Westmoreland County Taxables 1776 to 1780…

Tax lists are always an excellent source to study and in this case the tax lists that survive from Westmoreland Town and County, Connecticut during the years 1776 to 1780 are invaluable sources. These tax lists are assessment lists only and do not show those absent due to military service or flight from Indian attacks.

From the tax lists we know who was actually there in the settlement in 1776, 1777 and 1778.

You will find these tax lists in several resources but I cite the two that I think are very good.

  1. The History of Wilkes-Barre, by Oscar Jewell Harvey, Volume II, 1776 pages 877-878. 1777 pages 946 and 947, 1778 pages 951 and 952. Vol. III lists 1780 on pages 1254-1255. Online at Internet Archive, be sure to include the volume number so you get the right one. Mr. Harvey wrote 6 volumes with the help of another man.
  2. Proceedings and Collections of the Wyoming Historical & Geological Society:  List of Taxable Inhabitants in the Town and Co. of Westmoreland, 1776-1780 Vol. 5, pg. 205-242, published by the society in 1900, #974.332 34w V.5 also online at Google Books.

Mr. Harvey (see Source 1 above) researched the tax lists and explains them in great detail, telling you who is missing and why and who may have created the lists. Very interesting reading, so don’t just scan through the lists for your ancestor, read before and after to get Mr. Harvey’s explanations.

The tax list covers the areas of: Wilkes-Barre, Kingston, Plymouth, Hanover, Pittston, North District (Exeter and Providence), Up the River, Lackwanna.  Remember that Huntington was part of the Plymouth District.

For the Goss Family – click and it will open:

1776 Plymouth taxable

1776  Plymouth District – August of 1776, pages 877-878 of source #1 above.

  • William Davidson – Wilkes-Barre
  • Philip Goss
  • Philip Goss, Jr.
  • Solomon Goss,
  • Nath’al Goss
  • Obadiah Scott

1777 Plymouth District pages 946-947, Sept. 1777?

  • David Goss
  • Nathaniel Goss
  • Philip Goss
  • Philip Goss, Jr.
  • Solomon Goss
  • Obadiah Scott
  • Memoranda on Last page of Original list
    • Resolved of Rec’d Philip Goss 1L, 5, 6 (2nd source listed above)

1778 Plymouth District pages 951-952 could be Jan. 8, 1778 or later in the year it is hard to determine.

  • Philip Goss
  • Philip Goss, Jr.
  • Solomon Goss
  • Nathaniel Goss
  • David Goss
  • Obadiah Scott
  • John Scott – Pittston

1780 – Does not show any Goss or associated family members but then there are only 91 names listed which means a lot of individuals were not accounted for. It is my understanding that it took awhile for the settlers to return after the Wyoming Massacre in 1778.  They still had to secure the area and stop the Indians and Tories from causing trouble.

Philip Goss IV is alive in 1778 and so is David. The tax list would have to have been prepared prior to the increase in hostilities approaching June and July of 1778 when we come to the Wyoming Massacre in the valley.

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