Levi Seward’s Estate: Elida Seward’s petition…Part II

Apparently there has been some confusion about the children or heirs of Levi and Thankful Seward. I hope this document brings light on that issue and settles the matter.  The confusion was with Sarah Seward and it turns out she married David Rood and was the daughter of Levi and Thankful, not Enos Seward Jr. Enos Seward Jr. did have a will and I transcribed that and wrote it up in a past post about his life. You can read it and see what you think.

Book 6 Orphans Court Luzerne Co., PA

What follows below is from the Luzerne County Orphans court records that are online at FamilySearch in Book 6 regarding Levi Seward’s estate.

–1855 Petition for Partition Book 6 pg. 12, April 4, 1855 Estate of Levi Seaward dec’d – Petition for Partition. This lists the heirs of Levi Seward and his land holdings.

1855 Petition for Partition pg. 12 Book 6.

On petition of Elida Seaward, a son and heir at law of Levi Seaward late of the Township of Fairmount in the County of Luzerne and State of Pennsylvania deceased. Setting forth That your petitioner said father lately died intestate leaving issue six children to wit: Alvin Seward, Samuel Seward, Freeman Seward, Polly intermarried with Elijah M. Santee: (Sarah who in her life time intermarried with David Rood; and that she the said Sarah died leaving issue six children all minors to wit: Esther, Alvin, Almond, Crawford, Mary and Lovina); and your petitioner the said Elida Seward and that said Intestate the said Levi Seward died seized in his demeane as of fee of all that the following described pieces and parcels of Land bounded and described as follows to wit:  

One piece or parcel thereof bounded and described as follows: Situate in the township of Fairmount Luzerne County Penn’a Bounded Northerly by lands of William P. Haslitt, Wesley Steel, Elijah M. Santee and Abram Long; Southerly by the Township line between Huntington & Fairmount Townships; and lands of Silas Callendar and Freeman Trescott, and Westerly by lands of Freeman Trescott, Silas Calender, Filmond Callendard, Stephen Meizell and Wesley Steele Containing about one hundred and seventy five acres of Land be the same more or less: Being the Homestead and property on which the said Levi Seward lived and died.

One other of said pieces and parcel of land is Situate in the Township of Huntington, Luzerne CO., Pennsylvania Bounded Northerly by the Township line between Huntington and Fairmount aforesaid and land of Rosco Sober, William Koons, Dennis Wyant, Freeman Seward and other lands of said Intestate, Easterly by lands of Philip Goss; Southerly by lands of Nathaniel Goss and Westerly by land of Freeman Trescott, Containing Ninety five acres be the same more or less.

Also a certain piece of land Situate in Smithfield, Bradford County, Penn’a Containing about forty acres with a Grist Mill and other out buildings erected there on….That of the final pieces there is im____about one hundred acres with one frame House and frame barn and frame shed thereon…That of the second pieces above described there is about Eighty acres thereof improved with one frame house, one frame barn and other outhouses thereon.

Also about two acres of land Situate in Briar Creek, Columbia County Pennsylvania. And therefore  praying the Court to award and Inquest, to make partition of said premises or those pieces and parcels of land above mentioned and described Situate lying and being in the said County of Luzerne and Bradford to and award the children and representatives of said Intestate in such manner and in such proportion as by the Law of this Commonwealth is directed if such partition can be made without prejudice to or _________the whole. But if such partition cannot be made thereof, as aforesaid, then to value and appraise the same and make report of their proceedings herein according to Law. Writ of Partition issued 4th May A.D. 1855.


–1855 Exceptions filed Book 6 page 21

10 April 1855 Estate of Levi Seaward dec’d  – Exception filed to Account of Administrators  10 April 1855


1855 Account Confirmed Book 6 page 22

Page 22 – 10 April 1855 – Estate of Levi Seaward dec’d  – Final Account of Administration  – confirmed Visi by the Court April 10, 1855.

It sort of looks like Samuel and Freeman Seward, Administrators of Levi’s estate, were in over their heads on their father’s land holdings, so in the next post we see that a board of men was appointed to identify the land  owned by Levi Seward and divide it up into shares for each of the heirs. It was called an Inquest

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