George and Arloa Spracklin made the migration to Illinois — 1865+

George Spracklin was now on his own, his obligation to his parents, Peter and Elizabeth (Betty) Spracklin, was fulfilled.  It was time for him to move on and he chose to go to first to Edwards County and then to Shelby County, Illinois. If you have been reading this blog you will note that several of brother Alfred’s children migrated to Illinois. Some returned to Hardin but others stayed behind. There was a lot of back and forth movement to Illinois.

On 10 January, 1865, George Spracklin deeded land to Justus C. Stevens in Hardin Co., Ohio. George was living in Marion Co., Ohio at the writing of this deed.

Deed of George Spracklin and Arloa Spracklin of Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., to J.C. Stevens for 120 acres. Description: “…the West half of the South West quarter and the West half of the East half of the South West quart of Section No. twelve in fractional Township no. five in Range No. Twelve of Congress Lands in District of Delaware certainly, 120 acres the same more or less…” Township of Dudley, Hardin Co., for $4850, signed by George and Arloa Spracklin, witnessed by Philip W. Thomas and Seth R. Green.

Source: Deed of George Spracklin to J.C. Stevens Hardin Co. Register of Deeds, Ohio, FHL#91427 Vol. 27, pg. 138

On 10 June, 1865, George Spracklin deeded land to James Huff in Hardin Co., Ohio.  They are in Hardin Co. for this deed.

Deed of George Spracklin to James Huff for 80 acres in Hardin Co., Ohio – R10, T3, S26 80 acres N1/2 NW 1/4. Description from deed: “…the North half of the North West quarter of Section No. 26, Twenty sixth in the Township No. (3) three and Range (10) ten containing 80 acres more or less…” (Signed by George and Arloa Spracklin. Witnessed by J. Stevens(?) and A.B. Stevens. Arloa is stated to be George’s wife. $1000 for this property, in the County of Hardin, 10 June, 1865. 

Source: Deed of George Spracklin to James Huff, Hardin Co., Ohio, Hardin Co. Registrar of Deeds, Hardin Co., Ohio, FHL#914215 Vol. X, pg. 448 Washington Twp.

Illinois Counties

Illinois Counties

By the 1870 census George had moved his family to Illinois. As for exactly when they moved from Ohio to Illinois, I would have to look at deeds there in that state and I have not yet done that.

Getting a fix on Shelby Co. Illinois

Getting a fix on Shelby Co. Illinois

As I look at the maps above I realize that I was very close to Shelby County when I visited Rantoul in Champaign Co. to go tour the museum at Chanute Field. My Dad, Keith, attended Air Corp Technical School in the mid 1930’s at Chanute field. I have posted about his experience on the blog: The Man Who Lived Airplanes. He probably didn’t realize that he had family so close. These would be cousins, of course. They would be through his grandmother Amarilla Spracklin Barclay whose grandfather was John Andrews Spracklin. George’s older brother.

Line 13, Spracklin G, 54, M, W, Farmer, $6600, $150, born England, parents of foreign birth
Spracklin, Mrs. 47, F, W, Housekeepr, born Ohio
Spracklin, Marvin, 22, M, W, born Ohio
Spracklin, Adaline, 16, F, W, born Ohio
Spracklin, P.J. 13, M, W, born Ohio
Spracklin, Harriet A, 7, F, W, born Illinois
Spracklin, Verneen, 3, M, W, born Illinois

Source: George Spracklin Family, 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Drypoint Twp., Shelby Co., Illinois, page 19, PO Shelbyville, 7 July, 1870 by H.H. Hardy.  I have to admit that Mr. Hardy is the first enumerator I have seen using the Mrs. designation.  

