Enos and Sarah (Goss) Seaward’s Life In Pennsylvania

Enos and Sarah (Goss) Seaward along with some of their children, migrated to Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania by 1793 from Granville. Their son Levi had gone ahead and arrived in the Huntington valley about 1776.

According to Google Maps it takes about 4 hours and 22 minutes to drive from Granville, MA to Huntington Mills, PA. in our time, by several routes. In miles it was 246 miles and if they are going my horse our wagon 10-20 miles per day. I would say it took about 2 weeks to make this trip. By the time that Enos and Sarah came the trails and migration was probably pretty well established do to all the coming and going of the settlers during the land squabbles and Revolution.

Migration of the Sewards to Pennsylvania:

Portion of Luzerne Co., in 1815*

A prior examination of the vital records at Granville, Massachusetts and other investigation seemed to indicate the disappearance of the Seward Family. Especially that of Enos Seward, Jr…. but in searching some of the old histories of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, it was found the family line of Sewards was taken up again. It should be said that Mr. Willard Gearhart of the Nathaniel GOSS Family line of Huntington Twp., had previously reminded us, in a conversation with his family, that descendants of the Seward Family had formerly settled also in Huntington Twp. 

Source: Paul H. Goss – Goss Family Manuscript.  See my page on this blog titled Paul H. Goss and the Goss Family History. You will find links to two of his manuscripts at the Family Search website.

The Seward family in Huntington Valley:

pg. 23 – See Footnote: “Enos Seward (Seaward), born July 7, 1735, of Greenville [Granville], Mass., was married to Sarah, daughter of Philip and Mary Goss, born 1722, died April 18, 1821. (Waterton Cemetery, Huntington Valley, PA, Family No. 1041–Goss). The will of Enos Seward of Huntington, made Aug. 20 1818, and probated Aug. 23, 1820, names his wife, Sarah, and the following children: 1. Amos died July 25, 1804, md. to Abigail, daughter of Thomas Williams, whose children were: (1) William; (2) John; (3), Clarissa, md. to Joseph Swetland; (4), Lucy, md. to Isaac Bailey; 2. Enos, Jr.; 3 Eli, md to Ellen Earl; 4 Gad, md. Miss Thompson; 5. Levi, b. March 30, 1777, d. Aug. 6, 1851, md. to Thankful Wilkinson, b. April 25, 1779, d. March 4, 1848. (Goss Cemetery, Harveyville, PA); 6. Titus, b. July 9, 1783, d. April 24, 1851. (Goss Cemetery); 7. Ebenezer, went to Ohio, early; 8. Sarah, md. to Samuel Lawrence; 9. Mary, md. to George Goodwin; 10. David, died early.”

Source: The Michael Shoemaker (Schumacher) Book, by William T. Blair and Jacob I. Shoemaker, (Scranton, PA, International Textbook Press, 1924) pg. 23, Seward Family and Family #3 Swetland-Seward p. 663. This book is available online at Internet Archive for viewing and downloading.

Please note that my information states the Enos Seaward was born in Durham, CT. not Greenville which probably was a error in the naming of Granville.

Also note in the above from the Shoemaker book: The dates of 1722 and April 18, 1821 are for Mary (Kendall) Goss the mother, not for Sarah the daughter.  They appear on Mary (Kendall) Goss’ tombstone in the Scott/Waterton Cemetery in Huntington Twp. on the same tombstone of Nathaniel Goss the brother of Sarah and Mary’s son.

Taxable Inhabitants of Huntington 1796:

Inhabitants 1796 Luzerne Co., PA

You can find Enos at the bottom of the second page. This photo is of several pages so this is only one part of the document which is very confusing.

Source of photo above: Susquehanna Settlers & Western lands, FHL Two Microfilms #3622 Index and #3623 Vols. 1-2 1755-1819. The area of Luzerne Co., PA has claims from Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware.  Connecticut was involved and it was called Westmoreland Co., PA and later it became Luzerne Co., PA.  This information is at the Connecticut State Library in Hartford, CT. Susquehanna Settlers 1755-1796. Western Lands 1783-1789  One Volume and Index – 1910. NOTE: These are at Family History Library but you have to go to the Library or be at a center. I will show more in future posts. 

Enos is listed on the taxable inhabitants of Huntington Twp. and many of the Sewards were well represented in the listing: Amos Seward, Eli Seward, Enos Seward, Jr., Enos Seward, Sr., Gad Seward.

