Solomon Goss: The Census and Tax Records of Washington and Knox Co., Ohio – A Review

In several past posts I wrote about the census and tax records of Washington County and Knox County, Ohio on this blog.  What follows is a review and summary. To understand the census and tax records as they affect Solomon Goss and family, I strongly urge you to read the two published posts identified below.

In the following two posts, I did a study of the census and tax records covering Solomon Goss, his children: Elizabeth, Noah, Mary, Solomon Jr., Daniel, Levi, and David and his daughter Lydia who married John Andrews Spracklin and their migration to Knox Co., Ohio.

The first post I wrote was titled: John and Lydia (Goss) Spracklin Migrate to Knox Co., Ohio!,  and published March 14, 2013.  Because the census stated little about the family, I turned to the tax records to get a fuller picture of their lives. While in Marietta I was at the Genealogical Annex of the Washington County Public Library where they had the Treasurer “Duplicate books.”

Tax Books Washington Co., Ohio

Tax Books Washington Co., Ohio

These are the actual tax records and very amazing. I presented what I found in those books in the posts I wrote.  You can also find these tax records online at Family Search’s website. There are additional books and sources I listed in the posts, such as films and more and I also give examples.

I presented an Excel spreadsheet summarizing the year of the census or tax records, the location and who was listed. It covers Solomon and his children Daniel, Noah, Levi, Mary and Lydia and it goes all the way to 1832 when the son, Solomon Goss, sold the land and left for Hardin Co., Ohio.

I present a PDF of that spreadsheet: censustaxstudywashcoohioearly1800s

The only problem is the PDF does not contain a tax list that I found in the Washington County Historical Society archives Box 27 of their court records:  It is handwritten: A List of Taxables for the Township of Salem and Marietta for the year 1805 in two columns. Solomon Goss is listed with a 40 after his name under Salem Twp.

List of Taxables for Salem and Marietta townships 1805

List of Taxables for Salem and Marietta townships 1805

Solomon Goss is under Salem Twp. 1805

Solomon Goss is under Salem Twp. 1805

I continued in the next post titled: John and Lydia Spracklin’s Life in Knox County Ohio, published March 25, 2013. where I describe the 1825 Tax Duplicate, 1830 U.S. census, 1835 Tax Duplicate record with more of the 1835, 1836 and 1837 tax record. I then show the 1840 U.S. census and the 1850 U.S. Census that covers the Spracklins settling in Knox Co., Ohio.

I suggest that you click the links to these published posts and review them. They will give you a total picture of the Goss family and also of Lydia and John Spracklin.

At the top of this blog are PAGES in a drop down menu that present a table of contents of posts written for each surname and some family groups.  This will help you to focus your search. Solomon Goss and Olive’s children have their own page and posts that have been published.

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