A Mother and a Daughter named Keziah, both of Brookfield, MA. – Part I

Back in the 1940’s, cousin Paul H. Goss wrote a summary of the confusion between the two Keziah Goss that appeared in the records of Brookfield.  He published his article in a multi-volume run of the Cooley Association’s bulletin. This article was found at the DAR Library on one of my visits. You can probably find the actual bulletin at other large genealogical libraries or other archives, just search using Worldcat.

Cooley Association Bulletin, Vol. III, July 1942, No. 4 pg. 3-4, one part of the whole article. 

“The Brookfield records quite clearly indicate that some Keziah GOSS married 18 April 1744 to Timothy Brown, and while many, in compiling their family history, have assumed that the Keziah Goss of this marriage was the daughter of Keziah born 26 February 1730 of Philip (III) GOSS and Keziah (COOLEY) such is not the case.

The records of Hardwick, Brookfield, and Granville, Massachusetts show clearly that daughter Keziah Goss had (2) husbands marrying first 20 August 1745 at Hardwick when she was 15.5 years old to Zachariah HASKELL (born 11 April 1718, died 24 October 1759), son of John and Mehetabel (CLARK) HASKELL.

That she married a second time on 23 June 1761 to John ROSE of Granville, Massachusetts (born 18 February 1719/20, died 1788) a son of Jonathan and Abigail (HALE) ROSE. John ROSE had married 1st on 9 May 1745 to Ruth HOLCOMB (born 9 March 1724 and died 2 April 1759) daughter of Nathaniel and Thankful (HAYES) HOLCOMB (Granville Vital Records).

The History of Hardwick states that Keziah GOSS of Brookfield, and Hardwick Vital Records adds “Kezia GOSS married 20 August 1745, Zachariah HASKELL,” thus making certain that Keziah GOSS, who became the wife of Zachariah HASKELL was the daughter of Philip and Keziah (COOLEY) GOSS. Her sister Hannah GOSS born 4 September 1726 had married 12 November 1742 to Thomas HASKELL, son of John. (See page on Hardwick Families.)

So we find, daughter Keziah (GOSS) HASKELL is left a widow when she is 29 years old with a family of six children the eldest 12 years old and the youngest a baby. John ROSE of Granville, Massachusetts had 7 children by Ruth HOLCOMB (Granville Records) and John ROSE had 4 children by widow Keziah (GOSS) HASKELL ROSE.

To assert then, as some have done, that it was the widow Keziah (COOLEY) GOSS who married successively (in 1745) to Zachariah HASKELL and (in 1761) John ROSE of Granville, leaving the daughter Keziah for Timothy BROWN 20 years her senior is unreasonable and to make matters worse, widow Keziah (COOLEY) GOSS would have been 16 years older than Zachariah at the time of their marriage and before having been done with the rounds of matrimony she would have been the mother of 19 children the youngest of them being born when she was 66 years old. Well not possessing definite proof, one just lets discretion become the better part of valor.

According to Temple, Timothy BROWN and Philip (3) GOSS had been good neighbors in Brookfield (History of N. Brookfield, p. 200): “…among others who objected to the site of proposed school house were Philip GOSS and Timothy BROWN.”

He was therefore a contemporary of Philip (3) GOSS, father of the young daughter Keziah. Brookfield Vital Records show that Timothy and Thankful BROWN were the parents of 6 children between 1730 and 1742. Presumably Thankful BROWN died about 1742 or 1743. Also Philip (III) GOSS died in 1742, thus leaving Keziah (COOLEY) GOSS a widow and so naturally widow Keziah married widower Timothy BROWN, the good neighbor. Perhaps this accounts for the GOSS daughters marrying somewhat younger than usual. Hannah a bit past sixteen years and Keziah at 15.5 years. At least their mother’s second marriage to Timothy Brown is the most logical conclusion and their earlier marriage would indicate a desire to escape the new family arrangements. (1)

Paul H. Goss does make some good points in his article above. When Paul H. Goss wrote this article, it was the decade of the 1940’s and he didn’t have the internet to find additional sources. This meant that he would have to write a letter to a courthouse for vital records, probates and deeds. We still have to write letters or emails to find sources because not everything is online.

I know from letters Paul has written, that money was short for research and travel.  Paul had to focus his genealogy research just like we do today. He also had another problem and that was WWII made travel difficult and rations were imposed that limited what people could have for food and other items.

Let’s review and see what additional information has come to light in the 75 years since Paul wrote this article.

