George and Arloa Spracklin’s Children: Sarah Hannah Spracklin and family

Sarah Hannah Spracklin was born 1841 in Ohio to George and Arloa Spracklin. She married on 17 September, 1858 in Hardin County to a James Frederick Johnson. He was the son of David Johnson and Malinda Spring. James was born 23 January, 1835 in Ohio.

Source: Hardin County Marriage Records, Books 1-10, 1833 to 1899, Hardin Co. Genealogy Society, 20 Johnston, James F. to Spracklin, Sarah Hannah 17 Sept. 1858. Also on the Ohio Marriage Index at Family Search. 

There is a copy of their marriage record at Family Search, Ohio County Marriages, 1856 Vol. 2, Hardin Co., Ohio and also a handwritten original version.

Sarah and James appear in the 1860 census living in Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio.

Line 15, 150, 628 James F. Johnson age 25, M, Day laborer, $150, all born in Ohio. Johnson Sarah Hannah, age 19, F, Amanda E., age 1/12, F

Source: James F. Johnson Family, 1860 U.S. Federal Census, Dudley Twp., Hardin Co., Ohio, page 91, enumerated 14 July, 1860 by W.D. Gunn. 

By 1870 Sarah and James had migrated to Illinois.

Line 19, 248, 243, Johnson James, 34, M, W, Farmer, born Ohio

Johnson, Mrs. age 29, F, W, housekeeper, $440, born Ohio

Johnson, Amanda E., 10, F, W, born Ohio

Johnson, Malinda, 5, F, W, born Illinois

Johnson, Alfred, 2, M, W, born Illinois

Johnson, Sarah Jane, 7/12 F, W, born Illinois

Source: James Johnson Family, 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Dry Point, Shelby Co., Illinois, enumerated 9 July, 1870, by H.H. Hardy, page 35. 

In 1880 they are still living in Dry Point Twp. in Shelby Co., Illinois

Line 46, 73, 74, Johnson, James F, W, M, 45, M, Farmer, born Ohio

Johnson, Sarah H, W, F, 39, wife, married, house keeping, born Ohio

Johnson, Malinda A, W, F, 14 daughter, S, at school, born Illinois

Johnson, Albert W, W, M, 12, son, S, at school, born Illinois

Johnson, Sarah A, W, F, 10, daughter, S, at school, born Illinois

Johnson, George R, W, M, 7, son, S, at school, born Illinois

Source: James Johnson Family, 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Dry Point, Shelby Co., Illinois, page 8, SD#5, ED#186, enumerated 4-5 day of June, 1880 by Ephraim A. McCracken.

Sarah died on 15 May, 1894 and James died on 14 October, 1904 both in Shelby Co., Illinois. They are buried in the Red Bank Cemetery. Find A Grave has memorials for them with a tombstone photo and links for some of their children: Amanda, Melinda and George.

Edwards County Illinois 1881

Edwards County Illinois 1881

James F. Johnson was living with his son George and family in the 1900 census in Salem, Edwards Co., Illinois. There is an Albert S. Johnson next to them.

Line 30, 405, 406, Johnson, Albert S. head, W, M, born Sept. 1867, age 32, M, married 3 years, born Illinois, father born Ohio, parents born Ohio, farmer, yes, yes, yes, R, F, 191

Johnson, Nellie, wife, W, F, born Sept 1873, 26, M, 3 yrs, 0 children born, 0 living, born Ohio, father born PA, mother, born Ohio, yes, yes, yes

Line, 32, 406, 407, Johnson, George R. Head, W, M, born May 1873, 27, M, 2 yrs, born Illinois, parents born Ohio, farmer, yes, yes, yes, R, F, 192

Johnson, Clara, wife, W, F, born Mar, 1874, 26, M, 2 yrs, one child born, one living, born Ohio, father born Ohio, mother PA, yes, yes, yes

Johnson, Lola, daug, W, F, born Sep 1899 4/12, S, born Illinois

Johnson, James F., father, W, M, born Jan 1835, age 65, widowed, born Ohio, father born VA, mother PA, yes, yes, yes.

