George Spracklin’s Legacy and Estate….

One cannot talk about the genealogy of George Spracklin or his legacy without referencing the work of Helen Cox Tregillis who wrote the ABC Family Chronicles Some Descendants of Stoneburner, Spracklin and Broyles Lines, Vol. I published 1981.  The booklet covers more than just the Spracklin line of George and Arloa. Helen discusses her other family lines as well in this booklet and how they converge into the Spracklin’s.

Front Cover of the Chronicle

Front Cover of the Chronicles

Helen and I corresponded by email back in 2000. She sent to me a copy of her booklet on her family lines and other books she had written.  She also sent to me the photo of George Spracklin which I think is the only photo of the children of Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin that exists. We had a lovely chat on the phone and I was very grateful to her taking an interest in me.

George Spracklin son of Peter and Betty Spracklin courtesy of Helen Cox Tregillis

George Spracklin son of Peter and Betty Spracklin courtesy of Helen Cox Tregillis

Unfortunately Helen passed away in 2004 so I did not get a chance to visit more with her and learn more about the family. I think she would be okay with my sharing some of the highlights of her research. I wish she knew about this blog and my work. The possibilities of more collaboration with her would have been fun. Helen my perfect 5th cousin, she was only about 4 years older than me. Sleep well Helen, you are remembered.

Helen’s line was:

  1. Helen Cox born 8 May 1944 in Shelby Co., Illinois, died 14 December, 2004
  2. Helen’s mother was Lena May Stoneburner born 13, February 1925 in Shelby Co., Illinois, married 19 September, 1942 to James Harvey Cox. She died 23 Oct. 1982 in Shelby County, Illinois
  3. Lena’s mother was Goldie Ardath Spracklin born 8 April 1904 in Shelby Co., Illinois. She married Lawrence Albert Stoneburner.  Goldie died 2 April 1983 in Christian Co., Illinois.
  4. Goldie’s father was George Elias Spracklin born 14 July 1881 Shelby Co., Illinois and died 6 February 1964 in Morgan Co., Illinois.  He married 26 March 1903 to Grace Belle Austin.  There is the Austin Family Organization online.
  5. George Elias’ father was Marvin M. Spracklin born 6 October, 1847 in Hardin Co., Ohio. He died 30 Sept. 1932 in Shelby Co., Illinois. Marvin married May Elizabeth Deal on 13 October, 1870.
  6. Marvin’s father was George Spracklin born in 1814 in Somerset, England and died 3 June, 1902 in Shelby Co., Illinois. George married Arloa Turner Minor.
  7. George’s father was Peter Spracklin and his mother was Elizabeth Andrews (Betty).

Since I have not traveled to Illinois to do research on this family I present here an excerpt about George Spracklin and his estate.  I have taken this from the ABC Chronicles by Helen Cox Tregillis 1981, page 30.  I think it is a nice summary of George’s estate and life.

George Spracklin continued living in Dudley township, Hardin Co., Ohio. There he met Arloa Turner Minor and was married sometime around 1840. In December of 1864 George bought land here in Shelby Co., Illinois in Drypoint Township. He paid $3680 for 200 acres south of Lakewood, Illinois before moving to Shelby County. By 1868 George owned 300 acres in Shelby County. Arloa, George’s wife, died in July, 1892 and is buried in Red Bank Cemetery, land formerly owned by George Spracklin.

By the time George died in 1902, he had parcelled out much of the land to his and Arloa’s children. He left an estate of 70 acres of land in Edwards County, Ill., 70 acres in Shelby Co., valued at $3750.00; one house and 6 lots in Lakewood, Ill. and $3000 worth of personal property. His cash on hand at death was $617.50 with $1572.18 owed him in loans.

On that record Peter J. Spracklin (son), a resident of Hardin Co., Ohio, 30 December 1902, stated that he had cared for George Spracklin from January 1 to July 1, 1893.

Some of his, George’s, personal or household items were sold on Sept. 25, 1902. These items were.  Remember Arloa had passed in 1892.

1 table,
1 bed stead,
1 safe,
1 bureau
1 stand,
1 rocking chair
4 chairs
1 hay knife
1 looking glass
1 lamp
1 blacking brush
1 watch
1 brass pad lock
2 other pad locks
1 pr. large steel yards
1 pr. small steel yards
1 shot gun
2 old trunks
1 lounge
1 feather bed
2 pillows
1 cooper tea kettle
1 spade
1 grand stone
1 post auger
1 hand corn sheller
1 garden rake
1 pitch fork
3 garden hoes
2 baskets
1 beck measure
1 keg
1 iron kettle
1 sledge hammer
1 old buggy
1 cash box

Helen’s Sources as listed in the booklet:

1860, 1870 and 1900 Shelby Co., Illinois US census. 
Shelby Co., Illinois Land and Deed Records
1868 Shelby Co., Ill. Tax Records
1902 Shelby CO., Illinois Probate Records
1902-6 Inventory Record Book p. 35
Margorie Spracklin Records
Opal Alice Spracklin Tabor Records
Paul Spracklin Records

I have studied the pages of Helen’s booklet on the Spracklin’s and have included some of that information. I myself, have done research at the Family History Library on Shelby Co., Illinois and other repositories on Shelby Co. I was not just interested in Spracklins but I was interested in Askins who migrated there and were on the Keller side of the family. I would love to get a copy of the estate of George Spracklin but that would mean contacting the courthouse in the county. They are not yet online. I also would like to see how George partitioned his land to his children through deeds, it would be very interesting.

Helen’s booklet on the Spracklin’s was published in 1981 so it has aged and is not as detailed as I would like but it still is a good starting point on this family. I have created a PAGE at the top of this blog to honor Helen with more information.

In the next posts I will cover the children of George and Arloa Spracklin in as much detail as I can.

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