Levi Seward/Seaward’s Estate 1851…Part I

Levi Seward died 6 Aug 1851 probably in Fairmount Twp., although a deed states he died in 1852? Some of his land was right on the border between Fairmount and Huntington Twp. He was buried in the Old Goss Cemetery, near Harveyville in Huntington Twp. next to his wife Thankful. Fortunately, their tombstone has survived.

The Index for Estates has the following entry, which means there are court records and maybe an estate file for Levi Seaward that need to be consulted at the courthouse.

Estate: Levi Seaward, Executors Samuel Seaward & Freeman Seaward. Sureties: Benjamin Harvey & Nathaniel Goss Jr., Date of Bond 27 Aug 1857 Penalty 1500-2500, Inventory 25 Nov 1851, Acct 22, Dec 1854.

Orphans Court Estate of Levi Seaward Book 5:   

The following is from the Orphans Court records that are online at FamilySearch. They are in order by date:

–1854 Rule on heirs V Leg & Rep  Book 5 page 394: March 7, 1854 Estate of Levi Seaward dec’d. – Petition of David Rood for specific performance of Contract March 7, 1854. The Court direct the petition to be filed, and grant a rule upon the Administrators, Heirs and legal representatives to appear in this Court the 3rd day of April 1854 at ten o’clock A.M.  to answer the petition or bill or show cause why the prayer of the petitioner shall not be granted. Exit 16 March 1854.

1854 Petition David Rood pg. Book 5 pg 394

There is a second entry with Exit 11 March 1854 at the end.


1854 Commissioner Appointed Book 5 page 396

April 3, 1854 Estate of Levi Seaward dec’d – April 3rd 1854, on return of Citation the Court on motion of Hr & . C. E. Wright Attorneys of Petitioner appoint Thomas Patterson Esqr. Commissioner to take proof of the facts, upon five days notice to Adm’rs, heirs and legal representatives.

Note:  I do not know why a Commissioner is appointed but it might have something to do with the earlier land issues.


1854 Spec Performance of Cont Book 5 page 409

April 27 1854 Estate of Levi Seaward dec’d = And now April 27, 1854. The Court upon cause shown and the facts of the case being sufficient in equity and no sufficient cause being shown to the contrary and upon due proof of notice to the Administrator, heirs and legal representatives decree the specific performance of the within Contract according to the true intent and meaning thereof.

Recorded twice in a row.


1854 Citation to Admrs Book 5 page 443

Nov. 7, 1854 Estate of Levi Seaward dec’d – On petition of Elida Seaward an heir of decedant, Court award a Citation to Samuel Seaward & Freeman Seaward Admin’re to exhibit and file a just account and make true settlement.

Apparently, it took awhile to get the estate of Levi Seaward probated. If he did die in 1851 these dates are years later.  The petition of David Rood ends with a deed which I will share in a future post. Elida’s petition created a whole series of documents that will be shared in several future posts regarding Levi’s estate.  He had lots of land and it took them awhile to figure out how to divide it up.

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