The Children of Enos Seward and Sarah Goss: Amos Seward and his wife Abigail Williams

Amos Seward was a son of Enos Seward and Sarah (Goss) Seward. He was born in Granville, Massachusetts on 13 August 1770.

Source: Massachusetts, Town and Vital Records, 1620-1988, Granville Births page 75 – “Amos, s. Enos and Sarah Aug 13, 1770.” Also Massachusetts, Town & Vital Records 1620-1988 page 65 Granville actual record book. 

Amos Seward married Abigail Williams about 1789 (others say 1798 which doesn’t fit for their children’s births). She looks like she was born 21 June 1774 in Simsbury, Hartford, Connecticut but this will need to be verified. Her father was a Thomas Williams who died about 1804. The name of her mother is unknown. I have very little information on Abigail at this time.

Amos Seward appears in the Connecticut Claimants at the Pennsylvania Archives with a history of his land:

History of Amos Sewards Land in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., PA

History of Amos Seaward’s Land in Luzerne Co.


AMOS Seaward

Claims the westerly and half of the Lot #35 in the Second Division

Huntington List – Drawn by Lemuel Kingsbury

Deed 21 June 1777

Con. (untee alia) L22.10 )) Lemuel Kingsbury to Nathaniel Gofs

See John Gofs’ title Deed from Nathaniel to John Gofs for Lot No. 35.

Deed 3 Sept 1799 Con. 200 Dlrs ))) John Gofs to Gad Seaward for this lot

Deed 4 Dec 1799 Cont. 60 L )) Gad Seaward to Amos Seaward for the west end of said lot to have the half of said lot contain acres.

The above information is citing deeds that would take some time to find. I have gone through page by page some of the early Luzerne Deeds online and did not find these which leads me to believe they are in other sources at the Pennsylvania Archives for the Connecticut Claimants, I believe.

There is a 1790 U.S. Federal Census that has an Amos Seward living in Waterbury, New Haven, Connecticut.

  • Free White Persons – Males – Under 16 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 16 and over – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 4
  • Number of Household Members – 6

In the 1796 Taxables for Luzerne Amos Seward appears with other family:

The taxables inhabitants of Huntington in 1796 were: Nathaniel Goss, Philip Goss, Amos Seward, Eli Seward, Enos Seward, Jr., Enos Seward, sen. Gad Seward, Obadiah Scott, Jesse Scott, Obadiah Scott, Jr.

Source: History of Luzerne, Lackawanna and Wyoming Counties, PA. with Illustrations and Biographical Sketches of Some of their Prominent Men and Pioneers, W.W. Munsel & Co. 1880, about pg. 297. This book is online at Internet Archive for viewing.  This is one of many history books where the 1796 Taxables are listed.

Amos Seward appears in the 1798 U.S. Direct Tax Lists for Huntington, Luzerne Co., PA.  Amos Seward valuation 80 — 16. He is above his brothers and father in this listing.

Chapter XIII – Schools starts page 374 – pg. 380 Among other early teachers in the valley from Connecticut were Amos Franklin, Enos and Amos Seward, Mrs. Margaret L. Trescott, Huldah Fuller, Cyrus Fellows and the sons and daughters of Capt. Thomas Stevens.

Source: History of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Selections, H.C. Bradsby, Editor, S.B. Nelson & Co. Publishers, Chicago 1895. This book is online at Internet Archive for viewing.

Amos Seward was a Connecticut Claimant and appears as follows, this looks familiar, see above:

Claimant: Amos Seward
Date Acquired: 12/4/1799
Drawer: Lemuel Kingsbury
Twp. Huntington
Div 2
Lot 35 W 1/2
Acres: 51 A 63p
Chain of title: Nathaniel Goss 6/21/1777, John Goss 9/4/1797, Gad Seward 9/3/1799
Patentee: Wm. Koons
Source: CTL:43:MEHun:212, 195
Patent Book: H38:158
Survey Book 4:107

Source: Connecticut’s Pennsylvania Colony – Vol. III Claimants, Donna Bingham Munger, Heritage Books, 2007.

