The Kendall Family – Mary (Kendall) Goss’s ancestry…PART II

In PART I, I shared theories of who John Kendall was. So far there are about three possible birth dates for this man and everyone seems to have their own ideas about whom he married, either Deborah Richardson or Mary ________ Kendall.

  • 1684
  • 1696/7
  • 1699.

Here is a summary of the theories I discussed in Part I:  I suggest you print out the Part I post which is the one before this post.  There is a place to do that at the bottom of the post, just click on PRINT. You will find sources under each theory to study.

Remember that these theories are a result of my summary of the sources and information presented by past and present researchers.  I wanted to show the confusion that exists about who John Kendall was.

  • Theory 1.) The John Kendall born 1684, the son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey and he married Deborah Richardson in 1718.

It is looking like this man may have been too old for Deborah Richardson if he had survived. This child named John born 1684 would need to be researched carefully. I have not found anything about him at this time.

  • THEORY 2.) The John Kendall born 1684, son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey, died young.

This is possible, children that died were not always recorded. I just wish there was some record other than a book by another person showing this child’s death. I mean a bible record, vital record of some type.

  • THEORY 3.) That John Kendall born 1696 and who died in 1759 in Dunstable, married Deborah Richardson in 1718 and he was the son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey.

This theory is possible but, there is no indication that John and Elizabeth Kendall had a child born in 1696/7 in the records.  John is 14 years older than Jacob, his younger brother, and he is getting up in years. By 1696 he is 50 years old. Elizabeth, his wife, is 36 years old so it is possible she had other children that were not recorded.  This birth date fits better with Jacob’s children. See Theory 4.

  • THEORY 4.) John Kendall born 1696/97 to Jacob and Abigail (Hassell) Temple did not die. Some believe that the clerk made a mistake and put the death of the brother Ebenezer next to John’s name and that this John lived.

This does not seem like a stretch to me, if you have seen the condition of the original journals of the ministers and priests you would see that it required a very diligent effort to keep these journals up and accurate. Some are just lists. If you consider that John was 14 years older and compare his children with Jacob’s and the ages of the children you see that it makes more sense for Jacob to be the father. Still we need evidence that supports this theory. Keep reading.

  • THEORY 5.) John Kendall, son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey, b. 1697 in Woburn married Susannah in 1722 and had six children with her: John 1723, Zebedee, 1725, Sarah 1727, Jacob 1729, Temple 1731 and Edward 1736.  Susanna was born 1700 and died June 17, 1766.

I am having a lot of trouble with this theory.  I feel that this was a book of the notes of the man who wrote them and so it was probably not complete.

Here are the remaining 2 theories and the decision is continued below:

  • THEORY 6.) John Kendall, born 8 July 1699 was the one that married Deborah Richardson in 1718 and was a son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey.
  • THEORY 7.) John Kendall born 8 July 1699, son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey and a twin of sister Hannah Kendall born 8 July 1699 who married T. Lippenwell.  This was the one who married Mary __________maiden name unknown and migrated to Lancaster and settled there dying in 1740. He and Mary had three children – John, Mary and Experience.

Francis & Mary’s son John Kendall: 

Let’s take a look at this John Kendall oldest son of Francis and Mary.  This John Kendall was born 2 May, 1646 to Francis Kendall and Mary Tidd and who stayed in Woburn and then died there about 1732. I don’t believe he went to Lancaster as some have stated. I believe that his brother Samuel did.  This John Kendall married three times.

His first marriage was 29 January, 1668 to Hannah, daughter of Thomas Bartlett. Their children were:

  1. Mary, born 1 Sept. 1671 died about 1721.
  2. Lydia, b. 23 April 1647, d. 25 Dec, 1711 in Woburn. Married a John Wright 21, Sep., 1698 in Woburn.
  3. Francis, b. 4 Dec. 1678; died young.

John Kendall then remarried to Elizabeth Comey/Comee b. 1661 in Woburn. They married 29 March , 1681. She died about Dec. 1701. They had the following children.

