George and Arloa Spracklin’s Children an overview…

George Spracklin, a son of Peter and Betty Spracklin, had a rather large family with many descendants. Many of them were born in Hardin Co., Ohio but lived their lives out in Illinois where George migrated to about 1865.

George and Arloa's family per Bertha Roufly 1981

George and Arloa’s family per Bertha Spracklin Roufly 1981

Here is a summary of the children of George and Arloa Spracklin. In future posts I will give more details about each family that is listed below:

—Sarah Hannah Spracklin was born 23 January, 1835 in Ohio. She married on 17, September 1858 in Hardin Co., to a James Frederick Johnson.

—Elizabeth A. Spracklin was born 2 November, 1842 in Hardin Co., Ohio. She married 1 December, 1860 first to William D. Hinton in Hardin Co., Ohio. Something bad happened and William died in September, 1874 in Shelby Co., Illinois. Elizabeth remarried to John H. Christy.

—Alfred William Spracklin was born 30 October, 1844 in Hardin Co., Ohio. Alfred married Susan Lorena Huffer on 11 September, 1866 in Shelby Co., Illinois. He also served in the Civil War and is frequently confused with other Alfred’s.

—Marvin Marion Spracklin was born 6 October, 1847 in Hardin Co., Ohio. He married Mary Elizabeth Deal on 13 October, 1870 in Shelby Co., Illinios. This is Helen Cox Tregillis’ line.

—Pamela A. Spracklin was born about 1852 in Hardin Co., Ohio. She married William Jackson Banning on 20 June, 1866 in Shelby Co. Later Pamela married a James P. Goff on 30 August, 1891 in Christian Co., Illinois.

—Francis Adeline Spracklin was born 7 June, 1853 in Hardin Co., Ohio. Francis married a Thomas M. Banning on 17 September, 1871 in Shelby Co., Illinois.

–Peter John Spracklen was born 2 November, 1856 in Hardin Co., Ohio. First to Marie Zeigler  on 20 December, 1877 in Shelby Co. and then to a Mary E.V. Hofsteater about 1888. Peter moved back to Hardin Co., Ohio and lived in Kenton till his death.

–Robert George Spracklin was born 10 February, 1859 in Hardin Co., Ohio. He married Elisabeth J. Banning on 11 October, 1888 in Shelby Co., Illinois.

–Harriet Arloa Spracklin was born July 1862 in Shelby Co., Illinois (not sure about this birth location and Harriett changes it in the census, it would depend on when George got to Illinois and it looks like he made it there after 1865 according to deeds of him selling land in Hardin Co. We would have to see deeds in Illinois to pin this down).

She married William S. Dush on 1 August, 1882 in Shelby Co. and had one child. She then married David Brant about 1889 and had several children. He died in 1903 and she remarried to a John T. Miller but that seems not to have lasted.  By 1930 she was Harriett A. Gardner and was living in Kansas at that time.

—Vinson E. Spracklin was born about 1866 in Shelby Co. He married Lucy S. Jones on 25 March, 1888 in Shelby Co.

In the next posts, I will go into more detail about each of George and Arloa’s children using my own research and that of Helen Cox Tregillis’ and her work in the ABC’s Family Chronicle. I will also add to it the research of Bertha Spracklin Roufley, a cousin who lives in Montana. She provided the nice family group sheet above and on the whole I think it was good with minor errors.

Apparently Helen and Bertha talked on the phone years ago and got a little into it, which makes me laugh. Each was passionate about the family history and had their own opinions and that is okay. Genealogy is always evolving as new information is found. One must realize that they, Helen and Bertha, did their research in the 1980’s without email or online genealogical resources. I am grateful to them both for their generosity and willingness to share with me their work.

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