A Visit to Wapwallopen on the Susquehannah River 2008

A very nice lady from the Shickshinny Historical Society helped me out and took me to a viewpoint that overlooked Wapwallopen back in 2008. I wanted to see the area where one or more of my ancestors may have perished.  In my past post I shared several historical accounts of what happened  and pointed out that there is a lot of confusion as to which Goss family member died and when.  Some account say that it was Philip Goss IV who died and others state it was his son David Goss that perished.  In either case, I am glad I climbed up and took a look.

Here is my post from my Pennsylvania Wanderings Blog about my visit:

Historical Marker for Wapwallopen

It was suggested by my guide in Huntington and Shickshinny,  that I get a larger view of the area and I agreed. So she took me up to an overlook called Council Cup. She waited in the her car in the parking lot while I trekked up the path. Be careful it is a little confusing and consists of loop trails so read the information boards and note where you are going so you can get back quickly. Coming back from the look out was downhill and slippery with the rocks and rain from the night before. It was also hot and muggy.

From Council Cup Viewpoint

The view was spectacular!!!! I was able to see the nuclear power plant but mostly to see the Susquehanna River and look to see the area of Huntington and Fairmount and probably Union Twp. (Remember I live in the West). If you look down sharply you can see the town of Wapwallopen. You can observe the curve of the Susquehanna River. So if either Philip or David Goss were in a canoe you can get an idea of the area as it is today, rivers do change their course.

Looking towards the Susquehanna River

Looking toward the south

The description in other history books mentions “Beach” or “Beach Grove.” My guide said that those locations were on the other side of the river from Wapwallopen. 

The Shores of the Susquehanna River

Do not let the Susquehanna River fool you. It might look peaceful but it does flood and can be very dangerous.

The Location of Wapwallopen which is just below Shickshinny

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