Meetings of the Proprietors of Huntington Twp. 1777 to 1778

Business apparently went on as usual in Huntington Twp., Westmoreland County between 1777 to 1778. We know that the Goss family was buying and selling land in the township. Now we see that meetings were being held from the about end of 1777 through to May of 1778.  I do not know if there were earlier meetings.

Minutes of the Proprietors meetings 1777 Huntington Twp.

890 Huntington– At a meeting of the Proprietors of the Township of Huntington in the County of Westmoreland legally warned held at the dwelling house of Obediah Scott’s in said Huntington on the 25th Day of December A.D. 1777.

Obediah Scott Moderator for said Meeting:

Voted that John Franklin junr’ be Proprietor Clerk for said Huntington

Voted that John Franklin junior and Obediah Scott be a Committee to lay out a highway beginning at an allowed highway between Lots No. 17 and 26 at the Northeast corner of Lot 1st 17 and running from thence the best and most direct way towards Shickshiny Gap as far as the east line of Huntington, and liking a highway from thence to the River near the mouth of [Shick_____ ______] proprietors undivided Land and lay out a highway beginning at the highway above near Obediah Scot’s and running from thence northerly & best and most direct way to the North line of the Town to Crofs lot No. 38 as near the Centre as may best concern the Inhabitants  Said highway to be rods wide.

Voted that 150 acres of Land be given out of the undivided land for the encouragement and benefit of building a grist mill.

Voted that 50 acres of Land be given to each one of the 20 first Settlers and Settlers to survey his 50 acres adjoining some Town line or some lot running parallel with Original Town Line and not exceed 1 mile in length or 100 rod in breadth the first Settler having the first Pitch and one successively till 20 have surveyed – that each Settler aside in Town one year or forfeit said 50 acres to the Proprietors

Voted that John Franklin junr, Solomon Squire & Philip Gofs junior be a committee to lay out said 150 acres above mentioned for the encouragement of building a mill & mill plan and likewise employ some able person to build Said Grist Mill the undertaken to be Obliged to have a good Grist mill well erected and running within one year from the date and to maintain the said mill in good order with good attendance 15 years from the time it first runs.

Voted that No. 17 belonging to Obediah Scott be extended 80 rods Easterly in length bearing the same Number at the _______undivided

Apparently the meetings continued to May 6, 1778.  The writing was very difficult to read but I think they were talking about a burying-place and other business.

Huntington 391

6.7 Voted that a Tax of six dollars be immediately paid by each proprietor to defray Charges. Voted that John Franklin junr be Collector for Taxes. Voted that Philip Gofs junior be Treasurer for the Proprietors of Huntington.

7.7 Voted that this meeting be adjourned until the 4th Day of March A.D. 1778 at 10 O’clock in the morning to be holden at the Dwelling house of John Franklin junior in Huntington.

Opened at time and place.

At an adjourned meeting holded a the house of John Franklin junr’ in Huntington in Westmoreland on the 4th day of March A.D. 1778.

Voted that Nathaniel Gofs be one of the Committee to lay out the highways mentioned in a former Note.  (This implies earlier meetings?)

Voted that Obediah Scott, Solomon Squires and John Franklin junior be a Committee to lay out a Lot where it shall be most imminent in and for the Town of Huntington to be Appropriated for the use of a [burying-place].

Voted that this meeting be adjourned until the first day of April at one of the Clock in the Afternoon at the house of Obediah Scot in Huntington in Westmoreland Co.

Opened at Time and Place

At an adjourned Proprietor holders at Obediah Scotts in Huntington in Westmoreland Co. April 1, AD 1778.

Voted that the Committee appointed so ____Mill ___mentioned in a former vote forthwith apply to ____so lay out said Mill place and likewise a [burying place] ______or in afore___Vote

Voted that two acres and a half be laid out in the Burying _____mentioned to be laid as near square as may be.

Voted that this meeting be adjourned until the Sixth of day of ______at one Clock afternoon to be holden at Mr. Obediah Scott’s said Huntington Westmoreland County.

Opened at time and place

At an adjourned meeting holden at Obediah Scotts in Huntington in Westmoreland County May the 6th A.D. 1778

Voted that we build a bridge across Fishing Creek between ____and 26 on the highway that is allowed between said ____built at the Proprietors cost and as soon as may be _____/

Source: Paul H. Goss, his personal research notes, letters and other items donated after his death, held in two boxes at the New England Historic and Genealogical Society in Boston, MA in the Special Collections.  As of 2017 they appear to have been moved to storage. When I visited NEHGS and studied the boxes, I made a list of the contents which I will publish at a future date.  I do not know where Paul obtained this information, he did not make any notes that indicate the source. I suspected that they are in a booklet kept at the Luzerne County Historical Society in Wilkes-Barre but when I visited there I did not see anything that looked like the example of the page above? My visit there was however, difficult and did not turn out as well as I had expected, more later.

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