Ebenezer Kendall: A Witness to a Deed of the heirs of John Kendall late of Lancaster d. 1740

In the last post I presented a deed that had a man named Ebenezer Kendall witnessing the deed of  Mary Kendall, John Kendall, Experience Kendall, Mary Goss and Philip Goss dated November 24, 1744. This deed was selling land to a Wm. Richardson in Lancaster that had once belonged to John Kendall late of Lancaster. (1)

Who was this Ebenezer Kendall?

Ebenezer Kendall was a son of Samuel Kendall another brother to Jacob and John Kendall, above.

Samuel Kendall was born 8 March, 1659 in Woburn, He died 1749 at the age of 90 in Lancaster, Worcester, MA. His burial is unknown.

This Samuel married 1st to Rebecca Mixer 13 November, 1683. She died 25 October 1691. She was a daughter of Isaac Mixer and Rebecca Garfield. Samuel and Rebecca’s children were Samuel b. 1684, Isaac b. 1686, Joshua b. 1688, and Rebecca b. 1688 d. 1773. (2, 4)

Samuel remarried again to Mary Locke on 30 March, 1692 a daughter of William Locke and Mary Clark.  Samuel and Mary’s children were: Mary b. 1692 d. 1727, Rebecca b. 1694 d. 1791, Abigail b. 1697, Ebenezer b. 1700 d. 1749, Ruth b. 1703, and Tabitha b. 1706 d. 1739. (2, 4)

This is a summary of the will.

Will (Samuel Kendall), dated Woburn, Dec. 6, 1742, names his wife Mary; his sons Samuel (eldest son)., Isaac, Joshua, and Ebenezer (executor): his daughters Rebecca Russell, Ruth Bancroft and Abigal Nichols; also the children of his daughter Tabitha Richardson, deceased, namely Tabitha, John, Amos, Jonathan and Mary Richardson; will proved 1749 “of Lancaster, formerly of Woburn,” Worc. Prob.” (3)

Hannah and Samuel’s will

This is a summary of the contents of Samuel Kendall’s will file #34685. The volume numbers could be consulted in the court clerk books.

  1. Card #34685, Kendel, Samuel, Lancaster, Will 1749
  2. Decree Allowance of Will, Vol. 3, page 249
  3. Hannah Kendall Admr. bond S. Kendall Will July 1749 Vol. 177, pg. 53
  4. Samuel Kendall Will 1749, Allowed, Jan 26, 1749, Rec Vol. 3, page 247
  5. Note –for original papers see Case #34546 (Ebenezer’s estate). (3)

Ebenezer was born 16 May, 1700 and he married Hannah Thompson (daughter of Simon Thompson and Hannah) and they had nine children between 1731 and 1747. (2, 4)

Sadly, Ebenezer Kendall died 27 May, 1749.  Earlier that year on 16 May, 1749 the son of Ebenezer and Hannah also died in Lancaster. Widow Hannah Kendall took on the administration of her husband Ebenezer’s estate and also the Executor duties of the will of the father Samuel. (2, 4)

The estate of Ebenezer Kendall is #34546 in the Worcester Probate records. There was no will so this was intestate and here are some of the pages in the probate file along with the court clerks volumes that could also be looked at for clarification.

  1. Cover page Ebenezer Kendall, Lancaster 1749/50
  2. License Bond – Hannah Kindal – To account for the sale of Land, June 1750, Vol. 190, pg. 101
  3. Hannah Kendall account/Inventory, allowed May 9, 1753, Vol. 4, page 169, acknowledgement by the JP
  4. Hannah Kendall Adm bond Kendall Estate Jan. 1749, Vol. 177, pg 37 (5)

I share this with you because I feel that this Ebenezer knew John Kendall and his family who died in 1740 and the family and his presence at the partition deed was an important fact.  The fact that Samuel Kendall was also in Lancaster, a son of Francis and Mary (Tidd) Kendall makes it a strong case that the John Kendall who died in 1740 in Lancaster is tied into this family in some manner.

I have yet to really study the grants of Lancaster and search out deeds of Ebenezer and Samuel and even John in hopes they might shed light on the relationships.

Unfortunately, it does not solve the parentage of John Kendall late of Lancaster d. 1740 but it means that it was probably close.


SOURCES for the above post look for the (with a number#)

(1) Deed dated 22 November, 1744, Philip Goss, Mary Goss, Mary Kendall, Experience Kendall and John Kendall to Wm. Richardson, Book 36, page 120, Worcester County (Mass.) deeds (1722 to 1866) and index to deeds (1731-1889), 1722-1889.  See last post before this one for a transcript of the deed.

(2) Memorial of Samuel Reed and Matilda (Thomas) Kendall and of Some of Their Ancestors and of Their Descendants, by Ralph R. Kendall, Worcester, MA, 1936. Francis Kendall on page 10, page 14, Chapter V. Ebenezer Kendall (3) son of Samuel and Mary Locke Kendall b. May 16, 1700, m. 1730 to Hannah Thompson, daughter of Simon and Hannah Thompson, b. April 8, 1703, Simon was the son of Jonathan, born June 15, 1673. You will have to get a copy of this book it is not online at this time. Family History Library has a copy.  Try using Worldcat to search for a library near you for a copy of this book.

(3) The Kendall Family in America, Edited by Wm. Montgomery Clemens, 1919, William M. Clemens Publisher, Chapter IV #8 Samuel Kendall, page 10, Ebenezer #131. Online at Internet Archive.

(3) Will of Samuel Kendall #34685, 1749 Lancaster, Worcester Co., Probate Court, Massachusetts, Online at FamilySearch.

(4) Kendall Family of Woburn, MASS. by William R. Cutter, Esq., Librarian of the Public Library, Woburn, MASS [Supplement to Sewall’s History of Woburn.], NEHGR Vol. 39 page 17-23. Samuel Kendall starts on page 19 and on page 20 is Ebenezer Kendall.  This article is based on Mr. Cutter’s father’s manuscripts.

(5) Estate of Ebenezer Kendall #34546, 1749/50, Lancaster, Worcester Co., Probate Court, Massachusetts. Online at FamilySearch.

Additional Sources for checking the vitals in this post:

  • Woburn Records of births, Deaths and marriages. Edward F. Johnson (Woburn, Massachusetts: Andrews, Cutler & Co., 1890-1919. There are three volumes Vol. I is births pages 138 to 142, Vol. II is deaths page 1o4 to 105 and Vol. III is marriages pages 151 to 154. Ancestry.com has all three volumes to search at once. Internet Archive also has the 3 volumes but you need to read the title page to know which one you are accessing.  I am focusing on the years 1620-1873.  This is a published series based on the vital records of Woburn and original records should be consulted.
  • The Birth, Marriage and Death Register, Church Records and Epitaphs of Lancaster, Massachusetts 1643-1850, Edited by Henry S. Nourse, A.M. by Higginson Book Company, Salem, Massachusetts, Reprint 1890. This book is available online at Internet Archive for viewing and downloading.

Please be advised that sources 2, 3 and 4 are secondary sources and are subject to error or the interpretation of the author.

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