George and Arloa Spracklin’s children: Harriett Arloa Spracklin…

Harriet Arloa Spracklin was born 4 July, 1862 probably in Ohio and maybe in Illinois. It is stated that they lived in Edwards Co., Illinois before going to Shelby Co.  Harriett was their 9th child.  I really don’t think that George was in Shelby County before 1865 but I have not determine that clearly.

Illinois Counties

Illinois Counties

Harriett married about 4 times. It has been difficult to figure out her marriages so what is written below is still in question.

She first married William S. Dush on 1 August, 1882 in Shelby Co.  They had one child Willa M. Dush born 22 August, 1883 in Cowden. Willa died 27 February 1942 in Decatur, Macon, Illinois. William died 15 August, 1883 in Cowden. He and his daughter are buried in Center Cemetery in Cowden. Find A Grave has memorials.

Harriet married again sometime after 1882 to a David Brant. David was born about 12 January, 1831 in Ohio. It looks like David was married before for there is a son 27 years old in the household.  Something bad happened and David Brant died on 23 June, 1903. He is buried in the Marion Cemetery, in Bennington, Edwards Co., Illinois.

Here we find David Brant and Harriett are in the 1900 U.S. Census in Dry Point Twp. Harriett’s father George is with them. Brother Marvin is living near them as well.

Line 72, 43, 143, Brant, David, head, W, M, Jan. 1823, 68, M, 11, born Ohio, father PA, mother Ohio, farmer, yes, yes, yes, O, M, F, 148
Brant, Harriett A, wife, W, F, July. 1862, 37, M, 11, 6 born, 6 living, born Ohio, father England, mother Ohio
Spracklen, George, Father-in-law, W, M, Feb. 1814, 86, Widowed, born England and parents born England, 123, 77, NA
Brant, Fred, son, W, M, Sep 1872, 27, S, born Illinois, Farmer, yes, yes, 7, F, 149
Dush, Willie M.S-Daughter, W, F, Aug. 1883, 16, S, born Illinois at school, 6, yes, yes yes
Brant, Estie S, Daughter, W, F, June 1890, 9, S, born Illinois
Brant, Lulu D. Daughter, W, F, Aug. 1892, 7, S, born Illinois
Brant, James E., son, W, M, Mar. 1895, 5, S, born Illinois
Brant, Omer A. Son, W, M, March 1897, 3, S, born Illinois
Brant, Ray, Son, W, M, May 1900 9/12, S, born Illinois

Source: David Brant Family, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Dry Point Twp., Shelby Co., Ohio, SD#12, ED#111, Sht#7, Election Dist No. 2, 20, June, 1900 by Alonzo Roberts

Harriett did marry again to a John Miller on 22 April, 1904 in Richland, Illinois but by 1910 she is not using the “Miller” name but she is living in Salem. She states she is widowed in this census and it is not clear what happened to John Miller.

Line 70, 332, 339, Brant, Harriett, Head, F, W, 47, Widowed, 6 children born, 5 living, born Ohio, father born England, mother Ohio, own income
Brant, Desola, daughter, F, W, 17, S, born Illinois, parents born Ohio
Brant, Eugene, son, M, W, 15, S, born Illinois
Brant, Omer, Son, M, W, 13, S, born Illinois

Source: Harriett Brant Family, 1910 U.S. Federal Census, Salem, Edwards, Illinois, SD#15, ED#20, Sht#14B, enumerated 9 May, 1910 by Andrews E. Libke. 

In 1920 Harriett is living with her son James E. Brant (Brent) and his family in Salem. Brother Omer is also living with the family.

Line 51 39, 39, Brant, James E., Head, O, M, M, W. 24, M, Illinois, parents born Ohio, Farmer general farm
Brant, Susan T., wife, F, W, 23, M, Illinois, parents born Kentucky, 37
Brant, Myrtle D., daug. F, W, 3 10/12, S, Illinois
Brant, Londerie, son, M, W, 2 0/12 S, Illinois
Brant, Harriet A., Mother, M, W, 58, Widowed, born Ohio, father born England, mother Ohio
Brant Omer A, Brother, M, W, 22, S, Illinois, born Ohio, laborer, farm ____

Source: James E. Brant (Brent) Family, 1920 U.S. Federal Census, Salem, Edwards Co., Illinois, SD#16, ED#27, Sht#2 enumerated 7 January 1920, by Richard P. Roley.