Source: History of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Selections, page 587, Taxables and inhabitants of Luzerne Co. Several other Luzerne county history books such as the Annals of Luzerne Co. also lists the 1796 taxable. These books are at Internet Archive for viewing. The Susquehanna Papers also have this listing in Vol. X: 1789-1800, pages 374-383 dated Sept. 13, 1796 for Inhabitants and actual settlers…

Tax lists of 1798 of Pennsylvania:

Tax list of 1798 upon Lands, Lots and buildings: 1st column Names of Owner or Occupant, 2nd column Name of Owner & Situation, 3rd column valuation

1798 Tax Luzerne a portion showing Sewards

Source: Pennsylvania, US Direct Tax Lists, 1798, Luzerne Co., Huntingdon (should read Huntington Twp.) Ancestry.com. Original source are housed at the National Archives in Washington D.C. and part of the Internal Revenue Service. 

Enos Seward in the 1800 U.S. Census: Home in 1800 Huntington, Luzerne, Pennsylvania

  • Free White Persons – Males – 10 thru 15 — 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 16 thru 25 — 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 26 thru 44 — 2
  • Free White Persons – Males – 45 and over — 1
  • Free White Persons – Females 10 thru 15 — 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 45 and over — 1
  • Number of Household Members under 16 — 2
  • Number of Household Members Over 25 — 4
  • Number of Household Members — 7

Source: 1800 U.S. Federal Census, Huntington, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, Ancestry. com. Originals are with the National Archives in Washington D.C. You can also find copies with FamilySearch. 

Enos Seward family in 1810 in Huntington:

  • Free White Persons – Males – 45 and over — 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 45 and over — 1
  • Number of Household Members Over 25 — 2
  • Number of Household Members — 2

Source: 1810 U.S. Federal Census, Huntington, Luzerne, Pennsylvania, Ancestry.com. Originals are with the National Archives in Washington D.C. You can also find copies with FamilySearch. 

There is no record of Enos Seward, the father, living in Luzerne in the 1820 U.S. Census. I get Enos Seward Jr. but not the father. The date on this census is August 7, 1820. There is a woman in Levi Seward’s house who is over 45 years old. His wife, Thankful, would be 41 years in 1820 if she was born in 1779. Sarah Seward wife of Enos would be 75 years old. Could this person be Sarah?

October 31, 1819 – Letter of Ebenezer Goss to his nephew Mr. Nathaniel Gofs of Luzerne Co., PA.

Here is a portion of this letter which will be shared in full in a future post.

Dear Sir, I can console with you, tho at a great distance, of the great trouble you are at, to take care of my mother in her old age & was it in my power, I would take her myself.  Again it appears to me that the rest of the others should help support her, which I have not heard of their doing. I heard Brother Seward had refused & I never heard what arrangement had been made for her support formerly. Please to remember & my family to all forgiving friends. Especially to your mother & mine. Please to write the first & every opportunity. So I remain your effectionate uncle.

In defense of Enos Seward we do have to understand that he was also 84 years old himself and probably not in the best of health. He had written a will August 20, 1818 and it was probated August 23, 1820 which means he died sometime before August 7, 1820 when the 1820 US Census was enumerated. I will review all this in another post about Enos’ estate and death. We also do not know the state of his wife Sarah’s health at this time.

Source: Letter to Mr. Nathaniel Gofs, Huntington, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania, Letter by Ebenezer Goss, October 31, 1819, Transcribed by Paul H. Goss, LDS Film #0924004.

By the time Enos and Sarah (Goss) Seward/Seaward arrived in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania things had settled down a great deal. Peace came to Luzerne County. This does not mean that the land issues had been settled. So Sarah and Enos were involved in the final settling of the land issues and Sarah was also an heir to her father, Philip Goss IV’s, estate.

*Above Map of Luzerne in 1815, go to Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission – PA Archives RG-17 Records of the Land Office, Melish-Whiteside Maps – choose the county and have fun. Huntington is on the edge of the map and very light and faded. You will see that there is no Fairmount Twp. at this time of 1815. It was not incorporated till 1834.


Another map is at Historic Map Works:  http://www.historicmapworks.com/Map/US/14753/Huntington


Library of Congress Maps, Luzerne: https://www.loc.gov/resource/g3823l.la000768/?r=0.116,0.539,0.149,0.089,0

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