Levi Seaward and his wife Thankful Wilkinson’s children

Levi and Thankful Seward had seven children according to their youngest son Elida Seward.  The following children are taken from the Orphan’s court documents for Levi Seaward’s Estate which have been featured in the last several published posts on this blog.

Alvin Seward was born about 1799 in Luzerne Co., PA. He married Amelia Kingsbury about 1823. She was born 1799. She was the daughter of Stephen Kingsbury 1763 –   and Susannah Fellows 1766 –   ). Susannah might be the daughter of Abiel Fellows a very important man in the Wyoming Valley.

Bradford Co., Pennsylvania and where it is located

Bradford County, PA townships – Smithfield is about the middle

Alvin Seward migrated to Smithfield, Bradford, Pennsylvania and is there in the 1830 U.S. Federal Census.

  • Free White Persons – Males – Under 5 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 5 thru 9 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 30 thru 39 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – Under 5 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 5 thru 9 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 15 thru 19 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 30 thru 39 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Under 20 – 5
  • Free White Persons – 20 thru 49 – 2
  • Total Free White Persons – 7
  • Total – All Persons (Free White, Slaves, Free Colored) – 7

Alvin and Amelia are still living in Smithfield, Bradford Co., PA in the 1850 U.S. Census.

Alvin is now 51 years old Lumberman with $800, Amelia is 51, Alvina is 26, Andrew is 21, Thos. J. is 18. A James Green age 21 is living with them. All born in PA.

About 1854 Alvin is involved in the partition of his father Levi Seward’s estate and is listed many times in the Orphan Court records. I have posted about Levi’s estate in past posts and suggest you review them for details.

In 1860 they are living in Smithfield. Alvin is 60 now, farmer $6000, $1000. Amelia is now 60, Andrew is 31 Farm Labour, Thomas age 27 Farm Labour.

In 1870 they are living still in Smithfield, Bradford Co., PA.

Alvin is now 70 and farming. Amelia is also 70. A.W. is 42 Farmer $5000.600.  Above them is a T.A. Seward age 37, Miller/Farmer $4000/800, with Martha age 34, Jenny age 8, Fred age 4 and Hugh age 2. There is also on page 2 – Ellen age 25, Sidney age 2 Male, and Edney 2/12 Female.

Alvin and Amelia Seward may have had the following children: Alvina 1824-1903 – she might have been Alvira, Amanda 1827-1915 married Henry Peet 1816-1887, Andrew 1829-1916 Civil War Soldier and he married Ellen Burnham 1846-1922, Thomas A. 1832-1910, he married Martha Conley 1836-1906).

According to Find A Grave, Alvin died 1878 and is buried in Union Cemetery, East Smithfield, Bradford Co., PA. Amelia is also buried in Union Cemetery and she died 1872.

Samuel Seward was born 4 May 1802 in Luzerne Co., PA. He married twice. First to Anna Moss born about 1799 in Luzerne and died 6 Feb 1880. It is possible she didn’t actually marry Samuel? Her father might have been Joseph Moss (1765-1850) and mother Elizabeth Montanye (1768-1813). She might have been married a previous time.

Samuel remarried to a Lydia Ann Woodward born about 1805 in PA.  Lydia’s parents were David Woodward 1764-1834 and Elizabeth Tubbs 1765-1850.

Samuel Seward appears in the 1830 Census in Union, Luzerne, PA. He is also in Union in again in the 1840 Census.

In the 1850 U.S. Census Samuel appears in Ross Twp., Luzerne Co., PA. He is 48 a Farmer with $2000. With him is Lydia age 45, Levi age 21 a farmer, Daniel age 18 a farmer, John R. age 15 a farmer. L. T. age 11 and Harriet Sorber age 4. They are all born in Pennsylvania.

Samuel was appointed the administrator and shared that responsiblity with his brother Freeman, regarding their father Levi Seward’s estate.  This probate started in 1851 to its conclusion about 1858.

