A Summary of Solomon Goss’s Death, Burial and Estate – 1825

In past posts on this blog, I have written about the death, burial and will of Solomon Goss. Solomon Goss died 1 July, 1825 in Fearing Twp., Washington Co., Ohio.

In my post dated 2 December, 2012 – The Will of Solomon Goss 1810! I shared a copy of Solomon Goss’s will and discussed his estate.  I will not repeat that here.  You can review the post by clicking the title of the blog post.I will state that the will was the only piece of the estate of Solomon Goss that survived.  No other papers are listed in the probate index. The court clerk’s written version survives.  The original will is missing from the files at the Washington County Historical Society where the county donated the court records.  It was not the Historical Societies fault, the will was removed in 1992 and note was left.

If you know what happened to the original will please get it returned to the Washington County Historical Society.  DO NOT REMOVE ORIGINAL RECORDS!

I followed that post about the will with a series of other posts that cover my search for the burial location of Solomon Goss and his wife Olive (Scott) Goss.

Fearing Twp. Cemeteries

Fearing Twp. Cemeteries

I started with the post: In Search of the final resting place of Solomon Goss & Olive Scott Goss, December 23, 2012.

  1.  I visited Mound and Oak Grove Cemeteries in Marietta and wrote posts about these cemeteries and the publications that have been written about the early condition of the cemeteries in Marietta and Washington Co. They have pioneer monuments and Revolutionary war acknowledgements in these two cemeteries.
  2. I followed that with a visit to Harmar Cemetery, one of the oldest cemeteries.
  3. I even went to Waterford Cemetery to see if they might have been buried there and also to try to find Obadiah Scott Jr. tombstone brother to Olive Scott Goss.  I did not.
  4. When seeking the burial of Elizabeth Lake and Andrews, I studied the publications and visited the Rainbow Cemetery as well.  The Lake family is there and their tombstone is still existing.  Other Goss tombstones are not to be found.
  5. Rockland Cemetery in Belpre – Daniel Goss is buried there.
  6. Not only did I visit various cemeteries in Washington County on my trip in 2012, but I also did an extensive cemetery publication searches through as many cemetery books I could get my hands on seeking Goss and other surnames for Washington County, Ohio. The cemeteries in Fearing Twp. were established later than 1825.
  7. I also checked the Tallow Light a publication of the Washington County Historical Society in which cemetery records are published.  I have shared copies of that search on this blog.  I also searched their records.
  8. I visited archives in Washington County, Ohio personally and the Annex of the Genealogical Library in Marietta. I searched their records, maps and more.
  9. I also used online resources like Interment, Find A Grave and more.
  10. The owner of the land in Fearing Twp. denied any knowledge of graves on his land and stated he had been their 80 years. This was back in 2011 when I visited the area.  This places the purchase of the land in about 1932 by his parents.  This leaves 107 years from 1825 in which a grave or graves can disappear. Who owned the land during that time one might be able to follow that by looking at the tract books in the courthouse and then seeking deeds.

NOTE:  The posts I wrote about this cemetery search on this blog are pretty detailed and I suggest you seek them out and review them carefully.

I am sad to report that I was unable to find any trace of Solomon Goss, Olive, David and their burial location.  I was also not able to find Obadiah’s Scott Jr. tombstone in Waterford Cemetery, although the publication of tombstone readings stated he was buried there.

Much to my surprise Paul H. Goss also visited the area many years before and he writes that he was very disappointed in not finding the tombstones of Solomon and others.

Source: Paul H. Goss writes to his cousin Ruby Gearhart 15 August, 1941. She is living in Lansdowne, Pennsylvania.  This letter was written 70 years ago.  I visited Marietta in September of 2011.

Marietta has the most ancient and best preserved records in the State of Ohio and being the beginning of that State is a good place to go to get source materials.  My only regret was that I did not have further time.  I have some new materials for you bearing on the SCOTT FAMILY and the SOLOMON GOSS FAMILY. I came away however greatly disappointed though because I did not locate the graves of SOLOMON & OLIVE (SCOTT) GOSS, nor of OBADIAH , Jr and descendants.  I spent the entire afternoon and evening and days were yet long searching and there are no end of graveyards.  All the old one’s around STANLEYVILLE of FEARING TOWNSHIP, Town of Fearing became STANLEYVILLE, Whipple and Lower Salem, and then up at WATERFORD and the “OLD WHITE CEMETERY”, down where the oldest mill originally stood, but none of our immediate SCOTTS, yet I know they were there because of the old land records in the County Court House at Marietta so indicate, giving the location (letter stops….)

These cemeteries he mentions in Fearing Twp. – Stanleyville etc. were established after Solomon Goss death.  Unfortunately Paul does not give details that could be helpful.  I was not aware of a mill.  Unfortunately I only have a portion of this letter and will have to try to obtain a full copy.

For information about Paul H. Goss, go to the top of this blog and seek out his biography that I have written–hover your mouse they are drop down.  His research is vital in our Goss Family History.

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