Part II: Philip Goss Jr/V and Lands in the Second Division Huntington Twp: Lot No. 53, and #41

The Land History of 15/17 Townships shows that Philip Goss Jr/V was involved with Lot #53 in the 2nd Division.  Philip apparently kept that lot and sold it in 1826 to Solon Chapin.

The Warranty Map shows where #53 is located.

Huntington Twp Warrant Map dated 2 March 1950 – based on historical data a portion

Claimant: Philip Goss Jr.
Date Acquired 6/17/1772
Drawer Philip Goss is this the father?
Twp. Huntington
Div 2nd
Lot 53
Acres 94 A 19 p
No Chain of title given
Patentee Samuel Chapin
Source: CTL:44;MEHun:191
Patent Book H41:477
Survey Book 4:153

Source: Connecticut’s Pennsylvania Colony Vol. III Claimants by Donna Bingham Munger, Pg. 2-54 and 2-55, Heritage Books 2007. Note that any explain of land like the above and the one below, came from this source.

A 17 Certified Township Patent

Solon Chapin and Philip Gofs

Received the 1st day of December A.D. 1826 from Solon Chapin the sum of seventy five dollars towards the purchase money due the Commonwealth on a certain tract of Land, to wit – Lot No. 53 in the Second Division of Lands in the Township of Huntington one of the Seventeen Townships in the County of Luzerne certified to Philip Gofs. By Act to erect a Bridge over the Susquehanna. Signed by Calvin Wadham, Ganick Mallery, R. M. Hollenbeck. 

Warranty Map online at the Pennsylvania Archives reads:  Philip Goss Jr. #87 4-153 No. 53 2d Div. 94 A 19 P & All Sur. Sept 11, 1802, Pat Feb 7, 1840 to Samuel Chapin.

Survey is for #53 in the 2nd Division:

Huntington No. 53 Second Division Philip Gofs 94 a’s 19 p’s Return of Survey – Reg. Feb. 7, 1840 (inter alia)

Philip Goss #53

Draught of a Tract of Land, situate in Huntington one of the seventeen Townships in Luzerne County being part of Fifty-three in the Second division of that Township and containing Ninety-four acres and Nineteen perches with the usual allowances of six for centum for roads, resurveyed the Eleventh day of September in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and two for Philip Goss by order of the Commissioners appointed to put in execution an act of the General Assembly of the State of Pennsylvania, entitled “An Act for offering Compensation to the Pennsylvania Claimants of certain land within the seventeen townships in the County of Luzerne and other purposes therein mentioned, for Philip Gofs.  To Samuel Cochran, Esq. Surveyor General. Thos Sambourne Surveyor to the said Commissioners 2d January 1804 – etc.

LOT #41 in the 2nd Division

We find Philip Goss was also involved with Lot #41 in the 2nd Division and sold it to Nathan Forbes. I am thinking this is Nathan Forbes not Furbs/Firbs as is named in the deed below? David Goss acquired this land from Abiel Fellows in 1777. I will revisit and share more about David Goss and his life and lands in future posts.

Claimant: Earl Tubbs
Date Acquired: 9/3/1802
Drawer: Abiel Fellows
Twp. Huntington
Div 2nd
Lot 41
Acres 107A 128 p
Chain of Title: Goss David 5/13/1777, Philip Goss Jr., Nathan Forbes 4/7/1793, James Nisbitt 9/4/1797
Patentee Bill Harrison
Source: CTL:43;MEHun:217
Patent Book: H10:68
Survey Book 4:97

Source: Connecticut’s Pennsylvania Colony, Vol. III Claimants, Heritage Books 2007. 

I do not have a copy of the deed of David Goss 5/13/1777 to Philip Goss Jr. at this time. When I write about David and the other siblings something might come up.

Land History 15/17 Twp. for Huntington: Page 66 Huntington, Gofs Philip to Nathan Firbs/Forbs, April 21/27, 1799 Con L. 25, B 5 V. 42

One Certain Lot of land containing about one hundred acres of land as the name is hereafter described. Sworn on the second division No. 41 drawn on the 38th right originally belonging & laid out to Abiel Fellows.

Philip Goss to N. Firbs 1793 Luzerne Co. Registrar of Deeds, page 42 to 43. Once again we are seeing Abial/Abiel Fellows as being involved with the Goss family.

Philip Goss to Nathan Firbs ))))  Know all men by these presents that I Philip Goss of Huntington in the County of Luzerne and State of Pennsylvania do for the consideration of twenty five pounds L.M. to me in hand before the ensealing hereof well & truly paid by Nathan Firbs of Huntington aforesaid to my full satisfaction the receipt whereof I do acknowledge myself fully satisfied & contented. Do by these presents give grant bargain sell & convey & confirm unto him the s’d N. Firbs his heirs and assigns forever one certain lot of land containing about one hundred acres of land as the same is hereafter ______ that is to say said lot of land lying in the Town of Huntington in the County aforesaid Drawn on the second Division No. forty one Drawn on the 38th right originally belonging & laid out to Abial Fellows. To Have & to Hold the above granted premises with all the appertinances, thereunto belonging or in anywise appertaining unto the s’d Firbs his heirs & assigns and furthermore I the s’d Goss Do warrant and Defend from all claims claiming under the Connecticut Claimants & that I the said Goss have good right o bargain and sell the same in manner & form as above s’d. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this twenty seventh day of April in the Year of our Lord 1793.    Philip Goss (Seal)

Signed, Sealed and Delivered In Presence of us Enos Seward – Eli Seward.

Luzerne County SS)) Before me Lawrence Myers Esquire one of the Justices of the Peace in and for the said County personally appeared Philip Goss the grantor of the within instrument and acknowledged the same to be his free Deed. Witness my hand & seal this third day of May A.D. 1794 – Lawrence Myers (Seal) Recorded Aug. 21, 1797.

Notice the witnesses are Enos and Eli Seward, probably the father and son.  It usually says Jr. after Enos if it is the son.

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