George & Rachel Spracklen’s Children: Wilmot Munson Spracklen and family

Wilmot Munson Spracklen was a son of George Peter and Rachel Spracklen/lin. Wilmot migrated out of Hardin County and settled in Greene County, Ohio where several of his children remained. Greene County is about three counties south of Hardin and next to Montgomery County where the city of Dayton is located.

Ohio Counties

Ohio Counties

Wilmot was born 8 January, 1860 in Hardin County according to sources given me by a cousin; however, I think he was born in Marion but that will have to be verified. He died 21 June, 1926 in Cedarville, Greene Co., Ohio.

Greene County is east of Dayton.

Greene County is east of Dayton.

Wilmot appears in the 1860 and 1870 in Montgomery Twp., Marion Co., Ohio and 1880 census with his parents and siblings in Hardin Co., Ohio.

Wilmot married to a Nancy Ellen Sowers on 25 February, 1891 in Hardin Co., Ohio. Nancy was born about 1868 in Ohio and died about 1954 in Greene Co., Ohio.

Wilmot and Nancy Spracklen courtesy of Eric Howell a descendant

Wilmot and Nancy Spracklen courtesy of Eric Howell a descendant

Source:  Hardin County, Ohio, Marriage Records Books 1-10, 1833 to 1899, by David Rish, Hardin County Genealogical Society, 1997, 104 Spracklen, Wilmot to Sowers, Nancy E. 25 Feb 1891. 

Wilmot and Nancy appear in the 1900 census for Hardin Co., Ohio.  He is listed under the name of William.

Wilmot and Nancy Family, courtesy of Eric Howell a descendant.

Wilmot and Nancy Family, courtesy of Eric Howell a descendant.

Photo above Vernon Moore (In uniform), Mary (Spracklen) Moore, Nancy (Sowers) Spracklen, Floyd (called him Jonny) Spracklen. Raymond, Blanche, Wilmot, Robert (Bob), Carl (behind Bob), Marguerite.

Line 51, 190, 192, Spracklin, William, head, W, M, Jan. 1860, 40, M, 9, All born Ohio, parents all born in Ohio, farm laborer 4, yes, yes, yes, R. H.

Spracklin, Nancy E., wife, W, F, Apr. 1868, 32, M, 9, 5 born, 5 living, yes, yes, yes

Spracklin, Florence H., daughter, W, F, Nov. 1891, 8, S, at school, 7 yes, yes, yes

Spracklin, Carl W., son, W, M, Oct. 1892, 7, S, at school, 7 yes yes yes

Spracklin, Choloe G., daughter, W, F, Mar 1895, 5, S

Spracklin, Eloid M., son, W, M, Dec. 1896, 3, S

Line 57, 191, 193, Spracklin, Mary O., daughter, W, F, Dec. 1899 5/12 S.

Source: William Spracklin Family, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio, SD#7, ED#83, Sht#9, 14 June, 1900, by Joel H. Pfeiffer.

By 1910 Wilmot and Nancy Spracklin were living in Greene County, Ohio. He is listed again under the name William in the census.

Line 39, 11, 11, Spracklin, William, Head, M, W, 50, M1, 19, all born in Ohio, all parents born in Ohio, all English, laborer, farm, W, No. 2, yes, yes, R. H. 

Spracklin, Nancy, wife, F, W, 41, M1, 19, nine born nine living.

Spracklin, Florence, daughter, F, W, 18, S, printer, newspaper, W, No.

Spracklin, Carl, son, M, W, 17, S

Spracklin, Cloe, daughter, F, W, 15, S

Spracklin, Mary, daughter, F, W, 11, S

Spracklin, Blanche, daughter, F, W. 9, S

Spracklin, Floyd, son, W, W, 13, S

Spracklin, Margaret, daughter, F, W, 6, S

Spracklin, Raymond, son, M, W, 3, S

Spracklin, Robert, son, M, W, 1/12, S

Source:  William Spracklin Family, 1910 U.S. Federal Census, Cedarville, Greene Co., Ohio, SD#5, ED#87, Sht#1-A, enumerated on 15 April, 1910 by Harry Kinnon. 

Wilmot and Nancy are still in Greene Co., Ohio in the 1920 census.  The name is spelled Speacklon in the search index but when you read the actual page it looks like Sprachlen.  He is under the name William again.

