Philip Goss IV and Mary (Kendall) Goss’s Children: Sarah Goss and Enos Seaward

Granville Town Square

Granville Store

Birth: Sarah Goss was the daughter of Philip Goss IV and Mary (Kendall) Goss. She was  born 4 July 1745 in Brookfield, Massachusetts; however, her father had her birth recorded in Simsbury, Connecticut for some reason. Her parents did not migrate to Simsbury till about 1748 to 1749.

See my post written on April 19, 2017 titled: Philip Goss IV and life in Brookfield and Lancaster 1745 to 1749 on this blog. This post is like a timeline for Philip and Mary and gives a good description of his life at that time and about when he and Mary migrated to Simsbury, CT.  This post shows that Sarah was not born en route to Simsbury because Philip and Mary did not leave Brookfield to about 1748 after his mother’s death.

Source 1 for Sarah’s birth: Simsbury Connecticut, Births Marriages and Deaths, Transferred from the Town Records, Albert C. Bates, Librarian Connecticut Historical Society. pg. 80, Hartford, 1898, Connecticut State Library – Sarah Gofs Daughter of Philip Gofs was Born July 4th, 1745.

Source 2: Massachusetts Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988, Sarah Gofs born 4 July 1745 in Brookfield, MA. to Mary and Philip Goss. She is listed with Philip and Experience but no Nathaniel.  Added 9/2/2018.

Enos Seaward was baptized on 7 July 1735 in Durham, Middlesex, Connecticut to Ebenezer Seaward and Dorothy Rose.

Source:  Connecticut Town Birth Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection) Durham Vital Records 1708-1852, Enos Seward bp. July 13, [1735], pg. 83, Connecticut Town Birth Records, pre-1870 (Barbour Collection) [database on-line]. Original data: White, Lorraine Cook, ed. The Barbour Collection of Connecticut Town Vital Records. Vol. 1-55. Baltimore, MD, USA: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1994-2002.

Marriage: Sarah married Enos Seaward/Seward on 31 October 1765 in Granville, Massachusetts. Granville is now under Hampden Co. since 1812, but was once part of Hampshire Co.

Source: Vital Records to 1850 of Granville, Massachusetts, pg. 154 Marriages, The New England Historical & Genealogical Society, Eddy Town Record Fund, Boston, MA. Marriages: pg. 122 Gosse, Sarah and Enos Seward, Oct. 31, 1765* Intentions not recorded.

Spelling of the Name:  I have seen the name spelled Seaward and Seward. Even Enos Seaward spells his name various ways. In his will he signed it “Seaward.”  I have seen Enos sign it Seward in deeds and also as a witness.  This is if the court clerk properly copied the court documents. I will probably use the two spellings interchangeably but recommend that if you are searching you use both.

Enos’s parentage and ancestors: The parents of Enos Seaward were Ebenezer Seaward and Dorothy Rose. What I will do is just give a general idea of the heritage of Enos Seaward whose family came from England. There are many family trees online at Ancestry and other sources with much more information than what I have here, but be careful when you review them. Make sure there are sources and that the timing makes sense.

Enos’ father, Ebenezer Seaward was born 11 July, 1703 in Durham, Middlesex, Connecticut. The father died 19 October 1795 in Chester, Hampden Co., Massachusetts. Enos’ mother Dorothy Rose was born 20 June 1711 probably in Wethersfield, Hartford Co., Connecticut (maybe Granville, MA). She died 1 July 1746 in Granville, Hampden Co., Massachusetts. Ebenezer had been married before to a Sarah Wells on 19 October, 1730 in Durham, CT. He had one child with Sarah named Chloe and about 10 children with Dorothy.

Ebenezer’s father and mother were Caleb Seaward born 14 March, 1662 in Guilford, New Haven, CT. and died 2 August, 1728 in Durham, Middlesex, CT. He married Lydia Bushnell 14 July, 1686 and she was b. 1661 and died 1753. They have about 7 children. Lydia’s parents were William Bushnell 1610-1683 and Rebecca Chapman 1617-1690 both from migrating from England very early on.

Caleb’s parents were William Seaward b. Mar 1627 in Bristol. Gloucestershire, England and died 2 Mar 1689 in Guilford, New Haven, CT. He married Grace Norton b. 13 Jun 1632 in Deems, Bedfordshire, England and died 5 Mar 1702 in Guilford, Ct. They had about 9 children, marrying 2 Apr 1651 in Guilford. Guilford was settled in 1639 and renamed to Guilford and admitted to the New Haven Colony in 1643.