In the 1860 U.S. Census Samuel is still living in Ross Twp., age 59, Farmer with $5000/1000. Lydia is now 55 years old. Libius is 20, Harriet Sorber is 13.

Samuel Seward is listed as a Civil War Soldier. He enlisted 1 July 1863 for the Union side for PA, the 48th Regiment of Infantry Co. #. Private – Film M554 roll 109.  There were lots of Samuel Seward’s listed so this will need to be verified.

In 1870 Samuel Seward is living in Ross Twp., Luzerne Co., PA. He is now 67 years old and a Retired Farmer with $4000/1000. With him are Daniel 36 Farming $400, Ellen A. age 35, Melvina age 14 Female, Rebecca A. age 10, and Samuel age 1. A Elias Miller is also living with the family, he is 17 and Farm Labor.

Samuel Seward appears in the 1880 U.S. Federal Census Mortality Schedule: Samuel Seward, Widowed, born 1803, PA, age 77, Died Feb 1880 from Dropsy Pneumonia. He was living in Salem, Luzerne, PA.

ROSS Twp is to the east of Fairmount Twp.

Samuel Seward’s children with Anna Moss was probably Ransbury 1824-1884 who migrated to Mason Co., Illinois. Ransbury is buried in the Mason City Cemetery per Find A Grave.

With Lydia he had Levi 1829-1908; Daniel W. 1832-1910 married twice Olive Osgood 1835-1863 and Ellen/Eleanor Dodson 1835-1907;  John 1835-1910 buried in Nebraska, he married twice Sybil Moss 1837-1884 and Caroline Ruth 1843-1928; Lebbeus T. Seward 1839-1932 married Roseanna M. Culver 1841-1914 and moved to Shickshinny to reside.

Sylvania Lodge, No. 353, F. & A. M., of Shickshinny. Instituted June 29, 1865, A. L. 5865. Membership, December 27, 1891, 51. Officers for 1892: Edwin S. Stackhouse, W. M.; Lebbeus T. Seward, S. W.; Jasper N. Culver, J. W.; William A. Campbell, Treas.; Washington B. Poust, Sec.; John F. Nicely, Jesse Beadle, Charles A. Boone, trustees; Reese M. Tubs, representative to grand lodge; past masters: A. B. Weil, J. F. Nicely, W. A. Campbell, W. B. Poust, J. W. Campbell, C. A. Boone, Charles H. Campbell, A. C. Laycock, W. F. Kline, Joseph Wandell, D. F. Hollopeter, H. W. Search, D. O. Coughlin, Charles P. Campbell, Reese M. Tubs. History of Luzerne Co., by H.C. Bradsby, Chapter XVII, Societies and Associations.  Lebbeus T. Seward is buried in the Pine Hill Cemetery in Shickshinny, Luzerne Co., PA, per Find A Grave. 

I have seen where others have been confused about Shickshinny. I visited Shickshinny in 2008 several times and it is a small town but very pleasant. It was my first stop before I drove through Huntington and Fairmount Twp. on my tour there. It is a town and borough west of Wilkes-Barre and Plymouth, PA, click on the map below and study the location:   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shickshinny,_Pennsylvania

Shickshinny in PA

Samuel Seward died on 6 February 1880. He is buried in the Bloomingdale Cemetery in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. Lydia died 26 Aug 1865 and is also buried in this cemetery per Find A Grave.

Mary “Polly” Seward was born about 1807 in Luzerne Co. She died about 1885 in Fairmount Twp., Mary/Polly married Elijah M. Santee. about 1845.

Elijah was born 30 December, 1809 and died around 3 May, 1884 in Oakland, Pennsylvania which is located in several counties in Pennsylvania and needs to be properly identified but I cannot find a burial for him.

Elijah married first to Olivia Dodson and had about six children with her. He then married Mary Seward and had about 7 more children. Elijah’s parents were John Jacob Santee (1772 to 1852) and Jane Moore (1782-1843).

