Norton Cemetery in Otis, MA. Finding the final resting place of Keziah Goss Haskell Rose

Before I leave the Berkshires and Becket and head to Pennsylvania, in the effort to track our restless Philip Goss IV, I visited the Norton Cemetery in Otis, MA in order to view the burial of Keziah Goss Haskell Rose. She was the sister of our Philip Goss IV. She migrated to Granville after the death of her husband Zachariah Haskell in Hardwick and remarried to John Rose. She followed her son Philip Haskell to the Granville area and Otis, Massachusetts.  How much interaction she had with her brothers Thomas and Philip is unknown at this time.

I visited Otis in 2011 writing about that visit in my Massachusetts Meanderings Blog (this blog will eventually be retired from the web and turned into a PDF and placed on a page at the top of this blog for reference). Apparently I was coming from somewhere else other than Pittsfield so that is why Hwy 57 and the north up Hwy 8.

Here is what I wrote:

“Off I went back onto Hwy 57 heading west back to New Boston and then up Hwy 8.  The sky was darkening and the rain was beginning by the time I got to Otis.  I was going in search of the Norton Cemetery in East Otis.  So I turned on Hwy 23 at Otis and drove about a mile or more to the Norton Road.  I entered a road with a sign that said “Closed MUD.”  (Just click on the picture and it will open up.)

Norton Cemetery Location, Google maps

I proceed cautiously but I went too far up this gravel road.  So I turned back and there was the cemetery on the right.  I parked the car and was greeted by a very unhappy dog belonging to the house across from the entrance to the cemetery.  The owner was trying to contain him.  I gathered my things and proceeded into the cemetery. It is located only about 1 block from the entrance onto Norton Rd.  I had been concentrating on the right side of the road and the houses so that is why I missed it as I drove in.  You park and walk into this cemetery.

Norton Cemetery in East Otis, MA

Burials of Haskells Line Up

The cemetery is on a slope and it is in an open area with a stone wall around it.  I easily found the Haskell family and there was Keziah Goss Haskell Rose’s stone broken in half.  Fortunately I could see the inscription and it was really something to see that name “KEZIAH” across the top.  The stones are to the right as you enter the cemetery and along the road side near the stone wall and lined up together.


It reads Keziah the widow of John Rose died Aug 17, 1815 age 87  As you can see her stone was broken in 2011. 

Philip Haskell

Philip Haskell, June 6, 1756, d April 18, 1849.
He served his country in the Revolution from its beginning to its close.

 This Philip Haskell is a brother of Roger and therefore son of Keziah Rose (Keziah Goss Haskell Rose) and son of Zachariah.  There are more graves and they seem to be his wives. Apparently, he married several times?  I have some work to do. 

 The real fun was seeing the name “Keziah” carved in a tombstone.  This Keziah caused quite a problem along with her mother back in the 1930’s and 1940’s when Paul H. Goss was trying to figure who was who and who married whom.  I just wish we could find her mother Keziah Cooley Goss Brown and where she is buried?  Someone on the internet said Timothy Brown headed to Winchester NH but he is not on the list in the Evergreen cemetery there and neither is Keziah?

The puppy was still not happy with me as I climbed into my car but the man was kind and made sure his puppy was under control and had put him on a leash.  Funny, this medium-sized dog was wagging his tail as he barked at me!  I decided not to push my luck.

Here is a very nice blog on this cemetery which was a great help to me in finding it:  They also have a video.

Here is a listing of the burials:

Keziah Goss Haskell Rose broken tombstone is at Find A Grave at the Norton Cemetery cemetery with 102 burials and 92% photographed.

I took this picture of the tombstone back in 2011 and if someone is willing to go to this cemetery and taken another.  I am wondering if the stone has been repaired?

Roger Haskell and family are buried in Center Cemetery in Peru, MA, he was another son of Keziah and Zachariah Haskell.  I will share that visit when I post about Keziah’s life in more depth in the future posts.  Peru was formerly called Partridgeville.

In a past posts on this blog I did write about the two Keziah’s, mother and daughter, and untangled the confusion. You can find them on this blog. Check the top of this blog where there are pages featuring table of contents of the posts I have written and look under Philip Goss III to find information on Keziah.

In the future, I will visit Keziah Goss Haskell Rose in her own posts about her life.  I have to finish her brother Philip Goss IV and Mary’s story before I do that however.

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