Philip Goss & Hannah Darby: A daughter Jerusha Goss Ferry?

There is a possibility that Philip & Hannah Goss had a daughter named Jerusha and she married a Silas Ferry and migrated to New York.

Jerusha Goss:  There is a Jerusha Goss born 5 August, 1772 in Hebron, Tolland, Connecticut according to online Family Trees at Ancestry.  Hannah Darby, the mother, was  born in Hebron.  I was not able not able to locate Jerusha’s birth, so it has not been verified.

There is a Connecticut Church Abstracts 1630-1920 compilation at Ancestry that features  a Jerusha Goss who was baptized 10 November, 1782 in at Winsted and filed under New Hartford. She is listed as a “d. of Philip” and under the Goss name.

Both New Hartford and Winsted are in Litchfield Co., CT. Winsted is in between Winchester and New Hartford. New Hartford is southwest of Barkhamsted. This is very interesting in location for several reasons: 1) Litchfield Co. was the government for Westmoreland Co. and Twp in the Wyoming Valley, so there is a strong connection, 2) Thomas Goss, brother to Philip Goss IV, Philip’s father lived in Barkhamsted.  3) Ebenezer Goss a brother, lived in Plymouth/Thomaston south of these locations.

Winsted in relation to other locations in Connecticut

There is a 1820 U.S. Federal Census that has a Jerusha Ferry living in Alfred, Allegany, New York. It was enumerated August 7, 1820. Unfortunately, Silas Ferry is said to have died in 1819 so he is not reflected in the census below.

  • Free White Persons – Males – Under 10 – 2
  • Free White Persons – Males – 10 thru 15 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 16 thru 25 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – Under 10 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 16 thru 25 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 45 and over – 1 – Jerusha
  • Number of Persons – Engaged in Agriculture -1
  • Free White Persons – Under 16 – 4
  • Free White Persons – Over 25 – 1
  • Total Free White Persons – 7
  • Total All Persons – White, Slaves, Colored, Other – 7

The census above implies that Jerusha married a man named Ferry and migrated to New York.  I cannot find Jerusha in the census for 1830 and 1840. She probably just missed the 1850 which was enumerated in June. The question is, did she remarry and that is why she disappears? She would have been about 47 in 1820 and then 58 in 1830?

Allegany Co., New York is where Enos Seward Jr. migrated to and others have gone there from the family.  Enos Seward and his son Enos Seward Jr. had land dealings with the Ferry/Ferre family. I refer you to the posts I wrote about Enos Seward and his land dealings in Pennsylvania and also Enos Jr.

Post: Enos and Sarah (Goss) Seaward’s Land in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania, Sept 30, 2018.

Enos Seward Jr.’s Land in Luzerne Co., PA, October 26, 2018

Philip Goss IV and Mary Kendall lived in Berkshire Co. before they migrated to Pennsylvania and the Wyoming Valley. So I find this following deed to be very interesting.

I presented this deed when I wrote about Enos Seward Sr. in a past post about his land in Pennsylvania as listed above. The land is far too complicated to repeat all of that here, so I suggest you find those posts by using the right side of this blog to search or find the dates in the Archive drop down box.

Deed  Luzerne Records Book No. 7 page 347 dated 17 March 1791 Cont L25, John Ferre to John Ferre Jun’r & Silas Ferre

Know all Men to whom these Present shall come that I John Ferry of Sheffield in the County of Barkshire and Commonwealth of Massachusetts for and in consideration of the sum of twenty five pounds lawful money to me in hand paid by John Ferre Jun’r of Ballston and State of New York and Silas Ferry of Sheffield and Commonweath aforesaid therewith have given granted bargained and sold and by these Presents do give grant bargain, sell and forever quit claim unto them the said John and Silas Ferre two certain Lots of Land in Huntington and County of Luzerne and State of Pennsylvania know by Lot number two in the first division and Lot number twenty one in the second division containing one hundred acres each Reference to be hand to the Proprietors Book of Record To have and to hold the said Lots of Land unto the said John Ferre Junr, and Silas Ferre their heirs, Executors and Administrators with all the Privileges and appurtenances therein to belonging. The said John Ferre Junr myself my heirs Executors, Admintr’ or afsigns or from other persons claiming in by from or under me or them will Warrant ______Defend by these presents – In witnefs whereof I have herunto set my hand and Seal this seventeenth day of March in the year of our Lord One thousand seven hundred & ninety one.

Signed, Sealed & Delivered in the presence of Samuel Barnard, Clarisa Barnard  – Signed John Ferre (Seal)

Berkshire Co 17th March 1791 John Ferre acknowledged the foregoing Instrument to be his free Act and Deed  before me Samuel Barnard Just’ Peace     Recorded October 16 1801

Silas Ferry was born 16 March 1769 in Sheffield, Berkshire Co., MA and died 1 May 1819 in Almond, Allegany, NY.

The father of Silas was probably John Ferry b. 10 Jan 1719 in Springfield, MA. He died in July of 1790 in Sheffield, Berkshire, MA.  It is said that he married twice, first to Mary Loomis (1712-1758) and he had about 5 children with her.

