes therein mentioned. And the said Sarah L. Austin and Mary Butter wives of the said Samuel Austin and Charles Buttery being examined by me, separate and apart from their said husbands and the contents of said deed being by me made known and explained to them as the Statute directs declared that they did voluntarily sign, seal and acknowledge the same and that they are still satisfied therewith as their free act and deed for the uses and purposes therein mentioned.  In testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my official seal on the day and year aforesaid Schzenau Severus Police Magistrate (SEAL)

Filed March 11, 1879 and Recorded March 17, 1879 G.H. Armstrong R.H.C.O.

Source:  Hardin County, Ohio, Register of Deeds, Vol. 46 pag. 566-567, FHL#913875 

There is an organization for the surname Austin. This organization has a website and holds reunions on a yearly basis.  It is called the Austin Family Association.

Several years ago they hired me to give several lectures at their reunion which they held in Seattle. When I was in Connecticut I looked up Arthur Sikes former President and we met again and spent time researching. We had a nice dinner after. They are very serious in their research and goals.  Arthur Sikes is now heading a DNA project per their website.

I am happy that I was able to identify the descendants of Mary Pamela Spracklin, Alfred and Abigail’s daughter.  I believe that a great deal more research is needed which would involve a visit to the courthouse and the Hardin Co. Genealogical Society in Kenton to seek out more court records on Thomas Dildine and his father Allen Dildine.  A visit to Delaware County would also be interesting.  It appears that James Mara the second husband of Mary P. married several times and it might be a good idea to learn more about him in deeds and other documents in Hardin County and in Illinois.  His naturalization papers would be helpful and any Civil War pensions and service would be good to check into. Seeking out the fate of daughter Mary Buttery would also be of great interest as well.

The genealogical research done on Mary P. Spracklin’s life is not done, but I think there is enough information now to see out much more information for a more complete picture.

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