Reunions for Spracklins and Spracklens….Ohio

I have come to a stopping place regarding my research on the Rev. Alfred Spracklen and Abigail Cooper family. I am not totally happy with all of it; however, while doing this research I came upon some fun articles that I would like to share. If the Keller family can have reunions why can’t the Spracklen’s.

The only problem is that I don’t have any photographs of these events.  Sigh!

Family Reunion by Nolan at Clip art Panda

Family Reunion by Nolan at Clip art Panda

The annual reunion of the Spracklin family, was held at the home of Mrs. L.A. Spracklin at LaRue, Saturday, July 4. At the noon hour, a fine dinner was served. Those present were Mr. and Mrs. William Kremblebine and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Albert Herman and son, Foster: Mrs. P.J. Spracklin, Jerome Holstetter, of Kenton; Mr. and Mrs. Roy Powelson and daughter. Margaret, Thelma and Odis Hindman, Marion; Mr. and Mrs. Charles Powelson, two daughters and son of Agosta; Mr. and Mrs. Charle Walker of Raymond; George Powelson and son, Herman; Mr. and Mrs. Ray Spracklin and daughter, Doras of Wild Cat; Mrs. Max Codding and children, of southwest of LaRue; Warren Kelley, of Hepburn; Mrs. Harley Spracklin of Broken Bow, Nebraska; Mrs. B. B. Kilbourn and Mr. and Mrs. G.P. Seranto, of LaRue. 

Source: The Marion Star (Marion, Ohio) Sat. July 11, 1914, page 18, 

From the Holiday Spot

From the Holiday Spot

Mr. and Mrs. Ray Spracklin and little daughter of northwest of town and Mrs. Sarah Spracklin and daughter, Ida of this place, attended the annual Christmas dinner of the Spracklin family, held at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Albert Herman, near Pfeiffer. 

Source: The Marion Star (Marion, Ohio) Friday, December 31, 1915 page 12,

SPRACKLIN FAMILY IN ANNUAL REUNION – Gathering is Held Near Raymond, Tuesday.

Sixty-one members of the family from different parts of the state attended the seventh annual reunion of the Spracklin families held at the home of Mrs. Eva Walker near Raymond, Ohio, yesterday, says Wednesday’s Kenton News-Republican.  The dinner was served at the noon hour on the lawn followed by and excellent program, consisting of the number of talks by Daniel Crabb, Roy Powelson, of Marion; Aulton Cook of LaRue; Clay Powelson of Marion; Myrtle Spracklin of Kenton; Charles Powelson of Marion, and W.M. Spracklin, of Cedarville. The officers elected yesterday were Harry Cook, Mt. Victory, president; Ida Walters, Belle Center, secretary; Roy Powelson, Marion, treasurer; program committee, Zora Cook, Mt. Victory; Mrs. Lena Spracklin, LaRue; Mrs. Ida Fields, LaRue, and Miss Myrtle Spracklin, Kenton. The 1920 Reunion will be held the third Tuesday in August at the home of Ray Spracklin in LaRue.

Source: The Marion Star (Marion, Ohio) Thursday, August 21, 1919, page 10, 

Do you recognize these family names.  What fun!

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