George and Rachel Spracklin’s Children: Mary P., Charles O., Harley H., Abigail Elretta, Minnie & Verna Ada

George and Rachel Spracklin had a large family and here are the remaining six children of which two died young.  I have in past posts featured Wilmot and Nancy Spracklin and Malinda and Charles Powelson and their families.  What follows below are the remaining children of this couple.  Remember George is a son of the Rev. Alfred and Abigail Spracklen of Hardin Co., Ohio.

Ohio Counties

Ohio Counties

Mary Pamela Spracklin was born after 1861 in Hardin. She married to a John W. Parker on 4 October, 1888 in Hardin Co., Ohio.

They had the following children:

Leota born about 1891 who married a Carl DeHaven on 3 July, 1909 in Hardin Co., Ohio. Carl was born in Williamstown, Ohio, his father was John D. Dehaven and his mother was Ella Knight.

They appear in the 1910 U.S. Federal Census in Liberty, Union Co., Ohio. Carl is 23 years old and an area driller. Leota is 19 years old.  They have a baby named Hellen I. who is only about 3 months old. Carl’s father was born in Ohio and his mother was born in West Virginia according to this census.

They are living in Sandusky Ward 1, Erie, Ohio on Jefferson Street in the 1920 census. Carl is listed as 34 years old and a brakeman on rail road. Leota is 28 and Helen is now 9.  They also have June about 5 years old. Carl’s parents are now born in different locations. His father is Pennsylvania and his mother is Ohio.

Edna Ophelia Moon born 9 July, 1893. She died 12 January, 1916 in Kenton, Hardin Co., Ohio. She was 22.

They appear in the 1900 U.S. Federal census living in Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio. John W. Parker is 36 years old born Feb 1864 born in England and parents born in England. He is a day laborer at this time. Mary R. Parker is 35 years old born Oct. 1864 born Ohio and parents born Ohio.  They have with them Leota P. Parker age 9 born Sept. 1890 and sister Edna Q. Parker age 7 born July 1892. Mary is listed as having 2 children born and 2 living.  John was naturalized in 1870.  They are living near Rachel Spracklin who is widowed and listed as having 9 children born but only 6 living in 1900.

By the 1910 John is age 46 and widowed.  He is living with his daughter Edna Parker age 17 in Kenton Ward 4, Hardin Co., Ohio. He is working as a laborer RR Section.

There may have been another baby born in 1911 and died the same year named Kenneth Parker Dehaven.

Mary is buried in Lee Cemetery. She died in 1907. John W. Parker was born in 1864 in Lincolnshire, England and died 7 April, 1940 in Kenton. He is also buried in Lee Cemetery. Find A Grave has memorials for them both. John also has an obituary with his memorial and it suggests there was a son as well.

–Charles O. Spracklin was born about 1866 and died on 17 September, 1872 and is buried in the Lee Cemetery near his parents.

Tombstone of Charles O. Spracklin son of George & Rachel

Tombstone of Charles O. Spracklin son of George & Rachel

—Harley Hensel Spracklin was born 28 March, 1868 in Marion Co., Ohio. He married on 15 August, 1891 in Hardin Co., to Bertha Riley. She was born 8 April, 1874. She died 9 February, 1900.

He is widowed in the 1900 Census.  He is living Goshen, Hardin Co., Ohio and lodging with a Fredrick Family.  He is helping with the farm.

Harley H. Spracklin appears in the 1910 census with a Mary E. Price. He is 42 years old and married twice. She is 36 and married once. She had no children born or living. Both were born in Ohio. Harley is in Kearney Ward 4, Buffalo, Nebraska. His occupation is minister.

We find them again this time in Garfield, Antelope, Nebraska in 1920. He is 51 or maybe 57 and she is 47. He is still a minister. In 1930 they have moved to Ord, Valley, Nebraska. He is listed a minister of the United Brethren church. He is 62 and she is 57.

Harley appears in the 1930 census living in Ord, Valley, Nebraska with Mary.  They have a lodger with them.  Harley is now 62 years old and Mary is 57.

It looks like Harley didn’t have any children? He died 6 February, 1936 in Broken Bow, Custer, Nebraska.  I don’t have any information about their burial at this time.

