George and Arloa Spracklin’s Children: Vinson E. Spracklin and Family…

Vinson E. Spracklin was born about 1866 in Shelby Co., Illinois to George and Arloa Spracklin. I think his name was Vinson but there are others that use Vincent. I will go with the name Vinson. Vinson was living with his parents in the 1870 and 1880 census.

He married Lucy S. Jones on 25 March, 1888 in Shelby Co., per the Illinois marriage index.  She was born November, 1868 in Illinois.

Vinson appears next door to his sister Adaline Banning (Francis) in the 1900 census for Dry Point Twp., Shelby Co., Illinois.  The census taker choose Vincent for his name.

Line 14, 151, 151, Spracklen, Vincent E. head, W, M, Sept 1866, 33 M, 12, born Illinois, father born England, mother born Ohio, farmer, yes, yes, O, F, F, M, 157.

Spracklen, Lucy S, Wife, W, F, Nov. 1868 31, M, 12, three children born, 3 living, born Illinois and parents were born Illinois, yes, yes, yes.

Spracklen, Thomas C, son, W, M, Feb. 1889, 11, S, born Illinois, at school, 8, yes, yes, yes.

Spracklen, Justus S, son, W, M, Jan. 1892, 7, S, born Illinois

Spracklin, Flossie C. daughter, W, F, May 1896, 4, S, born Illinois

Source: Vinson Spracklin Family, 1900 U.S. Federal Census, Dry Point, Shelby Co., Illinois, part of Election District No. 2, SD#12, ED#111, Sht#8, enumerated 20 June, 1900 by Alonzo Roberts. 

Vincent and Lucy have moved to Tower Hill city by the 1910 census.

Line 93, 181, 185, Spracklin, Vincent, Head, M, W, 43, M1, 22, born Illinois, father born England, mother born Ohio, all English, merchant, restaurant, yes, yes, R, H, 1, 5. 

Spracklin, Lucy, wife, F, W, 41, M1, 22, three children born, three living, born Illinois, parents born Illinois, yes, yes

Spracklin, Clifton, son, M, W, 17, S, born Illinois, Baker, own shop, yes, yes

Spracklin, Justus, son, M, W, 17, S, born Illinois, Baker, on farm, yes, yes

Spracklin, Felossie, daughter, F, W, 13, S, born Illinois, yes yes, yes

Source: Vincent Spracklin Family, 1910 U.S. Federal Census, Tower Hill Village, Tower Hill Twp., Shelby Co., Illinois, SD#10, ED#181, Sht#7B, enumerated 21 April, 1910, by Lester T. [Story]

Vinson died in 1948 in Shelby Co. He and Lucy are buried in the Tower Hill Cemetery in Tower Hill, Shelby Co., Illinois. Find A Grave has a memorial with links for Vinson and Lucy Spracklen but no tombstone photo at this time.

For each of their three children there are also Find A Grave memorials with links and additional information but no tombstone photos at this time.

Let’s take a look at Vinson and Lucy’s children:

–Thomas Clifton Spracklen born 17 February, 1890 in Shelby Co., and died 27 October, 1931 in Mackinaw, Tazewell Co., Illinois. Clifton married Lucy May O’Kelley probably around 1910.

They appear in the 1930 census for Dillon, Tazewell, Illinois,

Line 74, 129, 130, Spracklin Clifford T, head, R, 5, No, M, W, 40, M, 21, no, yes, born Illinois, parents born Illinois, laborer, farm hand, W, yes, no.
Spracklin, Lucy, wife H, F, W, 38, M, 19, no, yes, born Illinois, father Tenn. mother Ohio,
Spracklin, Opal, daughter, F, W,18, S, no, yes, Illinois
Spracklin, Charles, son, M, W, 12, S, yes, yes, born Illinois
Spracklin, Dale, son, M, W, 9, S, yes, born Illinois
Spracklin, Elmer, Son, M, W, 6, S, yes, born Illinois – probably Wilmer
Spracklin, Junior, son, M, W, 2, S no, Illinois  – This is probably Thomas C. Jr.

Source: Clifton T. Spracklin Family, 1930 U.S. Federal Census, Dillon, Tazewell, Illinois, ED#90-8, Sht #6B, SD#18, enumerated April 29, 1930 by Howard Davie

They had the following children:

 —Opal Alice Spracklin was born 6 September, 1911 in Ocone, Shelby Co. Illinois. She married Corbett Farley Tabor.  Corbett was born 20 December, 1908 in Hardinsburg, Breckinridge Co., Kentucky. Opal and Corbett had two children: Paul E. Tabor (1935 to 1984) and Gary Corbett Tabor (1952 to 1992)

Opal died on 7 April, 2010 in Tilton, Vermillion Co., Illinois. Corbett died on 25 February, 1974 in Danville. Both Opal and Corbett are buried in the Evergreen Memorial Cemetery in McClean Co., Illinois. Find A Grave has memorials for both of them.

—Ralph Leonard Spracklin was born 3 February, 1915 in Tower Hill. He married Mable I. Wooding. She was born 21 January, 1914 in Tazewell Co. They are buried in Glendale Memorial Gardens in Tazewell Co., Illinois. Find A Grave has memorials for them both with obituaries. Ralph died on 1 January, 1992 and Mable passed on 21 June, 1998 in Peoria, Illinois.