Elijah Santee appears in the 1840 US Federal Census living in Fairmount, Luzerne, PA.

  • Free White Persons – Males – Under 5 – 3
  • Free White Persons – Males – 5 thru 9 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 30 thru 39 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – Under 5 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 20 thru 29 – 1
  • Persons Employed in Agriculture – 1
  • Free White Persons – Under 20 – 5
  • Free White Persons – 20 thru 49 – 2
  • Total Free White Persons – 7
  • Total All Persons – Free White, Free Colored, Slaves – 7

E.M. Santee appears in the IRS Tax Assessment Lists for 1862-1918 in 1865. His is in Harveyville: 241 in Abstract, 365 valuation, rate 5 pa, 18, 25 Total 18 25.

Elijah Santee age 42 with $1500 and Mary age 42 appears in the 1850 Fairmount Twp., U.S. Census. Elijah is 42, Mary is 42, John C. 16, Jane 14, Emily 12, Wilber 10, Willard 10, Sarah 5, Levi 3, Eliza 2 and Jesse 0.  This is two pages.

About this time Mary’s father Levi Seward died and it took a while to probate his large estate.  E.M. Santee appears as her legal representative during this time period.  See the last several published posts regarding Levi Seward’s estate for more detail.

Mary Santee age 56 appears in the 1870 U.S. Federal Census in Union Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania, she is keeping house. She has living with her Alindia age 22 Female and a housekeepr and Samantha age 15 and also a house keepr.

We have a Mary Santee age 70 living in Fairmount Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania in 1880, keeping house. She has living with her a Sarah age 35 daughter, Jesse Sampson 3 years old grandson. Above her in the listing is D.E. Rittenhouse with an Emma V, a daughter of Freeman Seward and Lucinda Bailey.

There is a Eliga M. Santee living in Taylor, Marshall, Iowa in 1880 per the U.S. Federal Census.  This man is 70 years old born in Pennsylvania. He is living with an Emery W. Santee age 42 a Mary Santee age 37 and a Guurterood Santee age 3.

Elijah M. Santee had with his 1st wife Olivia Dodson these children that I know of: John Clark Santee 1834-1895, Margaret Jane Santee (1835-1928) Emery Milton Santee (1838-1915), Wilbur R. Santee (1839-1862), Willard Santee (1839-1902), Joseph Balliet Dodson Santee (1842-1921).

With Mary “Polly” Seward he may have had: Sarah Santee (1845-1933) married Chester B. Steele on 7 March 1883 in Shickshinny, she also had marred a Jesse Sampson and had a son names Jesse Sampson born (1877-1955), Elijah Levi Santee (1847-1929), Elizabeth Santee (1848-   ), Jesse Santee (1850-1879), Thomas Patterson Santee (1851-1933) gave Enos Seward’s Account book to the LCHS in 1927, George Santee (1852 –  ) and Robert Santee (1853 – after 1880).

Elijah Santee died 3 May, 1884 and he is said to be buried in Oakland, Pennsylvania. Olive Dodson Santee died 1 January, 1842.  Mary Seward Santee died 3 Sep 1886 (per her will) in Fairmont Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania.  I do not know where they are all buried at this time.

Mary had a lease and will which primarily involved her daughter Sarah Steele, C.B. Steele Sarah’s husband, Jesse Sampson grandson and her sons Levi and Thomas. It is quite interesting reading. Here is a PDF of a transcription of the lease and will – click on the link and then click again:   MarySanteeWillLease1886

There is a Genealogy of the Santee Family at Internet Archive for viewing. It is a little odd and might be difficult to figure out. I did not find Seward in the index for marriages.

Freeman Seward was born 19 December 1807 in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. He married Lucinda Bailey daughter of Isaac Bailey and Lucinda Seward who was a daughter of Amos Seward (brother to Levi)  and Abigail Williams, at least that seems to be the correct lineage. Lucinda was born 6 August 1818 in probably Luzerne Co.

