George and Arloa Spracklin’s Children: Marvin Marion Spracklin and family…

Marvin Marion Spracklin was born 6 October, 1847 in Hardin Co., Ohio to George and Arloa Spracklin. He made the move with his parents to Illinois. He may have been about 18 years old at the time of the migration.

He married Mary Elizabeth Deal on 13 October, 1870 in Shelby Co., Illinois.  Mary was born 21 September, 1855 in Virginia.

The Marvin Spracklin Family courtesy of Helen Cox Tregillis

The Marvin Spracklin Family courtesy of Helen Cox Tregillis

Marvin and Mary were living with her father in the 1880 in Dry Point Twp., Shelby Co., Illinois. Elias is listed as widowed.  Online family trees believe that a Frances Elizabeth Broyles was her mother’s name but that would need to be further investigated.

Line 18, 151, 154, Deal, Elias, W, M, 59, Widowed, Farmer, born Virginia, parents born Virginia. 

Deal, John W., W, M, 28, son, S, Farmer, 6, affection of lungs, born VA

Deal, James, E., W, M, 14, son, S, At School, born Illinois, 

Spracklen, Marvin, W, M, 33, son-in-law, Married, Farmer, born Ohio, father Born England, mother Ohio. 

Spracklen, Mary E, W, F, 24, daughter, married, house keeping, born VA

Spracklen, Adaline F, W, F, 8, grand daughter, S, at school, born Illinois

Spracklen, Sarah A, W, F, 4, grand daughter, S, born Illinois

Spracklen, John V., W, M, 1, grand son, S, born Illinois

Source: Elias Deal and Marvin Spracklen Families, 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Dry Point Twp., Shelby Co., Illinois, page #17, SD#5, ED#186, enumerated 9 and 10 June, 1880 by Ephraim A. McCracken. 

Marvin and Mary are living in Dry Point Twp. in 1900. He is listed under the name of Morris.

Line 61, 141, 141, Spracklin, Morris (Marvin), Head, W, M, Oct. 1847, 52, M, 30, born Ohio, father born England, mother born Ohio, farmer, yes, yes, yes, O, M, F, 146

Spracklen, Mary E, wife, W, F, Sept. 1855, 44, M, 30, 10 children born, 9 living, born Virginia, parents born Virginia, yes, yes, yes

Spracklen, Sarah A, daughter, W, F, Feb. 1877, 23, S, born Illinois, yes, yes, yes

Spracken, Grover E, son, W, M, Jan 1890, 10, S, born Illinois, at school 3, yes, yes, yes

Spracklen, Arthur H, son, Son, W, M, Nov. 1892, 7, S, born Illinois

Spracklen, Bertha M, daughter, W, F, Sept 1895, 4, S, born Illinois

Source:  Morris Spracklen family (Marvin), 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Dry Point, Shelby Co., Illinois, SD#12, ED#111, Sht#7, enumerated 20 June 1900, by Alonzo Roberts. 

Marvin and Mary Spracklin had about ten children. In the census above, by Mary’s information it states she had 10 children born and 9 living. I have 10 children listed below and one who died young.

Addie (Adaline) Frances Spracklin was born 31 July, 1871 in Shelby Co. She married John Hagan on 27 September, 1891 in Shelby Co.,  They had: Vernon, Chester, Gertie (Gertrude), Lena and Rena (twins), Wilmer, Thomas, Lola and Dorothy.

John and Addie appear in the 1900 census with three of their children Vernie, Chester and Gertie.  By 1910 they have added to their family with twins Lena and Rena, Wilmer, Thomas and Lola who was a baby at that time. Dorothy was born about 1913.  John Hagan was a farm and had a general farm. He was born about February 1864 in Illinois. They were living in Shelbyville in 1900, 1910 and 1920 per the census.

Addie died  9 September, 1950 in Shelby Co., Illinois. John passed the year before in 1949.

Dora Rosetta Spracklin was born 23 August 1873 and died February 1878 in Shelby Co., Illinois.

Sarah A. (Sadie) Spracklin was born 25 February, 1876 in Shelby Co., and died 25 May, 1940 in Jacksonville, Morgan Co., Illinois per the Illinois Death Index.  She is buried in Glenwood Cemetery. Find A Grave has a memorial for her. As far as I can tell Sadie didn’t marry or have children.

–John Vinson Spracklin was born 2 February, 1879 in Shelby Co. He is listed as John Vincent in some records. He married Cora M. Domas on 10 April, 1907. She was born 10 April, 1884. John was a teacher for several years and later became a mail carrier for the US Post office. John and Cora appear in the 1910, 1920, 1930 and the 1940 census in Shelbyville with the following children.

