Revolutionary War service and involvement of the Goss Family…a summary!

Mrs. Flora Montanye Osborn did a great deal of research on our family back in 1939 through to her death in 1951. I have featured her on a page at the top of this blog if you are curious. She is under Researchers of the Past and now!  Flora is a descendant of Levi Goss, son of Solomon Goss and Olive Scott Goss and brother to my Lydia Goss.

Flora made a table of Revolutionary War Service for the Goss Family. She was deeply involved with DAR and Mayflower.

Below is the original which I found in a FamilySearch Film in the pages of the Keziah Cooley Goss Chapter of D.A.R. Records.  The information had been sent to Mr. Martin from the Campus Martius Museum in Marietta, Ohio, FHL#940938 Items 4-5.

Please note that this is done in reference to Philip Goss III and Keziah Cooley G0ss the parents of our Philip Goss IV, so don’t get confused when you see grandson.  Those listed are children and grandchildren of this couple.

Flora’s original Revolutionary War for Goss Family

The Thomas Goss who is listed in Flora’s list, is the brother of Philip Goss IV. I will post about Thomas in the future. At this time, I will focus on Philip Goss IV and his sons Nathaniel Goss, Comfort Goss, David Goss, Solomon Goss and Ebenezer Goss’s service.  I will prepare and publish posts on each of these individuals in more detail after I finish up with Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall Goss. Click the photo below and it will open in another window.

Goss Revolutionary Service by BJM

Here is my retyped version of her chart also presented above. Click on the link and then the attachment and it will open in another window: REVGOSS Family 

Here is the source that Flora cites for 3 of the individuals above: Comfort Goss, Solomon Goss and David Goss.  As I state, more detail on all of these individuals to follow.

pg. 616 – “The mother of the subject of our sketch, and the wife of John Coughlin, was Dianna Seward, daughter of Titus Seward, of Huntington township, in this county. He was a descendant of Enos Seward, Sr. , who was born July 7, 1735, and removed to Huntington in 1793…. Enos, married Sarah Goss, and lived in Granville, Mass., until he moved to Huntington, in 1793, and occupied the farm formerly owned by his wife’s father. Titus Seward was the son of Enos Seward, Jr.

Philip Goss, Sr., was the father of Mrs. Seward and one of the first claimants of land in Huntington. His sons, Philip, Solomon, David, Comfort and Nathaniel, were with their father in the place before the Indian and Tory invasion of 1778. Solomon was a prisoner in Forty Fort with Captain John Franklin, and others, for a short time.

The names of Philip Goss and Comfort Goss are enrolled among the first two hundred settlers who braved the hardships and dangers of the advance force who came to “man their rights.” The name of Goss has been permanent in Huntington since the first advent of the Connecticut settler. Before the massacre and battle of Wyoming the family of Philip Goss, Sr., lived on the farm now occupied by Levi Seward.

Mr. Coughlin married February 20, 1883, Emma Hughes, daughter of Edward Hughes of Kingston township. He was the son of James Hughes who wife was Elizabeth Swetland, daughter of Joseph Swetland, a descendant of Luke Swetland, of Kent, Conn. one of the Connecticut settlers of Wyoming. Mr. and Mrs. Coughlin have but one child living, Annette Coughlin. James M. Coughlin, county superintendent of the public schools of Luzerne county, is an only brother of Dennis O. Coughlin.”

Source:  Families of the Wyoming Valley: biographical, genealogical and historical. Sketches of the bench and bar of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. – Coughlin and Seward, Dennis O”Brien Coughlin, Vol. 2, page 616 – Wilkes-Barre, PA 1885-1890. Online at Internet Archive for viewing and downloading.

Knowing the Revolution War service of those who fought or served in other capacities during the Revolution can lead to membership in the DAR – Daughters of the American Revolution and SAR – Sons of the American Revolution.  I will also discuss this aspect of the Goss Families involvement in future posts.

Most of the source in the above charts are online at Internet Archive or as I have described in past posts on this blog. I suggest that you do your searches online at Internet Archive before downloading the PDF. I have found it difficult to search after downloading a book to my computer.

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