  1. Francis, b. 11 Apr. 1682 who married Abigail and 5 children: Francis, Amos, John, another Amos and David.
  2. John, b. 7 Oct. 1684; died young**See Theory #1 and #2 in PART I.
  3. David, b. 14 Nov. 1686.
  4. Samuel Kendall
  5. Elizabeth, b. 23 Feb. 1688-9 and she d. 1778, m. 9 Aug, 1720 to Amos Knight.
  6. Jonathan, b. 28 Nov. 1690, m. Sarah
  7. RebekahRebecca, b. 22 March, 1693 in Woburn, m. Ebenezer Beaman b. 1690 in Lancaster and died 11 May, 1764 in Lancaster. She did 14 September, 1754 in Lancaster.
  8. Nathaniel, b. 27 Feb. 1694-5, d. Abt 22 Apr 1776 in Woburn. He married Abigail Locke on 16 Mar, 1720 in Woburn. She died 16 May, 1730. They had Nathaniel, Abigal, Elizabeth, Peter and John. He remarried to Sarah Carter on 11 Feb 1731 and she died 3 October, 1775. They had John, Sarah and Anna.
  9. Hannah was born 8 July 1699. She married 10 May 1725 to Thomas LippinwellLeppinwell.  Many believe that she was a twin with the John listed below.
  10. John was born 8 July 1699 a twin of Hannah or he was the one that married Deborah.  See Theories 6 and 7 about this John Kendall. 

Here is the remaining two theories about who John Kendall was:

THEORY 6.) John Kendall, born 8 July 1699 was the one that married Deborah Richardson in 1718 and was a son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey.

This means John would be 19 years old in 1718 and Deborah would be about 25 years old. That is a six-year difference between them.  Some believe he was too young to marry but I am not convinced.

Sources to consider:

Richardson Memorial comprising a Full History and Genealogy of the posterity of the three brothers, Ezekiel, Samuel, and Thomas Richardson etc., by John Adams Vinton. Portland, ME, Brown Thurston & Co., 1876. p. 57 identifies him as the youngest son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey b. 8 July 1699. The birth recorded in Woburn for that family on that date and is for a daughter named Hannah not a son John. However, both a John and a Hannah are named in their father’s will of 1726 (proved 1735). See Theory 7 for a summary of the will. Online at Internet Archive for searching and downloading.

Memorial of Samuel Reed and Matilda (Thomas) Kendall and of Some of Their Ancestors and of Their Descendants, by Ralph R. Kendall, Worcester, MA, 1936. Francis Kendall on page 10. John Kendall page 10. Elizabeth Comey and John Kendall page 11 at the top: 11. John b. July 8, 1699; m. March 25, 1718 to Deborah Richardson. 12 Hannah b. July 8, 1699; m. Thomas Lippinwell, May 10, 1725. 

Page 17 is where you will see how Samuel Reed and Matilda fit into this book. They are under Thomas Kendall (5) 2nd son of William and Sarah Bradstreet Kendall (3) a son of Ebenezer and Hannah Kendall. This Ebenezer Kendall was the man who witnessed the deed of the Mary (Kendall) Goss family in Lancaster and he is a son of Samuel Kendall a brother to John.

Historic Homes and Institutions and Genealogical and Personal Memories of Worcester County, Massachusetts, Ellery Bicknell Crane, Lewis Publishing Co., 1907,  p. 4:44. There are 4 Volumes to this compilation.  Family Search has these volumes online at their website and they are really easy to search.  This seems to follow Samuel Kendall’s family.

  • Vol. #I, pages 541-542, 159 Everett Kendall, pg. 541 Kendall Family
  • Vol. #II, pages 423-425 Kendall Family (The Kendall Family of Athol, MA, Lebanon, NY, Oxford, MA.
  • Vol. #III, Chester, Crusoe, Jonathan and Wesley Kendall
  • Vol. #IV pages 44-45, 329-331, Samuel Kendall page 330 and  Jacob Kendall, page 330

“Their children were: John, Born May 2, 1646, died 1732, soldier in King Philip’s war, 1675; had eleven children, of whom John settled in Dunstable about 1730; married Deborah Richardson, March 25, 1718 and Francis’ son John settled in Leominister. page 44, Vol. IV.  This does not seem to give dates.