However, by 1800 US Federal Census there is an Amos Seward is listed as living in Huntington, Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. Below him after Nicholas Potter is brother Eli Seward. I missed this in Eli’s overview.

  • Free White Persons – Males – Under 10 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 26 thru 44 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – Under 10 – 2
  • Free White Persons – Females – 26 thru 44 – 1
  • Number of Household Members Under 16 – 3
  • Number of Household Members Over 25 – 2
  • Number of Household Members – 5

Amos does appear in the 1800 Septennial Census for Pennsylvania which is just a listing of names. He is there with his brother’s and father.

In early 1804 Amos Seward obtained a Return of Survey for Lot #35.

Title Page: Huntington, half of No. 35 Second Division, Amos Seward A 51 Pt 63 – Return of Survey, Ret. &c Oct. 24, 1837 (in allia) G.

Return of Survey for Amos Seward 1804.

Draught of a Tract of Land, situate in Huntington one of the seventeen Townships in Luzerne County being half of Number Thirty five in the Second Division of that Township and containing Fifty three acres and sixty-three perches with the usual allowances of six per centum for roads, resurveyed the Eleventh of September in the year of our Lord on thousand eight hundred and two for Amos Seward by order of the Commissioners appointed to put in execution an at of the General Assembly of the State of Pennsylvania, entitled “An Act for offering Compensation to the Pennsylvania Claimants of certain land within the seventeen townships in the County of Luzerne, and for the purposes therein mentioned:  Tho. Sanbourne Surveyor to the said Commissioners 2nd January 1804. To Samuel Cochran Esq., Surveyor General.

In TESTIMONY….Harrisburg seventh day of April 1897 – James W. Latta Secretary of Internal Affairs.

In the Gleaner Newspaper out of Wilkes-Barre, Amos appears with other Sewards receiving Huntington Titles – Certificates awarded 7 March, 1804 by Thomas Cooper.

Eli Seward half of 36 in the sec division
Amos Seward, half of 35 in the 2nd division
Enos Seward, sen 38 in the 1st division
Enos Seward jr. west end half of 43 in the 1st div.

On 4 April 1799 Amos Seward had a land Warrant issued to him in Huntington Twp., 2nd Div., Luzerne Co., PA for 51.63 acres. If you go to the Claimant information above you will see that it is the same lot and land.

Warranty Map 

The warranty maps are online at the Pennsylvania State Archives website. Click the link, choose the County you want, then the township you want:

#145 – 4 -107 Hal fo N# 35 2nd Div. Amos Seward 51 A 63 P & All. Resur. Sept 11, 1802, Pat. Oct. 24, 1837 to William Koons – H-38-158.

There are more family on the warranty map for Huntington and some for Fairmount.  At this time I focus on Amos Seward.  Make sure you look for the No. given at the top of the notation for that person, then the lot number, and then the division.  Be patient it can be very confusing and takes some time to locate the person’s land.

Amos received his title just months before his death on 25 June, 1804 (per Enos Seward’s Account book.) He was only 34 years old. I do not know where he is buried. Abigail supposedly lived to 5 January 1845 before her death and her burial is also unknown at this time.

I did find two entries in the Orphan’s Court Records for Amos Seward. Apparently Abigail was the Administrator of the estate. This implies he had no will.

The Account of a Abigail Seward Administratrix of the Estate of Amos Seward deceased was for was presented wherein the Administratrix charged herself $129.42 and _____Allowance of disbursements $95.07. Balance remaining in the hands of the Administratix $34.35. Which was ordered, by the Court, to be confirmed Misi. pg. 192.

The account of Abigail Seward Administratrix of the Estate of Amos Seward deceased was now order by the court to be confirmed. pg. 197 Orphan’s Court. 

The above seems to be all that was recorded for the estate of Amos. There might be an estate case file at the court-house with more information.

In the next post I will attempt to share what I know about Amos and Abigail’s children.

PS: Don’t forget my PAGE above about Land in Luzerne to explain the above sources: “Land & more in Pennsylvania – Connecticut’s Colony (Susquehannah Company) – An Overview!”

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