Philip Goss and Mary, the Records of the Congregational Church – Township No. 4 – Becket 1759 to later…

On my trip to Massachusetts in 2011, I found this manuscript at the Berkshire Athenaeum in Pittfield. It was a transcript of the records of the Congregational Church by a Rollin Hillyer Cooke. This is not the original source but I think it is probably a good start.

Source:  Becket, Mass, Records of the Congregational Church (Township No.4), by Rollin Hillyer Cooke, copy Berkshire Athenaeum in Pittsfield.  I believe a copy is with FamilySearch.

page 326: A book of Records for the use of the Church of Christ in No. 4, November the 20 A.D. 1758, Given to the Church by the Rev’d Paster Ebenezer Martin, 

Articles of Faith Believed by the Church of Christ in Number Four…1-5 articles

  • Signed: the true Covenant signed by those Persons whose names are here written when the Church was at first Gathered; by the Rev’d Mr. Morton of Blandford; and the Rev’d Mr. Smith of Grandville; on the 28th day of December A.D. 1759. Testifyed by me. Ebenr Martin Pastor:Signed by Ebenezer Martin
  • Thomas Baird Junr
  • Philip Goss
  • Isaiah Kinsley
  • William Wattson

Page 328 – More articles signed by:  Ebenezer Martin, Pastor, Thomas Beard, Philip Goss, Isiah Kingsley, Ebenezer Bush, David Lee, Daniel Wait, Jonathan Walker. 

Page. 336 – Dec. 9, 1761, then at Regular Church meeting Conveaned at the house of Mr. martin, Called to consider an accusation of Philip Gosse, against Mr. Martin of his being drunk at Westfield; upon said Philip Gosse saying that he had followed it to the End and there was nothing in it and Reflected on himself for his rash action and treatment the Church voted unanimously that they are Entirely —-(Torn)? —-and satisfyed. Recorded and tested to by me, Ebenezer Martin, Pastor. 

Page 337 – Sept. 20, 1764. then at a Regular Church meeting Conveaned at the meeting house, in No. 4 to consider nine articles of charge alledged against Mr. Martin by Philip Goss; as then appearing in Wrighting; after have Chose the Re’v Jedediah Smith of Grandville moderator of the meeting they Proceeded to the Consideration of the articles alledged – and Voted the three first of them Esy; and settled; and the Rest no so. Recorded and tested to me. Ebenezer Martin, Pastor. 

Page 353 Page 31 A True Record of all the times and names of the persons Batized by the pastor of the Church in No. 4…… October 26, 1760 Ebenezer child of Philip Goss. 

Page 354 page 48 – A Catalogue of the names of the Church…3rd down Philip Goss and Mary Goss his wife.

No. 4 December 28, A.D. 1758. then Thomas Baird Junr, Philip Goss and Isaiah Kingsley all appeared with Letters of Recommendation….Mr. Gosse from the Rev. Mr. Smiths Church at Grandvale

Page 355 Number four, April the 15th A.D. 1759. then Mary Goss wife to Philip Goss was admitted to full communion in this church by Letter from the Rev. Mr. Furbush of Brookfield – tested and Recorded by me Ebenezer Martin, Pastor. 

Page 368 pg 100 A True record of the names of the heads of all the famalies of the township of No. 4.  — 9 down Philip Goss.

I did not find any surnames of Gibbons, Haskell or Rose in this document.

Two other sources that discuss the same above information. These are still under copyright so you will have to find a copy of these books. You could try Worldcat to see where they might be housed near you.

  1. Becket’s First Fifty Years, 1752 to 1802, by Cathaline B.A. Archer, Prepared by Berkshire Genealogist Indexing Committee and published by the Berkshire Family History Association, Pittsfield, MA, 1995, pages 13, 14, 30 and 31. Available at the DAR Library in Washington D.C.
  2. A Bicentennial History of Becket, Berkshire County, Massachusetts (incorporated June 21, 1765) by Cathaline Alford Archer, Mitchell J. Mulholland, Esther Turner Moulthrop for the Becket Historical Society, 1964,  pages 36, 37, 40, 45, 46, 48. 

Excerpts from the 2nd listing above, the Bicentennial book similar to the ones I found in the source above:

pg. 13 – To arrange a time and place for the ordination ceremonies there were chosen the following: William Watson, Isaiah Kingsley, Daniel Waite (lately of Norwish and Philip Goss.

pg. 14 “This “true Covenant signed by those Persons whose names are here written when the Church was at first Gathered….” with the names of Ebenezer Martin, Thomas Baird, Junior, Philip Goss, Isaiah Kingsley and William Watson affixed to it, is followed by this “certification”: “Number Four December the 28th Day 1758; then Thomas Baird Jun. Philip Goss and Isaiah Kingsley all appeared with Letters of Recommendation, Mr Bard from the Revd Mr. Frosts Church at Mendon; Mr. Goss from the Revd Mr. Smiths Church at Granville; and Mr Kingsley from Revd Mr. Devitions Church at Windham, and where Embodied into a Church of Christ at No. 4; ……and Mary (Kendall) Goss by letter from “the Revd Mr. Furbush” in Brookfield…

pg. 30: 31 – Philip Goss, born in Brookfield, Mass., Nov. 18, 1724, lived in Simsbury, Conn., when the birth of his son Philip was recorded in 1746. Births of three other children were recorded in Granville, Mass., in 1752, 1754, 1757. He sold land in Granville in May, 1758, and was living in Township Number Four by this time. In 1769 he was reported as in the Wyoming Valley of the Susquehannah Tract of Pennsylvania. In 1771 the Becket Church “Voted a letter of dismission and Recommendation to Philip Goss to any Church of Christ where God in his Providence shall Dispose of him.” Philip Goss sold his farm in Becket – part of lot 56 to Benjamin Chamberlain of Cochester in June 1771. Goss was in the battle of Wyoming in July, 1778. In November following he was attempting to escape by slipping down the river in a canoe when he was overtaken by Indians; he was shot and left dead on the shore – Charles Minor, History of Wyoming 1845…

The above quotation from the Bicentennial book of Becket page 30-31 is interesting to me in that it only mentions son Philip and not the other three children: Sarah, Experience, Nathaniel who were born in Simsbury or recorded there.  I think we can assume that Paul H. Goss did influence the information in this book by Ms. Archer.

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