Philip Goss IV 1724 to 1779 and wife Mary (Kendall) Goss 1721 to 1821: Overview of their Children

My published posts since the death of Philip Goss IV in 1779 have been to give an overview of the area of the Wyoming Valley in Pennsylvania.  The impact of these events on the Connecticut settlers: The Trenton Decree in 1782, another Yankee-Pennamite War, the establishment of Luzerne County in 1787, the Land Titles and Confirming Act of 1787, and the ratification of the U.S. Constitution. Our ancestors were there when these events took place and these children of Philip and Mary took part in them in some manner or form.

It is now time to dig into and review the children of Philip Goss IV and his wife Mary (Kendall) Goss.  Mary lives a long life and dies in 1821. I will discuss her death in a future post.

Please be careful, people have a tendency to add more children to Philip and Mary then is correct. He is always confused with his cousin, another Philip Goss, who went to New Hampshire. There are also lots of mistakes in the old history books about the lineage of Philip Goss IV and Mary (Kendall) Goss and their children.

Here is a summary of their children:

NOTE:  The birth dates of the 1st three children are 1745, 1746 and 1747. These are recorded in Simsbury, Connecticut; however, according to my timeline, as I have posted on this blog, for Philip Goss IV he was not really in Simsbury till 1748? See past posts about Philip and Mary by going to the PAGES that are a table of content for the posts I have already written.

—1. Sarah Goss born 4 July, 1745 probably Brookfield but recorded in Simsbury and died after 1820 burial unknown, 18 April, 1821*in Huntington Twp., Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.  She married Enos Seaward (Seward) on 31 October, 1765 in Granville.  As far as I know they had 10 children: Enos, Eli, Amos, Gad, David, Levi, Sarah, Titus, Mary and Ebenezer. All were born in Granville, Massachusetts. Enos and Sarah did not migrate to Huntington Twp., till  about 1793.*See the next post about this couple.

—2. Philip Goss (Jr.) born 12 August, 1746 probably Brookfield but recorded in Simsbury died 25 October 25, 1833 in Harveyville, Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. He and his wife Hannah Darby. As far as I know he had one son Philip but there may have been more children born to this couple.

—3. Experience Goss born 8 October, 1747 maybe in Simsbury, Connecticut.  It was first thought that she died young but then the possibility that she married a Levi Baldwin of Connecticut about 1765 in Becket, Massachusetts was suggested.  Paul H. Goss stated that she may have died in 1815 in Barnston, Quebec but this has not been verified.

—4. Nathaniel Goss (Sr.) born 26 January, 1749 Simsbury and died 27 September, 1812 in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. He is buried in the Scott/Waterton Cemetery. He married Hannah Scott about 1780. They had about 7 children: Experience, Philip (V), Rhoda, Hannah, Polly, John, and Nathaniel Jr.

This next child is a puzzle and not much is known about him:

—5. Comfort Goss born 1751 – There is a Comfort Goss mentioned in the records in the Wyoming Valley.

These children were born in Granville, Massachusetts:

—6. David Goss born 14 June, 1752 in Granville, Massachusetts and maybe died 1 November, 1778 in Nanticoke, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania.  He married Anna Slater about 1777 in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania a son David Goss was born 1778. This is all in need of being verified.

—7. Solomon Goss born 16 June, 1754 in Granville and died 1825. Flora M. Osborn, a Goss Researcher, is of the  line of Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss through his son Levi Goss.  The compiler of this blog is a descendant through the daughter Lydia, and a sister of Levi. Flora is closer to the compiler in the ancestry then Paul H. Goss. A great deal of the life of Solomon and his descendants has been posted in the past about his life in Ohio. I now need to write about Solomon’s early life and time in Pennsylvania. There is a Table of Contents of the posts already written in a PAGE at the top of this blog about Solomon and Olive (Scott) Goss and their children.

—8. Mary Goss born 1757 in Granville and died 1832 in Ohio – Paul H. Goss mentioned a Mary in his manuscripts but he was not sure about her relationship to the family and did not pursue any research on her. Several Cousins working on this line have contacted the compiler of this blog and shared their findings. This Mary married three times: 1) William Davidson, 2) Lemuel Gibbons and 3) a Valentine Santee. Her daughter Mary “Polly” Davidson married John Goss a son of Nathaniel Goss, Sr.  The compiler has also done some of her own research so in a future posts that information will be shared.

One child was born in Becket, Massachusetts:

—9. Ebenezer Goss born 8 September, 1760 in Becket, Massachusetts and died 5 August, 1832 in Portage Co., Ohio and he married Bede Blakeslee. Paul Henry Goss, a researcher of the Goss Family, is a descendant of this man.

Each child and their life and history will be discussed as best I can. I will also only go so far with the family history of each of these children. There are others out there who are better informed than me. I ask that you be respectful and comment kindly and provide sources so that I can follow-up. Genealogy is always evolving and changing as new information is found and incorporated into the story of an ancestor’s life. I am open to making updates and changes. I also love to meet my cousins and share information.

Note: I made a mistake in the title I had 1799 as the death of Philip Goss but it was really 1779. His son Nathaniel Goss was granted administration in January of 1780 on the estate.

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