  • A genealogical history of French and allied Families by Mary E. Queal Beyer online at Google Books, page 240, printed 1912. This book does not list Enos Seaward/Seward as a son of Dorothy and Ebenezer.  I have also found that it differents in some of the years for birth and death, so use it as a guide. 
  • Also: History of Guilford, CT from it’s first settlement in 1639, Hon. Ralph D. Smith, J. Munsell Printers, 1877. Lots of references to the Seward family in this history. Available at Internet Archive. 
  • History of Durham, Connecticut from the first grant of land in 1662 to 1866, by Wm. C. Flower. LL.D., Published by the Town, 1866. Lots of pages on the Seward family. Available at Internet Archive for viewing and downloading.

The interesting thing is that Dorothy Rose’s parents were Jonathan Rose (b. 20 Sep. 1679 to 11 Oct. 1768) and Abigail Hale (1690 to 1793) and her brother was John Rose (1719-1788) the man who was the 2nd husband of Keziah Goss Haskell Rose.  John had been married before to Ruth Holcomb and had about 7 children. He had about 4 with Keziah. Keziah was the sister to our Philip Goss IV. I have written some about Keziah being confused with her mother Keziah Cooley Goss on this blog. I will discuss them in the future when I start working backward from Philip Goss IV to his parents and ancestors.

Enos Seaward witnesses a deed: Witness to a Deed of Philip Goss to Thomas Goss in 1755:

To all People to whom These Prefents Shall Com Greeting, Know ye that I Phillip Gofs of Granville in the County of Hampshire County and in the Province of the Mafsachufetts Bay in new England for and in Consideration of Sixty four pounds and twelve Shillings lawfull money to me in hand paid by Thomas Gofs of s. Granville Do freely give Grant Sell Convey and Confirm to the s’d Thomas Gofs his Heirs and afsigns forever a certain tract or parcel of land Containing fifty acres in spd Granville afores’d bounded as followeth viz, beginning at the Northwest Corner of Six Hundred and forty acres of land laid out to Cap’t James Church, thence running East one Hundred and fifty acres to Extend South so as to contain fifty acres: TO HAVE and TO HOLD the above Grants and Demised fifty acres of land with all the privileges and advantages to the Same belonging, or any ways appertaining to him the said Thomas Gofs his Heirs and afsigns Executors and adminiftratros I Covenant and I the s’d Phillip Gofs for my Self my Heirs and administrators Covenant and agree with the s’d Thomas Gofs his Heirs and afsigns that Untill the Enfealing and Delivery of thefe Prefents I am lawfull safistied of the aboves Premifses and have in my power good Right and full power to Sell the Same in manner and form as afores’d and that the s’d Thomas Gofs and his Heirs and afsigns may Enjoy the Same so Promise to Warrant and Defend the land from the lawfull Claims or Demans of and Perfon or Perfons whatsoever. As Witnefs my hand Dated in Granville February the Seventeeth anno domini one thousand Seven Hundred and fifty five. Signed Sealed and Delivered In Prefences of Enos Seaward Ebenezer Seaward: Phillip Gofs & Seal

Hampfs: May [___th] 1758 Then Phillip Gofs the subfcriber to the within written Inftrument appear’d and acknowledged the Same to be his act & Deed….foram Ifrael Afhley Juft. Paces. Rec’d May 26th 1758 and Recorded from the Original

Edw Pynchon Reg’

Source: Book 1, pgs. 127-128, Granville, Hampshire Co., Mass. Bay Deed Book, held at the Hampden Co. Courthouse, Springfield, Recorded May 26, 1758. Witnesses Enos and Ebenzer Seaward.

Their lives in Granville: The above deed is dated 1755 which means that Enos and his father were living in Granville by this time. It also means that Enos was there a long time before his marriage to Sarah Goss. Enos is 20 years old in 1755.

From about 1776 Enos Seaward was the church clerk for the East Granville Congregational Church in Massachusetts.

pg. 1 another version has page 3: (summary of the paragraph) “We give up ourselves unto the blessed Jesus…This Covenant was renewed and Solemnly entered into A.D. 1776 and 1777 by a number of professors of Christianity in Granville, who had before, been in a church state; and here follows a list of the names of those who renewed this covenant, except those members who lived in the middle Parish, in Granville, and afterwards were incorporated into a church by themselves, and likewise of those who joined to the church after it began to renew Covenant. 