Keziah (Cooley) Goss Brown

After the death of Philip Goss III in 1742, Keziah (Cooley) Goss, his wife, became the Administrator of the estate of her husband.  Her son, Philip Goss IV took over in about 1745 after the death of his mother Keziah. Philip the III’s estate shows that she was referenced as Keziah Brown formerly Keziah Goss. (2)

Philip Goss III Estate File – Affidavit of Expenses by Philip Goss IV. partial (2)

To me this is pretty convincing information that Keziah (Cooley) Goss was an older woman and her status as wife and then administrator of her husband’s estate does not indicate that a 15.5 year old girl would be involved in the estate of her father when she had an older brother to take over. The mention of her change of names during the probate process, points out that she was the one that married Timothy Brown.

On 18 April, 1744 Keziah (Cooley) Goss remarried to Timothy Brown. (3)

They were neighbors and he too was a widow (4) and he was also a cousin to Philip Goss III as we will see in the following information:

Who was Timothy Brown?

This is a portion of the full article: “Timothy Brown was a son of Thomas and Mercy (Hayward) Brown. Mercy Hayward (Anna 3 White, Resolved 2, William 1) was a descendant of William White, who came to Plymouth in 1620 on the Mayflower. On 1 July 1734, Thomas Brown of Brookfield, husbandman, gave eldest son Timothy Brown of the same place 250 acres in Brookfield, Timothy was named as the eldest son in the 16 August 1751 division of Thomas Brown’s estate. He died in Swanzey, New Hampshire, on 3 January 1770.

Timothy Brown married first about 1729, THANKFUL OLMSTEAD, born at Brookfield, Massachusetts on 15 February 1712/3. the daughter of Jabez and Thankful (Barnes) Olmstead. The will of Captain Jabez Olmstead of Ware River dated 24 February 1752/3 and proved 22 March 1752/3, left 5s. to the children of his daughter Thankful Brown, deceased.

Timothy Brown married second at Brookfield on 18 April 1744, Keziah (Cooley) Goss. She was born at Longmeadow part of Springfield, Hampshire County (Hampden County since 1812) on 29 October 1702, a daughter of Benjamin and Margaret (Bliss) Cooley. She married first at Brookfield on 25 November 1723, Philip Goss, by whom she had seven children. The 13 May 1746 account of the state of Philip Goss says that the eldest son Philip Goss had assumed administration, “his mother, the widow Keziah Brown, formerly Keziah Goss, having died. There were apparently no children from Timothy’s brief second marriage.

Timothy Brown married third at Lower Ashuelot (later Swanzey), Cheshire County, New Hampshire, on 27 February 1745, HANNAH (____) WRIGHT, she had married first Cyprian Wright…

Children of Timothy Brown and 3d wife, Hannah Wright:

  • Thankful Brown b. at Lower Ashuelot (Swanzey N.H) 8 Jan. 1746 (She died about 1752/3)
  • Wright Brown b. Ware, Mass 1 July 1748
  • Joel Brown b. Ware, 3 Oct. 1750″ (5)

If this information in the article above is truth, then Keziah had to have died before 27 February, 1745 when Timothy Brown remarried to Hannah Wright.  This means the marriage of Keziah and Timothy lasted only 10 months. The probate file and court documents of her husband’s estate also indicate that she died early 1745.

Based on the above article we find that Timothy Brown was also a cousin of Philip Goss III. Philip’s mother Judith (Hayward) Goss had a sister name Mercy and she was Timothy’s mother. Judith and Mercy’s mother was Anna White a descendant of William White of the Mayflower. (6)

Here are the children of Timothy and Thankful Brown all born in Brookfield.

Anna, d. Timothy and Thankfull, Apr. 23, 1730.
Ephraim, s. Timothy and Thankfull, Feb. 1, 1734-5.
Mabel, d. Timothy and Thankfull, Jan. 28, 1732-3.
Ruth, d. Timoth and Thankfull, Dec. 26, 1739.
Silanc, d. Timothy and Thankfull, Oct. 19, 1737.
Thomas, s. Timothy and Thankfull, Apr. 16, 1742. (7)

We find an entry in the History of Swanzey, New Hamphire about Timothy Brown.

Dea. Timothy Brown m. 1st Thankful___ (d. Oct. 6, 1743; m. 2d Kezia _____(d. Sep. 15, 1744); m. 3rd Feb 27, 1745, widow Hannah Wright (d. Aug 18, 1776). He d. Jan 3, 1770. Children: Thankful bapt. Jan 10, 1746. Timothy bapt. Jan 10, 1746, page 301. (8)

Apparently, Paul H. Goss did not realize just how close Timothy Brown and Philip Goss III were. Yes, they were neighbors. They were very closed neighbors and actually lived next door to each other.