Fremon Seward appears in the 1850 U.S. Federal Census in Fairmount Twp., Luzerne Co., PA at age 43 and his occupation is either malder or molder, $2000. With him are Lucinda age 31, Sarah age 6, Delanson age 4, Lucy age 2, Mary P. age 7/12. Caleb Hangerberg and Cornelous Hangerberg are also living with them.

Freeman (age 52) appears in Ross Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania in 1860 as a Farmer with $5000/1000. With him are Lucinda age 42, Sarah age 16, Delanson age 14, William B. age 8, Peter B. age 6, Emaly C. age 2. Charles Bosler age 24 farm labour is also present.

Freeman and Lucinda had the following children: Sarah Seward (1843-1908) married Frank S. Anderson; Delanson Seward (1845-1907) married Sarah Alice Harrison; Mary P. Seward (1850 – 27 Nov 1857 Goss Cemetery); William B. Seward (1852 to 1891), Peter B. Seward (1854-1932) married Anna M. Chapin, and Emma V. (1858 –  ) married a D.E. Rittenhouse.  There is a cemetery transcription that has a Lucy Seward buried in the Goss Cemetery below Harveyville a daughter of F. & L. Seward Died Oct. 10, 1850.

Freeman Seward died 20 February 1869 and is buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery near Harveyville, Luzerne Co., PA.  Lucinda is also buried in Pine Grove as well, but I cannot read the tombstone clearly enough to get her death date and the person did not do a page for her at Find A Grave.

There are two items of interest regarding the children of Freeman and Lucinda.  When I visited the Luzerne County Historical Society in 2008, I found in their files (Manuscripts Old Lumber, Box 5, Shelf 17) an Account book of a Peter Seward

  1. Old Account book – very fragile and giving account of the people listed below with dates. Seward, Peter (?) LCHS refused to let me copy or photograph the pages. So I can only tell you about it. This is not Enos Seward’s Account book. This is probably a descendant and I think it is Peter’s.

Account book (1869) For Old Lumber – Box 5, Shelf 17

Goss, Nathaniel 24 1869
Goss John M. pg. 3
Goss, Dem pg. 9

Seward, Elida pg. 23
Seward, Nathan pg. 38 1869
Seward Levi pg 106 1870
Seward, P. B. pg. 125

1869 John M. Goss pg. 3

2. The book a History of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania with Biographical Selections Part II, Biographical Sketches – Sa – Si – pg. 1335. This book is online at Internet Archive for viewing.

DELANSON SEWARD, a prominent merchant and lumberman of Huntington township, P.O. Harveyville, was born in that township August 9, 1845, a son of Freeman and Lucinda (Baily) Seward, natives of Pennsylvania, and of English origin. Freeman Seward, who was a farmer and foundryman, died February 20, 1869. He was a son of Levi and Thankful (Wilkinson) Seward, the former of whom was a native of Connecticut, born April 13, 1778, and came to Luzerne county with his parents Enos and Sarah (Goss) Seward, about the year 1793. Sarah Goss was a daughter of Philip Goss, Sr., of Huntington township, who built near where the home of the late Nathaniel Goss now stands, where he (Philip) and family lived. At the time of the Indian and Tory invasion of 1778, two of his sons, Soloman and Comfort, went with Capt. John Franklin’s company to Forty Fort, and were detained in the fort as prisoners of war on the memorable third of July, having reached the fort too late to march further to the battle (or massacre). Enos Seward and Sarah Goss were married, and had a large family before they moved to Huntington township. Our subject is the second in a family of seven children, three of whom are now living. He was reared on a farm, educated in the common schools and at Columbus Academy, and at the death of his father, May 10, 1869, opened the store he is now owner and proprietor of. He also acted as administrator of his fathers estate, and conducted the homestead farm for two years. Mr. Seward was married February 16, 1868, to Sarah A., daughter of Merril and Sallie (Edwards) Harrison, which union has been blessed with two children, John F., born August 29, 1869, who operates, and is interested with his father in, a planing-mill in Dorranceton (he married Minnie Fitzgerald); and Florence Virginia, born June 20, 1871, the pride and joy of her parents. Mr. and Mrs. Seward and daughter are members of the M.E. Church. Mr. Seward has held the offices of school director and auditor, and is now a justice of the peace for his second term. He is one of the sound men of his section, doing a fine mercantile business and dealing largely in lumber. His home is a model of comfort, and his store is the headquarters for all the surrounding farmers in need of supplies. Mr. Seward, by fair dealing and close attention to business, has won for himself and family the comforts of this life, and a host of warm and admiring friends.  He is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Dallas, Luzerne Co., PA. His wife Sarah is also buried in this cemetery. 