Things changed for Harriett because she appears in the 1930 census with the name Harriett Gardner and she is living in Pittsburg, Kansas. She is with her daughter Willa. She seems to be sharing a house with a Chris Mosteller. Once again she is listed as widowed.

Line 4, 108, 770, 801 Mosteller, Chris, Head, 0, $2000, M, W, 69, Widowed, 20 age at first marriage, No, Yes, born Ohio parents born Ohio, Salesman, nurseryman, 4590, yes
771, 802, Gardner, Harriet, Head, A, $1500, F, W, 65 Widowed, 21, No, yes, born Ohio, father born England mother Ohio, homemaker
Dush Wila M, daughter, daughter, F, W, 46, S, no, yes, born Illinois, father born Illinois, mother Ohio, teacher, public school, 9494 W, yes

Source: Harriett Gardner Family, 1930 U.S. Federal Census, Pittsburg, Baker Twp., Crawford Co., Kansas, Ward 2 pt of, ED#19-22, SD#13, Sht#30A, enumerated 26 April, 1930 by Maud S. Marsh.

At this time I have not been able to determine what happened to Benjamin Gardner.

By the 1940 census, Harriett is back in Illinois living again with her son Eugene – James Eugene Brant who is widowed.

Line 60, 81, R ——-Brant, Eugene, Head, M, W, 45, Widowed, No, 8, born Illinois, farmer, farming
Brant, Harriett, mother, F, W, 78, widowed no, 5, born Illinois
Brant, Deloris, daughter, F, W, 24, S, yes, C4, born Illinois, teacher, public school
Brant, Lendoris, son, M, W, 22, S, no, H1, born Illinois, farm, farming
Brant, Violetta, daughter, F, W, 20, S, no, H4, born Illinois
Brant, Harittan, daughter, F, W, 16, S, yes, H3, born Illinois

Source: Eugene Brant Family, 1940 U.S. Federal Census, West Salem, Edwards Co., Illinois, SD#34, ED#24-12, Sht#4B, enumerated 17 April, 1940, by [Ira Benting]

Sadly Willa returned to Illinois but on 27 February, 1942 she passes in Decatur, Macon, Illinois.  She is buried in the Center Cemetery, Cowden, Shelby Co., Illinois. Find A Grave has a memorial for her and an obituary notice in which her mother Harriett Brant is mentioned.

Based on what I have determined here is a list of Harriet’s children and descendants:

Willa M. Dush born 22 August 1883 in Cowden and died 27 February 1942 in Decatur. She never married.  She spent her life teaching.

Esther S. Brant born 5 June, 1890 and died 24 November, 1922. She married Norris L. Gray  28 November, 1907 in Edwards Co., Illinois.

They appear in the 1910 census in Salem, Edwards Co., Illinois.  Norris is farming, he is 24 years old. Esther is 19 and she has two children born and two living. They have Jesse age 1 their son with them and Alma age 1/12 daughter.

Norris and Eslie are living in Shelby, Edwards Co., Illinois by 1920.  Living next door to Norris and Eslie is a Jessie Gray age 75.  Norris father is Jessie L. Gray and his mother was Aggie Hess.

Line 97, Fm, 179, 180 Gray, Jessie L. Head, O, M, M, W, 75 widowed
Line 98, Fm, 180, 181, Gray, Norris, Head, R, M,W, 33, M
Gray, Eslie, wife, F, W, 29, M
Gray, Jessie, son, M, W, 11 S

Line 1 Gray, Winston, son, M, W, 8, S, yes, Illinois
Gray, Ruby, daughter, F, W, 5, S, yes, Illinois
Gray, Donald, son, M, W, 3 3/12 S, born Illinois

Norris Gray is widowed in the 1930 census. He is still farming in Shelby Twp. He is working on his own income. He is now 44 years old, Living with him are son Winston age 18 helping on the farm., daughter Ruby R. age 16, son Donald D. age 13 and son Herald S. age 9.

Esther died on 24 November, 1922 in Bennington. On 9 January, 1943 Norris passed away. Both are buried in the Marion Cemetery in Bennington, Edwards Co., Illinois. Find A Grave has memorials for them.

