A Review of Solomon Goss and Olive (Scott) Goss’s children:

Below is a summary and review of Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss’s children.  They had a family of eight (8) children. I have written quite a few posts about these children, on this blog.  I suggest that you may want to review these posts.  To do that go to the top of this blog and hover your mouse over the PAGE titles.  You will find these PAGES are table of contents of past posts written Solomon’s children and others. I decided to separate out the children’s posts from their parents and place in a separate page. I have more to write about Solomon Goss and Olive (Scott) Goss.

The actual birth locations of the children is not known, because, at the time Solomon was living in the Wyoming Valley of Pennsylvania. It is the area around Wilkes-Barre in the eastern part of the state.  The Goss family all started out in what was called Kingston, then settled in Plymouth and eventually moving to Huntington Twp. which was farther to the west about 1776.  When did Solomon Goss settle in Huntington Twp. is not yet clear, I will do more digging to try to pin down the approximate date.

It was a troubled time in that location back in the late 1700’s. There was the outbreak of the Revolutionary War and the land squabbles between Connecticut and Pennsylvania who both claims the area. The settlers would move around a lot, going back to Connecticut to escape the fighting and maybe even to New York. Because of all this trouble, records are very difficult to find in the area, having been destroyed or lost.


Levi to lower Michigan, Solomon to Iowa, Lydia to Knox Co. and Daniel to lower Washington Co., Ohio.

Here is a list of the children of Solomon Goss and Olive (Scott) Goss:

1.  Elizabeth Goss was born 9 December either 1777 or 1778 in the Wyoming Valley maybe in Huntington Twp., Pennsylvania.  She married Andrew Lake on 17 May, 1798  in Washington County, Ohio and raised a large family.  Andrew and Elizabeth are buried in the Rainbow Cemetery in Washington County, Ohio.  The Lake family was very prominent in the area.

2. Noah Goss was born 24 June, 1782 probably in the Wyoming Valley (Huntington Twp.).  As far as I am aware Noah never married.  Noah died the 18th of July, 1833 and is buried next to his sister Lydia in the Green Valley Cemetery in Knox County, Ohio.  I tried to find an estate or probate to determine what happened to him but the first volume is missing in the Knox Co. Courthouse and this was confirmed by the clerk of the probate office.

3.  Mary Goss was born 4 March, 1785 probably in the Wyoming Valley (Huntington Twp.).  Mary didn’t marry but she followed her brother Solomon Goss (Jr.) to Hardin County, Ohio and then to Iowa and is buried in Henry County, Iowa.  She died before the 13th of April 1859 in Mt. Pleasant, Henry Co., Iowa.

4.  Solomon Goss  was born about 5 May, 1788 probably in the Wyoming Valley (Huntington Twp.) in Pennsylvania.  He married Mary (Polly) Coburn Devol on 19 November, 1812 in Washington County, Ohio. Solomon, the son, was the Executor of his father’s will so he inherited the land in Fearing Twp.  Solomon and Polly lived on his father’s land till about 1832 when Solomon sold it an migrated to Hardin County, Ohio settling near Peter Spracklin the father of his brother-in-law John Andrews Spracklin.  For ease of identification I usually refer to him as “Jr.”  Solomon Goss (Jr.) died 1 November, 1864 in Henry Co., Iowa.

5.  Daniel Goss was born 23 September, 1790 per his tombstone.  He died 18 November, 1868 in Belpre, Washington County, Ohio. Some sources state he was born in Virginia, which is interesting because that implies his father Solomon left Pennsylvania earlier than I can have sources for? He married  Lydia Ackley on 13 August, 1813 in Washington County although, the marriage record reads “David.” Other records use the name Daniel. He is buried in the Rockland Cemetery in Belpre, Washington County, Ohio were he lived. Lydia (Ackley) Goss is listed in the death records of Washington County as passing on the 20th of October, 1873 in Belpre, Washington County, Ohio.  I do not know where she is buried; however, there are large spaces in the Rockland Cemetery around Daniel’s grave.

6.  Levi Goss or rather the Rev. Levi Goss was born 22 October, 1793  maybe in the Wyoming Valley but probably somewhere on route with his parents to Ohio. He married Sophia Rummerfield (no record yet found) probably in northern New York state. He was a soldier in the War of 1812.  He owned a tavern near Chatham, Ontario for several years before he migrated to Michigan.  Levi died on 31 March, 1872 in Medina Township, Lenawee County, Michigan. He is buried with his family and wife in the Goss Cemetery west of Morenci, Michigan.  Levi is the ancestor of Flora M. Osborn who worked on the Goss histories – see her tribute Page at the top of this blog.

7.  Lydia Goss was born 8 June, 1796 probably either in what was eventually called Cincinnati or maybe in what became Dayton, Ohio? The histories of that area do not give her credit for being a first child born in Dayton. Her son Solomon Goss Spracklin did claim in his biography, written in the Harrison Co., Iowa history book, that she was the first child born in Dayton. Lydia married John Andrews Spracklin on the 19th of July, 1819 in Washington County, Ohio. She and John are buried with Noah and Ida in the Green Valley Cemetery in Knox County, Ohio, very close to the land that was bequeathed in a deed in 1815 to Lydia by her father Solomon Goss.  Lydia and John A. Spracklin are my 3rd great grandparents and this is my link to the Goss family and to her father Solomon Goss.

NOTE: To find more past posts about Lydia and John Andrews Spracklin go to the top of this blog and find the PAGE that is the table of contents for the posts published on them and their children.

8.  David Goss was born 15 January, 1799 in Washington County, Ohio but so far no record has been found of his birth or his death which might be about 1810 in Fearing Township, Washington County, Ohio or by 1815 because he is not in any of the deeds written by Solomon? Not much is known about David but he is usually confused with his brother Daniel. Olive would have been 42 years old at his birth. Both Paul H. Goss and Flora Osborn, past Goss researchers, have him mentioned in their writings.  Flora had family letters and memorabilia and maybe the information about David is with them.

If you study the above you see that the descendants all come down from these children Elizabeth, Solomon, Daniel, Levi and Lydia. Mary, Noah and David did not have any children.  See the map above to get an idea where they migrated* to or stayed**.

1) Elizabeth Goss and Andrew Lake stayed in Washington Co., Ohio.**

2) Solomon Goss (Jr.) and Polly Devol migrated to Hardin Co., Ohio and then to Iowa.*

3) Daniel and Lydia did have one daughter Sarah M. Goss stayed in Washington Co., Ohio living in the Belpre area.**

4) Levi Goss and Sophia Rummerfield settled in Lenawee Co., Michigan.*

5) Lydia (my line) and John A. Spracklin migrated up to Knox County, Ohio and settled there.*

In the next posts more information about Solomon Goss and Olive (Scott) Goss will be shared.

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