George and Arloa Sprackin’s Children: Francis Adaline Spracklin and family…

Francis Adaline Spracklin was born 7 June, 1853 in Hardin Co., Ohio to George and Arloa Spracklin.

Illinois sign

Francis Adaline married a Clark Banning on 17 September, 1871. Clark may have been born 27 January, 1850 in Illinois and died 6 October, 1872 and might be the man buried in the Neal Cemetery per online family trees and Find A Grave. His death does fit the time frame of Adeline’s marriage to him. I am not sure about this connection so please proceed with caution because getting a fix on Clark has been difficult.

There is a George F. Banning born 30 June, 1872 and died 5 October, 1873 buried in the Neal Cemetery, per a Find A Grave memorial.  He would be Clark and Adaline’s son but cemetery records would be helpful.

Adaline then remarried to  a Thomas Melvin Banning on 17 August, 1874 in Shelby Co., Illinois. Thomas was born on 30 July, 1845 in Tennessee. They appear in the 1880 census.

Line 36, 70, 71, Banning, Thos, M, W, M, 34, Married, Farmer, born Tennessee, parents born South Carolina

Banning, Adaline F, W, F, 26, wife, married, house keeping, Ohio, father born in England, mother in Ohio

Banning, Ivory O., W, M, 4, son, Single, Illinois

Source: Thomas M. Banning Family, 1880 U.S. Federal Census, Dry Point Twp., Shelby Co., Illinois, Page 8, SD#5, ED#186,  4th & 5th June, 1880, by Ephraim A. McCracken. 

Adaline is in the 1900 census still in Dry Point Twp. She is a widow next to her is her brother Vinson Spracklin with his family.

Line 14, 151, 151, Spracklen, Vinson E. head, W, M, Sept 1866, 33 M, 12, born Illinois

Spracklen, Lucy S, Wife, W, F, Nov. 1868 31, M, 12, three children born, 3 living, born Illinois

Spracklen, Thomas C, son, W, M, Feb. 1889, 11, S, born Illinois

Spracklen, Justice S, son, W, M, Jan. 1892, 7, S, born Illinois

Spracklin, Flossie C. daughter, W, F, May 1896, 4, S, born Illinois

Line 19, 152, 152, Banning, Adaline F. head, W, F, June 1853, 46, Widowed, seven children born, 5 living, born in Ohio, father born England, mother born Ohio. 

Banning, Lorenzo M, Son, W, M, Sept 1880, 19 S, born Illinois

Banning, Benjamin P., son, W, M, Feb 1883, 17, S, born Illinois

Banning, Clark V, son, W, M, July 1885, 14 S, born Illinois

Banning, Susie A., daughter, W, F, Dec 1889, 10, S, born Illinois

Source: Adaline Banning and Vinson Spracklin Families, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Dry Point, Shelby Co., Illinois, part of Election District No. 2, SD#12, ED#111, Sht#8, enumerated 20 June, 1900 by Alonzo Roberts. 

In the 1910 Census Adaline is still in Dry Point and living with two of her sons B.P. and C. Vilas. She is listed as a widow.  In 1920 she is living with son B.P. and still listed as a widow.

Thomas and Adaline had 6 children together:

  1.  Ivory Otis Banning born 1 September, 1874 in Shelby Co. and died after 1930. He married on 28 September, 1899 to Lela Develin Jones. Ivory O. and Lela are in the 1900 census and she has no children listed. They are in Cold Springs Twp. In 1910 and 1920 they are living in Pana, Christian Co., Illinois. Ivory Otis Banning’s WWI draft card verifies his birthdate, he is working as a clerk for J.W. Wilkinson in Town Hill? His nearest relative is Lela Develin Banning. He is of medium height, medium build, with blue eyes and dark hair. Singed Sept 12, 1918.
  2. Edwin Carr Banning was born 27 January, 1878 and died 17 May, 1879 in Shelby Co., Illinois. He is buried in the Neal Cemetery and Find A Grave has a memorial for him.
  3. Lorenzo Melvin Banning was born 14 September, 1880 in Lakewood, Shelby Co., Illinois. He died on 18 April, 1959 in Sullivan, Moultrie Co., Illinois. Lorenzo married Ella May Brumitt about 1904. She was born in 1885. She died 3 October, 1952. Both are buried in the Findlay Cemetery in Shelby Co., Illinois and Find A Grave has memorials for them. In 1910 Lorenzo is living with Ella in Decatur, Illinois. He is working at the Mueller Factory there.
  4. Benjamin Pearl Banning was born 6 February, 1883 in Lakewood, Shelby Co., Illinois. He married in 16 October, 1936 to Lula Mabel Corley Banning. She was his brother Clark’s wife. Clark died in 1922.  Pearl Benjamin is buried in the Red Bank Cemetery in Shelby Co., Illinois.  His WWI draft card verifies his birth date, he is farming and self employed in Lakewood, Shelby, Illinois. His nearest relative is Adaline F. Banning of Lakewood. He is tall, slender with blue eyes and light colored hair.  Signed Sept. 12, 1918.
  5. Clark Vilas Banning was born 3 July, 1885 in Shelby Co., Illinois. He married Lula Mabel Corley. She was born 16 September, 1889 in Illinois.  They had one child name Noel Mason Banning born 16 May, 1916 in Shelby Co. Clark Vilas died on 6 June, 1922 and is buried in the Red Bank Cemetery and Find A Grave has a memorial for him.  Lula died July 1979 in Lakewood.  Their son Noel died 4 October, 1992 and is also buried in the Red Bank Cemetery with a Find A Grave memorial and brief obituary. His WWI Draft card verifies his date of birth, he is self employed at farming in Lakewood. His nearest relative is Lula Mabel Banning of Lakewood. His of medium build and height and his eyes are gray and his hair is light red. Signed Sept 12, 1918.
  6. Susie A. Banning was born 2 December, 1889 in Shelby Co.. She married first to Arthur Brummitt born 22 August, 1888. They had two children: Pauline and Charles Brummitt born 1914. Art and Susie appear in the 1920 Census in Decatur, Illinois. He is a Tank man at the Wabash Shop. Their son Charles married Doris Ruth Mathews born 1918. Charles died August 1967 and Doris passed 26 June, 2014 both in Decatur, Illinois. They are buried in the Graceland Cemetery in Decatur. Doris remarried to a Donald D. Main. Find A Grave has memorials for these individuals. Arthur’s WWI Draft card verifies his birth date, he is working as a carpenter helper for Wabash RR in Decatur he mentions he has a wife and two children. Art was tall of medium build with brown eyes and hair. Signed June 5, 1917.  Susie A. Brummitt remarried to a Roy M. Hockaday. He was born 3 June, 1882 in Macon Co., Illinois. Roy died 26 January, 1963 and Susie passed on 29 July, 1941 both in Decatur, Illinois. They are buried in the Fairlawn Cemetery in Decatur. Find A Grave has memorials for them with an obituary for Roy. Roy remarried in 1942.

Thomas Banning died on 20 January, 1900 and Adaline passed on 10 November, 1924 in Lakewood. Both are buried in the Red Bank Cemetery.  Find A Grave has memorials but no tombstone photos at this time.

This is by no means a complete portrait of Francis Adaline Spracklin’s life and family.  It looks like she remained in Shelby Co. Illinois her entire life and did not remarry.

Based on what I have discovered it looks like Clark’s wife remarried to his brother Pearl Benjamin but this needs to be verified.  The information about Clark Banning, Adaline’s first husband needs to be verified. A thorough census research of the children is in order, probate, deeds and a search for obituaries might help to clarify the families. Siblings that did not have children usually give to their siblings at their death, so seeking probate might really help clarify the relationships. It would be interesting to determine Clark and Thomas’s parents as well which means getting into Banning genealogy. Because there are Find A Grave memorials without tombstones, it is necessary to seek out cemetery transcriptions to verify the information and hopefully get tombstone photos as well. As usual double-check the above and if you find an error please let me know by leaving a comment and I will find you.

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