1) Virginia Spracklin was born about 1908 and she married Michael Lombard. They had George, Marilyn, Margie, Richard, Dennis, Collette, Frances, Tommy and Genieve.

2.  Marion Joseph Spracklin born 16 January, 1908 and died 14 December, 1962 in Shelby Co. He is buried in the Glenwood Cemetery in Shelbyville. Find A Grave has a memorial for him.

3) Marie (Estella Marie) Spracklin was born about May 1910 in Shelbyville.  She married Kenneth Y. York.  They had Shirley and Barbara

4) Ella Rose Spracklin was born about 1914. She married an Ed Jones and they had Larry, and July. She remarried to a Jim Fuller and had Jimmy.

5) John G. Spracklin was born 8 July, 1915, and died December, 1992 in Schamburg, Illinois. He married to Alice Bingham and they had 1) Judy who married Bruce Cecchini, 2) Barbara who married Jerry Goddyn, 3) Cathy who married David Krebes and 4) Denise who married Mark Kriese.

6) Domas Spracklin was born was born 11 February, 1918 in Shelby Co., Illinois. He died 17 September, 1996 in Shelby Co. He is buried in the Glenwood Cemetery. Find A Grave has a memorial for him with a very nice full obituary.

 7) Francis Paul Spracklin was born 27 October, 1919 in Shelbyville. He died 14 November, 1994 in San Diego, California. He married to Ethel Louise Starkey in Washington D.C. and they had: 1) Daniel Paul who married Joan Patrick and had Teresa Ann and Amy Ellen. 2) David Michael who married Norargentina L. Mendoza and had David Michael, Paul Orlando. He a married a second time to a Yadira Rivas and had George and Edgar Lee. John Edgar married on 10 October, 1971 in San Diego to Geraldine R. O’Neil. She was born 2 November, 1943 and died 10 December, 1987 in San Diego. 4) Phillip James married Judy Smith and had Emily Jeri and April Louise.

8) Bernard married Johanna Elizabeth Niebrugge on 7 October, 1950 in St. Mary’s Church in Green Creek, Illinois. Bernard died 26 August, 2013 and Johanna died 3 August, 2015 both in Effingham Co. They are buried in the Glenwood Cemetery. Find A Grave has memorials for them with links and additional information.

–George Elias Spracklin was born 14 July, 1881 in Shelby County. He married Grace Belle Austin on 26 March, 1903 in Shelby Co.

George and Grace appear in the 1910 census with Gordie (Goldie) daughter age 6, Walter son age 4 and Edna daughter age 1 6/12. George is 28 years old, married once 7 years ago, Grace is 25, married once 7 years ago and she has 3 children born and 3 living. They are under the name Sprockler.

In the 1920 census we find George and Grace living in Lakewood, Shelby Co., Illinois with all the children listed below except Mary Gertrude who died young. George is a farmer on a general farm and owns the land.

George died 6 February, 1964 and Grace died 27 June, 1971 and they are both buried in the Mound Cemetery in Cowden, Shelby Co., Illinois. Find A Grave has memorials for them both.

Grace and George had about seven children:

1) Goldie Ardath Spracklin born 8 April, 1904 in Shelby Co. and died 2 April, 1983 in Christian Co., Illinois. She married on 26 February, 1924 in Shelby Co. to Lawrence Albert Stoneburner son of Lindsay O. Stoneburner and Ella Alice Miller. Lawrence and Goldie are buried in the Glenwood Cemetery. Find A Grave has memorials for both and a picture of their tombstone.

Goldie and Lawrence had one daughter, Lena May Stoneburner. Lena was born 13 February, 1925 in Shelby Co. and died on 23 October, 1982 in Shelby Co.

Lawrence, Goldie and Lena appear in the 1930 census in Cold Springs Twp., Shelby Co., Ohio. Lawrence is a general farmer working on his own account.

Lena married on 19 September, 1942 to Harvey James Cox. He was born 21 November, 1919 in Macon Co., Illinois and died on 19 September, 1942 in Shelby Co. Both Lena and Harvey are buried in the Glenwood Cemetery, Find A Grave has memorials for them.

Lena and Harvy had 1) James Leverett Cox married Gloria Gayle Wakefield. 2) Robert Lawrence Cox married Coleen Reed. 3) Valerie Sue Cox married Thomas A. Gaddis. 4) Helen Joyce Cox who was born 1944 and died 2004. She married Harry R. Tregillis. Helen is the author of the ABC Family Chronicles and more information on the Stoneburners will be found in that volume.

