The Rev. Alfred and Abigail Spracklin’s children: George Peter and Rachel Spracklin’s Family!

George Peter Spracklin was a son of Alfred and Abigail Cooper Spracklin.  He was born 24, December, 1837 in Hepburn, Hardin Co., Ohio and I am not sure about that birth location because his father, Alfred, was in Richland County till about 1856. George is listed with the family in that location in the 1850 census which I featured with Alfred in a past post. Alfred also appears in Hardin Co., Ohio involved with a deed with a Allen Dildine.

Based upon the information it looks like Hepburn was a much larger town back in the late 1800’s then what it is today. At this time, there is a grocery on the right and several buildings but it must have had several churches, various legion houses and a lumber company years ago.

Hepburn, Ohio

Hepburn, Ohio

George married Rachel Marion Munson on 10 February, 1859 in Hardin Co. Rachel was born 4 May, 1840 in Hardin Co., Ohio.

Source: Book ?: 34 Spraklin, George Peter to Munson, Rachel Marion, 10 Feb 1859, Hardin County, Ohio, Marriage Records Books 1-10, 1833 to 1899, Hardin County Genealogical Society, 1997

Rachel’s father was Wilmot Munson and there is a book about the Munson family:  1637-1887 The Munson Record, A Genealogical and Biographical Account of Captain Thomas Munson and his Descendants by Myron A Munson, M.A. Vol. 1, page 516, #537 Rachel (Wilmot, Wilmot, Obadiah, Obadiah) b. 4 May 1840; m. Jan. 1859 George Spracklin in Goshen, O. Res. Hepburn, Hardin Co., O. I found a copy at Ancestry but you might find another somewhere else and have fun figuring out Rachel’s lineage.

Marion County butts up against Hardin right were Dudley Twp. is located on the west side of this county.  Therefore, it was not that hard for Spracklin family to head to the town of LaRue to do business and to settle there in Montgomery Twp.

Marion County Twps, in Ohio

Marion County Twps, in Ohio

George and Rachel Spracklen were living in Marion County in 1860 right on the edge of the border with Hardin.

638/627 Geo. Spracklin age 22, Male, farmer $300, Rachel Spracklin age 20 Female, Wilmot age ?/12 born in Ohio, male.

Source:  George Spracklin Family, 1860 U.S. Federal Census for Ohio Montgomery Twp., Marion Co., Ohio pg. 87-88. 

George and Rachel are still in Montgomery Twp., Marion County in 1870.

Line 34, 93, 92, Spracklen, George, 32, M, W, Farmer, $1760, $1000, all born Ohio

Spracklen, Rachel, 30, F, W, keeping house

Spracklen, Wilmot, 11, M, W

Spracklen, Ammarilla, 9, F, W

Spracklen, Mary, 7,F, W

Spracklen, Charles, 5, M, W

Spracklen, Harlan, 2, M, W

page 12

Line 1 Spracklen, Alretta, 6/m, F, W

Source: George Spracklen Family, 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Montgomery Twp., Marion Co., Ohio, page. 11 and 12, enumerated 27 July, 1870 by W. P. Campbell. 

In 1874 George P. Spracklin was involved in various cases. No. 105 George P. Spracklin against Joseph Isadman pg. 380-384 regarding one Bay Horse, Sept 12, 1874 non-resident. Dudley Twp., Docket Book 2, 1863-1877, Hardin Co. Genealogical Society. This book is an index so I did not get a copy of this case which might be interesting.

George Peter Spracklin was the administrator of his father Alfred’s estate and also of his mother Abigail. These tasks spanned from 1878 to about 1881.

In September of 1879 Sarah L. Austin along with her husband Samuel Austin and Mary Buttery along with her husband, Charles Buttery prepared a deed selling their share of the estate of Alfred Spracklin to George P. Spracklin and Lucius A. Spracklin.  These two women Sarah and Mary are the daughters of Mary Permilia (Pamela) Spracklin the oldest daughter of Alfred and Abigail Spracklin.  I refer you to the previous published post covering the life of Mary Pamela where you will see a transcription of the deed.

In 1880 George and Rachel lived close to Silvanus and Ann Cook in Hardin County. This census is terribly faded and difficult to read so I only have a little of it presented below:

Line 29, 6, 6, Spracklin, George P. W, M, 42, farming
Spracklin, Rachel M.,  W F 49 wife
Spracklin, Malinda,  W, F, 18 daughter
Spracklin, Mary P.W F 15 Daughter
Spracklin, Alliem W F 19 daughter
Spracklin, Wilmot M., W, M, 20, son
Spracklin, Harlan H., W, M, 3, son

The Cooks are next door

Line 36, 7, 7, Cook, Sylvanus,W, M, 73, farming, PA, NJ
Cook, Ann, W, F, 70, keeping house, born England parents born England
Edwards, Eugena C, W, F, 23, servant, Ohio
Littleton, Henry A, W, M, 4, Ohio
Vain, Albert H, W, M, 15 Laborer, Ohio

Source:  George P. Spracklin (under Sparks), and Sylvanus Cook, 880 U.S. Federal Census, Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio, Page one, SD#2, ED#97, 1 June, 1880 by Solomon H. Cook.

