Philip Goss, his estate — 1870

Philip Goss died 1 April 1870 in Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania. He had a will. Unfortunately, he does not name his wife in his will, but he does provide for her. Philip does name his children, which is very helpful.


 ….I Philip Goss…being of sound mind and in health I do therefore make ordain publish and declare this to be my Last Will and Testament that is to say first after all my Debts and funeral Expenses and the expense of settling my Estate Then give and bequeath and dispose of as follows to wit to my Beloved wife my whole estate Real Estate personal property or mixed to her to have and to hold her life time or as much as she may want for her support for her to have the whole control of it and at her decease my Estate I order my whole Estate to be sold and to be divided among my children and children of Fidela now deucd in the following maner to my Daughter Mary Steele one hundred and forty five Dollars to the children of my Daughter Fidela now deucd two hundred dollars to my son John Goss Eighty two dollars to my son Samuel W. Goss one hundred and twenty five dollars to pay my dayghters Huldale Gregory one hundred and thirty two dollars my daughter Eliza Tayler one dollars to my son Richard B. Goss one dollar to my son James Goss one hundred Dollars to my daughter Elen M. Moss one hundred and thirty one dollars to my Daughter Rebecce Merui one dollars to my son Ashail Goss one hundred Dollars and to son Weston one dollar to be paid to the above heirs with one year of the deciu of myself and wife also should there be a surplus after the above Legacy or heirship on it is the it is to be divided between my heirs equal like and like except my sone Weston is to have no morn of the Estate should fail short it is to be deducted in proportion to the above Legacy of this my last Wil land Testament hereby revoking all fomer wills by me made. In witness where of I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed by seal the 25th day of August 1866. Witnesses Wm. Koons —-G. W. Koons. Signed Philip Goss.

Source: Luz. Co. C. L. Will Book E, p. 101 Probated May 7, 1870: Philip Goss, Executors: William Koons, Sureties: R.D. Koons & J.S. Koons, Date of Bond 7 May 1870, Penalty $1,000, Inventory 10 June 1870. Luzerne Co. Probate Records – Wills. I have two copies of this will of Philip’s one I found typed up years ago and one that is in the Luzerne Books done by the clerk.

Unfortunately, I cannot access any further probate records online at FamilySearch’s website (Family History Library) They don’t go to 1870, nor do they have Vol. E.  However, the above is very good. It is very clear and lists  the children’s names and married names. If they had any children that had died but had no children, they would not be mentioned.

  1. Fidela now deceased
  2. Mary Steele
  3. John Goss
  4. Samuel W. Goss
  5. Huldale Gregory
  6. Eliza Taylor
  7. Richard B. Goss
  8. James Goss
  9. Elen M. Moss
  10. Rebecca Merui or Allen – I am not sure what the Merui names means?
  11. Ashail Goss
  12. Weston Goss

This gives us 12 children. Don’t be too worried about the $1.00 given, Philip and Huldah were very good and sold land to their children well before their deaths. We will take a look at deeds for both Philip & Huldah and their children in a future post.

Here is a summary of a very unusual deed. I don’t recall ever seeing this type of deed for care of a person.  It is very sweet of Philip Goss.

Portion of Deed Philip Goss to Rebecca Allen 1869

1869 Philip Goss & W to Rebecca Allen – Vol. 132, page 502-503, Huntington Twp. “am indebted to my daughter Rebecca J. Allen wife of Asa Allen, to serves rendered to me in my old age and feble condition and for two years of service of her daughter Hannah for help and labor performed by Asa Allen in time past and shall require help and attention hereafter which will not be refused and as said Rebecca has not heretofore received from me as much in property as either of my other heirs I am now deserves of securing to her just and equal right and paying her for her faithful care and labor. He gives her land in Huntington Twp. – Containing 14 acres & 104 perches strict measure being land conveyed to F. Hartman & J. P. Long and Hannah Long by Deed bearing date No 7, 1857 conveyed by F. Hartman and Wife to James Goss by Deed bearing date January 2, 1865 thence my James Goss to Philip Goss Deed dated 21 May 1867. 31 Mar 1869 signed by Philip Goss and Huldah Goss, Witnessed by James Crockett, G.A. Crockett, in presence 31 March 1869 of James Crockett JP, Recorded 17 July 1869.

Here is a deed that I found by Wm. Koons the Administrator of Philip Goss’s estate done in 1883 which is 13 years after his death in 1870.  Huldah died in 1877 so this seems to indicate that there was not enough money left in the estate at the end.

Wm. Koons Administrator of Philip Goss’s Estate sells land – a portion of the deed

1883 – William Koons Adm. to Wilson A. Forbes, Vol.     page 101-103, 1 November 1883 – William Koons Administrator of Philip Goss late of the twp. of Huntington, Co. of Luzerne, State of PA. 12 acres, Letters of Administration to Wm. Koons – Orphans Court – petition insufficent to pay debts and therefore need to sell real estate, inventory done – Ordered by court 16 June 1883 to be sold, 25 August 1883 public venue to Wm. A. Forbes $625 being highest bidder – Confirmed 3 October 1883, Signed over to Wm. A. Forbes, signed by Wm. Koons, Administrator, Witness James Post.  Came before James Post JP, Recorded 21 Apr 1884.

In the next post I will present the children of Philip Goss and his wife Huldah. After that I will follow that with a post summary of deeds of Philip Goss and Huldah and deeds by his children.

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