Ebenezer Seward
+Joseph Miller Snr.
+Justus Rose
+John Rose – I think he is Keziah (Goss) Haskell Rose’s 2nd husband
Nathan Barlow
+Samuel Coe, Deacon
+Deborah Rose
Lydia Miller
Phebe Dowd
Hannah Bates
Damaris How
Abigail Sweatman

pg. 2

Elisha Rose
Ephraim How, Deac
+Joseph Sweatman,
Enos Seaward
+James Coe, Oct. 3, 1794
Levi Rose
Reuben Graves
Eliphaz Miller
Justus Rose
+Joseph Miller
John How
Oliver Dickinson
Timothy Rose
Joseph More
Joel Bancoft
Jeduthun Holden
+Ebenezer Holden
Enos Seaward Jr.
Gad Seaward
+Joseph Strickland
Isaac Bartlet, Deac.
Sharon Rose
Samuel Bancroft
Richard Dickinson
#Jonathan Church
William Cooley, Jnr.
Joseph Coe
Timothy Mather Cooley
Hiram Rose
Eber Spelman
#Job Stiles, Senr.
Deacon William Cooley, Snr.
Aaron Spelman B.
Charles Spelman B.
+Thomas Gillett, Srt.
Amasa How
#Barnard Prat
Smith Miller

Sarah Seaward
Huldah Miller
Naomi How
#Frances Stiles

Susannah Bartlet
+Mary Strickland
Elizabeth Bancroft
Hannah More
Lovicy Dickinson
Mary Strong
Roxana Prat
#Abigail Church
Philota Prat
Sarah Prat
Sarah Cooley
Dorcas Prat
Phebe Fitch
Rhoda Prat
Keziah Rose – Philip Goss IV’s sister, the John Rose above might be her husband. 
Rachel Coe
Mary Rose
Achsa Rose
#Sarah Church
Lydia Rose
#Abigail Forbes
Mercy Rose
Sybil Rose

#W. Sarah Spelman
Phebe Barlow
#Hope Coes
Rebekah, wife of Cap. Dickinson

Mercy, Wife of Br. Prat.
Susannah Graves
Lucy Spelman
#Elizabeth Gillett
Mindwell Everitt
+Abigail Church, wife of Jonathan
Sarah Bancroft
Sarah Strong

next page:
Samuel Everitt
#Joel Strong
Martin Moses and wife
Daniel Williams
Enoch Bancroft
Joseph Strickland
George Cooley and his wife Abi Cooley
Joel Strong, Jnr.

#Eunice Strickland
Rachel Coe
Deborah Ellis
Elizabeth Strong


pg. 98 – A Record of Deaths in the East society in Granville: Dec 25, 1796 Mr. Lemuel Gibbons age 41

pg. 109 – 1757 Goss, Thomas (baptisms)

pg. 110 1810 1756 Rose, John,, Rose Kezia

pg. 111 1797
1757 John Seward, Seward Ebenezer
1757 Seward Mary
Seward Enos
Seward Sarah
1760 Seward Caroline

pg. 124 Baptisms by Rev.Jedidiah Smith
Goss, Mary
Seward, Abigail
Seward, John
Seward, Caroline
Goss, Jeremiah
Goss, Justin
Seward, Ruth
Goss, Thomas

pg. 125 baptisms continued
Gibbons, Bildad
Gibbons, Timothy
Seward, Mary
Seward, Rosanne
Seward, Jedidiah 1766
Seward, Elizabeth
Seward, Enos
Seward, Amos
Seward Aaron 1767
1768 Gibbons, Eli
Seward, Eli

pg. 220 Bills of Mortality

1773 Seward, Ruth inf. scalded
1776 Seward, Mary 6 ?

David child Enos Seward age 2
Sarah child Nodiah Seaward Sep 24

Rose, John

Inf Lemuel Gibbons

At a proper church meeting of the first church of Christ in Granville. Regularly assembled at the ast meeting-house in said Granville on the 20th day of Sept. 1791. Enos Seaward being Clerk led the church to the choice of a moderator. Rev. William Bradford was chosen. Voted to adjourn five minutes and then choose a standing moderator and clerk. Met according to adjournment. Rev. William chosen Moderator. James Coes chosen clerk.

Voted to have the Sacraments once in two months to begin the first Sabbath in October next.

Voted to request Ephraim How to accept of the office of Deacon to which he has been elected.

Voted Capt. Dickinson be desired to assist the Deacon in providing and waiting upon the Table.

Voted to adjorn this meeting until friday the day of this instant September at 3 of the clock in the afternoon to meet at this place.

The church met according to adjournment Sept. 1791.

Voted that notwithstanding there are some members that have not yet accepted of the advice of council that was here the 16th of Augs. Last that this church are willing to have them commune with us.

Dr. Ephraim How) Com’t to be with the
Capt. Dickenson ) Minister in examining
James Coe ) members for Communion

Voted to invite Rev. William Bradford to Preach with us and administer.

Source: Abstract of the East Granville Congregational Church Records, I found this copy at the Granville Public Library when I visited Granville years ago. Another version was at the Springfield Archives Library in Springfield, Massachusetts. Be advised that currently there is no East Granville you will have to consult an old map to find it.  