George P. Spracklin was a Justice of the Peace for Dudley Twp. He presided over cases in the township per the source I found for Hardin Co. titled Court Docket Book, October 18, 1880 to Nov. 22, 1904. This book was at the Hardin Co. Genealogical Society in Kenton. I have not studied other court records to learn more about George’s involvement so it could be very interesting.

On 1 August, 1881 Samuel Lawrence passed away and George Peter Spracklin became the Administrator of that estate. He handled the probate from 1881 to 1884 when he submitted his final report.  I have published  in a past post about this estate of Samuel Lawrence if you wish to review. Samuel married Elizabeth Spracklin, Alfred’s sister.

George P. Spracklin did serve in the Civil War and was in the 135th Regiment, Ohio Infantry, (National Guard) as a private. Rachel Spracklen is listed on his pension card:  1890 July 21, Invalid #904,931, Certificate 681,250, Ohio and under his widow is 1898 Jan 29, #669,892 and 461,500

George and Rachel are listed on the Pioneer Association Roster for Hardin Co. page 92.  In the picture below George and Rachel might be among all the persons who were members of the Pioneer Association in 1890.  The photo did not identify the persons included.

Hardin Co. Pioneer Association.

Hardin Co. Pioneer Association.

George and Rachel had about eight children.  Here is a summary.  In the following posts I will go into more detail about the lives of each of these children as my best effort.

  1. Wilmot Munson Spracklin who married Nancy Ellen Sowers
  2. Malinda Amarilla Spracklin who married Charles Edward Powelson
  3. Mary Pamela Spracklin who married John W. Parker
  4. Charles O. Spracklin born in 1866 and died in 1872.
  5. Harley Hensel Spracklin who married Bertha M. Riley.
  6. Abigail Elretta Spracklin who married an Edward E. Clement.
  7. Minnie Spracklin born in 1872 and died in 1878.
  8. Verna Ada Spracklin who married George Heilman.

George Peter Spracklin died on 22 January, 1898 and Rachel passed on 11 February, 1904. George Peter Spracklin and Rachel are buried in the Lee Cemetery in Hardin Co., Ohio. George has a memorial at Find A Grave and Rachel is inscribed on the tombstone.  I visited Lee Cemetery many times in 2007 and 2011 and took pictures.  Here is George and Rachel’s tombstone which is in need of serious repair.

Lee Cemetery - George & Rachel's Tombstone

Lee Cemetery – George & Rachel’s Tombstone

George's tombstone is in trouble and needs repair

George’s tombstone is in trouble and needs repair

Source:  Lee Cemetery Book, Hardin Co. Genealogical Society

  • Spracklen, Geo. P. 12/24/1837 to 1/22/1898 GAR
  • Rechel M. 5/4/1840 his wife  – this is her birthdate not her death
  • Spracklen, Minnie T. 9/21/1878 age 6y7m23d d/o G&R
  • Spracklen, Charles O, 9/17/1872 Age6y4m3d s/o GP&RM

George P. Spracklin’s estate is listed in the Hardin Co. Probate Index with his brother Lucius as the assignee.  An assignee is a person to whom a right or liability is legally transferred or a person appoint to act for another.  I don’t understand what is going on. Lucius died in 1895 several years before George.

George P. Spracklin’s estate in the Hardin County Probate Records which are not all online at this time.  So the following list I was not able to obtain most of the items and would have to go to the court-house in Kenton for Hardin County to get the probate packet or the Hardin Co. Genealogical Society which has some of the court books.

George P. Srpacklin's Probate Index - Hardin Co., Ohio

George P. Spracklin’s Probate Index – Hardin Co., Ohio

  • Estate #3037 G.P. Spracklen
  • L.A. Spracklin Administrator???
  • Civil Doc. 5, pg. 285
  • Bond Vol. 1, pg. 39
  • Inventory either Vol. I, pg 132  (might be a vol. J)
  • Sale Real Estate Vol. 10, pg. 300, 334
  • 1st Account Vol. K, pg. 321
  • Final Account Vol. K, pg. 387
  • Remarks #3037

I did find a document in 1891 where Lucius A. Spracklin acted as Assignee for his brother George P. Spracklin and Rachel Spracklin regarding a $3000 debt that they needed to pay. It goes on for pages and pages. It is the one listed as Sale of Real Estate.  It is possible that George overextended himself and Lucius had to step in to help him out.  More research on this topic is definitely in order before we can understand the whole estate process.

In the next several posts I will share what I know about George and Rachel’s children.

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