Philip Goss IV finishes up business in Worcester Co. in 1748/9

Rufus Putnam’s version of Worcester Co. about 1785.

Philip Goss IV appears as residing in Simsbury, Hartford Co., Connecticut in the following deed. He had been selling off the land of his father and grandfather in past deeds and apparently there was even more business back in Worcester regarding land in January 1748/49.

Source: Deed – 10 January 1748/9 Philip Goss sells land in Worcester to Robert Gray, Book 27, pg. 448, 1749, Image 236 Massachusetts Land Records. Recorded 20 April 1749, FamilySearch website.

This deed was very difficult to read, J. Chandler the registrar did not have the best handwriting. This is a printed form deed with areas to write in the information. What you see here is a summary of the contents:

Part of the Deed of Goss to Gray January 1748/1749

To all People to whom thefe Prefents shall come, Greetings, Now ye that I Phillip Gofs of Simsbury in the County of Hartford & Colony of Connecticut husbandman. For and in Confideration of the Sum of one hundred pounds Old Tenor to me in Hand before the Enfealing…Robert Gray of Western County of Worcester & Province of the Mafschufsets bay in new England husbandman…………..the said Robert Gray —–one certain tact or parcel of land in Western at a place called Wigwam Brook containing by estimation four acres of Meadow land more or lefs & bounded all _____upon the Upland………….In witness whereof I have hereunto set to & my hand an seal this 10th day of January 1748/9 In the 22 year of his Maj’sty’s Reign.

Phillip Gofs (seal) –———-witnesses: [Sammoll Befuson] Jr. Noah Ashly

Worcester, Weston Jan’y the 10th day 17/48/9 the subscriber to the written deed personally appeared and acknowledged the same to be his act & deed before Noah Ashly Just of the Peace. Aprill 20, 1749 Rec and ____________J. Chandler Reg’r.

So, this is really a very interesting deed. Philip Goss IV is now in Simsbury, CT. He is the Philip Goss IV of Brookfield that we know because he is finishing up business in Worcester Co. and selling more of the lands (Meadow) of his probably his grandfather Capt. Philip Goss. Land was granted in bits and pieces in those days, so a person would get meadow land, orchard land etc. and they would not all be in one place.

The deed states the land is in Western which was south of Brookfield and is now called Warren. The land was probably land of his grandfather or maybe his father based on the brief description. When I post more indepth on Capt. Goss and his son Philip Goss father of our Philip Goss IV. I will dig deeper into the deeds in Brookfield and the area.

It is difficult to know if Philip Goss really did appear before the Justice of the Peace because he was in Simsbury and Brookfield was a little distance for him to travel back and forth to. His presence is alluded to but not named. Since it is difficult to know exactly when he left Brookfield it could have been his last act before really leaving the area. Open up the map at the top and see if you can find where Western was located.

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