—Charles Edwin Spracklin was born about 1918 and married Stella.

–Dale Rayburn Spracklin was born about 1921. He married Henrietta (Lena) who was born 27 October, 1924. They had Easker “Lois” Spracklin born 21 August, 1941 and died 14 September, 2014. She married Everett Lee Mackie born 7 December, 1940.  He died 24 November, 2006.

Their second daughter was Peggy Ann Spracklin born 17 July, 1944 and died 10 May, 2016. She married Bud Dahringer they had about four children.

Solano Co. California

Solano Co. California

All are buried in the Vacaville-Elmira Cemetery in Solano Co., California. Find A Grave has memorials and more information.

—Wilmer Darwin Spracklin born 20 August, 1894.  He married Elaine Groenhagen on 14 April 1945 in Sioux City, Iowa. Wilmer died in 18 August 2001 in Pekin, Tazewell, Illinois. He is buried in the Glendale Memorial Gardens there in Pekin. Find A Grave has a memorial for him. He and Elaine had about two children.

—Thomas Clifton Jr.was born 19 October, 1925 in Tazewell Co. He married Helen I. Baker and they had about eight children. Thomas died 11 June, 1981 in Effingham Co., Illinois.

–Justus S. Spracklen born 24 January, 1892 in Shelby Co. and died 3 April, 1954 in Pana, Christian Co., Illinois.

Justus married twice first to Maggie Alice Mitchell born about 1896 in Illinois. Later to Mary Belle Shanholster about 1939.  The census below implies that the children were Maggie Alice’s.

In 1920 Justus and Alice are in Tower Hill with the following children:

J. L. Spraklin, M, W, 27 – carpenter
Spraklin, Alice, wife, F,W, 24
Mabel, daughter, F, W, 5
Russel, son, M,W, 4
Hazel, daughter, F, W, 2

Justus and Alice appear in the 1930 U.S. Federal Census in Tower Hill.

Line 25, 164, 164, Spracklen, Justus, Head, O, $650, M, W, 37, M, 21, No, Yes, Illinois, parents born Illinois – all the same, carpenter, job work
Spracklen, Alice, Wife H, F, W, 34, Married, 17, No ,Yes, born Illinois
Spracklen, Mabel, daughter, F, W, 16, S, yes, yes, born Illinois
Spracklen, Russel, son F, W, 14, S, yes, yes, Illinois
Spracklen, Hazel, daughter, F, W, 12, S, yes, yes, Illinois
Spracklen, Goldie, daughter,, F, W, 10, S, yes, yes, born Illinois
Spracklen, Cleo, daughter, F, W, 8, S, yes, born Illinois
Spracklen, Justus, son, M, W, 7, S, yes, born Illinois
Spracklen, Herbert, son, M, W, 11/12 S, no, born Illinois

Source: Justus Spracklen Family, 1930 U.S. Federal Census, Tower Hill, Shelby Co., Illinois, ED#87-39, SD#22, Sht#6A, enumerated May 7, by Wilma Simpson.

In the 1940 census Justice age 47 a carpenter is living with Maribelle age 18 and Ruby Spracklin age 2/12.  They are living in Tower Hill.  I cannot find Maggie Alice Spracklin in the 1940 census and there is evidence that she lived to 1972.

Justus is buried in Tower Hill Cemetery and Find A Grave has a memorial for him. The obituary does not give the names of his wives but it does talk about some of the children.

A summary of Justus’ children: Mabel (1914), Russell (1916), Hazel (1918), Goldie (1920), Cleo (1922), Justus R. (1923), Eugene, Peter John, Fannie married Dean Urfer, Roy m. Donna Barr, George married Julia, Paul married Melinda Padgett, and Herbert (1929).  This is based on Helen Cox Tregillis’ work. The dates are from the census.

–Flossie Spracklen Litten born May 2, 1896 Shelby Co. She married a Roy Litten. She died 30, April, 1929 in Ciero, Cook Co., Illinois. She is buried in Tower Hill Cemetery and has a Find A Grave memorial.  It looks like they had two children per the census below.

Webster Co., Iowa next to Calhoun Co. and Des Moines

Webster Co., Iowa next to Calhoun Co. and Des Moines

Roy and Flossie are in the 1920 census living in Colfax, Webster Co., Iowa:

Line 98, 84, 84, Litten, Roy, Head, R, M, W, 26, M, born Illinois, parents born Illinois, yes, Farmer, general farm, OA, 103
Litten, Flossie, wife, F, W, 24, M, born Illinois, parents born Illinois
Litten, Ruth, Daughter, F, W, 4 3/12, S, born Iowa

Line 1, Litton, Franklin, son, M, W, 8/12 S, born Iowa

Source: Roy Litten Family, 1920 U.S. Federal Census, Colfax, Webster Co., Iowa, SD#10, ED#221, Sht#B, enumerated 18, May, 1920 by Walter L. Scherff

Once again, I caution you to double-check the above information.  The marriages and families need to be verified with vital records, estates and more obituaries would be helpful.

With Vinson Spracklin, I come to the end of sharing about the 10 children of George and Arloa Spracklin of Shelby County, Illinois and formerly of Hardin Co., Ohio.

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