Sarah Seward was born 14 May 1815 probably in Luzerne, PA. She is confused with another Sarah who was the daughter of Enos Seward Jr. and Lydia Stevens. I refer you to the last several posts where the estate of Levi Seward has been featured. Sarah died 5 December 1849 and is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery. I also found a will by Enos Seward Jr. which I have featured in a past post about his life. The Sarah that is listed in the will is not married at the writing of the will.

David was born 26 Jan 1812 in Ross Twp., and died 13 Feb 1891 and is also buried in Pine Grove Cemetery, near Harveyville.

The Sarah Seward a daughter of Levi and Thankful Seward was the one who married David Rood. David Rood was the son of Ira Rood (1781-1854) and Esther Monroe (1790-1844).

David appears in the 1840 U.S. Federal Census in Union Twp., Luzerne Co., PA.

  • Free White Persons – Males – Under 5 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 5 thru 9 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 20 thru 29 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 5 thru 9 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 20 thru 29 – 1
  • Persons Employed in Agriculture – 1
  • Free White Persons – Under 20 = 3
  • Free White Persons – 20 thru 49 – 2
  • Total Free White Persons – 5
  • Total All Persons – Free White, Free Colored, Slaves = 5

David Rood age 37 born about 1813 appears in Ross Twp., Luzerne Co., PA in the 1850 U.S. Census. He is listed as a farmer with $1000. With him are Esther Rood age 16, Alvin Rood age 13, Crawford Rood age 7, Almond W. Rood age 10 and Mary Rood age 5. There is no sign of Sarah because she died the year before.

In the past posts, I have presented the estate of Levi Seward which clear states that his daughter is Sarah and she is the wife of David Rood. David Rood presented a petition to the court as the guardian of the children of him and Sarah and there is also a deed between him and Levi about land.

David Rood is still living in Ross Twp. in the 1860 U.S. Census. He is now 48 years old, farming, $2000/600. With David are Catharine age 41, Almon male age 20, Crawford age 17, Mary age 15, Lydia age 1. Above David is a Meuldah Rood age 37 Female, below him is Samuel Rood age 44.

Based on this information it looks like David Rood remarried to a Catherine David (1819 – __) who last name needs to be verified.  They married about 1856 and had a daughter Lydia (1859-1883).

In 1870 David Rood is still living in Ross Twp., Luzerne Co., PA and farming with $3000/500. With him is Catharine and Lydia. David is 58 years old, Catharine is 51 and Lydia is now 11 years old. They are also together in the 1880 Census. He is 68 years old in 1880.

David Rood and Sarah Seward had these children: Alvin S. Rood (1837-1929) married Eliza Wolfe, Esther Rood (1838-1891) married Stewart Benscoter, Almon W. Rood (1840-1932) married Rachel E. Wiant, Crawford Rood (1842-1927) married Huldah Wiant, Mary Santee Rood (1844-1911) married John S. Macdonald, and Lovena Rood (1846-1916) married a John S. Delong.