There is a deed dated 1734 in the Worcester Land Records Index that is listed under Timothy Brown to Thomas Brown and the witnesses are Philip Goss and Philip Goss Jr. (Keziah’s husband at the time.) We find that Timothy Brown lived right next door to Capt. Philip Goss I and Philip Goss, Jr. III in Brookfield. He was also a neighbor to Thomas Gilbert a son-in-law of Capt. Philip Goss II and Philip Jr.’s aunt Hannah Goss Gilbert.

Last part of the Deed between Thomas and Timothy Brown showing Philip Goss and Philip Goss Jr. as witnesses

To all Christian people to whom these presents shall come I Thomas Brown _____ Greeting know ye that the said Thomas Brown of Brookfield in the County of Worcester husbandman found in consideration of Love and goodwill and affection which I have and to bear toward my Eldest son Timothy Brown of the same town and county Province aforesaid Blacksmith Have given and granted and by these presents do freely and clearly and absolutely give & grant unto the said Timothy Brown his heirs and [administrator] all & singular a certain tract or tracts of land situate lying an being in Brookfield in the County and Province aforesaid containing by estimation two hundred and fifty acres butted & bounded as followeth viz one ___containing one hundred acres be it more or less. Begin at a black oak tree _____by Hadley road then run southerly to a black oak stump with _____continuing southerly to a white oak tree marked then to a rock with ____on it then upon Sam’l Wheelor to a [slak cand hener] which is said Wheelor Corner then heading southerly upon land of John Goss to a pine stump then to a white oak tree standing by the Ditch then bound by the Brook running up the Brook to a white oak marked then running northerly upon land of Phillip Goss Jr. to a rock continuing northwestardly to a ditch and from the ditch to a heap of stones then running westwardly to a white oak marked then running northerly to a fence to a stake by the stone wall north to Hadley Road then continuing northwardly to a stake and J. Heney then to a white oak which is a corner running southwest an other track containing by my mention one hundred & fifty acres be it more or less butted and bounded beginning the Southwesterly corner u a small elm standing in a little run then runs eastwardly ____the mill ___meadow to a stake by the Brook then to a pine tree then to a stake and then by the dug way then turning northwardly to a maple tree marked. Then turning easterly over the hill to a white oak marked to continuing eastwardly to a pine tree which is a corner then turning northerly to a white oak stump & ____on it to continuing northerly to a stump and ___ upon it which is a corner then turning west to a black oak tree marked then turning southerly by Land of Thomas Gilbert to a red oak tree which is said Gilberts Corner then turning west by Gilburts land to a white oak marked then turning northerly by Gilburts land to the brook above the East Meadow then bounded by the upland down the meadow to the _____of the hill meadow to continuing southerly down by the Brook to a maple tree [Hans Singer] the said Brook north of the path that comes from Ware River to Brookfield then turn west to a white oak marked then run southwest to a white oak marked below the West Meadow Dam then turning southerly land of ________to a white oak marked to continuing southwardly to the first mentioned corner where it first began Except what shall be necessary ____________according to the grant of the ___of Brookfield to have and to hold the said grantor presents with all and singular advantage privilege and ________and thereunto belonging or in any wife appertains unto him the said Timothy Brown his heirs and after and forever ____good perfect and absolute Estate of Inheritance __________________clearly ______and discharge of and from all former and other gifts grant bargain sales _____Mortgage will be ______________executions & encumbrances whatsoever & furthermore the said Thomas Brown _____________to Grant to and with the said _______Brown his heirs and assigns forever that before and until the sealing thereof ______& Lawful owner of ___________the granted premises with the ______ Have in myself full power good right and lawful authority to convey give and confirm the same aforesaid and furthermore. The said Thomas Brown for myself my heirs do Covenant premise and engage to warrant and defend the Grantee premise with all privilege whatsoever is thereunto belonging _____my wife appertaining unto him the said Timothy Brown ____________assign forever against the lawful claims & demand to any person or persons whatsoever forever thereafter. In witness whereof I have thereunto set my name and seal this first day of July Anno Domini 1734 and in the Eighth year of the Reign of our Sovereign, Lord George the ______by the Grace of God of Great Brittain France and Ireland King defender of the faith I Thomas Brown seal sign _____and delivered in the presence of Phillip Goss Phillip Goss Jr. Thomas Gilburt Worcester Brookfield July 1, 1734; Then Thomas Brown the subscriber to the foregoing instrument acknowledge the same to be his act and deed Cram Joseph Dwight jus pa July 28, 1734 Rec and ___John Chandler Reg. Bk5 page 250. (9)

