Philip Goss IV and his marriage to Mary Kendall!

Philip Goss IV (b. 1724 d. 1778), son of Philip and Keziah (Cooley) Goss, married Mary Kendall in 1744 in Lancaster. The actual marriage record apparently was not recorded and only the intention appeared dated 7 June, 1744, Lancaster, Massachusetts (1)

Here is a copy of the actual page of the journal or book that has the intention for Philip Goss and Mary Kendall in the records of Lancaster, Massachusetts.  As you can see it is basically a list of names. If you can find the number 35 you will find the record. Just click the picture and it will open up for a larger view.

Philip & Mary’s Intention to marry

It reads Philip Goss of Brookfield enters his intentions of marriage with Mary Kendal of Lancaster November 18, 1744. (2)

Here is an explanation of what an intention of marriage meant:

In some cases we have records of the intention to marry, but no record of the marriage ceremony…It seems likely that the majority of couples for whom only intentions are recorded did in fact the early part of this period the betrothed couple was legally bound, and the union could not be causally broken, even before the marriage ceremony. The lack of a marriage record, then, would seem to be more often a failure of registration than of the ceremony itself.” Studies in American Historical Demography: Studies in Population, page 408 Journal of Marriage and the family August 1973, online.

In several past posts about the life of Philip Goss IV from 1740 to 1749, I mentioned several deeds that involved a Philip Goss and Mary Goss and other Kendall’s. In each of these deeds we see that Philip is given as Philip Goss  of Brookfield.  To me the location is important, because it separates him from others who had the same name. We see in the following deed summaries that Mary Goss and Philip Goss are mentioned together implying that they are married. We see that Mary (Kendall) Goss is still living as of 11 April 1748 according to the last deed.

First Deed: 22 November, 1744 Grantors We Mary Kendall spinster, John Kendall husbandman, Experience Kendall spinster, Mary Goss all of Lancaster and Philip Goss of Brookfield…for the sum of 80 pounds old money paid in hand by William Richardson of Lancaster…signed in the presence of Ebenezer Kendall, [Nathan] Rugg, This was not recorded till 1755. (3)

Second Deed: A deed of Philip Goss Jr, Mary Goss of Brookfield, Experience Kendal of Lancaster 18 September, 1745, receive 7 pounds ten shillings lawful money from Gardner Wilder of Leominister…40 roods of meadow land in Lancaster… (4)

Third Deed of several pages was done on 8 November, 1745 with Philip Goss, Mary Goss of Brookfield , Experience Kendall of Lancaster as grantors, for the sum of one hundred pounds paid by our Brother John Kendall (grantee) of Lancaster…rights and titles intras had shares in and to our honorable mother Mary Kendall third of land laid out and lett out to her as third ____of the Deceased of Honoured Father John Kendall, late of Lancaster…..(5)

Another Deed:  27 March, 1746 Philip Goss Junr. and Mary Goss his wife of Brookfield for 35 pounds new tenor from Gardner Wilder of Leominster in the county of Worcester, MA, 42 acres in Lancaster. This deed is signed by both Philip and Mary Goss. (6) 

Still another Deed:  11 April, 1748 I, Philip Goss of Brookfield, 140 pounds from Job Lane of Bedford in Middlesex Co., 82 acres, plus 16 acres, signed by Philip Goss and Mary Goss. (7) Deed recorded August 16, 1748. 

Philip Goss IV was born 18 November, 1724 to Philip & Keziah Goss in Brookfield. Here is the original entry in the town clerk books. (8)  This Philip Goss who married Keziah Cooley was a son of Capt. Philip Goss and they all resided in Brookfield from about 1705 onward.

Philip Goss’ birth record in Brookfield shows his parents are Philip & Keziah Goss.

Please do not confuse Philip Goss IV born 1724 in Brookfield to Philip Goss and Keziah Cooley and who died 1778 in Pennsylvania with his half-cousin Philip Goss of Lancaster who married Hannah Ball on May 12, 1748 in Bolton. The intentions for this marriage were recorded 16 April, 1748 in Lancaster. (9) This half cousin was a son of John Goss and Mary Woods and he was born about 1720. This Philip of Lancaster migrated to New Hampshire about 1760.

