Philip Goss IV, his life in Brookfield from 1742 to 1745…

Philip Goss IV (b. 1724)  grew up on a farm in Brookfield. His father had cows, heifers, a mare, a yearling colt, sheep, pigs, Indian corn and hay. His father’s farm was about 115+ acres and his grandfather Capt. Philip Goss probably had 400 or more.  These farms were not land that was together in one big piece, they were scattered about for various reason like  meadow land for instance.

Unfortunately tragedy struck with the death of his father Philip Goss III (b. circa 1700) who died in late July or early August, 1742. Philip, being the eldest son, was 18 years old when his father past away.

Here is a summary of the Estate of Philip Goss III of Brookfield, #24906, Worcester Co., Probate files.  The summary below, is a transcription of the Probate Docket page of the court records, written and maintained by the court clerk, page 303, of Worcester Co., Probate Records, MA.  (1)

  1. 17 August, 1742 Oath Letter Vol. 101 pg. 84 – Keziah Goss granted letters of administration. 
  2. Bond– was lost
  3. 17 Sept. 1742 Inventory, Vol. 2, page 188 – Keziah Goss signs this with her Mark X
  4. Feb 4, 1742 Petition for Partition -volume and page left empty
  5. 8 day of 1745 – Philip Goss, Jr. appointment of administrator de bonis non*
  6. Feb. 4, 1745 Bond L200 William Holloway surety Vol. 176 pg. 34 – Mentions Keziah Brown relict and formerly Keziah Goss widow of Philip Goss Jr. – now deceased. 
  7. Feb. 4, 1745 Letters of administration Vol. 101 pg. 152 – Philip Goss Jr. Eldest son assigned Administrator. 
  8. Mar. 4, 1746 Warrant of Appraisal for Partition & Decree Vol. 2 pg. 461 Settlement of Real Estate – Heirs at law – settlement and distribution. 
  9. May 13, 1746 Account Allowed Vol. 2 pg. 460 [Adm Acct] – Philip Goss Jr. affidavit 
  10. April 18, 1748 – Receipt of Solomon Keyes, G’dn Vol. 3 pg. 54

Philip Goss III Estate File Papers – Heirs of Philip Goss III

*de bonis non – De bonis non administratis, Latin for “of goods not administered,” is a legal term for assets remaining in an estate after the death or removal of the estate administrator. The second administrator is called the administrator de bonis non and distributes the remaining assets. Definition from: https://en.wikipedia

Something must have happened because there is no death record for Philip Goss III in the Brookfield vital records. I also expanded my search to other towns and areas of the middle part of Massachusetts. There is no description of his death in his probate file and he is referred to as “deceased.”

You can see from the above Probate Docket, that the probate process started 17 August, 1742 and went through to 13, May, 1746.  An estimate of Philip’s death would be either the end of July or early August, 1742 depending on how fast the family moved to get the probate going after the death. (1 and 2)

There is no burial record for Philip Goss III. I have also studied many cemeteries, publications an actual tombstones searching for his burial. He was only about 42 years old at the time. Maybe he was buried in the Old Indian Cemetery in West Brookfield but the tombstone was lost. There is certainly room around his father and mother’s tombstones who would be interned there in 1748 six years later. (3)

The grave of Philip Goss and Judith in the Old Indian Cemetery in West Brookfield.

You can see in the photo above that the area around the tombstone of Philip & Judith Goss is empty of other headstones.  There is a lot of space and they are separate from other tombstones. You can also see that the tombstones are very worn. I will share more about my visit to this cemetery in future posts.

About two months after the death of his father, Philip IV’s sister Hannah Goss marries to a Thomas Haskell on 12 November, 1742 in Brookfield. (4) She was 16 years of age. Sister Keziah Goss also married to Zachariah Haskell 20 August, 1745 in Hardwick and was only 15 at the time of her marriage. (4)

Philip himself gets married to Mary Kendall in Lancaster some time in June of 1744.  In the records of Lancaster only the intentions for their marriage are recorded, giving the date of 7 June, 1744.

