Chocksett Burial Ground in Sterling, Massachusetts a visit in 2011

Sterling MA, Chocksett Cemetery and Kendall Road, Google Maps

The photo above covers some of the area of Sterling, MA. Just click on the photo and it will open in a larger window. If you look close you can see the location of the public library, the Chocksett Cemetery and at the bottom of the picture is Kendall Road.  Lancaster is to the right. Just follow Hwy 62 and then turn onto Sterling Road which will take you into Lancaster.  If you follow 62 you will end up in Clinton. Lancaster and Clinton are meshed together so if you do end up in Clinton, just turn north and you will find Lancaster.

This is a very important cemetery in researching in Lancaster especially for the Kendall surname. I visited it when I was on my trip to Massachusetts in 2011 and I shared my visit in my Massachusetts’ Meandering Blog.  That blog is old and will be removed from the internet soon and a PAGE will be put at the top of this blog for you to access my trip information.

Here is an overview of this cemetery:

Chocksett Burial Ground Sign

The road winds by the cemetery.

Entrance to the cemetery

If I recall, I got caught on the road inside the cemetery. The road goes along the right edge of this cemetery and is very close to the hill. I had to back my car out very carefully.  So please be careful when driving in this cemetery.

Here is what I wrote in my personal trip journal and I was correct about the scary road inside the cemetery. Now be careful with some of the description, I was guessing.

Chocksett Cemetery in Sterling, MA
Moving further north up the highway, I went to the right and I did not go onto Hwy 12.  I believe it is called Redstone Hill Rd? I came upon the Chocksett Cemetery.  The entryway from the highway was very tight and I managed to squish the car into it without scrapping anything.  There isn’t a paved road through this cemetery only a dirt road with a railing on the side because it is very close to the cliff.  I discovered there was another entrance on the south side which was much bigger and more room to park, probably on Bridge or Maple Street. Find A Grave has a listing of this cemetery.

I started at the west end and read the gravestones moving to the east.  I discovered Kendalls and Goss names.  I took lots of pictures which I will post when I return from this trip……………

There actually is a hill behind this cemetery called Kendall Hill and there is a Kendall Hill Road. I did not have time to drive it and find it.  I do know it is there.  Journal, of B. J. MacDonald for Massachusetts Meanderings Trip, April 3 to 24, 2011

Up the street is the Hillside Cemetery with only 197 burials listed at Find A Grave. Oakhill Cemetery has 34 graves for Kendall’s and 9 for Goss at Find A Grave.

Here are some overview photos of Chocksett Burial Ground.

The link above is to Tombstone Inscriptions taken from : The Birth, Marriage and Death Register, Church Records & Epitaphs of Lancaster, Mass. 1643-1850 by Henry S. Nourse, A.M., Lancaster, 1890. Transcribed by a Janice Farmsworth and housed at USGenweb Archives done in 2012.  

Here are the Goss burials listed:

Abigail (Fairbanks) 1st w/o William d. 24 Nov 1843 age 42 (O)
Asa d. 18 Aug 1843 age 67 (G)
Caroline d/o William & Abigail d. 28 Feb 1826 age 2 (O)
Caroline d/o William & Abigail d. 16 Sept. 1830 age 2 (O)
Charles d. 15 June 1864 age 27 (0) 21st Reg’t MVM Killed near Petersburg VA — Capt. CW
Edwin s/o William & Abigail d. 15 Dec 1857 age 23 (O)
Ella Blake d/o Frederick & Martha A. d. 30 Nov 1877 age 17 (D)
Francis s/o William & Abigail d. 1 Sept. 1831 age 6 (O)
Frederick b. 23 Nov 1829 – d. 6 Sept. 1905 (D)
George d. 12 Apr 1883 age 62 (I) CW
Hepsibeth (Fife) w/o Asa d. 12 Aug 1870 age 88 (No GS)
Jane E. 2nd w/o George d 27 Nov 1889 age 65 (I)
Josiah d. 3 Apr. 1821 age 75 (P)
Lucy d/o Josiah & Sarah d. 10 Sept. 1851 age 79 (P)
Martha A 1st w/o Frederick d. 24 Apr 1876 age 42 (D)
Martha Ann 1st w/o george d. 5 May 1851 age 25 (I)
Mary (Johnson) 2nd w/o William d. 10 Oct 1886 age 85 (O)
Mary J. (Quinn) 2nd w/o Frederick Goss m. 2d Otis Nixon 1852-1939 (D)
Peter s/o Asa & Hepsibeth d. 19 Aug 1843 age 40 (G)
Sarah w/o Josiah d. 10 Aug 1817 age 71 (P)
Sarah d/o Josiah & Sarah d. 29 Sept. 1786 age 1 (P)
Sarah d/o Josiah & Sarah d. 12 Sept. 1843 age 55 (P)
William d. 17 Mar 1882 age 85 (O)

There are a lot of Kendalls buried in this cemetery, so I suggest you open the file above and make a copy or go to Mr. Henry Nourse’s books online as listed in the above link. Mr. Nourse’s book is available online at Internet Archive or Hathi Trust for easy searching and for downloading.  His books are very important for researching in the Lancaster area.

Then you can go to Find A Grave and compare the photos and memorials there with the list above.

I will feature other area cemeteries in future posts.

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