Solomon Goss and his involvement with the community

Some shelves in the Washington County Historical Society

Some shelves in the Washington County Historical Society where they house court documents

Settling in new territory was very much dependent on other settlers.  Solomon Goss served on jury duty in 1803 regarding several cases and took on responsibilities of an officer in two positions in the establishment of Fearing Twp. in 1808.

We sometimes are required as citizens of this country to serve on a jury, Solomon Goss was no exception. In 1803 he served and it looks like he was involved in several cases.

At a Court of General Quarter Sessions of the Peace begun and hold at Marietta within and for the County of Washington on the Third Tuesday of March. A.D. 1803: Justices Present: Robert Oliver, Dudley Woodbridge, Griffin Greene, Wm. R. Putnam, Enoch Wing, Esquires. The Court appointed Lewis Cass to prosecute the please on behalf of the State in the absence of N. Backus, Dept. of the Gen. The Grand Jury returned by the Coroner by virtue of an order of a Court of Special Sessions empannell’d and sworn, viz: Josiah Moort, Foreman, Elijah Warren, Wing Devol., Enoch Shepard, Solomon Goss, Samuel Crisprin, William Torbot, Ezra Green, Alexander Still, Gideon Stacy, William Masson, John Seavins, Wade Cross, Ebenezer Buckingham, Jarvis Cutter, Edmund Dana, Moses Everett, Thomas Jay, Ezra Shull, Levi Barber and Richard Greene, The court adjourned to 2 o’clock, P.M. It met agreeably to adjournment. 

Source: Marietta, Washington County, Northwest Territory Records of the General Quarter Session of the Peace; Third Tuesday in June, 1802 through third Tuesday in March, 1803, Edited and Indexed by Montrose, 2004, page 19, FHL Book 977.198 P2. It apparently had something to do with the Coroner.  This places Solomon Goss in Marietta in 1802.

Solomon Goss signs his name along with other jurors regarding a suit between William Miller vs. John Amlin August Term of 1803. These documents are very difficult to read.

Washington County to wit) State of Ohio, William Miller vs. John Amlin – Aug under August Term 1803. 

We the undersigned being summoned to serve on jury of inquest to ________ and determine in the ______________of the improved lands _______with the real estate of John Amlin of Salem in the said county of Washington Yeoman which have been taken by the Sheriff of said County in ___________one of the suit of Benjamin Ives Gillman in the name of William Miller against the said John Amlin the other _______________William Miller in his own name against the said John Amlin. An being under oath for that purpose, and also ___________ received and examined the premises, also find that the improved land and tenements of the said John Amlin situate lying ____in said Salem one house and barn Lot no. one hundred and twenty five & seven different pieces of cleared land under ________________at Thirty two acres and lying on Lots one hundred and twenty-five & one hundred & twenty four lying in what is called Duck Creek Settlement in the third township and Eighth Range will altogether yield yearly ______of all necessary repairs and Taxes the sum of Fifty three dollars & twenty-five cents clear profits for the Term of five years rent __________the state hereof.  In testimony whereof we the said jurors  have here unto _______subscribed our names and affixed our seals at Salem in said County this ninth day of December in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and three.

Signed by Luther Shepard                                          Thomas Stanley
Solomon Goss                                                                 James Fulton 

P_________Alger Levi Dains                                 William Craig

Henry Mason                                                                  Charles Dougherty

Richard M__________                                              Jabez Fist

State of Ohio

To the Sheriff of our said County of Washington, Greeting:

We Command you that the goods and  chattels, and for want thereof, of the lands and tenements of John Amlin.  In your Bailiwick, you cause to be made Thirty two dollars & twenty seven cents which William Miller of Salem in said county lately in our Court of Common Pleas, at Marietta, the said County of Washington, recovered against him for his damages which he sustained, as well by reason of the non-performance of certain promises and assumptions to the same William by the said John costs and charges by him about his suit, in that behalf expended, whereof the said John is convicted; as appears to us of record; and have that money before our Judges of our said Court of Common Please, at Marietta aforesaid, on the third Tuesday of December next to be paid to the said John for his damages costs and charges aforesaid. And have there this writ.

Witness Calvin Pease, Esq. President of our said Court of Common Pleas at Marietta the 25th Day of August, in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight hundred and three……….Edward W. Tupper, Clerk

Source: Box 26 Court House Documents, 5841-6124, Washington County Historical Society, Marietta, Ohio. 

Here is a quotation from the history book about his participation in the founding of Fearing Township were Solomon Goss would settle.

Fearing Township: Fearing township, named in honor of Hon. Paul Fearing, was established March 8, 1808. In 1809 and 1861 its boundary lines were changed slightly.

On the fourth day of April, 1808, the electors met at the house of Henry Maxon and elected the following officers: Henry Maxon, clerk; Thomas Stanley; John Porter and Resolved Fuller, trustees; Simeon Wright and Joel Tuttle, overseers of the poor; Solomon Goss and John W. White, fence viewers; William Stacy, Jr. and John Miller, appraisers; Didier Gevrez, Isaac Hill, Daniel Dunchew, Henry Maxon, John Porter and Ebenezer Nye supervisors; Daniel G. Stanley and George Nye, constables; Solomon Goss, treasurer.

Source: History of Marietta and Washington County, Ohio and Representative Citizens 1700-1900,  Biographical Publishing Co., Chicago, Illinois, 1902, pg. 300 1st column, FHL #977.198 H2A V1. Internet Archive has a copy online.

On my visit to the Washington County Historical Society in Marietta, I found court documents that they have in their collection for Solomon Goss but some were stained, faded so badly that it was impossible for me to figure out what was going on in the case so what I have presented above is the best I can do at this time. If you do any genealogical research in Washington County, Ohio be advised that the historical society has court records or a lot of them.

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