Line 443, Frm, 66, 62, Sprachlen, William M. Head, A, M, W, 59, M, yes, yes, all born Ohio, parents all born Ohio, yes, farming, general farm, Em, 42

Spracklen, Nancy E., wife, F, W, 51, M, yes, yes, no occupation

Spracklen, Carl W, son, M, W, 27, S, yes, yes, farmer, home farm, W

Sprachlen, Floyd M. son, M, W, 23, S, yes, yes, farmer, general farm, Em, 43

Sprachlen, Mary M, daughter, F, W, 21, S, yes, yes

Sprachlen, Blanche M, daughter, F, W, 18, S, yes, yes, yes

Sprachlen, Marguerite, daughter, F, W, 16, S

Sprachlen, Raymond H, son, M, W, 13, S

Next page Sht3B – Line 51 – Sprachlen, Robert C. , son, M, W, 9, S, yes, yes, yes, born Ohio. 

Source:  William M. Speacklon Family , 1920 U.S. Federal Census, Cedarville Twp., Greene Co., Ohio, Outside corporate limits, SD#8, ED#159, Sht#3A and 3B, enumerated 8, 9 and 11th of January, 1920 name of enumerator not given.

Both Wilmot and Nancy are buried in the North Cemetery in Cedarville, Greene Co., Ohio. Find A Grave has memorials for both Wilmot and Nancy with a couple of links to their children.

Note:  Click on the icon on the right side of this blog and it will take you to Find A Grave and you can search by person’s name or cemetery.

Nancy and Wilmot had the following children based on the census given above:

—Florence Ada Spracklin born November 1891 in Ohio. She died in 1984.  Florence appears in the 1900 and 1910 census with her parents.

She married to a Joseph Cephus Ferryman about 1911 son of Andrew Ferryman (1853-1950) and Anna Virginia Estep (1867 to 1922). He was born May 1893 in Greene Co., Ohio and died in 1956.

Both Florence and Joseph are buried in the North Cemetery in Greene Co., Ohio. Find A Grave has memorials with tombstone photos and links.

Find A Grave links a daughter named Virginia Ellen Ferryman born 24 July, 1912 and died the same day. She is buried with them in North Cemetery. She is not mentioned in the census listed below.

Find A Grave lists about 10 Ferryman’s including Florence and Joseph at their site in the North Cemetery.

Florence and Joseph Ferryman appear in the 1920 census in Ross Twp., Greene County, Ohio.

Line 63, Federal Pike, Frm, 81, 83, Ferryman, Joseph, Head R, M, W, 26, M, yes, yes, born Ohio, father born in Ohio, mother born in Kansas, farm laborer, working ____

Ferryman, Florence, wife, F, W, 28, M, yes, yes, born Ohio

Ferryman, Kenneth, son, M, W, 8, S, yes, born Ohio

Ferryman, Marcus, son, M, W, 6 S, yes, born Ohio

Ferryman, Marian, daughter, F, W, 4 6/12, S, born Ohio

Ferryman, Eloise, daughter, F, W, 2 3/12, S, born Ohio

Ferryman, Ada M, Daughter, F, W, 4/12, S, born Ohio

Source:  Joseph Ferryman Family, 1920 U.S. Federal Census, Ross Twp., Greene Co., Ohio, SD#8, ED#165, Sht#4B, enumerated 13 and 14 January, 1920 by Minnie Kloutz. 

Joseph and Florence have moved and are now in Cedarville Village in Greene County in the 1930 census.

Line 34, 38, 41, Ferryman, Joseph C., Head, R, 12, no, M, W, 37, M, 18, no, yes, born Ohio, all parents born in Ohio, yes, laborer, paper mill, 1847, W, yes, no. 

Ferryman, Florence, wife H, V, F, W, 38, M, 19, no, yes, born Ohio

Ferryman, Kenneth, son, V, M, W, 18, S, yes, yes, born Ohio

Ferryman, Marcus, son, V, M, W, 16, S, yes, yes, born Ohio

Ferryman, Marian, daughter, V, F, W, 14, S, yes yes, born Ohio

Ferryman, Eloise, daughter, V, F, W, 12, S, yes, yes, born Ohio

Ferryman, Ada, daughter, V, F, W, 10, S, yes, yes, born Ohio

Ferryman, Doris, daughter, V, F, W, 7, S, yes, born Ohio

Ferryman, Wendell, son, V, M, W, 5, S, no, born Ohio – See Find A Grave for a memorial for Carl Wendell at the North Cemetery. 

