The Estate of Philip Goss IV…1780

The letters of administration for the estate of Philip Goss IV were granted to his son Nathaniel Goss in January of 1780. In the index for the Westmoreland Records, only two names are listed under Goss: Nathaniel pg. 55 and Philip Pg. 55, and 56.

There are usually more papers associated with a probate of an estate. This estate was intestate, which means there was no will.

What you see shared below is all that there is of Philip’s personal estate.  For any land we would have to refer to deeds, some I have already featured in past posts and others will be in future posts.

Westmoreland Probates Liber A

Page 187 of the compiled source listed below:

Pg. 55 – At a Court of Probate holden in Weftmoreland within and for the deftrict of weftmoreland on the 18th day of January 1780 prefent Nathan Denifon Efq Judge then Administraction was Granted to Nathaniel Gofs upon the Sftate of Phillip Goss late of Weftmoreland Deceafed who became bound in a bond of one thousand pound Lawfull money with John Franklin Efqr. for the faithfull performance of that Truft.

Att a Court of Probate holden in weftmoreland within and for the deftrict of Weftmoreland on the 28th day of January 1780 Prefent Nathan Dension Efqr Judge then was Exhibited the Inventory of the Efstate of Philip Gofs late of Weftmoreland Deceafed and Order to be recorded and is as follows:

An INVENTORY of part of the Eftate of Phillip Gofs of Weftmoreland Decasfed (viz)

  • one grey mare 187/10/0
  • one saddle 50/0/0
  • one great coat 62/10/0
  • Two coats at 12 – 10 each 25/0/0
  • one brown Jackcoat 10 one blue D f3-15 13/15/0
  • one check flannel shirt 7/10/0
  • one pr leather breeches 7/10/0
  • three pr linnen breeches 5/0/0
  • wo pr yard Stockings 10/0/0
  • one Linnen Shirt 7/10/0
  • one old black barclonia henkerf 1/5/0
  • one bagg 3/15/0
  • one old coverlid 2/10/0
  • one old bed sack 2/10/0
  • one Flafs bottle 0/16/8
  • Cafh 110 dollars 33/0/0
  • one Note of hand againit Philip Gofs Jnr. 27/0/0
  • Turn Over 519/11/8

Page 56:

Philip Gofs Inventory Continued.

  • One Note of hand againit Dan Downing 40/10/0,
  • one note againit Cp Stephen Fuler 15/9/9,

NB the above Inventory is made Counting Twenty five Continental Dollars for One Silver Dollar

Obadiah Gore and John Jenkins (apprifer under oath) Westermoreland, 18 Jan 1780.

An Inventory of Philip Gofs Eftstate

One Red Cow 100, Jan. 21, 1780

NB Counting the above Inventory Twenty five Continental Dollars Equal to one Silver Dollar

Stephen Fuller and Afa Chapman (apprifers under Oath).

Source: Westmoreland in the County of Litchfield In the Colony of Connecticut, The Wyoming Valley Probate Records Liber A. from January 6,  1777 to June 16, 1783.  “Copied verbatim…alpha index of all names mentioned therein.” 1923. Reprinted in Vol. 18 of the Proceedings and Collections of the Wyoming Historical and Geological Society (now called the Luzerne County Historical Society). 

Unfortunately, there is no heirs-at-law form in which all of his heirs would be listed nor any other documents that would help us to learn more about Philip Goss IV.  I have not seen the originals and that might be interesting; however, I assume this is pretty much all that survived.

The above transcribed reference to his estate is also at under Connecticut Wills and Probate Records 1609 to 1999. It is searchable although I could not find Philip & Nathaniel Goss because they are under Connecticut, not Pennsylvania. I did proceed to find the listing for Westmoreland Co. in the Browse feature of the Collection under Litchfield. You will have to scroll to the bottom of the list to find it, open it and search for the pages and check the index.  It is the same source as I list below at the DAR and under the FHL number.

Other options for this source for probates for Westmoreland:

  1. DAR Library – The Records of the probate court of Westmoreland in the county of Litchfield in the Colony of Connecticut, liber A., from January 6 1777 to June 16, 1783, copied by S. Judson Stark.
  2. Family History Library: Westmoreland District in the County of Litchfield in the Colony of Connecticut: the Wyoming Valley probate records Liber A, from January 6 1777 to June 16, 1783, copied by S. Judson Stark, FHL#5943

None of these are the original journals but published transcripts.


Mary, wife of Philip, continued to live till 1821 and is buried in the Scott Cemetery in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania, next to her son Nathaniel. I will share about Mary when I post about her son Nathaniel in the future. Please be careful with Find A Grave, the Goss family is not necessarily correct and the new website has caused some problems.

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