Source: Albert and George Johnson Families, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Salem, Edwards Co., Illinois, District 0020, SD#14, ED#20, Sht#19, enumerated 26 June 1900, by Wm. H. Israel.

According to my findings they had the following children:

-Amanda E. Johnson born 30 April, 1860 in Ohio, she married Benjamin Banning on 3 January, 1878 in Shelby Co., Illinois per the marriage index. Amanda died on 27 July, 1926. Benjamin was born 7 July, 1860 and he died 23 April 1912. Both are buried in the Red Bank Cemetery in Shelby Co., Illinois.  Find a Grave has memorials for them.

Ben and Amanda appear in the 1880, 1900 and 1910 census in Shelby Co. in Dry Point but in 1900 they were in Cold Springs. In the 1900 census, Amanda indicates that she had one child born and one dead.

-Melinda Arloa Johnson born 1865 in Illinois. She married Benjamin S. Dush on 2 October, 1887 in Shelby Co., Illinois. She died 20 January, 1944 in Edwards Co., Illinois. I have seen her use Arloa and Loa as her name. Benjamin was born 4 January, 1865 and died 16 December, 1947 in Olney, Richland Co., Illinois.

Ben and Loa M. are in the 1900 census in Cowden Village in Dry Point Twp., Shelby Co., Ohio with their son Verna. They appear in the 1910 census having migrated to West Salem, Edwards Co., Illinois. They are living near Albert Johnson and his son Paul. They are both listed as retail merchants general merchandise.

Ben and Loa’s son Verna R. Dush was born 20 June, 1890 in Shelby Co. and he married Marie L. Meisenheimer daughter of John Meisenheimer and Louise Stiltz. I found Verna and Marie living in Chicago in the 1910 Census.  He is listed as a Dentist at college. They are living in a boarding house at this time.

Verna and Marie had two children:

Bryon L. Dush born 4 December, 1910 in West Salem, Edwards Co., Illinois. He married Mabel Wilson. She was born 1906.

Vernice Elvira Dush was born 5 December, 1916 in West Salem. She married on 2 April 1938 in Hickman, KY to Howard Charles “Dutch” Summers. Howard was born 8 August, 1915 in Claremont, Richland Co., Illinois to a Mary Beatrice Bullock, no father given.  They had at least Michael Howard Summers who married Paula.

All of them, including spouses, are buried in the Moravian Cemetery, West Salem, Edwards Co., Illinois. Find A Grave has memorials with tombstone photos, obits, links and more.

Albert Johnson was born 9 September, 1867 in Lakewood, McHenry Co., Illinois.  McHenry County is north of Chicago. He died 7 October, 1955 in West Salem, Edwards Co., Ohio. He is buried in the Moravian Cemetery in West Salem. Find A Grave has a memorial with tombstone for him.  There is a Millie also listed on the tombstone born 1873 and died 1906.

Albert and a Nellie Johnson appear in the 1900 census. She states she had 0 children born and 0 living.  In this census, Albert is near his brother George R. and family and the father James is living with the brother George.

Fast forward to 1910 and Albert is a widow but he has a son Paul Johnson with him who is 6 years old which places the birth about 1904.  In this census Albert is near Benj. Bush and sister Arloa.  They are both listed as retail merchants general merchandise.

There is a Maude Seibert Johnson 1880 to 1961 in the Moravian Cemetery in West Salem who might be Albert’s 2nd wife but it would have to be verified.

Paul Johnson may be the man in the 1940 U.S. Census living in Bethany, Harrison Co., Missouri with wife Alice and a son name Robert who was listed at 7 years old. Paul and Robert are both born in Illinois and Alice is born in Ohio.

Sarah Jane Johnson born June 1870 in Illinois.  She married George W. Hudson 9 November, 1890 in Shelby Co., Illinois. Her nickname might be Jennie. George was born 4 July, 1864 in Ohio and died 3 January, 1953 in Cowden.

