Philip Goss (1787-1870) and Huldah Wandel’s children

In the last post, I presented the will of Philip Goss who lived from 1787 to 1870 in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania. He was the son of Philip Goss Jr/V and Hannah Darby.  In this will he lists his children:

  1. Fedelia deceased,
  2. Mary Steele,
  3. John,
  4. Samuel W.,
  5. Huldale Gregory,
  6. Eliza Taylor,
  7. Richard B.,
  8. James,
  9. Elen M. Moss,
  10. Rebecca Merui or later it was Allen
  11. Ashail
  12. Weston

There is a great deal of information to cover in this post and I was not able to present all of the following families. So ask and I will be happy to help.

Townships of Luzerne, Lake Twp. is in the north area of Luzerne

Philip and Huldah (Wandel) Goss’s children are as follows.

Please note that I am having trouble with Fidelia and Mary’s birth dates. The tombstones read these dates at Find A Grave, so I am not sure what is happening? Fedelia’s tombstone reads 42 years 1 month and 23 days from 4 April 1851. My Legacy database calculator has her born 12 February 1809. This agrees with Find A Grave. Mary’s tombstone does not give age but only dates as per the information below at Find A Grave.Do we have twins and one of the dates is a baptismal date? See below.

Let’s take a look at the children of Philip and Huldah:

Mary Goss born 6 Jan 1809 Luzerne Co., Pennsylvania and died 25 October 1874 in Luzerne Co., PA. She married Jacob Steele born 4 Mar 1813 and died 18 Feb 1885. Both are buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery near Harveyville in Huntington Twp. His parents were Jacob Steele 1780-1839 and Lydia Franklin Harrison 1781-1860.

Mary and Jacob Steele appear in the 1850 US Census for Huntington Twp. In this census Hester Ann is 13, Joseph S. is 7 and Lydia S. is just a baby. I think the Joseph is really Jasper.

In the 1860 US Census for Ross Twp., Luzerne Co., Jacob is 46 years, Farmer $1800/600 and Mary 51 years, with them are  Jasper M. 17 years and a Huldah S. 11 years? All born in PA.

In 1870 US Census they are in Fairmount Twp., and it is just the two of them Jacob and Mary. He is a retired farmer with $2000/600.

Mary and Jacob Steele probably had these children:

  1. Esther Ann/Hester Ann born 7 May 1837 and died 12 April 1906. She married a Sidney Letteer 1834-1904. They migrated to Wisconsin by 1870. Both are buried in the Auburn Cemetery in Auburn, Chippewa Co., Wisconsin.  They had these possible children: Mary A. (1859 –  ), Charles J. (1862-1912) migrated to North Dakota, Frank M. (1863-1932), Martin M. (1865-1947 – He might have been born in 1876, Rosa M. (1868-1887), Susie G. (1871-1936) and Maude A (1877-1969) married a Fuller and died in British Columbia.
  2. Jasper S. born 1843 in Luzerne Co., PA died 19 June 1864 in Georgia. He is buried in the Andersonville National Cemetery. He was a Civil War soldier Private, Co. F, Reg. 7, State PA. He might have been listed as Joseph in some records.
  3. Lydia Steele b. 1850 per the 1850 US Census and looks like she died before 1860 because she is not listed in the 1860 Census.
  4. Huldah Steele was born 11 January 1850, died 10 December 1940 in Luzerne Co., PA. She is buried in the Mossville Cemetery in Fairmount Twp. She married a John (Johann) Michael Hirlinger born 29 Sep 1837 in Philadelphia and died 28 Nov 1914 in Red Rock, Luzerne Co., PA. He is also buried in the Mossville Cemetery.  His father was William Hirlinger 1799 to 1877 and mother might be Christine Gohring 1809-1888 both from Germany.  Huldah and John had these possible children: Lillie Grace (1866-1946) who married a George W. Goss – see below, Edith Inez (1870-1957), Jasper B. (1872-1952) George E. (1878-1955), Etta M.(1880-1954) and Harry L. (1885-1951)

Fidelia Goss born 12 Feb 1809 in Luzerne Co., PA, died 4 April 1851 in Luzerne Co. She married Albrow A. Harvey born 1 Mar 1809 in Pine Creek Twp., Clinton Co., Pennsylvania. He died 15 Nov. 1897 in Luzerne Co. They are both buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery. Albrow’s parents maybe Harmon Harvey (1778-1856) and Martha Wilkinson (1787-1856). Martha was also married to Elijah Goodwin. He and Philip Goss Jr/V did a deed together.

