Philip Goss IV and Mary (Kendall) Goss – the birth of four of their children

By January of 1749 Philip Goss IV was in Simsbury, Connecticut according to the deed dated January 1748/49 to Robert Gray and the recording date, featured in a past post.

For some reason, Philip decided to record the births of his children in Simsbury.  Based on the dates of birth of the first three children, they were probably born in Brookfield because Philip Goss and Mary were busy with selling land in Brookfield and Lancaster from 1745 to 1748 and had not left the area at that time. This deed to Robert Gray suggests that Philip was in Connecticut somewhere between January 1749 to April 1749. See past posts written about this deed.

Barbour Simsbury Births

Things get difficult in determining the birth location of Nathaniel Goss the 4th child. He might have been born in Windsor, Connecticut because that is where his grandmother Mary Kendall had migrated. This is according to the deed of land dated 1750 to Amos Rugg of Lancaster.  Of course, he could have been born in Simsbury and that is why Philip decided to record them all? See the previous post for a discussion of the deed that involved Mary (Kendall) Goss’s family.

  • Sarah Gofs Daughter of Phillip Gofs was Born July 4, 1745
  • Phillip Gofs Son of Phillip Gofs was Born August 12, 1746
  • Experience Gofs Daughter of Phillip Gofs was Born October 8th, 1747
  • Nathaniel Gofs Son of Phillp Gofs was Born January 26, 1748/9.

Source: Simsbury, Connecticut, births, marriages and deaths, transcribed from the town records and published by Albert c. Bates, 1898 Hartford. This is available at Hathi Trust Digital Library online for viewing.

Or The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records – Sherman 1802-1850 and Simsbury 1670-1855, compiled and edited by Lorraine Cook White, 1994-2002, Genealogical Pub. Co., page 107.  [see also COSS] Experience, d. Phillip, b. Oct. 8, 1747, Nathanael, s. Phillip, b. Jan 26, 1748/9, Phillip, s. Phillip, b. Aug. 12, 1746, Sarah, d. Phillip, b. July 4, 1745. has a partial listing. Some of the films at Family Search have a camera by them but you have to be in the library to view. 

Find A Grave has memorials to these people. Please be careful.  The children of Philip & Mary Goss are not correct. The last two children are of Philip Goss and Hannah Goss of Windsor, New Hampshire. Abel and Levi are their children.  I refer you to David P. Goss’s book which I feature in one of my PAGES above under Researchers of the Past. Also Ephraim Garrett Goss’s work that is at the Family History Library online at their website. Paul H. Goss’s work and more sources.

In a future post, I will write about Philip & Hannah Goss and their families. My goal at this time is to cover the life of Philip Goss IV and his wife Mary Kendall Goss.

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