Phillep Goss of Brookfield Entered his intentions of marriage with Mary Kendal of Lancaster June 7th: 1744.” page 30. (5)

Paul H. Goss writes in his manuscripts that Philip went to Lancaster to live with family, but I think he went there to conduct business, after all, he was now 20 years old and his grandfather’s brother’s lived in Lancaster or Bolton.  Another factor was that his new bride’s family lived in Lancaster and he was involved with several deeds that sold off the lands of his father-in-law John Kendall who had died in 1740. I will dig deeper into these deeds when I discuss Philip’s marriage to Mary Kendall in a future post. Meanwhile, here is a summary of three of those deeds.

First Deed: 22 November, 1744 Grantors We Mary Kendall spinster, John Kendall husbandman, Experience Kendall spinster, Mary Goss all of Lancaster and Philip Goss of Brookfield…for the sum of 80 pounds old money paid in hand by William Richardson of Lancaster…signed in the presence of Ebenezer Kendall, [Nathan] Rugg, This was not recorded till 1755. (6)

Second Deed: A deed of Philip Goss Jr, Mary Goss of Brookfield, Experience Kendal of Lancaster 18 September, 1745, receive 7 pounds ten shillings lawful money from Gardner Wilder of Leominister…40 roods of meadow land in Lancaster…(7)

Third Deed of several pages was done on 8 November, 1745 with Philip Goss, Mary Goss of Brookfield , Experience Kendall of Lancaster as grantors, for the sum of one hundred pounds paid by our Brother John Kendall (grantee) of Lancaster…rights and titles intras had shares in and to our honorable mother Mary Kendall third of land laid out and lett out to her as third ____of the Deceased of Honoured Father John Kendall, late of Lancaster…..(8)

His mother, Keziah (Cooley) Goss remarries to Timothy Brown on 18 April, 1744 in Brookfield.  Keziah was 42 at the time of this marriage. This marriage was short lived for Keziah died sometime at the end of January 1745.  I have estimated this date based on the probate of her first husband’s estate documents. (1) See number six in the summary of the probate listed above. Her place of burial is unknown even though I did a thorough search when I was in the Brookfield area in 2011. Perhaps, see is also buried with her first husband?

Philip’s sister Judith was about 14 years old in 1745 so she signs and accepts the guardianship of a Solomon Keyes on 15 January 1745, Guardianship #24898 Series 8 and her brother Philip Goss IV acts as a witness.(9)

There was a Capt. Solomon Keyes living in Western (was known as Western and renamed in 1834 to Warren) which was next door to West Brookfield. He was born in 1700 in Chelmsford and came to Warren about 1730. He was married to Sarah Danforth. They had several children listed in the Brookfield vital records. He was killed at Lake George in New York in 1755.  There are mentions of a Capt. Solomon Keys in the History of North Brookfield.  (10)

Meanwhile, someone had to take care of the youngest brother Thomas Goss who was only 7 years old at the time of the death of his father. By 1745, he was about 11 years old and on 4 February, 1745 brother Philip Goss IV became the guardian of his brother, Thomas. (11)

With the death of his mother, Philip Goss IV had to step in and take over the probate of his father’s estate in 1745.  You can see he is assigned this job in the above Probate Docket summary of the estate. See number #5. My guess is the date was [July] 8, 1745. (1)

It was a busy time from 1742 to 1745 for our Philip Goss IV.  It was not going to let up. We will see what happens in the next post covering the years 1745 to 1749.


SOURCES for this POST:  look for the parenthesis and a number in the post above (__)

Notes: Probate files usually consist of the Court Clerk Books. The big heavy books in the courthouse, in which the Court clerk records each of the steps in the process of the probate.  The other part of the probate process is the actual probate file that contains original documents.  You will probably want to consult both because the original records can be hard to read or get lost and documents get misfiled.

The probate records for Worcester, listed below, are online at the FamilySearch (Family History Library) website.

(1) Court Clerk Books: Probate Docket No. 24000-27599, FHL#859177, Probate Records (Worcester Co., Massachusetts, index 1741 to 1881, 1731-1916. Case file #24906, page 303 (Image 158).  Goss images start with 156.  The list above is from the Probate Docket and lists the court clerks book/volumes and pages.