In 1880 George and Arloa Spracklin had some children still living at home:

George Spracklin courtesy of Helen Cox Tregllis

George Spracklin courtesy of Helen Cox Tregllis

Line 33, 80, 81, Spracklin, George, W, M, 66, Farmer, born England, parents born England,
Spracklin, Aroloa, W, F, 57, Wife, Housekeeping, born Ohio, parents born Ohio
Spracklin, George R, W, M, 21, son, works on Farm, born Ohio
Harriet A. W, F, 17, Daughter, at school, Ohio
Spracklin, Vinson E, W, M, 13, son, at school, born Illinois

Source: George Spracklin Family, 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Dry Point Twp., Shelby Co., Illinois, Page 9, SD#5, ED#186, 5th day of June, 1880, Ephraim A. McCrackin.

Area Map for Shelby Co., Illinois

More modern area map for Shelby Co., Illinois

Sadly, Arloa died 11 July, 1892. She is buried in the Red Bank Cemetery in Shelby Co., Illinois. Find A Grave has a memorial to her, with links and a picture of her tombstone. I think it is interesting that her name is spelled Alora on her tombstone.

With his wife gone, George Spracklin is found living with his daughter Harriet Brant’s family in the 1900 census. Son Marvin is living close by with his family.

Line 61, 141, 141, Spracklin, Marvin, Head, W, M, Oct. 1847, 52, M, 30, born Ohio
Spracklen, Mary E, wife, W, F, Sept. 1855, 44, M, 30, 10 born 7 living, born Virginia
Spracklin, Sarah A, daughter, W, F, Feb. 1877, 23 S, born Illinois
Spracklin, Grover E, son, W, M, Jan 1890, 10, S, born Illinois
Spracklin, Arthur A, son, W, M. Nov. 1892, 7, S, born Illinois
Spracklin, Bertha M, daughter, W, F, Sept. 1895, 4, S, born Illinois

Lin 72, 43, 143, Brant, David, head, W, M, Jan. 1823, 68, M, 11, born Ohio, father PA, mother Ohio, farmer, yes, yes, yes, O, M, F, 148
Brant, Harriett A, wife, W, F, July. 1862, 37, M, 11, 6 born, 6 living, born Ohio, father England, mother Ohio.
Spracklen, George, Father-in-law, W, M, Feb. 1814, 86, Widowed, born England and parents born England, 123, 77, Naturalized.
Brant, Fred, son, W, M, Sep 1872, 27, S, born Illinois, Farmer, yes, yes, 7, F, 149
Dush, Willie M.S, Daughter, W, F, Aug. 1883, 16, S, born Illinois at school, 6, yes, yes yes
Brant, Estie S, Daughter, W, F, June 1890, 9, S, born Illinois
Brant, Lulu D. Daughter, W, F, Aug. 1892, 7, S, born Illinois
Brant, James E., son, W, M, Mar. 1895, 5, S, born Illinois
Brant, Omer A. Son, W, M, March 1897, 3, S, born Illinois
Brant, Ray, Son, W, M, May 1900 9/12, S, born Illinois

Source: David Brant Family, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Dry Point Twp., Shelby Co., Ohio, SD#12, ED#111, Sht#7, Election Dist No. 2, 20, June, 1900 by Alonzo Roberts.

George Spracklin passed on 3 June, 1902 in Cowden, Dry Point Twp., Shelby County, Illinois and he was buried a couple of days later in the Red Bank Cemetery near his wife. Find A Grave has a memorial to him with a picture of his tombstone and some links for his family.  George is a very impressive person having come all the way for England at age 9 only to move again about the age of 50+ with young children to another place to start all over again.

I must confess that I have not researched George Spracklin in Illinois as much as I would have liked. As I stated above I did get very close to Shelby County in my travels but I didn’t go the rest of the way because family was helping me back then. Estate files are not at the Family History Library for the dates I need for George.  They don’t have deeds either for Shelby County which makes it frustrating. So it was not for want of trying. The two deeds above only show George selling land in Hardin but not buying land in Illinois and that would be very interesting. So what is happening is that I am relying on online sources and that does not give you a total picture of a person’s life. I am very tempted to go there and do some research.  We will see.

In the next post I will share a little more about George’s legacy through the eyes of a descendant.


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