A Genealogical Dictionary of the First Settlers of New England, showing Three Generations of Those who came before May, 1692 on the Basis of Farmer’s Register, by James Savage, in four volumes, Vol. III, K-R page 9 and 10 Kendall’s and other references throughout the book, Boston: Little, Brown and Co., 1861. At Internet Archives for searching, viewing and downloading.  I recommend searching online before downloading. This is really hard to interpret so go slowly.  Only goes to Rebecca in John’s line with Elizabeth.

The History of Woburn, Middlesex County, Mass. from the grant of its territory to Charlestown, in 1640, to the year 1860, By Samuel Dewall, M.A. pg. 619-623 and pg. 621, for John Kendall, Samuel, Boston, Wiggin and Lunt, 620 lists the 4 sons of Francis Kendall and their descendants – John, Thomas, Samuel and Jacob.  Lists John kids with Hannah   John born 7 Oct. 1684 died young.  John 2d, b. 8 July 1699. Online at Internet Archive.

The Goss Family History etc., Paul H. Goss pages 15 extra-2 for 5 pages. Paul discusses his views about Mary’s ancestors. I find his argument to be confused and he jumps around a lot. He continues to believe that Mary is the daughter of Deborah Richardson and it is not making sense with the other sources that I have found and written about in my post about Mary’s parents.  Go to my Post about the Goss History and follow the links to find a copy and download it for your own information:

THEORY 7.) John Kendall born 8 July 1699, son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey and a twin sister Hannah Kendall born 8 July 1699 who married T. Lippenwell, was the one who married Mary __________maiden name unknown and migrated to Lancaster and settled there dying in 1740. He and Mary had three children – John, Mary and Experience.

I have searched a little on Hannah Kendall and T. Lippenwell but have not found much. I would like to return to study this couple to see if anything shows she was a twin to a John.

So far I have not found a vital record to support the birth of John on 8 July 1699. There is one for Hannah Kendall – Hannah, d. John and Elizabeth, July 8, 1699 Woburn Births Vol. I, pg. 138. Is this another mistake by the clerk or were their twins born. Twins are not unusual in the Kendall family.

John Kendall d. 1732 had a will recorded in the Middlesex Co. records and here is summary of that will:

Will dated March 9, 1726, proved March 28, 1735 (lodged April 10, 1732). Names wife [Unice]; sons Francis [ffrancis] (eldest, executor), JOHN, Jonathan, and Nathaniel; daughters Elizabeth Knight, Rebecca Boman [Bemon], and Hannah Leppinwell [Liponwell]; also five children of daughter Lydia Wright, deceased: John, Joseph, Nathan, David and Abigail [Abigill] Wright. [Note: bracketed additions from FHL film 416783,File 13081: John Kendall 1732]

In this will we see there is a John mentioned.  So which is it the one that was b. 1684 or 1699.

Sources to consider and ponder.

Early Records of Lancaster, MA 1643-1725, H. Nourse, pg. 276 and 277 for births of John Kendall d. 1740’s children, pg 286 John Kendall’s grant of land, 1884, Clinton: W. J. Coulter, Courant Office 1884. Online at Internet Archive.

See my post dated June 6, 2017 titled Mary (Kendall) Goss’s parents John and Mary _____Kendall of Lancaster.

The History of Woburn, Middlesex County, Mass. from the grant of its territory to Charlestown, in 1640, to the year 1860, By Samuel Dewall, M.A. pg. 619-623 and pg. 621, for John Kendall, Samuel, Boston, Wiggin and Lunt, 620 lists the 4 sons of Francis Kendall and their descendants – John, Thomas, Samuel and Jacob.  page 620: John 2d, b. 8 July 1699. 

How did the John Kendall that is the father of Mary (Kendall) Goss and who died in Lancaster in 1740 obtain the land that was featured in his estate. Finding that land deed or gift would be a very good thing. I will need to do more research regarding land records in Lancaster it might be an interesting piece of information:

pg. 286: The widow Eunice married John Kendall of Woburn, who, with his brother Samuel, were the progenitors of numerous descendants bearing the name of Kendall in Lancaster, Leominster and Sterling. John Kendall received a forty acre grant from the town, January 26, 1714 “on the easterly side of Wecapeket Brook.” The Widow was Eunice Brooks widow of Samuel Carter son of the Rev. Thomas Carter of Woburn – see page 285.  Early Records of Lancaster, Nourse. 

