Peter and Betty Spracklin’s children: George Spracklin and, his wife, Arloa Turner Minor….

I return now to the youngest son of Peter and Elizabeth (Betty) Spracklin.  His name was George Spracklin and he stayed with his mother Betty (Elizabeth) in Hardin County, Ohio, till her death in 1860.  After Betty’s passing he migrated to Illinois and was there probably by 1862 when his daughter Harriett was born that July.

George Spracklin was born 7 February, 1814 in Pitney, Somerset, England:

George Spracklen Do February 7th 1814 per his sister Ann’s Prayer Book. 

George Spracklin was baptized on the 10 of March, 1814 in Pitney, Somerset, England, along with his brother Alfred.

Baptisms of Alfred and brother George.

Baptisms of Alfred and brother George.

March 10, 1814 Alfred baptized son of Peter and Betty Spracklin, this parish, labourer.

March 10th, 1814 George son of Peter and Betty Spracklen, this parish, labourer.

Source:  Baptismal Register of Pitney, Somerset, England, Alfred and George Spracklin pg. 5, Somerset Archives & Records.

He came with his parents to New York in 1823 at the age of 9 years old. Can you imagine the adventure for him.  I ponder if he ever told anyone about the ship and the crossing?

By 1830 George was 16 years old and he was given the task of witnessing a deed for his father Peter.  He shared this task along with his older brother John Spracklin (the author’s line). Peter was buying land from Wine Rood in Hardin County, Ohio.  There was a series of three deeds involving the land in Hardin Co., Ohio. This Wine Rood was the son of Wine Rood who married Anne Andrews, Betty’s sister and came with John in 1817 to the US.  All this has been published in past posts on this blog if you are interested.

I have featured these deed and the others in a past post regarding, the father, Peter Spracklin and his life. This was a very important deed because Peter left Knox County as a result, moving his family to Hardin County, Ohio. Son, John Spracklin, stayed behind in Knox County, Ohio. Another son named Peter went back to Pennsylvania and New Jersey to live out his life. It is important to separate the father Peter from the son Peter and hopefully I have explained all this in past posts. I share this deed again because it was George’s first adult act and both sons needed to know what was going on with their inheritance.

Source: Wine Rood (Wash Co.) to Peter Spracklin (Knox Co.), 30 January 1834, Knox County, Ohio, FHL#913819, Vol. A. pg. 368 (375).

Wine Rood
To Deed
Peter Spracklin

This Indenture made this thirtieth day of January in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and thirty four by and between Wine Rood of the County of Washington and State of Ohio of the one part and Peter Spracklin of the County of Knox and State of Ohio and State aforesaid of the other part.

Witnesseth that the said Wine Rood for an in consideration of the sum of one hundred and ten dollars be him in hand paid the receipt whereof he does hereby acknowledge have given granted bargained released and conveyed and do by these presents give grant bargain sell release convey and confirm unto him the said Peter Spracklin and his heirs and assigns forever all that tract or parcel of land situate in the County of Hardin and State of Ohio and being the west half of the southwest quarter of section No. 12 in fractional township No. 5 five in Range No. 12 Twelve of Congress lands in the District of Delaware containing eighty acres be the same more or less entered by him the said Wine Rood at the U.S. Land Office…

Continued on middle of the (368) page, continued from page 366…at B_____ on the 26th of August 1833. To have and to hold the premises aforesaid with all the privileges and appurtenances thereunto belonging in any use appertaining unto him the said Peter Spracklin and unto his heirs and assigns forever and the said Wine Rood for himself and for his heirs and Executors and administrators covenant and promise be and with the said Peter Spracklin his heirs and assigns that he the said Wine Rood is lawfully of the premises aforesaid and that he has good right and authority to sell and convey the same in manner aforesaid and that the premises are free from any encumbrances whatever and further that he the said Wine Rood will and truly warrant the herein and herby granted unto the said Peter Spracklin and to his heirs and assigns against the lawful claims and demand all persons claiming by from or under him.

On testimony whereof the said Wine Rood have set his hand and seal the day and year first above written.

Sign sealed and Delivered ) Wine Rood (SEAL)
In the presence of )
John Spracklen )
George Spracklen )

The State of Ohio Knox County SS: before me are Acting Justice of the Peace and for the said county personally came Wine Rood signer to this deed of conveyance and personally acknowledged the signing & sealing thereof to be his act and deed for the purposes therein expressed ______________under my hand officially this 30th day of January 1834, Christopher Wolfe JP.
Rec’d and recorded the 10th day of May 1836, G.F. Thomson DRHco.