–Desola Lulu Brant born 14 August, 1892 in West Salem. She married on 18 September, 1918 in Edwards Co., Illinois to Howard W. Fryman. Howard was born 10 February, 1897 in West Salem. Howard and Desola had 1) Howard who married Zelma Nagy and had Howard Wm. and David. 2) Donald married Phyliss Kudsvig and had Kathleen, Mark and Karol. 3) David G. Brant was born 8 September, 1927. He married Mary E. Bohl. She was born 25 March, 1929. They had Joseph Howard Fryman.  David G. died on 15 January, 1993 in Lodi.  He and Mary are buried in Saint Patrick’s Cemetery in Lodi, Columbia Co., Wisconsin. Find Grave has memorials for them.

In the 1920 census Howard and Lula are in West Point, Columbia Co., Wisconsin. He is working as a hired man. Howard is 21 and Lula is 27.  In 1930 Howard and Desola are in Lodi, Columbia, Wisconsin. He is a Laborer. Howard is 32, Desola is 37, Howard the son is 8 and David the son is 2 years. old.  In 1940 they are still in Lodi. Howard is a laborer and he is now 45 years old. Desole is 47. Their son Howard is 18, David is 12 and Donald is 6 years old.

Howard died 19 February, 1947 in Lodi, Columbia Co., Wisconsin and Desola died 2 June, 1975 in Lodi. They are buried in the Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Lodie, Columbia Co., Wisconsin. Find A Grave has memorials for them.

–James Eugene Brant born March 1895. He married Susan Tressie Dawson on 28 October, 1915 in Edwards Co., Illinois.  Harriett was living with her son in 1920 and again in 1940, see above. He apparently preferred the name Eugene.

Eugene and Susan had the following children:

—Deloris M. Brant born 24, March, 1916. She married G. Harold Densmore on 1 July, 1942 in Decatur. They had several children.  Harold and Deloris are buried in the Haven Hill Cemetery in Olney, Richland Co., Illinois. Find A Grave has memorials for them both.

—Myrtle D. Brant born 1917.  No further info.

—Lendoris Brant born 27 July, 1917 in Edwards Co., He married to Mildred Hilgenberg. She was born 25 May, 1916. Both Lendoris and Mildred are buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Parkersburg, Richland Co., Ohio. Find A Grave has memorials for this couple with obituaries, links and tombstone photos.  Lendoris served in World War II.

—Voiletta Brant born 4 January, 1920 in West Salem. She married on 18 April, 1948 in West Salem to William Robert Stone. He was born about 1923.  She passed on 1 February, 2010 and he died 15 August, 2005. They are buried in the Moravian Cemetery in West Salem. Find A Grave has memorials with more information.

—Luretta Brant was born 14 October, 1921 and she married Leland Lewis Evans. Lewis was born 24 January, 1924.  They had Jimmie Lee and Ralph. Both are buried in the Moravian Cemetery in West Salem. Find A Grave has memorials with more information.

—Harriett Ann Brant was born 1 May, 1923 in West Salem. She married Harvey Dale Kinsel and they had Edward, Susan and John. Harriet died on 6 October, 2015 in Urbana. She is buried in the Woodlawn Cemetery in Urbana, Champaign Co., Illinois. Find A Grave has a memorial with more information.

—Ralph G. Brant was born 3 December, 1924. He married Margaret Mary Cassidy and had several children. Ralph died on 12 October, 1998 in Olney under suspicious circumstances.  A memorial is at Find A Grave for him with burial unknown. Margaret was born 4 June, 1927 in Minnesota and died on 1 September, 1995 in Montana. She is buried in the Daniels County Cemetery in Scobey, Daniels Co., Montana. Find A Grave has a memorial for her with more information.

Omer Alfred Brant was born 1 March, 1897. He married Alice Nora Obold on 7 September, 1921 in Richland Co., Illinois. She was born 16 January, 1900 in Edwards Co.. Their children were Boyd O., Clayton A., Ovela May, Barbara Alice.

Omer died 23 February, 1968 and Alice died 24 June, 2000. They are both buried in the Moravian Cemetery in Edwards Co., Illinois.  Find A Grave has memorials for them.

–John Ray Brant was born May 1900 and died in 1901.

Harriet Arloa Spracklin died on 31 December 1946 in West Salem, Edwards Co., Illinois. She was buried on 2 January, 1947 in the Moravian Cemetery in West Salem.  Find A Grave has a memorial for her.

Summary:  Harriett has been quite the challenge and there is still more to do to determine when and whom she married. Online sources are not available yet to help determine this fact.  It might be interesting to see if she has an estate or probate for she was doing well financially.  Deeds would be interesting as well.   I also tried for an obituary notice but more digging may be needed.

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