The deed transcribed above shows that Timothy Brown was even more than just a good neighbor. Timothy Brown received 250 acres in 1734 from his father, Thomas Brown, that was situated next door to Philip Goss Jr.’s (III) land in Brookfield. This deed is new information and shows that Timothy was very close to the Goss family by land ownership as well.

Of course in 1734, Timothy was married to Thankful and this means that Keziah (Cooley) Goss probably knew her as a neighbor.

The story of Keziah (Cooley) Goss Brown is not complete at this time. I have a lot more to share about these ancestors: an in-depth on Philip’s estate, deeds that involve Philip Goss III, the children’s stories, the quest to find their burials and Keziah’s heritage as a member of the Cooley family. I will return to her and Philip Goss III in future posts.

In the next post, I will review the sources on her daughter Keziah (Goss) Haskell Rose and based on the information presented we will see that these two woman had very different life stories.


Sources for this post – seek out the parenthesis (#)

(1)  Keziah Cooley Goss, Quarterly Bulletin of the Cooley Association,   Article by Paul H. Goss in several volumes of the bulletin. The Cooley Family Association of America, 39 Woodland Place, Fort Thomas, Kentucky.   Housed at the DAR Library 2nd Floor, upper level to R. of Desk, top shelf Oversized Red Book. (DAR Library has Vol. 1-7, 8, 9, 10 and 12.) The articles below were short and spread throughout several volumes in a series. I am not sure if I have the citation totally correct but I have gone through it several times. 

  • Vol. I, No. 1, October 1939, page 1 – Keziah (Cooley) Goss – Cover page
  • Vol. III, No. 8, April 1942, page 2 to 3 – Start of the series: Keziah (Cooley) Goss, Contributed by Paul H. Goss. Discusses Benjamin Cooley and the descent to Keziah and her marriage to Philip Goss. 
  • Vol. III, No. 4, July 1942, page 3 to 4. Keziah’s marriage to Timothy Brown and the confusion with her daughter Keziah Goss.
  • Vol. III, No. 1, October 1942,  page 3 to 4  Deaths of Keziah and Philip and lack of a burial location, Paul’s speculation on the fate of Keziah (Cooley) Goss Brown, that she and Timothy went to Granville. 
  • Vol. IV, No. 2, January 1943, page 9 to 10 More on the migration to Granville, Simsbury and Becket. 
  • Vol. IV, No. 3 April 1943, page 15 to 23, Keziah (Cooley) Goss. The Children of Keziah Cooley Goss.

There is also a description of the Goss-Seward Reunion in the Quarterly Bulletin.  Vol. VIII, October 1946, No. 1, page 4.  Paul went to Pennsylvania on this trip.

Both Paul Goss and Flora Osborn, cousins and Goss researchers, were members of the Cooley Association of America which still exists and you can find some really good information at this link: http://www.cooleyfamilyassociation.com/index.html As a Cooley descendant I could join.

(2) Probate Docket of Philip Goss Jr. of Brookfield, #24906, July of 1742, page 303 of Index Court Clerk Books: Probate Docket No. 24000-27599, FHL#859177, Probate Records (Worcester Co., Massachusetts,) index 1741 to 1881, 1731-1916. Case file #24906, page 303 (Image 158). Goss images start with 156. The list above is from the Probate Docket and lists the court clerks book/volumes and pages. Online at FamilySearch.

(3) The marriage of Keziah (Cooley) Goss to Timothy Brown in Brookfield. Vital Records of Brookfield, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849 Birth, Marriages & Deaths, pages. 106, 211, 324, 492 Philip Goss, Worcester, Massachusetts, Franklin P. Rice, Trustee of the Fund, 1909.

Marriages: “Philip Goss and Kezia Coolee, Nov. 25, 1723”

(4) History of North Brookfield, Massachusetts: preceded by an account of Old Quabang, Indian and English occupation, 1647-1676: Brookfield records, 1686-1783, A Genealogical Register of North Brookfield, J. H. Temple, actually compiled by Charles Adams Jr. (1887):

pg. 200 “Dec 1728 the town voted to build one school house… “The following persons entered dissent against the site of the school house: Ephraim Hayward, Philip Goss, Jr., Jonathan Jennings, Timothy Brown etc. (Not built till 1733)

There are additional references to the Goss family in the pages of this book,  which is available at Internet Archive for viewing and downloading. I will revisit this source in future posts.