George married to Alora/Arloa Turner Minor on 9 April, 1840 in Knox Co., Ohio. She was the daughter of John Minor and Submit Cochran. I will use the Arloa version of the many spellings of her name.  There is a book titled: Thomas Minor Descendants, 1608-1981. This book is at Internet Archive, page 189 but you may have to sign up to access it.

Spracklin, George to Miner/Mince, Arloa/Alice pg. 53, 9 Apr. 1840 Platt G. Beardsley J.P. 63-192R. 

Source: Knox County, Ohio Marriages 1808-1875, Compiled by R. DeLauder, Mt. Vernon, OH, and Indexed by Franklin Miller, Jr., Gambier, OH, Knox County Chapter of Ohio Genealogical Society, 1995.

Minor Genealogy

Minor Genealogy courtesy of Helen Cox Tregillis

The following May of 1840, George Spracklin applied for naturalization in Hardin Co., Ohio.

George Spracklin's Naturalization in Hardin Co., Ohio

George Spracklin’s Naturalization in Hardin Co., Ohio

On Motion of the Court ___appearing to the satisfaction of the Court that Geo. Spratlin a Subject of Victoria Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland has in all aspects Complied with the laws relating to Naturalization and having renounced all allegiances to ____foreign power particularly to Victoria Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland and that the Oath of allegiance to the United States it is Ordered that he be admitted to all the rights and privileges of a Citizen of the United States and [they] are hereby declared a Citizen of the Same.

 Source: Application for Naturalization, George Spratlin, May Term 1840, Court of Common Pleas page 313, Jr. A. Naturalization Records. Hardin County Court of Common Pleas. 

In a past post I featured the Merriman & Carey Day Book which covered the period of 1840 to 1841 and in this day book we find Peter and George Spracklin buying supplies. Here is the post I wrote about that featured this day book:  Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin, Life in Hardin Co., Ohio, published on November 29, 2015.  You can find it by putting Merriman in the search engine on the right side of this blog.  It is fun to read about their choices for the purchases from this store.

In 1840, Peter Spracklin deeded land to his son George who was 26 years old.

Deed of Peter Spracklin to George Spracklin for 120 acres in Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio in 1840. Summary Description: “…Land Situate in the County of Hardin and State of Ohio and being the west half of the southwest quarter and the west half of the East quarter of section ____ twelve in Fractional Township in Range No. Twelve of Congress Lands in District of Delaware containing 120 acres…”Signed by Peter and Betty Spracklin and witnessed by James Mather.  FHL#913820, Vol. D, pg. 417. 

Because of the above deed we find that in 1841 and 1842 George Spracklin appears on the tax records of Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio and so do Alfred and Peter.

George Spracklin is listed on R12, T5, S12 as well as Alfred Spracklin and Peter Spracklin who are listed below him. The descriptions of the sections are all different. Peter Spracklin is also listed under Dudley Twp. Chattle Tax with 2 horses and 2 cattle. Peter, Alfred and George Spracklin are listed under Dudley Township Land Tax for 1842.

Source: Peter Spracklin and Others – Duplicate Tax Records 1821-1850, Hardin Co., Ohio, V. 584, 590 1821-1833 #506598, 1838-1842 FHL#945852.

George started to become interested in government and on 23 February, 1843 he is a juror for the Court of Common Pleas on a case.

A list of Jurors ____Ohio 23rd Day of Feb 1843 for the October Term of the ___Court of Common Please to wit. Grand Jurors – Albert Keifer, David Ward, James Scott, Richard Rutledge, William Harris, George Spracklin etc…

Source: Hardin County Court of Common Pleas Monday May 15, 1843, Appointment of Jurors for October term, Hardin County, Ohio Chancery Records 1842-1845, Jr. B, Book 1, pg. 32.  I did not obtain a copy of this case which might be interesting.

Unfortunately, George’s father Peter died in October of 1845.  Elizabeth (Betty) Spracklin was the administrator of her husband’s Estate. Something must have happened, and she signed over her rights to her son on 23 December, 1845 and George Spracklin took over the administration of Peter Spracklin’s estate.

The heirs of Peter Spracklin were living not just in Ohio but also in Pennsylvania and in New Jersey and it took several years to administer the estate.  On 3 April, 1847 George’s brother, who was also called Peter Spracklin, was living in Camden, New Jersey and he executed a deed to give George power of attorney to handle his affairs regarding their father Peter’s estate.