Here is more description of the land grant:

easterly side of Wecapeket Brook (West side of George Hill, Lancaster) Northside of the North Row Road, between Pratts Junction and Heywood Road.

So Mr. Henry Nourse is giving the impression that John Kendall husband of Eunice was a progenitor of descendants in Lancaster etc. but he didn’t say he went there. Samuel is mentioned and we know he went there. This land is probably in what was called the additional grant for Lancaster of 1701? Something is going on here.

After Elizabeth’s death, John married, for his 3rd wife, Eunice, widow of Mr. Samuel Carter, and daughter of John Brooks. She was living in 1706 and that is why she is mentioned in his will rather than Elizabeth.

The Tracks We Leave, Kendall Family Genealogy of New England

I am including this website, because if you do a Google search it will come up. This website has some good information but is a little thin on sources and that concerns me. They also have mistakes especially with Mary (Kendall) Goss’ and her birthdate and place of birth and the children. The page for Mary is very incorrect. Please be cautious.

38. Francis Kendall and Mary Tidd, m. 24 December 1644 in Woburn: Children: John, Thomas, Mary, Elizabeth, Hannah, Rebekah, Samuel, Jacob, Abigail.

56. John Kendall was born on 2 July 1646 in Woburn, died 10 April 1731. Married Hannah Bartlett, then married Elizabeth Comey/Comee their children are listed as: Francis, John b. 1684, David, Elizabeth, Jonathan, Rebekah, Nathaniel, Hannah and John.

91. John Kendall born 8 July 1699 twin of Hannah, born in Woburn. Died in Lancaster in 1740. Married Mary surname unknown, children: John, Mary, Experience.  This is the line to Mary (Kendall) Goss.

234 Mary Sarah (Kendall) Goss.  This page is not correct.  You need to read this blog’s posts about Philip Goss and Mary for the correct information. Even the children are incomplete and incorrect.  Philip Goss was not in Hartford in 1746 he was living in Brookfield and it would have been very difficult for him to be there. He is also number IV not III.  

146 Lt. John Kendall born 10 January 1698 in Woburn, died 17 July 1759 in Dunstable. He married Deborah Richardson b. 8 March 1693 and died in 1739. They had Deborah, Mary, John, Zebedee, Sary, Temple, Esther, Edward and Lucy. This has him marrying a Susanna Wyman in 1740 and having John, Zebedee, Sarah, Jacob, Lt. Temple, Edward. 

FIND A GRAVE: Please be careful FAG can be incorrect in the information presented. 

John Kendall b. 1646 #96488143 Find A Grave memorial burial unknown. This memorial has lots of links to parents and all three wives, some children and siblings. This lists most of the children: however, it skips Hannah and jumps to John born 8 July 1699. He is linked to John Kendall born 1697 but it is believed this man is a son of Jacob Kendall.

Mrs. Hannah Bartlett Kendall b. 1642, died 1681, Find A Grave Memorial #96488361 no photo of the tombstone but does list her marriage to John Kendall and their children together.  Burial is unknown.

Mrs. Elizabeth Comey Kendall b. 1661 died Dec. 1701, Find A Grave Memorial #96488465 no tombstone photo, burial is unknown. Lists her parents, marriage to John Kendall and their children skipping Hannah and adding John Kendall born 8 July 1699.  It also links her son as John Kendall b. 1697 but this man may well be a son of Jacob Kendall.

Eunice Brooks Kendall, b. 1655, died about 1730, Find A Grave Memorial #51731893. No tombstone photo burial is unknown. This states she was married 3 times and the last was to John Kendall b. 1647?

SUMMARY I have presented a variety of sources of various quality and placed them under a series of seven theories of WHO IS JOHN KENDALL.  I did this to emphasize the confusion that is going on out their on the internet and in books about the lines of the Frances and Mary (Tidd) Kendall children of son especially John Kendall and Jacob Kendall.  Just because it is published does not mean  it is correct.