In the 1850 US Census we find a Albrow A. Harvey age 41 (1809) wheelwright $2000 is living in Huntington Twp., Phidelia Harvey age 41 (1809), Philip A. Harvey age 17 (1833) Farmer, William B. Harvey age 14 (1836), Mary E. Harvey age 11 (1839), Jameson Harvey age 10 (1840), John M. Harvey age 7 (1843) and Huldah Harvey age 2 (1848).

It looks like Albrow remarried by the 1860 U.S. Census to an Elizabeth Taylor born 4 August 1824. Albro Harvey is now 50 years old, a farmer with $1200/200 living in Fairmount Twp, PA. Elizabeth is 32, John M. is 16, Jenet is 12, Almira is 10, Louisa is 6, Myron V. is 4 and Crusa L. is 10/12.

In the 1870 US Census we find Albrow A. Harvey is 61 yrs old, a wheelwright $1000/$400 living in Fairmount Twp., Elizabeth is 45 years old born PA. With them is Mason/Miron (Myron Vincent) V. age 13, Crucian L. (Crecia) female age 10, Robert A. age 8 and Anna age 7.

In 1880 we find Albrow living in Fairmount Twp. age 71, Elizabeth is 54 wife, Lucretia age 20 daughter, Charles R. son age 18, Annie E. age 16 daugher, Shultz Paul R. age 7 grandson, Minnie Boston, age 4 grand/d.

So Albrow and Fidelia (Goss) Harvey had possibly the following children:

  1. Philip A. 30 September 1832 and died 16 November 1917 buried in the Cole Cemetery in Monroeton, Bradford Co., PA. He may have married twice to an Emma and Harriett.
  2. William B. Harvey 16 May 1837 and died 12 September 1913. He m. Hattie 1848-1910, died in Columbia Co., PA.
  3. Mary E. b. 1839, not much information
  4. Wesley Jameson Harvey 3 March 1841 to 30 July 1928. He m. Emer J. born 1841 and died 1915. They are buried in the Benton Cemetery in  Columbia Co., PA.  His name gets switched around between Wesley and Jameson.
  5. John M. Harvey 11 May 1845 in Luzerne and died 26 November 1913 in Bradford Co., PA. He m. Carrie S. King born 22 March 1874 died 6 July 1946 in Bradford Co., PA. He is buried in the Cole Cemetery. On his tombstone is the name Catherine b. 1847 and died 1890. She is buried in the Cole Cemetery with John.  Carrie is buried in the Oak Hill Cemetery in Towanda, Bradford Co., PA. It looks like he married twice, but I am having clarifying it all.
  6. Huldah Harvey 25 December 1847 and died 21 April 1888. She m. James P. Harpe 1845-1915. She died in Wyoming Co., PA and is buried in Sunnyside Cemetery.
  7. Almira Harvey (1850 –  ) She appears in the 1860 Census age 10.

Albrow and Elizabeth may have had these children, the names in the census are messed up and based on what I have learned these are their children?  These following still need more research work.

  • Louisa Harvey 1854 – She appears in the 1860 census age 6.
  • Myron b. 20 August 1858 and died 17 December 1917 in Hemlock, Columbia Co, PA.
  • Crecia Lorena b. 13 August 1861 and died 25 November 1925 in Columbia Co., PA. She married Zibe O. Rood 1851 to 1908. Her name makes the records difficult to intrepret so watch the female/male to make sure.
  • Charles Robert Harvey born 22 Aug 1861 in Red Rock, died 24 May 1935 in Berwick, Columbia Co., PA m. Lillie Ruckle.  This man’s name appears to be a meshing of Charles and Robert as one person and that there are not two individuals.  I need to do more work to really pin this down.
  • Anna 1863.

John Minor Goss born 27 September 1812 in Luzerne Co. and died 26 May 1892. He married Mary Love born 17 November 1809 and died 1888.

John appears in the History of Luzerne, Lackawanna, Wyoming Counties on page 298 published in 1880: John Miner Goss was formerly a carpenter and joiner, but is now engaged in farming. He is a native of Huntington Township, and was born September 27, 1812. Mrs. Goss, formerly Miss Mary Love, was born in Huntington 17 November 1809. 

The 1850 U.S. has them living in Fairmount Twp. John M. Goss is 38 yrs a farmer with $2000, Mary is 40, Mary M. is 6 and Richard G. is 2. Below them is Elijah M. Santee and Mary Santee and family. Mary is a daughter of Levi Seward and Thankful Wilkinson.  In this census he is listed under the name Goff.  Not sure if Mary M. survived?

In the 1860 U.S. Census for Fairmount Twp., we have a Minor Gofs age 47 Male, a Farmer with $2500/1000 born in PA. With him is Mary age 50, Mary M. age 16 and Richard G. age 12.

