Nathaniel Goss and Philip Goss, Drawers of lots in Plymouth Twp.

The Goss Family started out in Plymouth Twp., which would become one of the Certified Townships in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania.

In Donna Bingham Munger’s Book: Connecticut’s Pennsylvania Colony Vol. III Claimants, Heritage Books 2007, we find a series of lots in the Township of Plymouth that Philip Goss IV, Nathaniel Goss and maybe even Philip Goss Jr. participated in as drawers of these lots.

Donna’s explains what this might mean in the Appendix of her book. She discusses The Seventeen Certified Townships and describes them all including Plymouth Twp:

Plymouth: David Mead and a number of fellow proprietors surveyed Plymouth into five divisions of three tiers each. The number of the lots in each tier differed, but each division had 53 lots. Settlers drew lots before June 19, 1770 as various records indicate, but did not move on their tracts permanently until after May 4, 1772, the date the settlers’ committee determined as safe. Plymouth lay south of Kingston on the West Side of the Susquehannah River opposite Hanover to the east across the River….page 1-15.

In these Claimant listings below, we see that Philip Goss was the Drawer of the lot and in some instances so was Nathaniel Goss and sometimes they are together. The question is, was this Philip Goss the father or the son?

Please understand that the “Date Acquired: is when Mr. Wadham claimed the land. Drawer was the name of the individual who drew the lot and they were identified per the chain of title. There were multiple drawings so it could be different on different lists.

Claimant: Calvin Wadham
Date Acquired 6/30/1798
Drawer Philip Goss
Twp. Plymouth
Div 1st house middle tier Inc. 1st div middle tier house, lots 2, 3, 4, 5,
3rd Div 19, 21-23, 24 pt
4th Div 23
Lot 2 pt
Acres 365A 52p*
Chain of Title: Wotring, Wotring Heirs*, John Turner 12/15/1797
Patentee Calvin Wadhams
Source CTL:11:MEPly;12
Patent Book: P60:132
Survey Book 7:53; 12:130

*Wotring Heirs: Peter, William, John, Daniel, Maria, Jacob, Christain

In this lot history below we see that D. Bull & P. Goss were the drawers.

Claimant: Calvin Wadham
Date Acquired: 1/5/1802
Drawer: D. Bull & P. Goss
Twp. Plymouth
Div. 2nd Meadow River tier 28 inc. 2nd river tier 28, 29, 30, 31 pt. & mountain tier 9, 10 pts.
Lot 28
Acres: 77A 85p
Chain of title: Noah Wadhams 2/7/1794
Patentee Calvin Wadhams
Source: CTL:13;MEPly:104
Patent Book H5:618
Survey Book: 7:115 9:200

Claimant: Calvin Wadham
Date Acquired: 3/31/1794
Drawers Philip Goss & Nathaniel Goss
Twp. Plymouth
Div. 1st house middle tier inc 1st div w river tier inc. 2nd river tier 28, 29, 30, 31 pt & mountain tier 9, 10 pts
Lot 4
Acres 365A 52p
Chain of title: Noah Wadham
Patentee: Calvin Wadhams
Source: CTL:11;MEPly:13
Patent Book: P60:132
Survey Book 7:53; 12:130

Claimants: Calvin & Noah Wadham
Date Acquired none given
Drawers: Nathaniel & Philip Goss
Twp. Plymouth
Div: 5th, 1st tier
Lot 7
Acres: 115A 133p
Chain of title: Noah Wadhams 2/15/1777 Noah Wadhams Jr.
Patentee Case Fletcher
Source: CTL:19;MEPly:104
Patent Book: H24, 368
Survey Book 7:70

Claimant: Moses Wadham
Date Acquired: 2/7/1794
Drawer: D. Bull & P. Goss
Twp. Plymouth
Div. 4th, 1st tier inc. 4th div 51, 52 & 3rd div 51
Lot 51
Acres 286A 36p*
No chain of title
Patentee Wright & Wadham – Ellen & Noah Esq.
Source: CTL:17;MEPly:111
Patent Book P60:126
Survey Book: 6:227; 12:173

Claimant: Noah Wadham, Jr.
Date Acquired 12/9/1801
Drawers: Nathaniel Goss & Gosses sold N. Wadham Jr. one settling*
Twp. Plymouth
Div 3rd Middle tier inc. 26, 27 pt. Lot 26
Acres: 40A 4p*
Chain of Title: Noah Wadham Sr. 2/15/1777
Patentee: N. Wadham Jr.
Source: CTL:16;MEPly:104, 109
Patent Book H7:319
Survey Book 6:10; 12:169

Here is another claimant listing, but with a Thomas Davenport.

