Enos Seward/Seaward and Sarah Goss – A Review

I started about October 21, 2018 writing about the children of Enos Seward and Sarah Goss. I had written about Enos and Sarah Goss, their lives in Granville, MA and then their migration and move to Pennsylvania.

I have come to a stopping place about this family and their children.

I cannot say that it is complete, but it is a start and hopefully it will be helpful to others. I focused on the children of Enos and Sarah and briefly gave a summary of the children’s children. There was not enough time to follow them all out to the present.  I have so much more to write about regarding the other children of Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall and then to go back in time to cover Philip’s ancestors, so I had to make a decision.

Let’s review Enos and Sarah’s children:

  1. Enos Seward Jr. was born in Granville, Massachusetts on 4 September 1766 and died on 6 August, 1842 in Canisteo, Steuben, New York. He married Lydia Stevens about 1808. She was born 27 August, 1778 in Stillwater, Saratoga, New York and died the 26 July, 1853 in Almond, Allegheny, New York. She was the daughter of Joseph Stevens (1752-1830) and Naomi Matthews (1754-1778). Both Enos and Lydia are buried in the Merwin Cemetery in Almond. They had about six children: Enos, Orrin, Amos, Naomi, Sarah and Joseph.
  2. Enoch Seward not recorded in Granville, Massachusetts so it is unclear what happened to this child? I am suspect of this child. He is not mentioned in the Granville records that I can determine. Enos does not mention him in his Account book that I wrote about.
  3. Eli Seward was born 12 July, 1768 in Granville, Massachusetts and he died about 1847 in Licking Co., Ohio. He married an Eleanor Earl born about 1770 and she died about 1846. Her parents are James Earle and Susan Bird. As far as I know they had one daughter Susanna Seward. He is buried in the Perryton Cemetery in Licking Co., Ohio.
  4. Amos Seward was born 13 August, 1770 in Granville, Massachusetts and he died 25 July, 1804 in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. He married an Abigail Williams born 1774 and died 1845.  Her father was Thomas Williams who d. 1804. Where they are buried is unknown at this time.
  5. Gad Seward was born 10 June, 1773 in Granville, Massachusetts. He died 18 September 1855 in Fairmont Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. Gad married twice. First to Elizabeth Thompson and had two children Paul S. and David. He then remarried to Mary Sloane and had about five children: William S., Enos, James, Sarah Jane, and Nathaniel.  At this time his burial is unknown.
  6. David Seward was born 18 March, 1775 in Granville, Massachusetts, unfortunately David did not survive and he died 11 September 1777 in Granville. He is probably buried there. It is interesting that David is skipped in the jingle featured in a past post.
  7. Levi Seward was born 13 April, 1778 in Granville, Massachusetts and he died 6 August 1851 in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. Levi married Thankful Wilkinson. She was born 25 April 1779 and died 4 March 1848 in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. They are buried in the Old Goss Cemetery just south of Harveyville.  It was very difficult to pin down the children of Levi and Thankful. They may have had: Alvin, Samuel, Mary “Polly”, Freeman, Sarah, and Elida.
  8. Sarah Seward was born 25 May 1780 in Granville, Massachusetts. She married a Lemuel Lawrence although the first name might not be correct – I have seen Samuel used but the records seem to support the Lemuel name. They had at least one child Enos. My notes state she died in Canisteo, New York.
  9. Titus Seward was born 9 July 1783 in Granville, Massachusetts. He died 24 April, 1851 in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. He married a Clarrisa Forbes born 1783 and died 1875 in Huntington Twp., She was the daughter of Nathan Forbes (1755-1833) of Connecticut and Thankful Hale (1754-1820). Titus and Clarissa had about eight children: Dorothea, Elmer, Lydia, Dianna, Thankful, Caroline, Martha and Mary A.  Titus is buried in the Old Goss Cemetery south of Harveyville. I personally saw his tombstone when I visited there. I am not sure of the burial of Clarissa.
  10. Mary Seward was born 12 July, 1785 in Granville, Massachusetts. She died 20 September, 1875 in Coshocton Co., Ohio. She married a George Goodwin on 14 November 1809 in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. They had about four children: Elijah, James, Sara and John. Mary is buried in the Center Ridge Cemetery in Sullivan Co., Indiana she had migrated with her son James. She remarried to a Daniel Ashcraft in 1825 but they separated.
  11. Ebenezer Seward was born 6 May 1789 in Granville, Massachusetts and he died 24 October, 1854 in Russiaville, Howard, Indiana. He married Eleanor Baker 7 December, 1808. Eleanor was born 20 March, 1790 in Wilkes-Barre and died 27 March, 1876 in New London, Howard Co., Indiana. Eleanor’s parents were William Baker (1762-1812) and Waitsel Heath (1773-1846). They had about six children: William Baker, Mary “Polly,” Charles, Levi, Julia Ann and Waitsel. Burial is unknown at this time for Ebenezer and Eleanor.

Back on August 20, 2018 I wrote this post: Enos Seaward and Sarah (Goss) Seward/Seaward’s: Children and Overview.  Based on my research since then there might be slight changes in the names and order of the children. Like I keep saying, genealogy is always evolving.

There is so much more to do on these families. There is the task of finding vital records on their descendants. FamilySearch and Ancestry don’t have marriages for Pennsylvania. I like deeds they can sometimes be very helpful and give you an idea of the person. Wills and estates are filled with amazing information provided they survived, newspaper articles and additional and focused census work needs to be done in order to try to find them when it didn’t happen at this time. Bibles would be wonderful and help to pin down families. Most of these families had a lot of children and when they lived before 1850 it is hard to determine children, If there are mistakes I apologize. I am open to making updates. Just be kind.

To find the posts I have written on these families go to the Table of Contents for Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall at the top and side of this blog and scroll down to Enos and Sarah (Goss) Seward’s section.


One final comment, I want to thank all the cousins who have family trees at Ancestry.com. I cannot claim that I figured all this out on my own. They have photos, stories, articles and more so go and check them out, just be careful a lot had children mixed up and with the wrong mother.

Now it is time to move on and write about the other children of Philip and Mary (Kendall) Goss.

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2 Responses to Enos Seward/Seaward and Sarah Goss – A Review

  1. Diane Reim says:

    Thank you for all of your research. It is very much appreciated. I am a descendent of Levi & Thankful Seward. My daughter is working on a family tree for school so this information has been very helpful. Please feel free to contact me if you find any additional information.

    • BJ MacDonald says:

      Diane: Welcome, You are most welcome. I see that the history of our family is fast disappearing so I want to make some kind of record of it all. I enjoyed writting about the Seward family they are very interesting. I am glad to hear your daughter is interested, that is a good thing. I do not have children so my goal is to find a place my research that is safe. My family isn’t interested. As for the research it is never ending and so please realize not all is online. I would do more for each person but I would never get anything done. Hopefully, you find clues with what you see and can do more to learn about your ancestor. Good luck. Bonnie

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