In 1870 we find them living in Fairmount Twp. John M. Goss is 57 Farmer with $4000/1200, Mary is 60, Richard G. is 23 Farming $804/400 and there is a Catherine C. Goss with them age 21. This is Richard’s wife.

We find them in Fairmount Twp. in the 1880 U.S. Census. John M. Goss is 67 years old a Farmer, Mary is 70 years old and listed as his wife.  A Lola Laubach age 18 is a boarder, servant.

John Minor Goss died 26 May 1892 probably in Fairmount Twp., She died about 1888.  Burial for this couple is not yet known.

They had a son Richard Gwynn Goss born 23 September 1847 Luzerne Co. and died 25 January 1929 in Fairmount Twp., Luzerne, PA. Richard married a Catherine Carolyn Kleintob born 2 Oct 1856 and died Mar 23, 1924. They are both buried in the Bethel Cemetery in Fairmount Twp. Catherine’s parents were Nathan Kleintob 1823-1881 and Mary Ann Swank 1820-1876.

Richard also appears in the History of Luzerne, Lackawanna and Wyoming Co. published 1880, page 298: “Richard Gwynn Goss was born in Fairmount September 23rd, 1847. His wife was Caroline Clemtop, also of Fairmount. Mr. Goss is a farmer. He has been postmaster and assessor.” This book is online at Internet Archive for viewing.

Richard and Catherine Goss had:

  1. John A, (1873 – 1944) in Fairmount Twp., he m. Elizabeth A. (Lizzie). They are buried in Bethel Hill Cemetery in Fairmount Twp.).
  2. Mary A. (1877 – 1962 m. E. Dana Sutliff buried Bloomingdale Cemetery in Luzerne Co., PA),
  3. Shadrach (1881 – 1969 Dallas, Luzerne Co., PA buried Bethel Hill Cemetery in Fairmount Twp. m. Sarah F. Wilkinson.
  4. Willard M. (1882 – 1957) Montour, PA m. Fannie E. Blaine. Per his death certificate he looks like he is buried in Bethel Cemetery

Philip Goss born 24 October 1814 and died 8 July 1830 at age 15 in Luzerne Co., PA. He is buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery. He would have been Philip Goss VII.

A Wisconsin Map 2013

Samuel Wesley Goss born about 1816 in Luzerne Co., and he died 27 June 1903 in Mondovi, Buffalo Co., Wisconsin. He married Charlotte Maria Shay born 3 September 1820 probably in New York and who died 1899 in Mondavi, Buffalo Co., Wisconsin. Both are buried in the Oak Park Cemetery.

S.W. Goss appears in Huntington Twp. in the 1840 Census with 4 family members. 2 under 20 years old.

A Wesley Goss appears in the 1850 U.S. Census in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., PA. he is a farmer with $600. Charlotte is with him age 29, born NY. Philip Goss age 10, Daria Goss age 9 male, Phidelia Goss age 8, Wesley Goss age 4, Rosanna Goss age 2 and Asahel Goss age 1.  Above them are Jacob and Mary Steele and family.

In 1870 we find Samuel Goss age 50 a farmer with $1200/1200 born PA living in Canton, Buffalo Co., Wisconsin. With him are Charlotte age 49, Wesley age 25 $800 born PA, Miriam A. age 22 born Illinois, Mertel age 1 born in Wisconsin, Asa age 20 born PA, Siba age 18 born PA, Jane age 18 born PA.  Note: I think the Miriam is Myranda and the son Wesley’s wife and Mertel is their daughter?

We find Samuel W. Goss age 64 farming in Canton, Buffalo, Wisconsin in the 1880 US Census. With him are Charlotte age 56 wife and Eva M. Goss age 9 grand-daughter.

Wesley Goss appears in Naples, Buffalo, Wisconsin in the 1900 US Census.  He is now age 84 and listed as father, born Apr 1816, widowed. He is living with a Ziba Goss age 48 born Mar 1852 and his wife Orpha age 39 and there children.  Alpha born Dec 1883, Charley A. born Mar 1885, Reuben M. born May 1887, Edna R. born Mar 1890, Pearly E. born Aug 1892, Marion born Sept. 1896, Crystal L. born Dec 1898, David M. born 1800. Wesley is listed as “Father.”

Samuel Wesley Goss born 1816 died 27 June 1903 in Mondovi, Buffalo Co., Wisconsin. Charlotte Goss born 3 September 1820 died 1899. They are both buried in the Oak Park Cemetery in Mondovi.