Claimant: Thomas Davenport
Dates Acquired: 1/10/1802
Drawers: Philip Goss and Nathaniel Goss
Twp: Plymouth
Div. 4th, 2nd Tier
Lot 33
Acres: 285 A, 159 p* more specific notes, Page 2-36 Seth Marvin sold whole right.
Chain of Title: Wadhams, Noah 2/15/1777, Wadham, Calvin 1/2 3/31/1794, Wadham, Moses 2/10/1797
Patentee: Thomas Davenport
Source: CTL: 18; MEPly; 30, 112
Patent Book: P60:170
Survey Book: 6:225;12:174

Source:  Connecticut’s Pennsylvania Colony: Vol. III Claimants, by Donna Bingham Munger, Heritage Books 2007.  Go here for more information about Donna’s books.

Much to my delight I did find a deed of Noah Wadhams receiving a right from Philip and Nathaniel Gofs:

Orig’l Deed N. Wadhams to P and N. Goss Feb 1777

Converted to see if we can read better 1777 P&NGoss to Wadham

Here is my attempt to transcribe this and it is not easy:

*To all People Whom these Presents Shall Come Greeting Know ye that we Phillip Gofs …..& Nathaniel Gofs Both of Westmoreland in the County of Westmoreland & State of Connecticut Do for & in Consideration of the sum of one hundred and Fifty pounds Lawfull money of New England to us in hand well & truly Paid by Noah Wadhams Clerk of New Milford in the County of Litchfield and State above sd the _____whereof is to our full content & satisfaction — Therefore we ye Phillip Gofs …..  & Nathaniel Gofs do by these Presents give, grant bargain sell & convey and confirm unto him — Noah Wadhams Clerk to his heirs & assigns for Ever hereafter one certain Settling Right of land in the town of Westmoreland & in s’d District of Plymoth yet _____Lott is No. 4 _____so called and ye meadow Lott is in No. 29 in — Second Division; and ye third division or wood Lott is in No. 26 & Contains about 34 acres more or less. Together with all ye undivided land not yet laid out  Belonging to S Right & which whole Right contains about three hundred acres more or less — ______& appurtenances, there__ or thereunto _______to him the S’d Noah Wadhams his heirs ______admin’ors & assigns for Ever —absolute ____in fee simple & free & clear from all encumbrances _______of any kind or nature whatsoever _________________s’d Philip & Nathaniel Gofs or our Heirs ______assigns or from any person or persons claiming of same from by or under —Furthermore we the s’d Phillip Gofs & Nathaniel Gofs do ___________________to warrant & defend ye same from all persons laying claims under ye Title of ye State of Connecticut–In Testimony whereof we ye s’d Phillip Gofs ….. and Nathaniel Gofs have hereunto set to our hands and seals this 15th day February Anno Domini 1777 – Signed Seated & Delivered Philip Gofs Se’r Nathaniel Gofs In the Presence of Ezekial Peirce and Hannah Peirce. 

The question is, is this is the father or the son — Philip?

What do you think? Son or father?

The signatures of the 1777 Deed

In order to understand all of this and what it means, we would have to go do research in the Pennsylvania Archives in Harrisburg or the Connecticut History Society in Hartford in the Susquehannah Company Deeds and the Westmoreland Deeds to see what we find.

Note: D. Bull mentioned above and Philip, the father, had a deed together. See the photo below of the index of deeds.  I found this in the film that I looked at when I visited the David Library of the American Revolution. This library is north of Philadelphia and it is amazing. As I recall I could not find this deed in the film, even though it was listed in the index.  So I am still trying to see if I can find it at some point.  I do have the P. Goss and S. Good…deed but not the one with David Bull.

Deed Index D. Bull & P. Goss

You could go to the Pennsylvania Archives website and take a look at the Warranty Maps, selecting Plymouth which has three maps to choose from. I found it very confusing but interesting.

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