(5) Timothy Brown of Brookfield and Ware, Massachusetts, and Swanzey, New Hampshire, a Descendant of William White of the Mayflower, by Robert S. Wakefield, F.A.S.G. The American Genealogist, Volume 71, pages 155 to 157, published July 1996. The American Genealogist is at the American Ancestors website (NEHGS) as a database and you can access the articles. This particular article has many sources listed, but be careful sources can become dated but to republication. Some of them I have featured in this post.

Here is another notation from The American Genealogist, Volume 46, page 244, published in 1970 about Timothy Brown.

Timothy Brown was a son of Thomas and Mercy ____Brown. He married 1) Thankful ______, (2) Brookfield, 18 April 1844, Keziah Goss. By his first wife he had in Brookfield: Anna, Mabel, Ephraim, Silence, Ruth and Timothy all born from 1730 to 1742. 

The American Genealogist was founded in 1922 by Donald Lines Jacobus who is considered to be the father of modern genealogy. When you see the F.A.S.G. at the end of someones name, it means that the person is one of a small group of very accomplished genealogists. http://fasg.org/

(6) Mayflower Families Through Five Generations, Descendants of the Pilgrims Who Landed at Plymouth, Mass. December 1620, Volume Thirteen, William White, Originally compiled by Ruth Wilder Sherman, FASG and Robert Moddy Sherman, CG, FASG, Re-edited by Robert S. Wakefield, FASG, published by the General Society of the Mayflower Descendants, 1997. One of many silver books. Pages: 3, 4, 10, 23-25 Hayward children Judith and Mercy/Marcy and her marriage to Thomas Brown and a listing for Timothy Family #98 on page 71 and 72. 

In the article about Timothy Brown in The American Genealogist, they reference a 1975 edition as a source for Mayflower 5 Generations, I have provided the update source above for the Mayflower Five Generations project that features Timothy Brown.

The information about Timothy Brown based on the Mayflower Volume is slowly convincing me that they are one and the same man.

(7) Vital Records of Brookfield for Timothy and Thankful Brown’s children Early Vital Records of Massachusetts from 1600 to 1850, pg. 52 and 53 Brown Births. Online at this website. http://ma-vitalrecords.org/MA/Worcester/Brookfield/

Vital Records of Brookfield, MA to the end of the year 1849, Higginson Book Co., Hathi Trust Digital Library. 


Ancestry.com also has Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records online at their website. You can access Ancestry through a public library with your library card but, you have to be physically in the library to do so.

(8) History of Swanzey, New Hampshire from 1734 to 1890 by Benjamin Read, The Salem Press, 1892, page 301.  This book is available at Internet Archive to search and download. There are several mentions of Timothy Brown in other pages of this book and I find them confusing because there are dates for a Timothy Brown sometimes referred to as Deacon and they are before 1744 the year he married Keziah (Cooley) Goss. Either he was going back and forth or there was another Timothy Brown. 

  • Page 18 Indians raids and an abduction of a Mr. Blake about 1746 Timothy Brown was involved in military action. 
  • Page 49 Timothy is involved with selling land in 1741.
  • Pages 50 and 51 Timothy Brown is mentioned again but the dates are 1741 and maybe 1743 but it is really vague.
  • Page 57 again mention Timothy about residing in the town before abandonment with no clear date.
  • Page 158 Timothy Brown is mentioned regarding the churches in 1753. The proprietors held a meeting in 1743 and Timothy Brown is listed.
  • Page 253 a Timothy Brown is listed as dying of smallpox Oct. 1776? He is listed as Page 514 Deacon Timothy Brown as a leading man among the first settlers, no date given. 

It is interesting that the Mayflower Vol. 13 only references page 301 but they do not mention anything about Timothy Brown being a Deacon?  I find the information in this history of the town to be confusing.  It implies that Timothy Brown was going back and forth between Brookfield, Swanzey and even Ware.

(9) Deed: Thomas Brown to eldest son Timothy, Brookfield, Worcester Co., Massachusetts Land Records, July 1, 1734, Book 5, pages 250 to 252, 250 acres to his eldest son, witnesses, Philip Goss, Philip Goss Jr. and Thomas Gilburt. Online at FamilySearch. 

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