Samuel and Charlotte may have had these children:

  1. David Declavin Goss 1840-1936 died in Groton, Tompkins Co., NY m. a Helen Inez Hicks 1843-1931. They are buried in the Groton Rural Cemetery in New York.  They had lived a long time in Wisconsin and had a lot of children.
  2. Philip Goss b. 1840 and died 8 March 1861. He is buried in Oak Park Cemetery in Buffalo Co., Wisconsin
  3. Fidelia Charlotte Goss born 1842 in Luzerne Co., PA.  It is possible she married a man named Milliren and died about 1935?
  4. Wesley James Goss 18 July 1845 and died 8 December 1926 and he is buried in Oak Park Cemetery in Buffalo Co., Wisconsin, m. Hannah E. Throop 1856-1939 and a Myranda M. Lockwood 1847-1871.
  5. Rosanna H. Goss born November 1848 and died 7 August 1931 in Seattle, King County, WA. She married Amindon Wallace Miller b. 1820 died 1896. She is buried in Forest Lawn Cemetery in what is called West Seattle near my family. She also married a Thomas Burke in Seattle in 1901 but I think they divorced by 1910. They would list themselves widowed when it really was a divorce back in those days.
  6. Asahel M. Goss 1849-1935 buried in Oak Park Cemetery in Buffalo Co., Wisconsin. m. Sarah Margaret McCain 1857 to 1929 also buried with him.
  7. Jennie A. Goss born 21 March 1852 and died in 1916. Both are buried in Oak Park Cemetery in Buffalo Co., Wisconsin. She married Melford L. Robinson 1837 to 1917.
  8. Ziba Goss 2 March 1852 – Nov 1945. Wesley is living with a Ziba age 48 born March 1852 in the 1900 U.S. Census – see above. His name maybe Samuel Ziba. He m. Orpha E. Segar born 12 January 1871 died 12 January 1915 in Rathdrum, Kootenai, Idaho.  He is buried with his wife in the Pine Grove Cemetery in Rathdrum, Idaho.
  9. Lydian Vinera born 24 September 1862 in Wisconsin and died 2 October 1863 in Buffalo Co., Wisconsin.
  10. Mertel Goss b. about 1869 per the census.

Asahel Goss born 18 March 1818 in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., PA. He died 21 Jan 1893 in Pepin Co., Wisconsin. He married a Susan Teetz born 9 September 1825 in Luzerne Co. and died 26 Mar 1907 in Durand, Pepin Co., Wisconsin. Both are buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Durand.

In the 1850 U.S. Census there is a Asahel Goss age 32, Farmer $700 living in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., PA. With him are Susan age 25, Susanna age 5, John L. age 4 and Chas D. age 1.

Asahel Goss age 42 farmer with $1200/500 is living in Twp. 21 Range 6, Mason, Illinois in 1860. With him are Susan age 36, Susannah M. age 16, John L. age 14, Charly D. age 12, James W. age 8.

In 1870 Asahel Goss is 52 farmer with $3000/1200. They are living in Lima, Pepin Co., Wisconsin. With him are Susan age 46, Winfield, age 18 farm laborer, Lauron age 6 male, Charles D. age 21 farm laborer.

The family is still in Lima, Pepin Co., Wisconsin in the 1880 US Census. Asahel is now 62, Farmer, Susan it 58 wife, Lawrence is 16 son and farm laborer, May is 10 daughter at home.

Asahel Goss was born 18 March 1818 in PA and died 21 January 1893 in Wisconsin. Susan his wife was born 9 September 1825 in Luzerne Co., PA and died 26 March 1907. Both are buried in the Forest Hill Cemetery in Durand, Pepin Co., Wisconsin.

Asahel Goss and Susan probably had these children:

  1. Susannah (1844-1916) died in Wisconsin,  m. Adam L. Heimbaugh b. 1837. Buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
  2. John S. Goss (1846-1933) buried in the Peru Cemetery in Dunn Co., Wisconsin. He m. Ida Gertrude Drinkwine 1865 to 1943. There is a problem with his middle name it might be L not S. He might have married twice – Sophrona Kinney 1848-1881
  3. Charles D. Goss born about 1849 and died about January 1917 in Pepin Co., Wisconsin.
  4. James W. Goss born 22 May 1852 in Luzerne Co., PA and died 1941. He is  buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Pepin Co., Wisconsin.
  5. Lawrence M. Goss born 1 October 1863 Mason City, Mason Co., Illinois and died 21 September 1944. He is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Durand, Pepin Co., Wisconsin. He m. Mary Katherine Forster born 4 September 1872 and died 5 April 1967 in Pepin Co., Wisconsin she is also buried in Forest Hill.
  6. May Goss (1870 –  )

Susan is living with Lawrence in the 1900 US census and she indicates she had 6 children born and only 5 are living?

Hildah Goss born 20 Sep 1819 in Pennsylvania, died 4 March 1820 at age 5 months. She is buried in the Goss Cemetery per Find A Grave.