(2) Probate File: The probate file of Philip Goss Jr. (III), #24906, August 1742, Massachusetts, Worcester County, Probate files, 1731-1881. Case no. 24866-24948 Gorham, John-Gould, Curtis, 1731-1881. Case file# 24906 consists of the actual records of the probate process kept in a file.

In order to find the above case file number, like #24906, you have to study the probate index to get the case file number: Index to Probate records 1731-1881, Probate Records (Worcester County, Massachusetts); Index 1731-1881, 173-1916, FHL#859169. This is a very nicely typed version of the original index.

CAUTION:  Philip Goss III and his father, Capt Philip Goss II ‘s probate files were #24906 and 24905 respectively.  After studying the contents I have come to the conclusion that these two files may have misplaced documents in them especially Philip Goss III. The Family History Library filmed them and they did so without checking to see if things were filed properly. So please be careful. I am in the process of analyzing them and will determine if there is a problem and let you know the outcome in a future post.

(3) Article Worcester Society of Antiquity pg. 148 Inscriptions from the Burial Ground West Brookfield, MA Copied Oct. 11, 1877 for the Worcester Society of Antiquity. I found this at the Merriam-Gilbert Public Library, History Room, in West Brookfield in the files of Andrew Jay in April 2011. This article was a reading of all the tombstones in the Indian Cemetery at that time.  It was done in 1877 which is probably the oldest reading of this cemetery in existence.  In the reading only Judith and Philip Goss appear.

(4) The marriages of Hannah Goss and Keziah Goss. History of Hardwick, Massachusetts with a Genealogical Register, Lucius R. Paige, Houghton, Mifflin, 1883, page 390. Thomas and Zachariah were brothers and sons of John Haskell a son of Mark a son of Roger Haskell. This is online at Internet Archive (

(5) Philip Goss and Mary Kendall’s intentions to marry: The Birth, Marriage and Death Register, Church Records and Epitaphs of Lancaster, Massachusetts 1643-1850 by Higginson Book Company, Salem, Massachusetts, Reprint 1890, Edited by Henry S. Nourse, A.M, page 30. This book is online at Internet Archive for viewing.

Worcester Deeds are also online at FamilySearch’s website.

(6) First Deed: 22 November, 1744, Philip Goss, Mary Goss, Mary Kendall and John Kendall to Wm. Richardson, Book 36, page 120, Worcester County (Mass.) deeds (1722 to 1866) and index to deeds (1731-1889), 1722-1889. 

(7) Second Deed: 18 September, 1745 Philip Goss, Mary Goss and Experience Kendall to Gardner Wilder of Leominister. Book 27, page 46.

(8) Third Deed: 8 November, 1745 Philip Goss, Mary Goss, Experience Goss to brother John Kendall, Book 21, pages 205 to 206. Worcester County (Mass.) deeds (1722 to 1866) and index to deeds (1731-1889), 1722-1889. 

(9) Judith Goss, Brookfield, Guardianship #24898 Series 8 Vol. 233, page 34  January/Feb 1745. Bond, Vol. 196 page 250, witnessed by her brother Philip Goss and others. Case no. 24866-24948 Gorham, John-Gould, Curtis, 1731-1881. Worcester Probate Records on line at FamilySearch under Worcester Probate Files.

(10) Capt. Solomon Keyes: I found the information about this man at a family tree at Ancestry titled “Rauch Family tree” by LJacobson7200.  There are a lot of trees about this man and I chose this one because it had more sources attached. When using family trees always be cautious and make sure the facts make sense and the timeline works. I was trying to determine if he was a relative or just a friend of the family and so far I am leaning toward family friend.

(11) Thomas Goss, Brookfield, Guardianship #24910 Worcester Co., Probate File, 4 February, 1745. Worcester County, Probate files, 1731-1881. Case no. 24866-24948 Gorham, John-Gould, Curtis, 1731-1881. Worcester Probate Records on line at FamilySearch.

The above post is a summary of the events that took place in Philip Goss IV’s life during 1740 to 1745. I will be continuing with 1745 in the next post.  I will go into more detail on several of the topics above, like the probate, deeds and the people in future posts.

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