2) Walter Spracklin born 1 April, 1906 in Shelby Co. and died 25 January, 1983 in Champaign Co., Illinois.  He married Marjorie E. Wiley who was born 21 July, 1909 and died 18 July, 1997. They are buried in the East Lawn Cemetery in Urbana, Illinois. Find A Grave has memorials for both. Walter and Marjorie’s children were Walter Austin, Ralph Warren and Howard Wayne.

3) Edna Georgia Spracklin was born 29 November, 1908 in Shelby Co. She married to a Burl Fisher.

4) Ruby Irene Spracklin was born 15 February, 1911 in Shelby Co. She married Claude Henry.

5) Donald Merle Spracklin was born 15 November, 1913 and died 30 November, 1979. He married Lucy Fry and they had Connie.

6) Mary Gertrude Spracklin was born 7 June, 1915 and died 2 September, 1917 in Shelby Co., Illinois. She is buried in Mound Cemetery in Shelby Co.

7) Raymond Ross Spracklin was born 26 October, 1917 in Shelby Co., Illinois and he died 26 August, 1976 in Texas. He married a G. Louise Bird Hartsfield.  Find A Grave has a memorial for Ray and Louise in the Restlawn Memorial Park in Vidor, Texas.

–Mary Spracklin was born 9 March, 1884. Mary married a William E. Murray on 2 October, 1904 and they had Richard and William. She remarried to Frank B. Tull on 8 January, 1922 in Shelby Co. She died October 1965 in Rochester, Monroe, New York. Mary and Frank Tull had Emory, Franklin, Robert, Nellie, Edith, Bernadine, and Evelyn.

–Stella (Estella) Victoria Spracklin was born about January 1887. She married Chester C. Jones about 1906 and they had Fay, Chester P., Glenn L., Melba, Fern, Linda and Beulah. Stella died 8 December, 1956 in Shelby Co., Illinois. Chester died in 1965. They are both buried in the Mound Cemetery in Cowden. Find A Grave has memorials for them both with links.

–Grover M. Spracklin was born 5 January, 1890. He married Grace Ida Austin she was born 20 October, 1889 in Shelby. She died 16 August, 1946 in Mosquito, Christian Co., Illinois and is buried in the Mount Auburn Cemetery per the Illinois Death Index. Grover and Grace had Robert, Kenneth and Mary. Grover died 22 November, 1971 in Christian Co., Illinois.

In the 1910 census Grover is in Rose, Shelby Co., Illinois working as a hired man. By 1920 he is married to Grace and they are living in East Fork, Montgomery Co., Illinois. He is working on the railroad.

Grover died September 1979 per the US Social Security Death Index.

–Arthur H. Spracklin born November 1892 in Illinois. He married May Brown and they had Ray and Ina.  They are in Gays, Moultrie, Illinois in the 1940 census.  He is a mechanic. When his brother passed he was living in Seattle, WA.

–Bertha Mabel Spracklin was born 14 September, 1895 in Shelby Co. She married a Luther Phelps who was born 17 February, 1895. They had Cecil, Gene, Adrian, Charles, Herbert, Irma, Betty and Dale.  Bertha died 10 February, 1969 and Luther died November 1960 in Shelby Co., Illinois. They are buried in the Glenwood Cemetery in Shelbyville. Find a Grave has memorials for them both with some of their children listed. Daughter Irma is buried in Glenwood she and brother Herbert have obituaries and more information at Find A Grave. Herbert is buried in Bethel Cemetery in Shelbyville.

Marvin pass on 30 September, 1932 and Mary died on 4 November, 1933 in Shelbyville. They are buried in the Glenwood Cemetery in Shelbyville, Illinois. Find A Grave has memorials for them.

Several of the Marvin and Mary Spracklin family married into the Austin Family. This organization has a website and holds reunions on a yearly basis. It is called the Austin Family Association.  Several years ago they hired me to give several lectures at their reunion which they held in Seattle. When I was in Connecticut I looked up Arthur Sikes and we met had dinner and spent time researching. They are very serious in their research and goals.  Arthur is now heading a DNA project for them.

More research, of course, needs to be done to make sure all of the information is correct. I am not comfortable with some of the children of the children’s information having trouble finding the information because we are getting in to the later part of the 1900’s.  I got most of the basic information above from Helen’s booklet the ABC Family Chronicles and of course the emphasis is on the Spracklin/lens, that booklet covers more families.

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