Weston Goss born 22 September 1821 in Luzerne Co., PA. He died 5 March 1913 in Towanda, Bradford Co., PA. He married a Delaneth Beisher born 1826 and died 1899.  They are buried in the Mossville Cemetery in Fairmount Twp., Luzerne Co., PA.  Delaneth’s last name is listed as Bisher and even Benscoter.

In the 1850 US Census in Fairmount Twp., Luzerne Co., PA. a Weston Goss is 29 years old a farmer with $500. With him is Delana age 24, Singleton M. Goss age 5, Sarah G. Goss age 3 and Mary E. Goss age 1.

In the 1860 US Census Weston Goss is still living in Fairmount Twp., He is 39 farming $300/200. Living with him are Delana age 34, Singleton age 15, Sarah J. age 18, May E. age 11, James K. age 7, Aceneth age 4 female, Bruce age 3/12.

We find Weston Goss in Huntington Twp. in the 1870 Census at this time, he is now 49 farmer, with $4000/$1380. Delana is now 44 keeping house, Singleton is 25 Farm laborer, Mary E. is 21 at home, James age 17 farm laborer, Aceneth age 15 at home, Bruce age 16 farm laborer, Herbert age 4 and Larned 8/10 male.

Weston Goss is now 59 in the 1880 US Census. They are now living in Monroe, Bradford, PA. He is still farming. Delanah is now 55 his wife, Bruce is 19 son and farm laborer.

In 1900 Weston Goss is age 79 widowed born Sept 1820 in PA. Listed as a boarder 2 mos. living with a Frederick Hall and Ella M. in District 0026, Monroeton, Bradford, Pennsylvania.

According to his PA Death Certificate Weston Goss died March 5, 1913 and is buried in Red Rock, Luzerne Co., PA.  Delaneth died about August/September of 1899.

Weston Goss and Delaneth probably had the following children:

  1. Singleton M. b. 10 March 1845 in Fairmount Twp. and he died 17 September 1927 in Ross Twp., Luzerne Co., PA. He is buried in the Bethel Hill Cemetery.  He was a Civil War soldier – drummer.
  2. Sarah Jerusha was born 15 December 1846 and died 17 October 1886 in Luzerne Co., She is buried in the Marvin Cemetery. She married a Jonas C. Tubbs.
  3. Mary E. born 7 May 1848*and died about 1927 in Towanda, Bradford Co., PA. The date at Find A Grave is 1840 but her mother wasn’t old enough so I think the tombstone might have been misread. She married a George Merithew born 22 February 1844 and died 6 January 1900. They are both buried in the Riverside Cemetery in Towanda.
  4. James K. born 4 September 1852 and died 17 July 1928 in Fairmount Twp. Luzerne Co., PA  Find A Grave has 1859 for his birth?  He married Frances E. Kocher born Nov. 1859 and died 18 May 1897 in Red Rock. They are both buried in the Kocher Cemetery in Ruggles, Luzerne Co., PA.
  5. Asneath she was born 1855 and died in 1929. She married a Hiram Sorber 1844-1928. They are buried in the Chestnut Grove Cemetery in Loyalville, Luzerne Co., PA.
  6. Bruce was born 31 October 1859 and died 4 August 1942 in Monroeton, Bradford Co., PA. He married a Delight Hanna Shores born 8 December 1856 and died 13 Feb 1937.  They are buried in the Powell Cemetery in Bradford Co.
  7. Herbert was born 13 January 1866 in Harveyville. He died 5 January 1944 in Kingston.  Looks like Herbert married twice to Jennie B. Lantz 1868-1908 and to Cora Jane Miller 1877-1953 and had children with both wives.
  8. George W. was born in 1868 and his death was probably after 1940. His tombstone was not completed. He married Lillie Grace Hirlinger daughter of Jacob and Huldah Steele. She was born 1868 and died 1946,  They are buried in the Mossville Cemetery in Fairmount Twp., Luzerne Co., PA.
  9. Larned appears in the census for 1870 but seems to disappear after that.

Susanna Goss born Jul 1822 and died Mar 1841.

Huldah Goss born 11 November 1822. She died 13 Dec 1875. She married a John Gregory born 1811 and died 1886.

In 1850 there is a Huldah Goss age 27 living with Philip and Huldah Goss along with James and Rebecca in Huntington Twp.

Huldah Gregory is living in Fairmount Twp., Luzerne Co., PA in the 1860 US Census. A John Gregory age 49 is farming $1500/600. Huldah is 38, Oliver is 18, Mary is 16,  Mariah is 14, page 2, Martin age 11, Cordelia A. age 9, Eliza F. age 3.

