George and Arloa Spracklin’s children: Elizabeth A. Spracklin and family…

Elizabeth A. Spracklin was born 2 November, 1842 in Hardin Co., Ohio to George and Arloa Spracklin.

Shelby Co. Illinois

Shelby Co. Illinois

She married 1 December, 1860 first to William D. Hinton in Hardin Co., Ohio. William was born 23 March, 1830 in Tuscarawas, Ohio. His parents were Samuel Hinton born 1811 in Virginia and died about 1870 in Shelby Co., Illinois. His mother was Elizabeth Horn born about 1813 in Delaware. The parents of William were married on 13 October, 1831 in Tuscarawas, Ohio. William may have served in the Civil War but that would need to be researched carefully.

William and Elizabeth made the move to Illinois and were there in 1870.

Line 8, 65, 64, Hinton, William, 30, M, W, Farmer, $600, $500, born Ohio

Hinton, Mrs. 34, F, W, keeping house, born Ohio

Hinton, Jesse, 1, M, W, born Ohio 

Source: William Hinton Family, 1870 U.S. Federal Census, Cold Springs Twp., Shelby Co., Illinois, page 10, enumerated 27 July, 1870 by H.H. Hardy.  I have never seen the use of “Mrs” before.  The age of 30 makes his birth date 1840 and Elizabeth’s 1836?

Something bad happened and William died on 29 September, 1874 in Shelby Co., Illinois. He is buried in the Neal Cemetery and Find A Grave has a memorial for him.

Elizabeth appears in the 1880 Census with a John H. Christy, they married about 1875. John was born 30 May, 1848 in Shelby Co., Illinois. John had been married before to Sarah Jane Thompson on 20 November, 1870. They were the parents of William Lovel Christy.  Find A Grave has a memorial for Wm. Christy with links and photos.

Line, 36, 351, 358, Christy, John H. W, M, 32, married, grocer, born in Illinois, parents born Ohio. 

Christy, Elizabeth A., W, F, 38, wife, married, keeping house, born in Ohio, father England, mother Ohio. 

Severe, Jesse, W, M, 11 boarder, S, born Illinois, mother born Ohio, father Illinois

Jones, Charles, M, W, 34, boarder, widowed/divorced, Barber, wounded in hip, cannot write, born Canada, father born Hamburg Germany, mother Canada. 

Source: John H. Christy Family, 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Dry Point Twp., Shelby Co., Illinois, page 38, SD#5, ED#186, Village of Cowden, 23 June, 1880 by E.A. McCracken. 

John and Elizabeth are in the 1900 census.  It is interesting that Elizabeth states she has no children born or living in this census.

Line 16, 129, 129, Christy, John H, head, W, M, May, 1848, 52, M, 25, Illinois, parents born Ohio, Farmer, no, no, yes, O, M, F, 133.

Christy, Elizabeth A, wife, W, F, Nov. 1842, 58, M, 25, 0 born, 0 living, born Ohio, father born England, mother Ohio.

Source:  John H. Christy Family, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Dry Point, part of Election Dist. No. 2, Shelby Co., Ohio, SD#12, ED#111, Sht#7, enumerated 19 June, 1900 by Alonzo Roberts. 

Elizabeth is widowed by 1910 and it looks like she is helping her widowed brother with his children.

Line 65, 136, 136, Christy, E.A. Head, F, W, 67, widow, 0 children born, none living, born Ohio, father born England, mother Ohio, all speak English, Weaver, carpets, VV, yes, yes, O, F,F, 132

Spracklin, Florence, niece, F, W, 18, S, born Illinois, father born Illinois, mother Ohio, none, yes, yes, No.

Line 67, 137, 137, Spracklin, G. R. head, Head, M, M, 51, Widowed, born Ohio, father born England, mother born Ohio. Farmer, general farm, yes, yes, R, A, F, 133. 

Spracklin, Clarence, son, M, W, 20, M1, 1, born, Illinois, father born Ohio, mother Illinois, farm laborer, home farm

Spracklin, Mattie, daughter-in-law, F, W, 18, M1, 1, zero children born zero living, born Illinois, parents born Illinois, none

Source: E.A. Christy and G.R. Spracklin Families, 1910 U.S. Federal Census, Dry Point Twp., Shelby Co., Illinois, 2nd Election Dist. SD#10, ED#162, Sht#6B, enumerated 5, 6, 7, May, 1910 by James Barton. 

So it looks like Elizabeth remained in Shelby Co., Illinois her entire life.  Elizabeth died 19 March, 1915 and John H. Christy died 17 April, 1904. They are buried in the Red Bank Cemetery in Shelby Co., Illinois. Find A Grave has memorials for them. There is a great photo of John Christy at the Find A Grave memorial.


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