Source: Joseph Ferryman Family, 1930 U.S. Federal Census, Cedarville Village, Cedarville Twp., Greene Co., Ohio, ED#29-7, SD#16, Sht#2A, enumerated 21 April, 1930 by Mrs. Dilla G. Johnson.

Joseph and Florence are in the 1940 census in Cedarville. Joseph is listed as 46 years old and Florence is 48. Wendell is with them at age 15. Next comes a Theodore C. Charles age 21 and he listed as son-in-law. Doris is listed after Theodore as 19 years old.  I think we have found a marriage for the daughter.

—Carl William Spracklin was born October 1892 in Ohio and died 4 March, 1961 in Greene Co., Ohio. He married Elma M. Fry born 1898 and died 1970.

Lois Jean Spracklin is linked as a daughter per Find A Grave. Lois was born and died in 1929. Find A Grave has memorials for Carl and Elma under the North Cemetery in Cedarville.

Carl and Elma are in the 1930 census in Miami, Greene Co., Ohio. Carl is 37 years old and Elma is listed as 31. They do not have any children living with them. He states he was 29 when he married so that means the event took place about 1922.  All are born in Ohio and their parents are born in Ohio. Carl is farming at this time.

They are still living in Miami Twp. in Greene the 1940 census. Carl is listed as 47 years old and Elma is 41.  Alice Marie is listed as a daughter at age 10. Carl is still farming.  Alice married to a Wilbur Howell and their are descendants.

—Cloe Gladys Spracklin was born 26 March, 1894 in Ohio. She died 4 January, 1925 in Greene Co., Ohio. She married a Forest Kennedy. Cloe is buried in the North Cemetery in Cedarville. Find A Grave has a memorial for her.

Cloe and Forest are living in Cedarville, Greene Co., Ohio in the 1920 Census under the name of Kannady. Forest is a general laborer and 30 years old. Cloe is 24. They have Margaret age 4, Dorothy E. age 3, Gladys at 8 months. Everyone was born in Ohio and all parents were born in Ohio.

A very sad event took place in this family, Cloe was shot by her husband Forest and he later killed himself.  He was buried in the State potter’s field at Tarbox Cemetery.  Apparently Florence Ferryman was present when these events took place.  The girls lived with the grandparents but eventually they could not care for them and they were placed in the county home, transferred to Pittsburgh, PA and adopted. There is more information about this sad event as reported by a cousin who descends from Carl.

—Floyd McKinley Spracklin was born December 1896 in Ohio. He died 7 August, 1959 in Greene Co., Ohio.  He married to Edna T. born about 1899 and died 1998. Find A Grave has a memorial for Floyd but the tombstone also features Edna.

Floyd and Edna are in the 1930 Census living in Miami Twp., Greene Co., Ohio. They are living on Clifton Wilburforce Pike. Floyd’s birth year is estimated to be 1897.  He is farming on a general farm. He is listed as 33 years old. Edna M. is listed as 30 years and they have a daughter Ruth E. 2 years old.

In the 1940 census they are all living in Jefferson Twp., Greene Co., Ohio. Floyd is farming.

—Mary Jane Spracklin was born December 1899 in Ohio.

Mary Jane Spracklen married on 7 January, 1920 in Greene County to a Vernon Samuel Moore born in Colfax, Illinois. His father was Samuel Moore and his mother was Mary Wilson. Vernon was 31 at the time of their marriage.  Vernon’s occupation was Location fireman. Mary’s father was Wilmot Spracklen and mother Nancy Sowers.

Source: Moore to Spracklen Marriage, Marriage Record, page 207, Greene Co., Ohio. Dr. J.R. White solemnized the marriage. 

According to my information they had two children.

1) Fred Samuel Moore and he married on 31 May, 1945 in Lucas Co., Ohio to Martha Lou Black.

Source: Marriage Record, page 363, 152086, State of Ohio, Lucas Co. Fred S. Moore and Martha Lou Black. He is 23 years of age living at 1819 Poole St. Born in Toledo, occupation army officer. Father Vernon S. Moore and mother Mary Spracklen. First marriage. Martha is 17 years old living at 1838 Glenrose Dr. born in Toledo. She is a student. Her father is Dr. Paul E. Black and her mother is Mildred Blacketer. First marriage. Married 31, May, 1945. 

2) Ralph Wilmot Moore. Ralph married a Donna Marie Westover on 7 December, 1945 in Steuben County, Indiana.