The family is living in Huntington Twp. in the 1870 Census. John Gregory is now 59 years old farmer with $2000/830. Huldah is 47 keeping house, Eliza is now 13 years and living at home, Susan is 8.

Huldah and John Gregory probably had these children:

  1. Eliza F. Gregory 1857
  2. Susan Gregory 1862

It looks like John Gregory was married before to a Eliza Culver 1818-1854 and they probably had these children:

  1. Oliver Gregory was born 9 March 1842 in Fairmount Twp. He died 20 October 1916. He married an Elizabeth A. Howard 1844-1889 and also to Anna Mary b. 1865.
  2. Mary Gregory 17 March 1844 to 12 March 1918 m. John Van Pelt 1834-1902. She is buried Pine Grove Cemetery. After John’s death she married to Jonathan T. Moss 1833-1911.
  3. Mariah Gregory born 1847 and died 26 March 1905, buried Hamline Cemetery.  She married a George Moses Gibbons 1841 to 1926 also buried in Hamline Cemetery.
  4. Martin Gregory 4 May 1849 to 31 January 1939, married Eliza. Is probably buried in Pine Grove Cemetery.
  5. Cordelia Gregory born about 1851. She appears in the 1860 census but disappears after that time.

Eliza C. Goss born 24 November 1824 in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co., PA and died 21 August 1901 in Huntington. She married a Furman Valentine Taylor born 30 January 1819 in Red Rock, Luzerne Co., PA and died 18 October 1882 in Monroe Co., PA.

In the 1850 US Census We find the family in Fairmount Twp. Firman V. Taylor age 31 is a carpenter with $800 or 400. With him are Elisa C. age 26, Hulda A. age 8, John M. age 6, Solomon R. age 4, Weston B. age 1 and Richard J. age 1/12.

By 1860 Firman and family are living in Huntington Twp. Firman is 41 years a farmer $2000/1000 born PA. With him is Eliza age 38, Huldah A. age 18, John M. age 6, Solomon age 14, Webster B. age 12, Rehada J. age 10 (probably Robert), George W. age 2. Below them is Philip & Huldah Goss  ages 73 and 68.

The family is still living in Huntington Twp. in 1870 per the census. Firman is 50 farming $4000/1807. Eliza if 45 keeping house, Almira is 28 at home, John M. is 26 farm labor, Weston is 21 farm labor, Richard is 18 farm labor and Annie is 2 yrs. A Solomon Taylor and Ellen are below them in the census.

In the 1880 US Census the family is still in Huntington Twp., Firman V. if now 61 and farming. His wife is Ellen C. Taylor age 55, Richard J. is 30 son farmer, Weston B. age 32 son laborer sick with consumption. Mary Taylor age 21 daughter in law, house keeper, Charles W. Taylor age 2 grand son, V.B. Taylor Female 9/10 born Oct. G. Daughter, Charles Taylor age 9 grandson.

The 1900 US Census for Huntington Twp. has Eliza C., mother age 75 widowed born November 1824 in PA living with a Richard Taylor and Florance and children Dollia, Firman, Boyd, Eliza.

Eliza C. Taylor died 21 Aug 1901 and Furman died 18 October 1882. Both are buried in Mossville Cemetery per Find A Grave.

Eliza and Furman probably had the following children:

  1. Huldah Almira 1842 and died 9 November 1922. She married a Jasper N. Edwards 1847-1916. They are buried Bloomingdale Cemetery in Luzerne,
  2. John M. born March 1844 and died 19 January 1903. Me married Catharine A., They are buried in the Mossville Cemetery,
  3. Solomon born 14 Feb 1846 and died 26 January 1921. He married Ellen Rood. They are buried in Pine Grove Cemetery near Harveyville.
  4. Weston B. born 11 July 1848 and died 11 March 1923.  He married Mary E. Kinley.  They are buried in Pine Grove Cemetery.
  5. Richard born 3 May 1850 and died 5 January 1941.  He married Florence Sutliff 1864 to 1915. They are buried in the Broadway Cemetery in Ross Twp.
  6. Joseph Taylor 1852 to 1856
  7. Asa Taylor 1855 to 1951. He is buried in Sand Hill Cemetery in Prairie Co., Arkansas.
  8. George W.  1858 to 26 March 1861
  9. Mary J. 21 Dec 1862 to 28 Oct 1869
  10. Annie 6 Sep 1867 to 13 Nov 1877.

In the 1900 US Census on Eliza’s line it is noted that 10 children were born but only 5 were living.

Richard Bond Goss born 30 September 1826 in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co. PA and died 4 October 1890 in Pepin Co., Wisconsin. He married a Rosina Hille born 20 Aug 1842 in Germany and died 5 July 1914 in Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin.