David Rood died 13 Feb 1891. He left a will with the court of Luzerne in which he gave his estate to his wife, Catherine until her death (Will Books Vol K-L, 1884-1891 pages 614 to ). He is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery near Harveyville. Here is a transcription in PDF form for you to review PDF:  Will of David Rood

Regarding Sarah and David Rood’s children, we find Alvin S. Rood is featured in the History of Luzerne County by Bradsby. Part II Biographical Sketches -R- Page 1302

ALVIN S. ROOD, carpenter, Bloomingdale, was born in Huntington township, April 10, 1837, a son of David and Sarah (Seward) Rood, the former of whom was born in Ross township in 1812, the latter in Huntington township. David is a son of Ira Rood, the first of that name and family to settle in this county, and who first located in Union township and then removed to Ross, where he owned ninety acres of farm land. He was a man of good judgment and moral habits. His family numbered twelve children, two of whom are now living. His son David began his business life as a farmer in Ross township, owning eighty acres of land which he improved and beautified during his lifetime. He was a worthy man of respectability. He was a strict member of the M.E. Church for fifty years, during which time he did some preaching; he died February 13, 1891, aged eighty-three years, after a life of recognized usefulness. His family consisted of six children, five of whom are living. Alvin S., who is the second in order of birth, in early life learned the carpenter’s trade, he served his country when she needed the aid of all the loyal men. He was mustered into the service of the United States in March, 1864 (for the term of three years), as a musician and member of Company A, One Hundred and Eighty- eighth P.V.I., serving honorably and well to the close of the war, being discharged in December, 1865; he draws a pension. After his return to citizenship he worked at his trade, and is a first-class mechanic. In 1855 Mr. Rood married Miss Eliza Wolfe, who was born in Ross township in 1838, daughter of Peter and Lois Wolfe, and to them were born five children, all living: Josiah, Steward, Edward, Hattie and Minnie. Mr. and Mrs. Rood are members of the M.E. Church, in good standing. Mr. Rood owns the property of Peter Wolfe, a small farm of thirty-five acres which he works in conjunction with his trade. Politically he is a Republican.

Another source is the Genealogy of Josiah Munroe, Revolutionary soldier, who died in the Service of the Continental Army at Valley Forge, February 19, online at Ancestry.com – David Rood Family page 109 under Nathan Munroe. 

Elida Seward was born about 1824 probably in Huntington Twp. He married a Lavina/Lavinia born about 1827.

Elida Seward appears in the 1850 U.S. Federal Census living in Fairmount Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania at age 26. With him is Lavina age 23. Above him is Levi Seward, widower, age 27 farmer $4000 born Massachusetts.  It actually looks like Elida is living with his father for he isn’t listed as a dwelling only a household. Below him is Freeman Seward.

At the death of his father Levi, Elida Seward was the one that got the probate moving forward when he petitioned the court in 1854. I refer you to past posts written on this blog describing the estate of Levi Seward, for more information.

I decided I wanted to see if I could find Elida’s death information by studying his deeds and land transactions. So you will find Deed summaries in the following.

Deed – Elida Seward and Lavinia Seward Grantors to Silas Calendar Vol 75 pg. 162 11 Nov. 1858, Date of Record 31 Dec 1858 Fairmount – Elida is selling land he inherited from Levi Seward his father to this person. The deed is signed by both Elida and Lavina with her mark. It is witnessed by Minerva Patterson and Thos Patterson. Lavina is examined appart from Elida and acknowledges the deed her free and voluntary act.

In the 1860 US Census Elida appears as Elias Seward age 35 living in Fairmount Twp., farmer, $2800/700. With him is Lavina, Robet Santer, George Evert and Frederick Evert. This census is very faded.

In the local newspaper Elida appears at the bottom of the Register’s Notice dated January 17, 1865. This is listed under Old Account and I have not been able to find them online like the other Orphan’s court records and Common Pleas.