I have not been able to find any reference to when Enos Seaward became a Deacon of the church.  As you see from the above, they were voted on at church meetings. If I do find it I will add an update here.

Account Book:  Enos Seaward had an Account Book and he wrote in this book from about 1770 to 1820. I will discuss this Account Book in a future post. I had an interesting experience with viewing it at the Luzerne County Historical Society in Wilkes-Barre.  This book is important for it contains family information.

Guardianship:  In about 1778 Enos Seaward became the Guardian of Mary Davidson a daughter of his sister-in-law Mary (Goss) Davidson. William Davidson, the father, had died about 1778 in Pennsylvania.  I will write more about all this when I write about Mary Goss a daughter of Philip Goss IV and Mary (Kendall) Goss.  It is very complicated.

Military Service of Enos Seaward in the Revolution:

  1. Private, Capt. Wm. Cooley’s Co., Col. John Mosley’s Regt. 20 October 1776. Marched under Lt. Col. Timothy Robinson to reinforce Northern army, 20 Oct. 1776 to 30, 1776.
  2. Srgt. Capt. Aaron Coe’s Co., Lt. Col. Timothy Robinson’s detachment, 25 Dec. 1776. Ticonderoga, Dec. 25, 1776 to March 25, 1777
  3. Priv. Capt. Wm. Cooley’s Co., Col. John Moseley’s Regt. 17 Aug, 1777 till Aug. 19 or 21, company marched towards Bennington on alarm.
  4. Capt. Solomon Brown’s Co., Col. Elisha Porter’s Regt. New London, CT., July 31 to Sept 1, 1779.

Source: Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors in the Revolutionary War (Images Online) [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2004. Original data: Massachusetts. Secretary of the Commonwealth. Massachusetts Soldiers and Sailors of the Revolutionary War. Vol. 1-17. Boston, MA, USA: Wright & Potter Printing, 1896-1908. pages 964-965.

Census of 1790:  This census shows Enos Seaward living in Granville, Massachusetts with his family. Enumerators of the 1790 census were asked to include the following categories in the census: name of head of household, number of free white males of sixteen years and older, number of free white males under sixteen years, number of free white females, number of all other free persons, number of slaves, and sometimes town or district of residence.

#228 – 4th column Enos Seward 3 3 3
2nd column is a David Goss 1_ 3
Below him is Widow Mary Goff _ _ 3
Another Goss below her unreadable [ ] Goss 3, 1, 4

Source: 1790 U.S. Federal Census, Granville, MA pg. 2 of 2, Enos Seward and others.

Migration to Pennsylvania – 1793: Sometime about 1793 Enos and Sarah Seaward migrated to the Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania.  I think it will be much easier to discuss life in Pennsylvania for this couple in another future post.  Enos is involved in many events, deeds, land and other activities involving land and family.

Death: Sarah died sometime after 1820. She was alive when his estate was probated and in his will he has bequeathed to her land etc. I the date of 18 April 1821 that is being associated with her death is the death date of her mother Mary (Kendall) Goss. I verified it by checking the tombstone of Mary in the Scott Cemetery in Huntington Twp. Luzerne Co., PA.  So this means that there is really no death date for her because there is no tombstone to verify it.

The other issue is that some cousins believe she is buried in the Goss Cemetery below Harveyville.  I have found no evidence that this is true based on readings of that cemetery housed at the Luzerne County Historical Society in Wilkes-Barre and the NE Genealogical Society’s records.  When I traveled to Luzerne County in 2008, I did a thorough search for any of the Goss, Seward/Seaward and other associated families trying to pin down where they were buried. I failed on many of them.  The clean up efforts of the Yahoo Group that is now no longer in operation did not reveal her stone.

Currently, at Find A Grave, it is stated that she is buried in the Goss Cemetery.  I visited that cemetery and it was in very bad shape, with broken stones, unreadable stones, and overgrown. This cemetery is just down about 1 block from the intersection in Harveyville, on a knoll and it was difficult to get to.  I also studied the Scott/Waterton Cemetery a mile or so south of this area and there is no record of her being buried there.  Please be careful, the information about Sarah’s parents and siblings is also incorrect.

Enos Seward died some time around 1820 for that is when the his will was probated. He wrote a will in 1818 and it includes his wife Sarah so we know she was alive at that time. So when he exactly died or where he is buried is unknown. Currently other researchers have him buried in the Goss Cemetery below Harveyville or the Scott/Waterton Cemetery in Huntington Twp. I have found no evidence of this in transcriptions of cemetery readings.

Once again I will review this information in another future post.

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