In the 1870 US Census for Durand, Pepin Co., Wisconsin. Richard B. Goss is age 42 D. Goss Merchant ret. $2000/150 born PA. Minna age 30 born Germany, May age 5, Richard age 3 both children born in Wisconsin.

The family is still in Durand in 1880. Richard is now 53 a Dry goods merchant, Rosina is 41 wife, May is 15 daughter keeping house, Richie E. is 9 son attending school, Glen male age 6 son, Floy E. age 4 daughter, Lena age 3 daughter.

Richard B. died 4 October 1890 and is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in Durand, Pepin, Wisconsin.  Rosina is also buried in Forest Hill Cemetery, she died 5 July 1914.

Richard and Rosina may have had these children:

  1. May b. 1865 and died 1934 in North Dakota, m. W. F. Hilliard,
  2. Richard Goss b. 1867,
  3. Galen Goss 1870 to 1939 m. Elma Christine Larson 2 Apr 1914 in Winona Minnesota, buried Forest Hill Cemetery in Durand, Wisconsin,
  4. Floy E. Goss b. 1875 died 1960 in Minnesota m. Arthur L. Parsons,
  5. Pearl Lena Goss 1878 to 1965 m. August W. Hoeser, buried Forest Hill Cemetery in Durand, Wisconsin.

James W. Goss born 24 April 1828 in Luzerne Co., PA and died 12 Aug 1885 in Harveyville. He married a Esther Rittenhouse born 1837 and died 1918 in Shickshinny, Luzerne Co.  PA.

James W. Goss appears in the 1860 US Census living in Huntington Mills, Luzerne Co., PA  age 32, farmer, $1500/500 born PA. With him are Ester age 23 born NJ, George age 4 born NJ and Richard 34 farmer born NJ.

The family is living in Huntington Twp. in the 1870 US Census. James is 43 farmer, $2500/650. With him is Esther age 34, Georgie age 14 farm labor born PA not NJ, and Jesse age 5 female.

In the 1880 US Census James is now 52 living in Shickshinny, Luzerne Co., PA. He is working in the mines and has Rheumatisim. Ester is 43 wife and Cora Rittenhouse age 11 niece is living with them.

James W. Goss died 12 Aug 1885. He is buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery near Harveyville. Esther died in 1918, she remarried to a Wm. Barnett. Both Esther and William are buried in Pine Hill Cemetery in Shickshinny. Esther doesn’t have a tombstone photo at this time at Find A Grave.

James and Esther had probably these children:

  1. George R. Goss b. 1856 died 1915 in Shickshinny. He married Ida A. McCabe b. 11 December 1860, d 5 May 1937 in Nanticoke, Luzerne Co., PA (might be Ada).
  2. They might also have had a Jesse but she doesn’t seem to appear except in the 1870 census.

Elen M. Goss (Ellen Martha) born 9 March 1830 and died 15 Feb 1867 in Luzerne Co., PA.  She married a Dyer C. Moss born 8 Sep 1825 in Ross Twp., Luzerne Co., PA. His parents were Joseph Moss (1794-1877) and Emelia Sutliff Moss (1796-1870).

In 1850 they are living in Ross Twp., Luzerne Co., PA. Dyer is a farmer $600.  Living with him are Ellen and Eliza J. no ages are given.

The 1860 US Census is so poor and light that it is unreadable. Ancestry has the following names listed: Levi Maus age 31, Clara Maus age 30, Eliza J. Maus age 10, Riser Maus age 5, Justice Maus age 2.

It looks like Dyer remarried to Martha after Ellen’s death.

By the 1870 US Census they are living in Benton, Columbia Co., PA. They are listed under the name Maus. D. C. is 41 farmer with $5000/1200 (bottom of 1st page). On the next page is Martha age 42, keeping house, Miles age 15 farm laborer, Justice age 13 farm labor, Hulda age 9 and Rosey age 4.

Something happened and Dyer again married this time to Sarah J.

They appear in the 1880 US census for Benton, Columbia, Pennsylvania, Dyer C. Moss is 52 farmer, Sarah J. is 45 wife keeping house, Viola E. is 5 listed as daughter. Below them is Miles Moss with Mary M. and above them are Moss, Flora B age 15 and Moss Justis son-in-law.

Ellen died 15 Feb 1867. Dyer died 12 Mar 1882. Both are buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery near Harveyville.

