An Overview of the Spracklin/len Family….

Writing about the Spracklin/len family has been quite the adventure. Please remember that the research on the Spracklin’s has been focused on the line of Peter and Elizabeth Spracklin to their John Andrews Spracklin and his wife Lydia Goss.  Continuing down the line to their son Daniel D. Spracklin who married first to Elizabeth Keller and then to their daughter Amarilla who headed to Minnesota and married George Angus Spracklin. This couple had Grace and she married to R.S. McDonald and they had Keith, the compiler’s father.

Bristol Harbor ca. 1850 - the Spracklins sail to America from here in 1817 and 1823

Bristol Harbor ca. 1850 – the Spracklins sailed to America from here in 1817 and 1823

The other lines of the Spracklin/len’s has been some of my own research on the siblings as well as research shared by others.  Always double-check the information presented research needs to cover census, birth, marriage, death, land records and estate/probate records in order to really have a good and well covered biography of a person.  With each Spracklin/len family have lots of children it would take a lot of time to accomplish that goal so I had to make decisions about what to focus on.  If there are errors please leave a comment just remember I have several blogs so be sure you are on the correct one when you make your comment.  I will be able to find you and we can chat offline.

I come to a resting spot on the Spracklin/len’s which means it is time to move on and return to the Goss Family history.  At the top of this blog are static PAGES devoted to a table of contents of the posts written on this blog and other blogs so that you can find those relevant to what you need regarding the Spracklin/len research.

This means you need to consult both this blog for Spracklin history and the Barclay’s of Pine River blog for Amarilla and her father Daniel D. Spracklin’s history and his two marriages.  Links to my other blogs are located on the right side of this blog.

The research is not completed, it is forever ongoing; however, hopefully I have preserved the Spracklin/len heritage some.  As the research has progressed, I see a trend that concerns me and that is the history of our family is fading as the members pass on and leave an area like Hardin Co., Ohio or Shelby Co., Illinois, so I encourage you as a member of the Spracklin/len family to preserve your family history in photos, documents, sources and stories. Go talk to the oldest members of your family now and record that information, make a file folder or two, a scrapbook, whatever you want to preserve your family’s story and share it with others so it won’t get lost.  Then arrange to have someone take it over when you reach the end of your life.  I am currently working on that goal myself.

Another way to preserve your family history and to reconnect is a reunion, even a small one would be a good, and share it on the Spracklin Facebook page with photos and names of the those who attended and how they are related and where the event took place, that would be wonderful.  If that doesn’t appeal to you then make a memory book there are many options available online.

Here is a little teaser of a reunion of the Spracklin’s in 1931 from the Decatur news.

SPRACKLIN REUNION Held in Shelbyville, During the annual reunion of the Spracklin family held on Aug. 2 at the home of rural mail carrier J.V. Spracklin, in this city, the following officers were chosen during the business meeting to ensuing year: President: O.M. Spracklin, Cowden,  Vice President – V.E. Spracklin, Tower Hill. Secretary-Treasurer — Lille Wagoner, Cowden. The 1932 reunion will be held at Cowden. One hundred and thirty members enjoyed the basket dinner served in the yard at the noon hour.  Decatur Evening Herald (Decatur, Illinois) Fri. Aug. 7, 1931, page 20.  

Wow, 130 members in 1931.  I tried to find more references in the Decatur news to reunions of the family but this was it. The Shelbyville newspapers are not on-line yet.  If you have news of a Spracklin/len reunion please leave a comment and share.

Your Spracklin or Spracklen heritage is an amazing legacy and I am very proud to be a part of the Spracklin family.  I have had the honor of meeting several cousins and spending time with them and am grateful for their willingness to share and open their lives to me. I thank them for their kindness.

It is time now to return to the Goss history.  I left off with Solomon Goss and his children and my search for information about him in Marietta, Washington Co., Ohio.  It is time to return to that history and go back further in time to share my research about the Goss Family.   from Solomon Goss back through the ages to the first Goss ancestor Philip Goss of Roxbury and Lancaster, Massachusetts about 1654 to 1698.

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6 Responses to An Overview of the Spracklin/len Family….

  1. Dave Anderson says:

    I so greatly enjoy reading your posts and truly appreciate the countless hours and dedication to our family’s story. Thank you!!!

    I’ll look forward to your next chapters!!

    Dave Anderson Great, great, great grandson of Solomon Goss Spracklen and Louisa Jane Avitts

    Sent from my iPhone


    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Hello Dave, thanks for stopping by and reading my posts. You are correct even if the research is only online I really have to dig and it does take a long time to put a post together. You are not in my database, hmmm….I am trying to get the binders cleaned up and up-to-date and then the database needs twiking so I am taking a break for now. Thanks for your encouragement and the next chapters will be even harder because the farther back you go into the past you have to rely on secondary sources and that can get tricky. Solomon Goss Spracklin has been a very interesting person to study. I did not go to that part of Iowa when I traveled there maybe someday. HA! Bonnie

  2. Laura E Spracklin Ray says:

    Bonnie, You have done an incredible job with your research and writings. Thank you for sharing your hard work. Love and hugs from your Cousin, Laura Eileen Spracklin. Damascus, MD USA

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Hello Laura: I was thinking about you and our visit years ago in DC. Thanks for the compliment. I am not as happy with George and Arloa but then I didn’t travel to Illinois and it really helps when you visit the area and are “on the ground.” I am feeling very free right now. The Spracklins did take a lot of time and when I make it to Somerset in England I will be back into all again. Your cousin Bonnie

    • Laura E Spracklin Ray says:

      Laura E Spracklin Ray is a Great-Great Granddaughter of Daniel Dare Spracklin and Sarah Blacketer Allgood Spracklin.

      • BJ MacDonald says:

        Yes, and you are a 3rd great granddaughter to John Andrews Spracklin and 4th great to Peter Spracklin the immigrant ancestors from Somerset England to the USA. We are half 3rd cousins. HA!

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