Nathaniel Goss Sr. — His military service to the Wyoming Valley and the Connecticut Settlers…

Based on what I have read, Nathaniel Goss Sr. become involved with the militia of the Wyoming Valley right from the start in 1769. Every settler was obligated to defend the townships of the Connecticut Colony in the Wyoming Valley, and all participated. So it was only right that he would be involved.

The Susquehanna Frontier – Revolution war


1770 – Names of Connecticut people and Pennsylvanians in the Connecticut fort at Wyoming: (53 names) Goss, Nathaniel in middle column. **Undoubtedly the guard-house attached to or forming a part of Fort Durkee. History of Wilkes Barre Vol. II, page 649

Nathaniel Goss was at Fort Durkee, Wilkes-Barre, in May, 1770 (see page 649), and in the list of Susquehanna proprietors made up in June 1770 (see page 658), the names of Philip and Nathaniel appear. Philip Goss was a member of the party commanded by Capt. Zebulon Butler which came to Wilkes-Barre in July, 1771, to besiege the Pennamites in Fort Wyoming. Nathaniel Goss joined the party a few weeks later. (See pages 694 and 702.) Prior to March, 1772, Philip Goss had become a proprietor in the township of Plymouth, and was a member of the “Settlers Committee” for that township. In March or April, 1772, he was sent express to Connecticut on business for the settlers—as is shown by an original paper now in the possession of The Wyoming Historical and Geological Society (Luzerne County History Society). From 1772 till 1776 Philip Goss, Sr., and his family resided in the township of Plymouth. Source: Footnote page 999, History of Wilkes-Barre, Vol. II.

…1771: Leaving the Pennamite relief corps at Ten-mile Run, let us return to Wyoming and learn what transpired here between Saturday, August 10th, and Thursday the 15th. In the first place, we learn, from the original “List of Settlers” mentioned on page 694 (Philip Goss is listed here), that, between the 21st of July (when Fort Wyoming was regularly invested) and August 15th, the Yankee force was increased by the arrival of the following-named men (twenty-two in number): Goss, Nathaniel is listed…Source: History of Wilkes-Barre, Vol. II pg. 702.

Abel Peirce…He came from Connecticut to Wyoming with Ichabod Hopkins, Timothy Hopkins and Nathaniel Goss, and joined Captain Butler’s forces July 25, 1771–continuing here until after the capitulation of Fort Wyoming. He (Abel) was one of those who received five dollars “bounty” for “going on and assisting in retaking possession of the Wyoming lands. Source: History of Wilkes-Barre Vol. II pages 710-711 in the footnotes. I feel this is a little unclear but Captain Butler might mean Zebulon Butler.

The Revolutionary War:

The follow shows when Nathaniel Goss was appointed Ensign in May 1778:

This Assembly do establish Nathaniel Goss to be Ensign of the 10th Company or trainband in the 24th regiment in this State. May 1778. 

Source: The Public Records of the State of Connecticut From May 1778 to April 1780 Inclusive, by Charles J. Hoadley LL.D., Press of the Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co., 1895, page 30.

At the aforementioned session of the Assembly John Franklin, Jr., Stoddard Bowen and Nathaniel Goss were respectively appointed and commissioned Captain, Lieutenant and Ensign of the 10th Company of the 24th Regiment, which had been organized and established in October 1777…per Harvey in The History of Wilkes-Barre pg. 958 Vol. II.

There is a chart about page 52 that shows all of the officers in the 24th Regiment given by township with Huntington being the last in the source below.

Source:  The Wyoming Military Establishment, Twenty-Fourth Regiment, Connecticut Militia, An Address before The Tioga Point Historical Society, 1901, published 1903, the Appendix A Roster of the Officers of the Twenty-Fourth Regiment, a copy is at this link:

On March 25, 2018, I wrote a post titled: Huntington Twp.’s Role in the Revolutionary War…1778 to 1780.  I review the role of the township in the Battle of Wyoming that took place in July 1778.  Some of the same sources are in that post, so I highly recommend you find and review it.  Here is the link:

I use The History of Wilkes-Barre and on page 995 Companies of the Wyoming Valley start with a listing to 999, when Nathaniel Goss appears for Huntington pg. 999 – Very top of page is “Nathaniel Goss, Ensign.”

If you are interested in DAR – Daughters of the American Revolution, and are a descendant of Nathaniel Goss, check out my page on this blog for information regarding the DAR.

The History of Wilkes-Barre can be found online at Internet Archive ( for viewing, just make sure you select the correct volume for there are many.

NOTE:  The book above The Susquehanna Frontier, does have information about the military activities in the area of the Wyoming Valley, the Wyoming Massacre and more. I was more interested in the concept of the book front page for this post. If you want more detail try The History of Wilkes-Barre, by Harvey Volumes I, II and maybe III, as I have indicated above.

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