I traveled to Winchester, New Hampshire in 2011 and visited the tombstones for this Philip Goss and Hannah Goss in the Evergreen Cemetery in Winchester, New Hampshire stating that this Philip Goss died in his 84th year on April 17, 1804.  This means he was born 1720. (10) Unfortunately, I have not yet found a record that gives his actual birth date that is not from a secondary source (histories, manuscripts by others) and I have been all over the Lancaster sources.  I have found deeds that definitely connect this Philip with John Goss of Lancaster.


Sources for this post – Seek out the parenthesis (number)

(1) The published version of Philip Goss and Mary Kendall’s intention of marriage:

The Birth, Marriage and Death Register, Church Records and Epitaphs of Lancaster, Massachusetts 1643-1850. Edited by Henry S. Nourse, A.M., Higginson Book Company, Salem, Massachusetts, Reprint 1890, Chapter VI, Book I, Town Records of Births, Publishments, Marriages and Deaths, Begins 1726 page 21, Intentions of Marriage, page 30. This book is available online at Internet Archive and searching there as well as; however the last source does not do a proper citation. Mr. Nourse wrote many books so make sure you get the correct one.

(2) Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988, Worcester County,Births of Children in Brookfield, Massachusetts to Philip Goss and Keziah Goss – Journal entries of Brookfield, Some original journal entries are at

I will be transcribing the following deeds in detail and will present them in full in future posts, meanwhile you can find them at Family Search online.

(3) First Deed: 22 November, 1744, Philip Goss, Mary Goss, Mary Kendall and John Kendall to Wm. Richardson, Book 36, page 120, Worcester County (Mass.) deeds (1722 to 1866) and index to deeds (1731-1889), 1722-1889. 

(4) Second Deed: 18 September, 1745 Philip Goss, Mary Goss and Experience Kendall to Gardner Wilder of Leominister. Book 27, page 46.

(5) Third Deed: 8 November, 1745 Philip Goss, Mary Goss, Experience Goss to brother John Kendall, Book 21, pages 205 to 206. Worcester County (Mass.) deeds (1722 to 1866) and index to deeds (1731-1889), 1722-1889. 

(6) Deed: 27 March, 1746 Philip Goss Junr. and Mary Goss his wife of Brookfield to Gardner Wilder of Leominster in the County of Worcester Co. Land Records, MA, Book 27, page 47. 

(7) Deed: 11 April, 1748, I, Philip Goss of Brookfield to Job Lane of Bedford in Middlesex Co., Worcester Co. Land Records, Book 24, page 427. Image 531, Deeds 1746-1748 vol. 23 to 24. This deed does not mention Mary Goss at the beginning of the deed, but she does sign next to her husband at the bottom.

(8) Birth of Philip Goss IV Published version: Philip, s. Phillip and Keziah, Nov. 18, 1724, Vital Records of Brookfield, Massachusetts to the end of the year 1849, Birth, Marriages & Deaths, pges. 106, 211, 324, 492 Philip Goss, Worcester, Massachusetts, Franklin P. Rice, Trustee of the Fund, 1909.

Copies of Original Records: Births of Children in Brookfield, Massachusetts to Philip Goss and Keziah Goss, Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988, 

(9) Marriage of Philip Goss of Lancaster, to Hannah Ball: Early Massachusetts Marriages, Prior to 1800 as found on Ancient Court Records of the Counties of Middlesex, Hamsphire, Berkshire and Bristol, 3rd Book, “Bolton” pg. 40-41 and Concord pg. 37, Publ. by Frederic W. Bailey, Worcester, Massachusetts. 

pg. 40 Under Bolton: June 24, 1738, “Part of Lancaster established as Bolton. First (Unitarian) Church organized 1740. Friends, 1799. Officiating clergymen mentioned: Rev. Thomas Goss, Rev. John Walley. – 3rd from bottom: Marriages: “Philip Goss of Lancaster & Hannah Ball, May 12, 1748.

(10) Burial of Philip Goss and Hannah Ball in Evergreen Cemetery, Winchester, New Hampshire Find A Grave #114082137 for Philip Goss and #114082160 for Hannah. There are other Goss in this cemetery. The graves are located behind the large dominating white sign and to the left in the front row. NOTE: Please be careful with Find A Grave. I have found mistakes with the Goss Family information and the incorrect children listed with the different Philips.

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