Source:  Application for Marriage page 509, Ralph W. Moore was born Toledo, Ohio, April 9, 1923. Occupation Draftsman. Father Vernon S. Moore born Colfax, Illinois, occupation engineer. Residence: 1819 Pool St. Toledo, Ohio. Mother Mary Jane Spracklen born in Hardin Co., Ohio, housewife, deceased.  Donna Marie Westover born Toledo, Ohio, January 21, 1922, living at 511 grant st. Ft. Morgan, teaching Colo. Father Gordon Dallas Westover born in Attica Co., Ohio, Telegrapher. Residing at 729 Miami St. Toledo, Ohio. Mother Maude B. Blackman, housewife born in Toledo, living at same address. First marriage. 

Mary and Vernon had another daughter name Alta May who was born 16 November, 1920 and died on 20 November, 1920 in Toledo, Lucas Co., Ohio.

I find the Moore Family in the 1930 census living in Toledo City, Lucas Co., Ohio in the 1930 census.

Line 84, 1549, 194, 253, Moore, Vernon, Head, R, 35, R, No, M, W, 39, M, 29, No, Yes, born Illinois, parents born in US. Loco Engineer, Freight [Railroad]

Moore, Mary, wife H, F, W, 30, M, 20, No, Yes, born Ohio, parents born Ohio

Moore, Fred, son, M, W, 8, S, yes, born Ohio

Moore, Ralph, son, M, W, 6, S, yes, born Ohio 

Source: Vernon Moore Family, 1930 U.S. Federal Census, Toledo City, Lucas Co., Ohio, Ward 18 (part) Block No. 90, ED#8-140, SD#2, Sht#15B, enumerated 12 April, 1930 by Mary [E] Arlein. 

There is a Vernon S. Moore who died on 16 November, 1958 in Montgomery Co., Ohio at the age of 69. He was widowed per Find A Grave. I do not know if this is the right individual.

There is a Mary J. Moore who was born 1899 and died June 12, 1944 buried in the Toledo Memorial Park Cemetery in Sylvania, Lucas Co., Ohio according to Find A Grave.  There is no tombstone picture but there is a Ohio Death Index listing with not very much information at the Find A Grave memorial.

—Blanche Melissa Spracklin was born about 1901 in Ohio. She married Walter Leander Huffman on 19 February, 1942 in Greene Co., Ohio. He was 48 years old and born about 1894 in Greene Co. His occupation carpenter. He had never been married. His father was Jacob L. Huffman and mother was Mary Jane Dalbey.  Blanche Melissa Spracklen was 41 years old and born about 1901 in Hardin Co., Ohio. She had never been married. Her parents were Wilmot Munson Spracklin and Nancy Ellen Sowers. Source: Marriage Record, Greene Co., Ohio page 542. License granted 19 February, 1942. 

She died 11 November, 1985. Walter was born 1893 and died 26 April, 1984. He served in World War I as a Private.

They are buried in the North Cemetery in Greene Co., Ohio. Find A Grave has memorials for them with tombstone pictures.

—Marguerite S. Spracklin was born 14 August, 1903.  Find A Grave has a Marguerite and Irvin Craig buried in North Cemetery. She died 18 October, 2004.  Irvin  was born 4 September, 1902 and died 19 August, 1993.  There is a son Marvin Allan Craig who died Mar, 1939 listed as well at Find A Grave. All are buried in North Cemetery in Greene Co., Ohio. I have not been able to find a marriage or census with this couple listed so more research needs to be done to verify this information and that is it the correct couple.

—Raymond Harley Spracklin was born about 1 October, 1906 in Ohio. He married Edith Elizabeth Ferguson and they had Ralph Wilmot, Donald Lamar and Raymond Richard.  They are buried in North Cemetery in Greene Co., Ohio. Raymond died 3 January, 2005 and Edith died in 1998.  Find A Grave has a memorial for Raymond and Edith.  Raymond is listed in the Ohio Death Index.

Ray and Edith appear in the 1940 Census living in Miami, Greene Co., Ohio. He is 33 years old and a farmer. Edith was 32, Ralph was 10, Richard was 4 and Lamar is 0. There is a James Gerstner living with them at age 17 as a lodger.

According to my information Ralph married Martha Edith Richards, Ray married Patty Lynn Shuttleworth. Donald Lamar married Cynthia Ann Swaby Ropp.  They all had about 3 to 4 children each.