Ellen and Dyer had probably these children may more:

  1. Eliza Jane Moss 1850-1918,
  2. Miles W. Moss 13 Mar 1856 and died 14 April 1928. He married Mary M. Hess 1858 to 1913. They are buried in the Raven Creek Cemetery in Benton, Columbia Co., PA
  3. Justus Moss born 30 September 1857 and died 23 February 1881. He is buried in Pine Grove Cemetery.
  4. Hulda E. Moss born 11 July 1860 and died 21 December 1933 in Benton, Columbia Co. She married  Willam Z. Doty 1856 to 1929. They are buried in the Hamline Cemetery in Columbia Co., PA.
  5. Rosey Moss 1865-1880

With Sarah Jane he had Viola Estella Moss born 15 July 1874 and died 10 Jan 1939 in Columbia Co., Her death certificate has her name as Stella Viola Franklin.  Her spouse was Charles Franklin. In the 1900 Census she is listed as Stella Benscoter age 25 born July 1874 widowed two children born 1 living. Chancy E. is below her as grandson born May 1889 and 11 yrs old. Above her is Sarah J. Moss Head born Apr 1834 and 66 years old widowed, with two children born and one living.

Dyer C. Moss left a will in the PA Probate Records for Luzerne. He gives to his wife Sarah Jane, and he gives to Eliza Jane Hess oldest daughter, gives to my son Miles W. Moss, gives to his youngest daughter Viola Estella Moss. He gives to a Huldah E. Doty and to my daughter Roselia A. Moss and he appoints Miles W. Moss and Barnd S. Moss executors. NOTE: I think that the Barnd is a brother of Dyer’s.

There also was a pension file for Dyer C. Moss – widow Sarah J. Moss, Miner Franklin Viola E. child, Sqt. For H 143 PA Inf.

Mary Goss b. 1832.

Rebecca Goss born 1835 in Huntington Twp., Luzerne Co.,  PA. She died 8 December 1890. Rebecca married an Asa R. Allen 1822-1887. They are buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery near Harveyville.

In the 1860 US Census for Huntington Mills, Luzerne Co., PA we find a A.C. R. Allen age 37 mason born NJ. He has living with him Rebecca age 25, Hannah age 6, Emma age 4, Ethen age 2 and Jerushia age 2/10.  Below them on the page is Lucy Baily, Furman V. Taylor and Eliza, Philip Goss and Huldah.

We find the family in Huntington Twp., in the 1870 US Census. Asa Allen is a farmer age 48, $2500/400 born NJ. Rebecca Allen is 35 keeping house, Emma is 14 at home, Eaton is 12 farm laborer, Jerusha age 10 at home, Mary age 7, Martha C. age 4, Delphine age 2.

The 1880 US Census has the family living in Huntington Twp. The 1st page has Allen Asa B. age 59 listed at the bottom a Plasterer born NJ. On the next page at the top is Rebecca J. Allen age 44 wife keeping house, Emma R. Allen age 23 daughter at home, Ethan P. Allen age 22 son farm laborer, Martha Allen age 14 daughter, Willie Allen age 9 son.

Rebecca died 8 December 1890. Asa died 9 Jul 1887. They are both buried in the Pine Grove Cemetery near Harveyville, per Find A Grave.

Rebecca and Asa Allen probably had these children:

  1. Hannah H. Allen b. 1854 died 19 February, 1929 in Hunlock Creek, Luzerne Co., PA. She m. Cornelius Nafus 1847-1892. They are buried in the Ceasetown Cemetery in Jackson Twp., Luzerne Co., PA. (Note I fixed this section 7/4/2019).
  2. Emma Allen born 11 Aug 1856 and died 25 May 1920 in Wilkes-Barre. Emma is buried in the Edgehill Cemetery in West Nanticoke, Luzerne Co., PA.
  3. Ethan C. Allen born January 1857 and died sometime after 1900. He m. Albertine D. Fuller 1856-1943. She is buried in Idetown  Cemetery in Luzerne Co., PA
  4. Mary Allen born 1863 may have married a Patterson and died 2 December 1947.
  5. Martha C. Allen was born about 1866, she appears in the 1880 US census age 14.
  6. Delphine Allen appears in the 1870 US census age 2.

In Summary:

Based on the above it appears that Philip and Huldah Goss had about 16 children of which 11 survived and one had descendants living at the time of his will.

Please be advised that I am not finished with these children.  It has been very complicated and a lot of work pulling together what you see above. Please becareful! Doublecheck me.  I am open to corrections and updates. I am not happy with some of it, feeling that I have not finished. I also want to point out that the births, deaths and other documents need to be found and checked to verify some of these relationships.  The locations need also to be verified which I have not done. The names were also difficult to pin down with several of the children so I will not be surprised if I have made mistakes.  Genealogy is always evolving so at some point I will try to get back to this very long involved post and add or update it more.

In the next post, I will share a summary of deeds that I have found that will add to the information about the children above. Philip and Huldah were good parents, they gave a lot of land to their children over time.

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