John’s father may have been Samuel Ferre (1690-1752) and Margaret Huggins (1686-1733).

John Ferry appears in the 1790 US Federal Census living in Springfield, MA. He married Mabel on 14 January 1749 in Westfield, MA per Massachusetts Town and Vital Records 1620-1988.

He then married Keziah Clark (1742-1845). Silas was of this family.  John and Keziah may have had these children:  Lydia, Keziah, Seth, Lydia, Rebeckah, Joseph Clark, Rhoda.  Keziah’s parents were Joseph Clark and Rebecca Loomis a sister of Mabel Loomis!!

The History and Genealogy of the Family of Thomas Noble, of Westfield, MA, Descendants of Rebecca Noble daughter of Thomas, gives a listing of the genealogy of Mary Loomis who married John Ferre of Sheffield, MA. Her parents were Rebecca Noble and Samuel Loomis. This is from the North American Family Histories at

There is a Military minutes of the Council of Appointment of the State of New York for Allegany Co. 1783-1821 and a Silas Ferry is listed as a Lieutenant. It is dated 1 Feb. 1811.

There is a Land Warrant 1733-1987 that has a “Philip and Silas Ferry Goss” with 29.104 acres dated 4 Apr 1799 for 3rd Division in Huntington Twp at This is written very strangely.

There is another Land Warrant for a Silas Ferry for 91.84 acres dated 4 April, 1799 in Huntington Twp. 3rd Div. Luzerne Co., PA from

I refer you to another post that I have written:  Part III Philip Goss Jr/V, Lands in the Third Division Lot #5 and Lot #6, dated Feb 25, 2019.  There are several references to the Ferry family, and a Silas Ferry.

Taking a look at the census, we find a Silas Ferry featured in the 1800 U.S. Census for Huntington Twp.

  • Free White Persons – Males – Under 10 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 26 thru 44 – 1 – Silas Ferry
  • Free White Persons – Females – Under 10 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 26 thru 44 – 1 – Jerusha
  • Free White Persons – Females – 45 and over – 1  – Who could this be?
  • Number of Household Members Under 16 – 2
  • Number of Household Members Over 25 – 3
  • Number of Household Members – 5

There is a Silas Ferry listed in 1810 living in Alfred, Allegany, New York.

  • Free White Persons – Males – Under 10 – 2
  • Free White Persons – Males – 10 thru 15 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Males – 26 thru 44 – 1 – Silas Ferry
  • Free White Persons – Females – Under 10 – 1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 10 thru 15 -1
  • Free White Persons – Females – 26 thru 44 – 1 – Jerusha
  • Number of Household Members Under 16 – 5
  • Number of Household Members Over 25 -2
  • Number of Household Members – 7

Possible children for Silas and Jerusha Ferry could be:

  • John Ferry 4 May, 1796 to 3 Feb, 1854 living in Almond, Allegany NY in 1850, there are Estate records for this man at He is said to be buried in the Fairview Cemetery in Almond, Allegany NY. He was married twice to Angelina Osgood and a Sarah Holloway.
  • Silas Ferry 1801-1863 – see above information about his parents etc.
  • Ann Ferry 1805
  • Susan Ferry 1806
  • Sally Ferry 1808
  • Sylvia Ferry 1809
  • Philip Ferry 1811-1888 may have married a Lois Karr and lived in Almond. He appears in the 1840, 1850, 1860, 1870, 1880 census and even the NY State for 1855, 1865, 1875. He is buried in Woodlawn Cemetery in Almond, Allegany Co., NY. (Lots of Ferry family listed in this cemetery).
  • Joseph C. Ferry 1813 before 1896 may have migrated to Butler Co., PA. There is a J.C. Ferry living in Slippery Rock, Butler Co., PA in 1850.

Source: Allegany County and its people: a centennial memorial history of Allegany County, New York, Chapter 11, Almond, page 564, published 1896. Also page 568-569 about the Presbyterian Church. Silas and Jerusha Ferry were members as well as an Enos Seward.

Silas Ferry married Jerusha Goss. They had four sons and three daughters, none now living. Elijah and Andrew, grandsons, are living here. Mr. Ferry dropped dead while fighting fire in the woods.

This implies that all their children had died before 1896. I have four daughters listed rather than three.

In Summary:  There are some very interesting events going on here.

  1. Enos Seward and Enos Seward Jr. have land dealings with the Ferry family.  Philip Goss is also connected to them via land.
  2. The Ferry family lived in Berkshire Co, MA. where the father John settled and the Goss Family lived there in Becket and in Granville which is very close.
  3. There are ties to Litchfield Co. and Barkhamsted where a brother of the father is living.
  4. Jerusha Ferry lived in Allegany Co., NY were other Goss/Seward family went to live.

I believe that the Ferry and Goss family connection needs more research done. What I have done here has presented many leads for research. I would emphasize the Ferry/Ferre family in deeds, especially father to son like I have presented above, estates to clarify heirs (may be difficult to find), marriage and death records, birth records all from several locations: Hampshire/Hampden Co., MA, Litchfield Co., CT, Luzerne Co., PA and Allegany Co., NY.

Let’s take a look at another possible child of Philip Goss and Hannah and see what we find.

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