—Robert Charles Spracklin was born 19 March, 1910 and died 28 September, 1971 in Dayton, Montgomery Co., Ohio.  He married a Greta Jones. Greta died 19 November, 2005. They are both buried in the North Cemetery in Greene Co., Ohio. Find A Grave has memorials for them with a tombstone photo.

Robert and Greta are living in Cedarville, Greene Co., Ohio in the 1940 census. They are living on Chillicothe Street. He is 30 years old and working as a clerk in a grocery store and Greta is 23. No children are listed with them at this time.

Robert’s obituary appeared in the Xenia Daily Gazette on Weds, Sept. 29, 1971, page 5.

Robert Charles Spracklen, 61, of 4609 Miami Shores Dr, Dayton, died in a physician’s office in Dayton Tuesday afternoon after a long illness. He retired from Frigidaire in 1970 because of ill health. Formerly of Cedarville, Mr. Spracklen and his wife, the former Gretta Jones, had lived in Dayton for more than 25 years. He was born March 10, 1910 to Wilmot and Nancy Somers Spracklen and attended Cedarville schools, while a resident of Cedarville, he was a member of the United Presbyterian Church. Mr. and Mrs. Spracklen were married May, 1934. Beside his widow, he is survived by three sisters, Mrs. Irvin (Marguerite) Craig of Dayton and Mrs. Walter (Blanche) Huffman and Mrs. Florence Ferryman, both of Cedarville. A brother, Raymond, lives in Cedarville. Mr. Spracklen was preceded in death by two brothers and two sisters. Visitation at Williams Funeral Home here will be 2-4 pm and 7-9 pm. Thursday, Funeral services will be held at 1 pm Friday, with interment in North Cemetery.

It has been very interesting to learn more about Wilmot and Nancy’s family. Why he chose to leave Hardin and Marion Counties and migrate to Greene would be interesting to know. What has been presented above is my no means complete; therefore, more research is needed to find obituaries to confirm that they are the correct family, probates/estates, deeds, vital records and any other sources to add to this families history. Online sources have been limited. Please review what is written and double-check it to make sure it is correct.  I think it is a good start to preserving more of the Spracklen family history.

I will leave this family with a fun article I found in the Xenia Daily Gazette for Weds, October 31, 1934 page 3.  Apparently Nancy had a little party for her family, unfortunately Wilmot had passed in 1926 but maybe he was there in “spirit.”

Entertains At Halloween Party – Twenty-five guests were entertained at a Halloween party by Mrs. W. M. Spracklen at her home in Cedarville Saturday evening. Games were enjoyed and refreshments were served.  Thos present were Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Spracklen and family. Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Spracklen and family. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Spracklen and family. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Spracklen, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph C. Ferryman and family, Mrs. W.M. Spracklen, of Cedarville; Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Rayburn, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Kline of Xenia and Misses Blanche and Marguerite Spracklen. 

I am in contact with a descendant of George and Rachel and there son Wilmot and Nancy. I am sure he would be willing to share.  Leave a comment and I will get you in contact with him.

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2 Responses to George & Rachel Spracklen’s Children: Wilmot Munson Spracklen and family

  1. Jennie L Grote says:

    Good Evening, my name is Jennie Grote and I am the great granddaughter of Florence Ada (Spracklin) Ferryman. Her daughter, Ada Marie (Ferryman) Johnson was my grandmother. Ada’s daughter is Brenda Joyce (Johnson) Davenport who is my mother. Thank you so much for your research and providing this information about our family history. I have additional (limited) information that I would be happy to share. If you are interested please feel free to contact me via email.

    Thanks again!
    Warm Regards,

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Hello Jennie I am so happy to meet you. I had your mother and a bunch of Ferryman’s but not to you, so thank you for that. I am worried that the Spracklin history is fading so I did my best to at least get as much out there as possible because they left Hardin Co., Ohio and spread out to other parts of the country. The Rev. Alfred Spracklin is your ancestor and Wilmot Spracklin is a grandson of his through George Peter Spracklin. It was interesting to track them. I will send you an email rather than chat about the family here. The Rev. Alfred Spracklin was quite the character. He must have been a force of nature. He was a kind man for he made sure that his father and mother were acknowledged when he had their tombstone made which is not far from him in the Lee Cemetery near Kenton, Ohio. I have been there several times and it is lovely. Thanks again. Bonnie

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