The Rev. Alfred and Abigail Spracklin’s children: Malinda Jane Spracklin and family…

Melinda Jane Spracklin was born 17 February, 1842 in Seneca Co., Ohio to Alfred and Abigail Spracklin. I tend to lean toward Richland County as her birth but records would have to be checked.

She married a Henry L. Simons on 15 October, 1868 in Hardin Co. He was born 19 February, 1840 in Beaver County, Pennsylvania. Melinda’s name has been spelled Milinda and Melinda in the records.  The surname of Simons has also been spelled Simonds.

They had two children:  Guy H. Simons (1873 to 1850), and Naomi P. Simons who died in 1878.

 “H. L. SIMONS, (Montgomery Township) son of John and Mary Simons, natives of Pennsylvania. His birth took place February 19, 1840, in Beaver County, Penn. When aged fourteen years, he was working upon the tow-path of the Pennsylvania Canal; his home, however, was in Westmoreland County, Penn., until 1862, when he emigrated to Upper Sandusky, Ohio.

He enlisted in the late war August 20, 1862, under Capt. Alonzo Robbins, Company F. One Hundred And Twenty-third Regiment Ohio Volunteer Infantry. He was engaged at Winchester under Mulligan, where he was captured and sent to Libby, Castle Thunder and Belle Isle two months; when taken to Annapolis, Md., he walked to Greensburg, Penn., a distance of 300 miles, rejoining his regiment October 20, 1863. At Newmarket, they lost seventy-six men in fifteen minutes. At Piedmont, June 5, 1864, he assisted in the capture of Gen. Henry Jones. He was at Lynchburg, Parkersburg and Snicker’s Gap; at the last place but ten men were left in the company, and but forty in the regiment. He engaged also at Kerren Town, Hall Town, Opequon. Fisher’s Hill, Cedar Creek, Hatcher’s Run (five days’ fight, where he captured a rebel flag), Battery George and Appomattox Bridge, when he was again made a prisoner, and retained as such until the surrender of Lee’s army and then he was exchanged. His honorable discharge dates “June 12, 1865, Camp Chase, Ohio”

After the close of the war, he worked at the carpenter trade Mr. Simons was married to Malinda J. Spracklen, October 15, 1868; she was the daughter of the Rev. Alfred and Abigail Spracklen, and was born in Seneca County, Ohio, February 17, 1842, and died January 4, 1878. They had two children Guy H. and Naomi P. Naomi who died March 24, 1878. Mr. S. married Lydia Bent March 17, 1880; since then he has been farming. He supports the Democratic ticket and is a member of the Union Presbyterian Church.

Source:  THE HISTORY OF MARION COUNTY, OHIO 1883 – By Leggett, Conaway & Co. BIOGRAPHICAL SKETCHES. H.L. Simons. • Friday, 30 April 2004.  This site charges for searches.  You can try Internet Archive for some history books of this type. 

Malinda is buried in Lee Cemetery:  Simons, Milinda Jane 1/4/1878 age 34y10m17d w/o H.L. Simons, Lee Cemetery Book, Hardin Co., Genealogical Society.  

Melinda appears with Henry in the 1870 census living in Dudley, Hardin, Ohio. They are living near Alfred and Abigail Spracklin.

Line 12, 11/10 Spracklin, Alfred, 59 years, male, farmer $2000, $3000, Born in England, it is marked that his parents were born foreign-born; Abagail age 59 is keeping house and born in New Jersey; Hartman, Matilda age 21 female is a domestic servant born in Ohio; Spracklin, Lucius age 18 male is working on farm and born in Ohio; English, Ellsworth, male age 7, born in Ohio.

Line 28, 15, 14, Simond, Henry, 28, M, W, Carpenter, born PA
Simond, Malinda, 26 F, W, Keeps house, born Ohio

Source: Alfred Spracklin and H. Simond Families, 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio, Roll#M593-1219, pg. 353,

In the 1880 Census Henry Simons has remarried to Lydia (Bent) and is living in Montgomery Twp., Marion Co., Ohio. His son Guy is with him.

Line 46, 47, 48, Henry L. Simons, W, M, 40, Married, farmer born PA and parents born PA.
Simons, Lydia, W, F, 41, wife, married, born Ohio, parents born Ohio
Simons, Guy, W, M, 6, son, single, born Ohio
King, John, W, M, 79, Uncle, single, farmer, born Delaware, parents born Delaware.

Source: Henry L. Simons Family, 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Montgomery Twp., Marion Co., Ohio, Page 4, SD#5, ED#87, 7 June, 1880 by Wm. E. Parker.

On 29 June, 1878 Guy Simons, 4 years old, was assigned a Guardianship and a Thomas Boyd was given the task of caring for him.  A bond of $3,000 was recorded at the courthouse in Kenton. Thomas Boyd, H.S. Simons, George. W. Keal and J.G. Weatherill together provided the monies.  By the 10th day of November, 1884 the guardian of Guy was now listed G.N. Myers in Alfred Spracklin’s estate papers – Distributive Settlement. I do not have the change papers for Guy’s guardians.

Guys Guardianship

Guys Guardianship

Henry, the father, was widowed at the death of Malinda in 1878 and did not remarry till March 1880. I am not familiar with the laws of the State of Ohio but it looks like a guardian is assigned if the father is not married or if the parent is single?

Another event took place for Guy Simons in 1879. On 26, April 1879 Thomas Boyd submitted to the court a Petition to Sell Land – Thomas Boyd Guardian of Guy Simonds against his Wards.  Apparently Guy was five years old and was residing with his father H.L. Simonds.  It was for the boarding, care, maintenance and education of the child Guy Simonds. This court process to sell Guy’s share of the land that he inherited from his grandfather Alfred took up until April 1, 1880 before it was finally settled and the land was sold to a Jacob Banning.  Source:  Guardian Letters, Hardin Co., Ohio pg. 49 to 56 covering 8 pages.

Henry L. Simons died on 28 February, 1900 and is buried in the LaRue Cemetery in Marion County, Ohio.  Find A Grave has a tombstone photo and memorial for Henry.

There is a Guy H. Simmons in Marion County in the 1900 census.  He is living alone but it says he is married three years:  Line 70, 126, 301, 303, Simons, Guy H, Head, W, M, Dec. 1873, 26, M, 3 born Ohio, father born PA, mother Ohio, working as a clerk, O yes, yes, yes, H.

There is a marriage for a Guy H. Simons in Marion Co., Ohio on 11 November 1896 to a Bessie E. Johnston. Bessie was born about 1877.  Source: Ohio Marriages Index 1800-1958.  

I believe that Guy H. Simons died on 4 March, 1950 in Chicago, Cook Co., Illinois. He lived at 10 E. Ontario and was 76 years old. His occupation was minister. He was born 23 December, 1873 in Hardin Co., Ohio. Shute Funeral Directors did the burial on 9 March, 1950 at Elmhurst, Illinois in the Arlington Cemetery.  His father was Henry L. Simons. The informant was a George W. Lovering #16444.  Source: Illinois Cook County Deaths, 1878 to 1994.

Malinda’s family was small and there may be descendants from Guy that I have yet to discover.  I think it would be interesting to learn more about Henry’s Civil War service.  Guy was listed on a WWI draft card and it looks like he was living in Chicago at the time at the age of 44. There is writing over some of the words making it difficult to read.

Please doublecheck the above information and there is still a great deal more to do on Malinda’s family like obituaries, probate/estate, deeds and more.  There are a lot of leads presented above that could lead to more information on this family.  Happy hunting!

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