I really lean toward the belief that the John Kendall born in 1684 is not the one that married Deborah. I believe that the John Kendall born 1696/7 was the one that married Deborah Richardson and migrated to Dunstable because of the grave marker stating his age and his will. Also the evidence that the daughter Mary born in 1721 married John Wright is strong and tends to make me realize that it is not working for John Kendall b. 1696 and d. 1759 and Deborah Richardson being the parents of Mary (Kendall) Goss b. 1721 and married about 1744 to Philip Goss. Also the name of the wife of the John Kendall that died in 1740 in Lancaster is Mary not Deborah.

If he, John Kendall d. 1740 and was a twin of Hannah and a son of John Kendall and Elizabeth Comey born 1699 seems more reasonable but still I am not convinced. He would have been 20 when his son was born in 1719. I have not found a marriage at this time.

In the last few days, I have been mulling over all this and fretting about it all. I have decided that the only way to figure this out is to go back to John Kendall of Lancaster who died in 1740 and review and study all the documents that I have found and seek out more in court records and land records: grants and deeds.  I touched on Ebenezer Kendall and maybe a further study of him would be in order to see if there are other relationships that come up along with any other Kendall’s in the Lancaster area.  So please understand that this is not my final report on the parents of Mary (Kendall) Goss.  It is time to move on and follow the migrations of Philip Goss and Mary Kendall Goss west.

For additional information on the Kendall family go to my PAGE at the top of this blog titled “Polydactyly in the Kendall Family.”  My cousin Ken gave me permission to repost his article. It is under the page: DNA Can it help with my Genealogical Research. 


A great many of the sources that I have featured in Part I and II are secondary so it is really important to seek out primary sources in order to make sure we have the correct facts. I have also noticed that some authors are interpreting the records and forcing them to fit into their theories, ages, location and more need to be factored in. We need to get serious about the quality of the sources presented.

We also need to realize that we may not be able to solve these riddles of genealogy in the Kendall family because of the lack of vital records and more.  That means we need to carefully qualify our statements and that we are speculating.

Here are definitions of sources:

PRIMARY SOURCES: provides direct or firsthand evidence about an event, or person. These can be vital records, like birth, death, marriage; however, you do have to seek original documents.  There are lots of published vital records and they are a good place to start but at some point the original town journal or documents should be obtained if possible.

SECONDARY SOURCES:  A record created later by someone who did not experience the time period or events. Most histories are secondary sources. This means that the quality of the source is also of importance.  Like this blog is a secondary source and a compilation.  The following are secondary sources.

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2 Responses to The Kendall Family – Mary (Kendall) Goss’s ancestry…PART II

  1. Stephen F. fritz says:

    Bonnie, I have read your essay on who might be the Mary (Kendall) Goss’s mother. Impressive. You really are a researcher into genealogy way above my pay grade. Currently there in no last name for Mary’s mother on the WikiTree website. So we will have to wait on your future efforts to locate her. Steve

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Stephen: Well I did it professional for 10 years, so hopefully something rubbed off on me, there are others even more accomplished at the really difficult puzzles. When you get into the 1700’s and earlier it gets harder. I am hoping the connection is in the deeds. The whole genealogy of the Kendalls is a mess…AUGH! I do not know Mary’s maiden name….if I could find her marriage record to John Kendall that would maybe help but in those days they just made lists. I saw that you had done that for Mary and I thank you about her last name being unknown. It might take a while. Unfortunately, I did not have this info and when I was at the courthouse in Springfield, MA (early deed records of Worcester which was not in existence till 1723?) I focused on Goss not Kendall so I will probably have to study the index and then write for copies??? The really early years of Lancaster, the grants are tough to find…I have tried Nourse’s early records he says the early stuff was lost and they had to figure it out by studying later records. AUGH!

      The more important is that Mary Kendall Goss is not the daughter of Capt. John Kendall and Deborah Richardson, but some other John Kendall and Mary _______. Thanks for stopping by.

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