I found them in the 1900 Census living in Dry Point Twp. Listed with them is David R. born July 1893 age 6, Esco E. born July 1898 and Rosco son born July 1898. We have twins. All born in Illinois. Sarah states in the census that she had 4 children born but only 3 living. Fast forwarding to 1910 they are living in Dry Point their son David R is now 16 years old, Earl is now 10 and Pearl is now 10. Pearl is listed as a daughter.

This family has been a little difficult to pin down the children, I have come to believe that they were:

–David Frederick Hudson born 22 July, 1893 in Cowden and died 3 June, 1989 in Effingham, Effingham Co., Illinois.  He married first Irma J. Russell born 1888 and died about 1970. With her he had David Hudson born 7 May, 1932 in Cowden and died 6 May, 2012 in Malabar, Brevard Co., Florida.  He married Linda Hodson born 13 June, 1936 in Shelby Co., and died 7 July, 2009 in Shelby Co., They had Rick and Robbie. David F. Hudson remarried about 1971 to Callie M. Middleton Williams born 5 September, 1896 in Mode and died 9 April, 1997 in Shelbyville.

–Rosco Pearl Hudson was born 26 July, 1898 and died Nov. 1965 in Shelby Co. He married on 29 November, 1929 in Lakewood to Alta M. Hall born 7 June 1900 in Assumption, Champaign Co., Illinois and died 24 January, 1996 in Shelbyville. They had Delmar and Velma.

–Earl Hudson (nickname or other name Esco), born 26 July, 1898 and died 9 December, 1981. He married Ama A. Carder (possibly written as Uma) on 23 February, 1921. She was born 19 November, 1899 and died about 1965.

Sarah stated she had four children born on the census, maybe the fourth was Fred and he died prior to 1900?

They are all buried in the Mound Cemetery in Cowden, Shelby Co., Ohio even though some died elsewhere. Find A Grave has memorials for them.

George R. Johnson born May 1873 in Illinois. He married Clara Andrews on 13, July, 1897 in Chicago. George died about 1939. Clara was born 26 March, 1874 in Mt. Victory, Ohio.

George and Clara appears in the 1900 U.S. Census in West Salem, Edwards Co., Illinois. They have listed with them, Lola, a daughter born Sep 1899. The father James F.  Johnson is living with them and he was born Jan. 1833 age 65.  They are living near Albert Johnson and his wife Nellie.

Edward County's location

Edward County’s location

In the 1910 census, they are still in West Salem/Salem. Clara indicates in this census, that she has two children born and two living.  Lola a daughter is now age 10 and son Freddie is age 8. Living with them is an Elizabeth Draper age 74, Widowed, no children born, none living. This Elizabeth was born in PA, her father and parents in England. Well, I am really blow away.  I think that this is the daughter of Samuel and Elizabeth Lawrence. Sister to George. She is listed as an Aunt which is interesting she would be a cousin.

George and Clara are buried in the Marion Cemetery in Edwards Co., Illinois and Find a Grave has memorials.

Lola went on to marry Lester Biehl. Lester was born 30 April, 1906 in Edwards Co., Illinois. Together they had Gene who married Shirley and Mary Ann who married Sam Leohr. Lola died about 1961 and Lester died 22 December, 1985 in Olney. Both Lester and Lola are buried in the Moravian Cemetery.  Find A Grave has memorials.

George and Clara’s son Fred R. Johnson was born 21 December. 1901 and he married Sadie F. Weber, who was born about 1906.  Fred and Sadie had Naomie May and Eleanor Jean. Both Fred and Sadie are buried in the Marion Cemetery. Find A Grave has memorials for them.

In summary, Sarah H. and James Frederick Johnson’s family is not complete and more research is needed to make sure the above is correct.  It was difficult to find marriages for some of these individuals and I do need to do a complete census study for all of them.  It would be good to find obituaries, probates and deeds.

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