On 29 October, 1847 George Spracklin is acting as power of attorney on a deed selling his brother Peter Spracklin land interests in Hardin Co., to brother Alfred. Peter and his wife Mary Adaline Spracklin signed the deed along with George Spracklin.

There was another deed involving other heirs of Peter Spracklin that same day of the 29th of October, 1847. This deed was headed by brother John Spracklin and included others like Lydia Spracklin, Elias Myers, Parmelia A. Myers, Sylvanus Cook, Ann Cook, George Spracklin, Aroa Spracklin and even, the mother, Betty Spracklin signed.  All their shares of land or interest in Peter Spracklin the father’s land were signed over to brother Alfred Spracklin.

For more about Peter Spracklin’s estate I refer to past posts I have published on that subject on this blog.  See the PAGE above on this blog for a table of contents to help guide you.

George and Arloa Spracklin appear in the 1850 U.S. Federal census in Hardin Co. and, Betty, his mother is with him.  The Orland Spracklin age 19 is a mystery.  He is too old to be a child of George and Arloa, I am wondering if he is a son of a brother, like John?

Dwelling: 447; House: 447; Spracklin, George, 37 years old, Farmer, $2000 in real estate, born in England; Arola Spracklin 35 yrs old, born in Ohio;
Sarah Spracklin 9 yrs., born in Ohio;
Elizabeth Spracklin, 7 yrs., born in Ohio;
Alfred Spracklin 5 yrs, born in Ohio;
Moune Spracklin 3 yrs, born in Ohio – this is probably Marvin
Pernella Spracklin 6/12, born in Ohio;
Elizabeth Spracklin, 80 years old born in England – grandma;
Orland Spracklin 19 born in Ohio; – Could this be my 2 great grandfather Daniel misprounced?   He was born in 1830?
Norell Stevens 20 yrs a farmer born in Penn.

Source:  George Spracklin Family, 1850 U.S. Federal Census, Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio, Dist. 49, pg. 138, enumerated July 31, 1850.

George continues to buy and sell land in Hardin County.  On 21 February, 1854 he sells land to a Henry Kridler.

Deed in Washington Twp. of Hardin Co., by George Spracklin to a Henry Kridler in 1854. Description: “…the North East quarter of the South West quarter of Section five (5) Township Three (3) South Range Ten (10) East containing 40 acres more or lefs…” (Signed by George and Arloa Spracklin and witnessed by Betty and Samuel Kafelums(?).

Source: George Spracklin Deed to Henry Kridler, Hardin Co., Ohio, FHL#913869, Vol. N, pg. 374

On 22 March, 1854 he purchases land from a G. Copeland in Hardin Co., Ohio.

Deed of G. Copeland to George Spracklin in 1854. Description: “Washington Twp.…North half of the North West quarter of Section No. 26 Twenty six in Township No. (3) three and Range (10) ten containing 80 acres more or less…(Signed by G. Copeland and witnessed by Samuel Smith and G. W. Kerafe(?)

George and Arloa Spracklin are still in Hardin Co., Ohio in the 1860 U.S. Census. Betty, his mother, is living with them. This would be her last census.

line 8, Dwelling 597, House 570, George Spracklin, 45 yrs., Farmer, $5000 in real estate, $1000 in personal value, born in England.
Arola T., age 36, born in Ohio,
Elizabeth age 17 born in Ohio,
Alfred 15, farm labor?, born in Ohio.
Marion, age 12, born in Ohio.
Pamelia, age 9 born in Ohio.
Francis Adeline age 7 born in Ohio.
Peter John age 4 born in Ohio.
Robert G. age 1 born in Ohio.
Elizabeth, age 90 born in England.

Source:  George Spracklin Family, 1860 U.S. Federal Census, Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio, pg. 84, 12 July, 1860 W. D. Gunn

Elizabeth (Betty) Spracklin passed away on 13 November, 1860 in Dudley Twp., at the age of 90 years old. She is buried with her husband Peter in the Lee Cemetery sharing the stone. If you want more information about the Lee Cemetery, I have published posts on this blog and my BJM Cemeteries blog about the Lee cemetery so you can check them out.

Peter and Betty Spracklin's Stone with the author, Bonnie

Peter and Betty Spracklin’s Stone with the author, Bonnie

George Spracklin was now on his own, his obligation to his parents was fulfilled so it was time for him to move on and he chose to go to Shelby County, Illinois.

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