6. Davenport – The First and final account of Elida Seward, one of the administrators & of Abram Davenport, late of Union township, Luzerne County, deceased, Filed January 4th, A.D. 1865. 

An Elida Seaward appears in the U.S. Civil War Draft Registration Records for 1863-1865, age on 1 July 1863 he is 38, Cong Dist #12th Class 2.

Deed: Elida and Lavina Seward to Anna Hoover V. 139 page 223 – 15 Jan 1869, Date of Record 2 May 1870 Fairmount Twp. $500 – Signed by both Elida and Lavinia Seward. Witness Thomas Ogden and Lettitia Ogden. Again Lavinia is examined separate.

Elihu Seward is living in Fairmount Twp., Luzerne Co., PA in 1870 as a farmer at age 46. Lovina age 43 is also with him. He has $3000/1000. Below him are listed Robert Santee age 18 farm labor, Montwill Forbs age 11, George Evart age 32 Farm L. and Thomas Santee age 18 School T.  All born in PA.

In 1877 Elida appears in some court case – Suit of E.M. Santee, now assigned to W. N. Santee v. Elida Seward.

Legal Case Santee v. Seward 1877

Under Court of Common Pleas in the Wilkes-Barre Weekly Record, Sat. Apr 12, 1879 Page 3 – S.W. Santee vs. Elida Seaward. By opinion of Judge Handley filed; rule to open judgement in this case made absolute; counsel to frame issue and submit the same to the Court for approval.

Deed Seward et al Elida Extrs to Jacob Seeley Vol. 215 pg. 155 2 April 1873, Date of Record 10 May 1879. In this deed Elida is acting a the Executor of the last will and testament of a Bernard Quick late of Fairmount Twp.  and  Jacob Seeley of Salem, Luzerne on the other part. Signed by Elida Seward (Seal) witnessed by Oscar J. Harvey and Thomas Ogden.  This is a very detailed deed about land in Fairmount Twp.

NEWSPAPER Announcement B. Quick:
Administrator’s Notice – Letters of Administration having been granted to the undersigned, upon the estate of Bernard Quick, late of Fairmount Twp, Luzerne county, deceased, all person indebted to said estate are requested to make immediate payment, and those having claims against the same are requested to present them duly authenticated for settlement to Elida Seaward, Harveyville, Nov. 27, ___ Administrator.  The Luzerne Union,  Wed. Dec. 11, 1867 page 3. The Orphan’s court online at FamilySearch only go to Volume 8.  Bernard Quick is in Vol. 9 for documents.

In the 1880 Census Elida is living in Fairmount Twp., He is 57 as a Widower and with him is Lillian age 7 listed as adopted. Below her is Frances Schultz age 35 boarder, under her is Rebeca E. age 7 boarder and Joseph age 5 also a boarder. All born in PA.

In the Luzerne Legal Register Reports another case appears Suit of Lewis Benscoter v. Elida Seward and D.W. Seward involving land in Fairmount. This is online at Google Books.

Deed Seward et all (D.W. by Shf, Elida by Shf. to D.W. Seward Vol. 322 pg. 490 18 Jan 1892, Date of Record 23 Nov. 1893 Fairmount Twp. This deed is of a Robert A. Robinson Shff to D.W. Seward. It also refers to the Legal Register above. It refers to the Court of Common Pleas which I do not have access to online at this time.

Unfortunately, I have not been able to determine where Elida is buried or find anything about him after 1880 at this time. I suspect he is in the Goss Cemetery near his parents in Harveyville but there is no documentation at this time to prove this or he is in the Scott Cemetery.


In summary, the children of Levi and Thankful Seward need more research in vital records (marriage, death, burial and birth) wills and probates, deeds (many for Seward in the index) and court records (Orphans, Common Pleas ext.) and newspapers, and church records if possible, to thoroughly understand their lives more fully and to verify information. Unfortunately, it is time to move on and take a look a more of the children of Enos and Sarah (Goss) Seward.

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