–Abigail Elretta Spracklin was born about 1870 in Ohio. She married on 18 September,  1891 in Hardin Co. to a Edward E. Clement. She appears in the Hardin Co., Ohio Historical book.  They married 18 September, 1891 in Hardin Co., Ohio. Edward was probably born about 1862 in Hardin Co., Ohio.  His name is mixed up in the records and it is unclear if he is Edward or Edmund. It is said that he died in Plymouth, Marshall Co., Indiana.  I have not yet confirmed that information.

Edmund “Eddie,” a tower railroad dispatcher, married Alretta Spracklin, lived in Hepburn and later move to Plymouth, Indiana where he died. 

Source: Hardin County, Ohio, A Historical Update with Family Histories, by Hardin Co. Archeological and Historical Society, 1983, page 54. A detailed Article: Charles Clement.

Elretta and Edward had Clyde, Leona and maybe an Ada. Ada died probably after 1900 in Indiana based on the 1910 census and their birth ages.

Line 80, 28, 30, Clement, Edmond, Head, M, W47, Widowed, born Ohio, father born Vermont, mother born PA, English all, telegraph operator railroad, yes, yes, O, F, H 2B. 

Clement, Clyde son, M, W, 11 S, born Indiana, parents born Ohio

Clement Leona, daughter, F, W, 9, S, born Indiana, parents born Ohio

Source: Edward E. Clement Family, 1910 U.S. Federal Census, Porter Twp., Porter Co., Indiana, SD#10, ED#149, Sht#2B, enumerated 18 April, 1910 by Calvin S. Skiukle.

Daughter Leona married 19 October, 1916 in Palmer, Indiana to a Nelson Weber born 9 June, 1896 (SSDI) Kenton, Ohio. His father was George Weber and his mother was Maggie Weaver. Leona and Nelson’s son Jack Leroy was born and died in 1920.

Nelson and Leona have returned to Ohio and are living in Kenton, Ohio in the 1920 Census. Nelson is 23 working as a Printer in a tool factory. Leona is 19 years old.  They have with them a Wayne D. son age 2 who was born Indiana and Madge L. daughter born in Ohio who is 1 year.

Nelson Weber appears on the Ohio Death Index.  He died on 5 December, 1968 in Cuyahoga Falls, Summitt Co., Ohio. He was widowed at the time. Death Certificate #101422.  I do not know where either Elretta or Nelson are buried at this time.

–Minnie Spracklin was born about 1872 in Hardin Co., and she died 21 September 1878 and is buried in Lee Cemetery near her parents.  I do have photos of tombstones but they are so very difficult to read.  I think this is her tombstone.  Find A Grave has a much better photo of the tombstone.

Possbiliy Minnie's tombstone

Possbility for Minnie’s tombstone – unreadable

–Verna Ada Spracklin was born 22 June, 1880 in Ohio. She married to a George Heilman age 24 in Goshen Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio. He was a laborer.  His father was Daniel B. Heilman and his mother was Sarah J. Metz.

They married on 16 February, 1901. He was born 15 November, 1874. He signed the marriage certificate George H. Hileman and she signed Vernie A. Spracklin.

They appear in the 1910 Census under the name of Hulman. They have her listed as Ferma for her first name. He is 34 years old and she is 29 years of age. Listed with them is Viola B. daughter, age 5, William C. son, age 4 and Bertha M. daughter, age 2. They are living in Dudley Twp. Both indicate they were married 9 years ago. Ferna has 3 children born and 3 living. All born in Ohio.  Verna and George are hard to find after her death.

Some of George and Rachel Spracklin’s children began to migrate out of Hardin and Marion Counties.  The late 1800’s we see the rise of industrialization of the country and the move is to the cities or where the jobs are.

At this time, I have shared what I know about George Peter and Rachel (Munson) Spracklin and their children. It is by no means complete and a lot more genealogical research work should be done and all the above verified.  I have not had luck in finding the burial location of several of them.  I also see that estate files would be very interesting in these families.

It is time for me to move on and return to the rest of the children of the Rev. Alfred and Abigail (Cooper) Spracklen family and share their stories.

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